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Prompt:Your favourite(s) of the Twelfth Doctor’s smiles 
For @gallihafry

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile before.”
“Dazzling, isn’t it?”

Shoutout to Cheritz

I’m just really happy that, in the good ending of the V Route, two years has passed. They didn’t completely brush off his experiences and beginning stages of recovery and make it so that “oh, I’ve only known you for 11 days and I’m still traumatized by a previous abusive relationship but in these 11 days you’ve really changed me and I love you so let’s get married” or anything.

Self-improvement and learning to love again are such driving forces in Jihyun’s route that it would’ve been wrong and unrealistic for him to get over Rika and be ready to jump head first into another relationship all in a matter of 11 days.

So thank you Cheritz for not erasing an important aspect of the story and characters. I love you. You own my soul and you know it.