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i was reading on yout tauriel page and i noticed... you don't ship kilie? but i remember from your previous blog you did? i'm just curious.

Well, you see nonnie, there was this one person who absolutely ruined the ship for me so since there on I couldn’t look at them the same way. It was here on tumblr & it’s honestly not even worth the mention but I used to love it so much & now it’s just eh to me. 
Grew tired of it, you know, when you have the wrong people in your dash ( and some partners ) stuff like this happens. :) 

“None of you even get the complex nuance behind Xurkitree and our definition of beauty. Look at how vibrant my lights are, the smoothness of my cables, and the sharpness of my plume! You can’t see them, but my facelines are perfectly symmetrical and glow at just the right brightness!”

That’s beauty, organics. I almost pity you for not seeing it the way I do.”

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Oh noo!! What's wrong with your dash?? I've seen a lot of larries loving and supporting Niall's and Liam's solo career. Find new people to follow love!!! It's okay to have a favorite member of 1d, but all the boys deserve love and support <3333 good luck

rec me blogs anon please!! ive been ranting about this to princess and to shelly since yesterday :( there isnt enough liam/niall love on my dashboard and it’s been pissing me off

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La Rousse City wasn’t up Niko’s usual travel alley, but he’d heard there were some pretty good beaches and battles there outside the hypercompetitive battle tour- not to mention some amazing food!

So, here he was.

Dashing the wrong way along a moving sidewalk, like many before him. “The ‘ell this thing even exist for!” He cried in frustration.

I thought I was looking at my dash, and I was seeing all these posts from people I don’t follow, things that are all over the place - just going “wtf” for a few seconds trying to figure out where all of it was coming from if I wasn’t following these people…

… Then I realized I was looking through the witchcraft tag I had opened in a separate tab, and I had clicked the wrong one for my dash, lol.

Matt/Frank 30 Day OTP Porn Challenge - Anankhe - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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ChasingRiver’s 30 Day OTP Porn Challenge
Day 1: Anal sex (with a healthy dose of size kink for good measure)
Day 2: Awkward sex/things that don’t go as planned
Day 3: Body fluids
Day 4: Bondage
Day 5: Breath play