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Paranoia... or maybe Sagittarius Lilith

I’m gonna be honest with you and nothing less of it. Keep that in mind.

Bro… I always know what I said. I am an honest person to the max.

I have apps dedicated to KEEPING screenshots of all the arguments online I’ve had. Screenshots of many conversations I’ve had good or bad.

I have a private blog that I made to reblog and save all of the things I’ve ever said on THIS blog or any of my other blogs and best believe they are ORGANIZED.

Don’t ever put words in my mouth because I know what I said and I’m not one who changes my mentality very often. When I’m wrong, I admit I’m wrong because I’m an honest and “righteous” person. If I do fuck up, I WILL admit to it and apologize and put all of my damn pride aside. Because the last thing I want to look like is a liar and a bad person. That is my biggest fear.

But if you’re gonna pull some shit I said a long time ago and mix up my words. Think again and think hard and cautiously because I have screenshots of the entire thing and what I said.

I can’t even begin to EXPLAIN how much I HATE when people put words in my mouth. When people LIE to me and to others. I hate it so so much to the point that I’ve gotten to THIS ugly point in my life where I screenshot and save everything. Absolutely everything.

I’m on some crazy shit and I know.

If you’re over there thinking that I forgot about shit and the evidence is lost. Think again. Lmaoooo think again.

One SFW sample page from Pair Skate, the 18+ YOI doujinshi I’m doing with @tumblngkori

PDF should be available first week in March!

Edit to add: text is huge relative to the panel art bc print size (if you wanna print it at home) is 5.5″ x 8.5″.


Stay safe for her

Based on an anon’s suggestion, it was supposed to be a simple 1 panel thing, but here’s some sort of a comic instead

English usage PSA because this is driving me crazy: 

  • ‘Everyday’ is an adjective used to describe something rote, routine, or pedestrian, as in, “Because her gown was being dry-cleaned, she was forced to wear a boring everyday dress to the party.” ‘Everyday’ can also be used as a noun to refer to regular life in general, as in, “Joe grew bored with the everyday in Cleveland, snapped one morning, sold his things, and moved to Paris.”
  • ‘Every day’ is an adverb phrase indicating that something happens with regularity every 24 hours, as in, “I go to the same coffee shop every day.”

Pro-tip: if you can replace ‘every’ with ‘each’ and the sentence still makes sense (as in, “I go to the coffee shop each day” but not “..she was forced to wear her each day dress to the party”) there should be a space in there. 

Cool? Cool.

Secondhand smoke kills, but not as fast as firsthand hammer. 

I really appreciate that even though Kara was in a terrible situation, she still answered the phone when Lena called the first time. She could have just as easily let the call go to voicemail (she had every right to do so) but instead she picked up the phone and told Lena that it wasn’t a good time and that she would call her back. Kara’s going through so much in this scene and she feels awful but she still answers the phone instead of ignoring Lena because she’s an extremely caring person and she doesn’t want Lena to feel brushed off. It was a subtle but important way of showing how well Kara knows Lena and I just thought it was a good moment.

highlight of my favorite things namjoon said on the vlive:

  • i love mexico i love taco
  • im staying healthy so don’t worry
  • it’s purple but it’s pink doe
  • itz your grape grape mon
  • huulololol
  • pizza sucks without you ♪ ~
  • “don’t drink too much coffee” OHH I’ll take a decaf
  • i tried taco and burrito 
  • i love you
  • “you’re the love of my life” thanksss you are 😏
  • im just on the bed
  • eat a lot of vegetables and omega 3
  • i love you guys and yeah, have a good day
  • always stay healthy, and drink a lot of water, yanno what i mean right?