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So, I know tumblr’s been good about these things before and we’re in a bit of a bind in my house…
This is our kitty Waffles

Silly little butterball of love who’s now 4 years old. She is indoor/outdoor and while outdoors she went missing for a couple of days. She returned home a couple of hours ago and has a very bad bite wound. By very bad I mean infected and fur gone and near seeing in her. She’s off to the Vet ER now, but we’re looking at a pretty steep vet bill considering how deep the infection of it has eaten at her and we just want our baby home asap.She’s important to us and out other cat whose practically her hubby is freaking out since he saw her. Our little married kitties:

Who is not happy that she had to go anywhere without him.

At the moment, any help to get her covered would be appreciated to ends I can’t even begin to explain. She’s the sweetest motherly kitty ever. I don’t wanna post the wound pic we have, just because I don’t want to gross anyone out, but I mean if you need to see it to believe me I’ll send it to you in a message but its…not okay looking.
I’m going to put a donate button on my blog, any thing would help. Even just signal boosting this would be amazing of you.
Or my paypal is: eyebrowsandbolotime@live.com
I will happily do art in return for it too. I just want my baby home and okay and not put down because we can’t afford a vet bill right now.

I’d just like to take a second to say that if possible, we should all try to be mindful that the fandom is still very much reeling from Zayn’s departure - which no one saw coming when and how it did. That means people are going to be on high alert for other sorts of warning signs and will get antsy about things that they may not usually.

It’s normal. Everyone is still recovering from a shock. So patience with the fandom in general is really important to keep in mind.

Reassurance about the state of the band is important, and so is laying all of the facts out logically. Thank you to everyone who’s taking the time to write posts about it, because I just deleted half of my inbox because I don’t have the patience right now.

But let’s not invalidate the people who are nervous, okay? This is a weird time in the fandom and I truly believe everyone is coming from the right place, but patience and clarity - no passive aggression - would go a long way. Relaxing is easier said than done.

This isn’t me telling anyone how to blog, by any means, I’m just trying to say that emotions are running high and a little kindness goes a long way. Also this isn’t an indirect to anyone in particular because it’s most of my dash right now.

i h8 when my fave does something wrong and ppl dash to my inbox like “U FAVE DID A BAD THING WATCHA GONNA DO NOW :)” like…. uhm ????

you know if there’s one little interesting thing i learned in psych, while a lot of people think shy & introvert is interchangeable bc of the similar meaning but!

an introvert is someone who willingly abstains from interacting, like they don’t really desire it
whereas someone who’s shy is someone who wants to interact but can’t 

I’m feeling a lot better now (which is kind of ironic because at the moment I’m sicker than I ever remember being) but I do feel better about coming onto tumblr again. Thanks to everyone who was supportive and patient with me, I really appreciate it!

here on tumblr.com you have to be knowledgeable about when you should engage in a discussion or argument

because there are people who are wrong or see things differently that are misinformed or don’t know about other ways of thinking. they can be swayed with reasonable discussion

and there are people who will never change their minds no matter what you say. Jesus, Buddha, and Aphrodite could descend from Heaven, the Universe, and Mt. Olympus to tell them they are wrong and they would not change their mind. it will be a long, drawn out, painful war

learning to tell the difference will save you a lot of time and headaches