wrong wardrobe

harry during tmh: same black, white, and navy t-shirts every show and ratty ass brown boots

harry during wwa: testing the waters with patterned jumpers and long sleeved button downs

harry during otra: new shit every night. each shirt is at least $3000. titties always on display. sheer and floral and bright colors everywhere. are those gold boots? yes those are fucking gold boots

Okay so I see people talking about how Leia is handled like how we don’t see her trauma after Alderaan is destroyed or how she deals with Vader being her dad and that’s all fine and dandy and I agree but can we talk about how that ever since Disney bought the franchise there is barely any mention of Padmé? 

Oh, right, she had a cool wardrobe. 

Knock Knock

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Request: Imagine walking in on Happy torturing someone.

“She’s got eyes of the bluest skies, as if they thought of raaaaain.”
Your voice sung along to the music as you drove through Main Street, all windows of the car down.
The sun shone down and the air swirling around the car was warm.
It was another brilliant day in Charming ad you couldn’t help but be in a good mood.
Your boss had let you go home early and you couldn’t wait to get home, get changed and head back to the clubhouse, and back to your boyfriend.
It still seemed strange- calling him your boyfriend.
It had only been two months since you’d made it ‘official’, despite all the months before that were you’d spend all night with each other.
But Happy Lowman wasn’t exactly the type to settle down, and it had taken him a while to make you his.
It was still early days but you had a good feeling about where this relationship was heading, and who knew, maybe one day you’d be his old lady.
Things with the club had been hard lately and you knew how stressed he had been, trying to balance his club life and his new life with you.
You couldn’t wait to head over to the clubhouse and show him just how much you appreciated his efforts.
You continued singing to the music as you drove, unable to shake your good mood.
The last few weeks you’d been staying at Happys place.
It was a small house, but big enough. You two hadn’t moved in together though, he was just helping you out after you’d had an argument with your flatmate. Plus, Happy spent most of his nights in the dorms at the clubhouse, or crashing at his mothers. So despite living in his house, he was barely there.
You loved the small house, seeing all the little bits of Happy scattered around the rooms.
He wasn’t much of a talker, and he was a hard person to get to know because of that.
You loved finding little pieces of his childhood, an insight to who he was. Plus, his old photos scattered along the mantlepiece were pretty darned cute.
The street was quiet as you pulled in and you turned your radio down slightly, not wanting to disturb the peace as you pulled into the drive way and hopped out of the car.
You were still humming as you walked up the front steps and unlocked the door.
With a swing of your hips you bumped the door closed behind you and continued walking to the kitchen.
You dumped your bag by the floor and headed to the fridge to grab a beer.
Usually you weren’t much of a drinker- during the day, at least.
But today was an afternoon-beer kinda day, and there was no one around to judge you anyway.
You took a long swig and placed the bottle on the counter before heading to the bathroom.
You walked out of the bathroom, towel draped around you and your skin still glistening and you headed back to the kitchen to finish the rest of your beer.
You finished the bottle and grabbed another before heading to the bedroom to get changed.
Fashion had never been a passion of yours. Sure, you liked to look nice but you weren’t bothered about the latest brands or the newest trends.
Usually you wore jeans and a shirt- nothing too fancy.
Yet today you felt different, and you knew you had a dress hanging somewhere in that wardrobe.
You pulled the door of the wardrobe open and frowned as the door fell to the floor beside you.
You crouched and looked at the door frame.
The screws must of come loose on the hinges. It was an easy fix, and you knew Happy must have a screwdriver somewhere in the garage.
You quickly rummaged through the hanging clothes and pulled out the white dress and pulled it on.
It was a summery dress and it flowed around you as you walked back through the house.
Your wet hair fell down your back and you ran your hand through it as you walked, shaking it out.
The garage was seperate to the house and you headed to the door.
You skipped down the front steps and headed to the garage.
It was as you were walking along the side of the garage when you heard it.
You stopped in your tracks and cocked your head towards the noise.
What was that?
It sounded like.. groaning. Muffled groaning.
You went to take another step forward when you heard something drop from inside the garage.
Your heart began to beat a little more rapidly and you gulped before you turned and silently headed back to the house.
It was probably nothing, just a racoon or something. But being around the Sons had taught you to always be cautious.
You walked silently back into the house and headed for the kitchen drawer.
It was right where it had always been.
You looked at the gun nervously, sitting at the back of the drawer, and with a shaky hand you lifted it.
Of course you knew how to use it, but you had never been in a situation where you actually might have to use it.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before lowering the gun to your side and walking calmly back through the house.
You crept silently down the steps, your footsteps light, and you clutched the gun tightly in your hand as you walked back down the side of the garage.
As you neared the door you could hear it again, the faint muffled groaning.
You knew you should run. Run back inside and call Happy. But you didnt.
You reached out gingerly and laid your hand on the door handle, closing your eyes once more.
With another deep breath you opened your eyes and turned the handle, pushing the door open.
You raised the gun and pointed it into the dark room, pointing right at the man standing in the centre of the garage.
Only it wasn’t a stranger.
It was Happy.
It was Happy, standing in a blood splatter white singlet before a man, gagged and tied to a chair.
Happy looked at you, his eyes wide and you dropped the gun to the side.
The man in the chair groaned again, the gag over his mouth muffling the noise. His face was bloodied and you couldn’t help but notice the blood on Happys fists, and the angry, wild spark in his eyes.
Neither of you spoke, you could only stare.
You gulped and broke the eye contact, glancing around the room.
You spotted a screwdriver on the bench and walked gingerly towards it.
“I just needed this.” You said calmly, before walking out of the garage and closing the door behind you.
Once outside you leaned against the garage, the cool wall pressing against your back.
What the fuck?!
Your heart was almost beating out of your chest and you took another deep breath before walking back into the house.
With shaking hands you placed the gun back in the drawer and grabbed another beer out of the fridge.
You sat at the kitchen table as your mind raced with a million thoughts as you stared at the bottle in your hands.
You didn’t know what to think of what you just saw. You knew Happy did things for the club, bad things, and you were okay with it- mostly. But you didn’t expect to ever be confronted with his club business.
You were on your fourth beer when you heard his heavy footsteps walking up the front steps.
Somehow you couldn’t bring yourself to lift your head but you could feel the his presence when he entered the room.
He walked slowly to the table and pulled out a chair before sitting down opposite you.
Silence hung heavily in the air and Happy reached out his hand and picked up the screwdriver sitting on the table.
“I was going to fix the wardrobe.” You explained, breaking the silence.
Finally you lifted your head and looked at him.
His singlet was still splattered with  blood but he had wiped his face. His eyes were dark and he looked at you intensely.
“Whats wrong with the wardrobe?” Happy asked calmly.
“The door fell off.” You answered.
He raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly before placing the screwdriver back on the table.
“(Y/n), I-“
“Its okay, Hap.” You interrupted.
Happy sighed and stood,
He walked around the table and stopped besides you, his strong arms reaching down to pull you up.
You stood in front of him and smiled warmly.
“The things I do for the club..I shouldn’t have done it here. Im sorry (y/n). I thought you’d be at work.”
“I finished early.” You said with a shrug.
Happy frowned and placed his hand on your cheek, lifting your head gently to meet your gaze.
“Aren’t you scared?” Happy asked you, his voice gruff.
You shook your head and smiled.
“Just don’t do it inside, Hap. Bloods a bitch to get out of carpet.”
Happy stared at you, shock and disbelief all over his face and you couldn’t help but laugh, which only seemed to startle him more.
“Its okay, Happy. Honestly. I knew what I was getting into. Ive seen your tats, remember.”
Happy nodded slowly and lowered his hands, placing them gently on your hips.
“You wont have to see that again.” Happy told you.
You nodded and reached up to kiss him softly.
“Good. Now Ive got a door to fix. And you’ve got a half dead man in the garage to take care of.”
You winked and pulled away from him, grabbing the screw driver off the table and you headed for the hallway.
Happy grabbed your wrist and pulled you back towards him before crashing his lips down on yours.
His lips moved with yours hungrily and you could taste the cigarettes on his tongue.
Eventually he let you go and you smiled lovingly up at him before pecking his cheek and turning back towards the bedroom.
“Y/n?” Happy called after you.
You turned and glanced back at him, standing in his blood stained shirt.
“You should wear a dress more often, little girl.”

