wrong dash

“Stepping down? No I think not.”

“Who would succeed me? Adam Taurus, who has done more to sully the name of the White Fang than anything I’ve ever done? He’s lucky I don’t cast him out of our ranks. Should it be the daughter of Ghira and Kali? The girl who abandoned our cause and pretended to be human? Don’t make me laugh.”

“I intend to lead the Fang for a long time yet, and anyone that has a problem with that should say it to my face. That would make it infinitely easier to claw their eyes out for their insolence.”

I’m here lurking for a bit. I start my new job @ 5pm and I’m not sure how late I’ll work. But I just wanna say damn, I’m so happy people are rping villains the way they should be. I don’t mean this in a little nit-picky sense. But people are actually rping villains as terrifying assholes that cannot show any kind of sympathy. They’re not reducing them to romance and ships. They’re just rping them so damn well. AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY