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OUAT Clothes Choice

I was watching a lot of OUAT fan videos (if you have to ask why then I’m surprised this post is still going around post hiatus and am sad that the episodes aren’t gripping enough to make you want to watch fanvideos) and noticed something about the clothes the characters were in. You could group the people into two groups. Group 1 are people that were cursed to the LWM, were born in the LWM, and/or were raised in the LWM and Group 2 are the people that weren’t cursed there and weren’t born/raised there. Group 2 are people like Killian, Ursula, Elsa, etc. If you look at Group 1′s clothes you can just do a glancing look and see that the same person wears different clothes every once in a while. If you look at Group 2, however, it is hard to tell if the clothes are different with just a glancing look while in Storybrooke. At first I just put it down as they didn’t get cursed up a wardrobe but then you get characters like Elsa that can magic up clothes and Ursula that was shown in a different outfit outside of SB. Then I remembered all those cartoons from being a kid (and now) where the cartoon characters always wear the same outfit. We know in the EF that everyone has more than one outfit (and they also do just have a wardrobe of that one outfit) but in SB they are not people of the EF they are story book characters in the real world and story book characters only have one outfit (not always but in the kid simplified drawing version). Even Maleficent who was cursed here but was cursed here as a character is usually in a specific outfit design. Killian changed his outfit (even stating to dress the part as a person of the LWM) but even with that you have to pay attention to notice any differences from day to day. Showing him as trying to be part of this world but not quite being in it. I wonder if this is a small thing they did on purpose (having those not really part of the LWM being shown dress wise as characters instead of people) or if I’m reading to much into people not being cursed with spare clothes or something else.