Anonymous requested 24 for wardrobe meme, “wedding clothes” ( i know this was a while ago, sorry ‘bout that).

d’awww look at them. So cute. make it stop.

Something terrible is going to happen i know it. Pray for them.


Prof. Lupin: Who knows what this is? 

 -Wardrobe trembles with suspiciuos creepy squeaking- 

Class: It’s a Boggart 

 Prof. Lupin: Exactly. Now, Neville first, wand ready. 

 The guy approaches warily the wardrobe, certain prof. Snape is going to come out. 

 -The wardrobe trembles harder. More terrifying sounds- 

 Prof. Lupin open the wardrobe Door. 

 The class holds its breath. 

 Neville gulps and…

 -In the closet appears a naked man with dark, long hair, all tied up and gagged-

Prof. Lupin quickly shuts the door: Ooops, sorry, wrong wardrobe…

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So I caved and bought City Living. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually play, considering I’ve been here for over an hour already and haven’t left CAS (how do you TS4). Anyway, I won’t make a habit of posting TS4 stuff here, but I figured I’d share the fruits of my afternoon labor - here’s Lily. 

@kromelazarus drew one of the precious bby cubs sad! Had to draw him with his cousin Banjo cause he doesn’t want him feeling down. :’-C


So I was asked to write a bit about the Phantoms I’ve seen. Putting it behind the cut, as the post turned into a quite massive lil’ thing when I was done…

I must say that although I have my favourites, I’ve never seen a bad Phantom live. They’ve all been good, in different ways. But if I were to list my top 5 Phantoms, it would look something like this (in no particular order): Flemming Enevold, Scott Davies, John Owen-Jones, Earl Carpenter aaaaand… not sure who the fifth one is, as there’s so many solid candidates. Somewhere between Brad Little, Marcus Lovett and Ian Jon Bourg, probably. Though I also have a big heart for Preben Kristensen and David Arnsperger.

