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The signs as Bangtan songs
  • Aries: Rise of Bangtan
  • Taurus: Move
  • Gemini: Cypher pt 2: Triptych
  • Cancer: I Need U
  • Leo: Spinebreaker
  • Virgo: I Like It
  • Libra: Outro: Love In School
  • Scorpio: Cypher pt 3: Killer
  • Sagittarius: 2nd Grade
  • Capricorn: Baebsae
  • Aquarius: No More Dream
  • Pisces: Whalien 52
  • ABC: Hook's actions devastate Emma in a way no one saw coming---
  • Fandom: you mean when it turns out he's a good guy after all and sacrifices himself?
  • ABC:
  • ABC: uhm, ahem, where were we... yes, devastate Emma in a way no one saw---
  • Fandom: he's going to die and she'll be devastated and go after him to Hades!
  • ABC:
  • ABC: ahem, in a way no one saw coming---
  • Fandom: no seriously we totally saw it coming
  • Fandom: we saw it coming like three weeks ago
  • ABC: if you could just
  • ABC: ahem, right
  • ABC: in a way no one saw---
  • Fandom: WE SEE ALL

autistic fluttershy!!!!!!

she stims with her hair and stuffed animals, and she flaps her wings and hums her favorite songs!

also, she likes to pressure stim in a pile with her also autistic girlfriends!!

(dont tag as kin/me with flutters pls :’^>)

MJ Watson, the girl from a broken home who manages to keep a smile on her face and continues to be a ray of sunshine despite all she’s been through is dismissed as a “fantasy girl” and also she’s not “progressive” enough to be considered a female role model.

If you say MJ actually doesn’t mean a damn to some people you’re kidding yourself. MJ is also probably one of Marvel’s best written female characters despite the fact they like to screw her over the last couple of years. 

Mary Jane is important.