59 performances, 16 Phantoms. Here’s my thoughts on them.

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Okay so like one day Draco and Harry (who are together already) get into this really messy and rather stupid argument that gets quite heated. Then doors start slamming and Harry just gets extremely pissed because what the actual fuck is wrong with his wardrobe choices and it’s not his fault if every bloody girl and guy throws themselves at his feet.

And then Harry locks himself in their flat’s guest room and yells a “fuck off”. To which Draco shouts an angry string of obscenities at Harry from outside the door. He sits there outside, his back leaning on the doorframe.

After an hour or so, Draco starts realizing how wrong he was to get angry. He raps loudly on the door saying “Potter?”.


No answer so he knocks some more. Draco panics.

“Potter, goddammit! Just answer me!”



“What?” Harry finally replies stiffly from the other side of the door.

“I need you.” Draco says softly but lovingly.

“For?” Harry says through the door. He hasn’t unlocked the door it yet.

“…ever.” Draco whispers.

Just like that, Harry opens the door and their fight is forgotten.


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Syaosaku Week Day 2: Outfits

Boosting your self-confidence about your appearance at least a little

•accept compliments sincerely, don’t assume someone is calling pretty/cute/handsome/etc out of pity or to mock you

•take a little time to do your hair/make up the way you like it. I don’t care if you do it when you first get up or at 4 pm, it doesn’t have to be extravagant either

•self-care is important, brush your teeth and wash your face

•experiment with hair/make up styles. Learn your features better and accept the way you look

•wear clothes that make you feel good, nothing is wrong with your current wardrobe or taste in clothes

•don’t care what other people say!! Remember you’re always stunning even when others don’t say it, even when others say you aren’t, and you have always been breath taking but now is the time to believe it and work it!!


get to know me [3/15] movies: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe ★ wrong will be right when aslan comes in sight. at the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more. when he bares his teeth, winter meets its death. and when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again. when adam’s flesh and adam’s bone sits at cair paravel in throne, the evil times will be over and done.

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Do you think there is some secret significance to Mycroft's tie being different, or just a mistake, which would be surprising...? Given the attention to detail otherwise?

Oh good, the Great Tie Debate is back (I remember talking about this during setlock - it will forever go down in my mind as “that one time I got something wrong about Mycroft’s wardrobe” a shame I will never recover from)

(unedited screencaps)

Things I think:

  • Why would he change his tie between phoning Sherlock and the plane landing? I mean I know he’s a stickler for fashion but it literally makes no sense
  • If they were throwing in a detail to make you doubt reality in those TAB scenes, I think they probably could have gone one better than Mycroft’s tie (given everything else that happened in the rest of the episode) but who knows
  • Maybe there’s another plot reason for it that we just don’t know about yet (spilled coffee down himself in the back of the jag before Sherlock landed? Violently assaulted someone with his umbrella and got blood splatter on his tie? Place your bets now)
  • The most likely option in my mind is it’s just a wardrobe issue, maybe the original got lost or damaged or something. The tie in the special is close enough (but not really… colour: yes, pattern: no) to the HLV one. During my “acquiring Mycroft’s clothes” spell I remember looking for his HLV tie and struggled to find the original or a good equivalent so… maybe this. I dunno. Thinking about it troubles my perfectionist soul.
Gas Station Queen|| Young Verse!


Well who ever said Americans couldn’t party? Because if Jude had to be honest, that party in L.A matched her own parties at London and her admitting that showed something. 

It had all started with her having the biggest argument with both her boyfriend Lysander and her cousin Ros. The first argument sparked with the later and she looked for support from her boyfriend who had shut her out in return. This of course led her to kicking him out from the hotel room they had been sharing and not satisfied, she had gone for a walk out.

But of course taking a walk in L.A was an open invitation to anything. Which was what she got. A group of her age out of a bar invited over and gave her some free drinks. Before she knew she was with them like if she knew them for life and she ended up going with them to the big event near the Strip.

The part was grand. After some drinks she found herself dancing with the folks around or drinking in a corner with some other people. At some point though she looks up and meets the gaze of a guy that had a red hair but was hard to tell in the dim light. Yet she smiles at him, like any drunk person would before being dragged to drink some more.

By the time she woke up on the floor it was 5am and she was still drunk. But looking around she notices how many people had crashed down, that was a sign of a good party. Slowly she gets up, trying to make no sound she passes over people who had crashed out. Yet still being tipsy she fails to find the door. Frustrated after opening another wrong door –wardrobe– she takes a sharp turn but bumps into someone.

“Hey!” she says though quickly hushes at seeing it is the redhead, who really was a red head. “Sorry” she adds with a drunk giggle. “Any ideas where the exit is?” she asks looking at him.