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What would the smells of Rapture be? Also what's your favour structure of Rapture? could be anything. I love the water tank in Arcadia and the big tree in farmers market

Haha definitely fishy/salty water, musty hallways and whatever the pheromone Ryan uses to control the splicers smells like (if it smells at all).

And hmm, there are so many good ones to chose from! I like what you picked. You can never go wrong with the water tank. :)

I’ll go with my top 4, since It’s so much more fun than just choosing one!

For the first, i have to go with the classic statue in the Kashimir restaurant. It’s so intertwined with Rapture’s DNA that i can’t ever imagine the city without it.

Next is this archway at certain parts in Fort Frolic. The amount of detail (and its pure Art Deco awesomeness) always grabs my attention as i walk around the level. 

I’m not sure if it’s the actual neon sign that i truly love, or if it’s just everything together in this area (the crisscrossing wires, the murky background, the colorful glowing particles). No matter how many times i play the game, i always stop at this part and gaze out the window at it.

And finally, this column/light combo. I lovelovelove columns. And when they’re combined with those sweet Art Deco lights at the top, it’s perfection. When taking screenshots in this level, i always try to fit them into the image if i can. 

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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! For the occasion, I was wondering about gift giving in the Shirogane household. Do Shiro and Keith splurge on getting gifts for the kids every year? Or did the kids decide that they wanted to give their parents gifts too so when they started getting allowance/have part time jobs, they all save up and get both of them gifts? I imagine Shiro and Keith would be so touched and cry the first time the found gifts waiting for them under the tree.

HOHOOH Merry Christmas to you, too! :D

[The Voltron Family] It was their first Christmas as a family of five and Keith and Shiro were so excited to be first time parents so obviously they splurge for their three lil chipmunks. They were at the toy store…

Shiro: *holds a glass chess board* You think Pidge would love this?
Keith: It’s made of glass. *looks at Shiro pointedly* She’s 3, babe.
Shiro: *gapes* Are you saying you don’t trust my baby girl?! How dare you, Keith! *places hand on chest*
Keith: *shakes his head in amusement* Fine. Put it in the cart. *moves along*
Shiro: *beams and places it along with their other gifts* *spots a 3DS in the cart* Oho! I see what you did there. Lance would definitely love that.
Keith: *chuckles* I know. *suddenly panics* I can’t find the robotic miPosaur, Shiro! It’ll be great for Hunk! He was eyeing it the other month. *looks around* Oh, found it! *quickly runs to get the last one*
Shiro: *whistles* Keith, this is a 6 year old boy you’re giving a gift to.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* You’re giving Pidge a glass chess along with her other gifts. *waves at their cart* I don’t think you have the right to say something if I’m just being honest.

They proceed to the cashier and people are staring at their purchases…

Cashier: Whoa. You guys giving gifts to the whole town or some—
Keith: *beams* To our kids actually. We have three. *shows his three fingers*
Cashier: *jaw drops* T-Three?
Shiro: *smiles excitedly* Sorry, it’s kinda our first time. We can’t just choose one. *squeezes Keith’s arm* We kinda got carried away. *laughs*
Cashier: *smiles warmly* Well, I’m sure your kids would love their gifts from their daddies judging by your purchases. 
Keith: That’s the goal. *excited* *smiles at the cashier and shiro*
Cashier: You guys are so adorable. *sighs lovingly*
Keith: *flushes* Thank you. *squeezes Shiro’s hand*

It was the morning of the 25th and Shiro and Keith were sleeping in their room because they were so tired staying up late wrapping all the kids’ gifts and placing them under the tree while the kids were sleeping. That was when Lance, Hunk and Pidge decided to surprise their daddies. They entered the room and slowly made their way the bed.

Pidge: *pampers Shiro with kisses* Wakey wakey, Daddy Shiro!
Hunk: *pampers Keith with kisses* Daddy Keith, wake up!!
Lance: *waits excitedly* *sees both waking up* *shouts* MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Keith: *sits up and rubs his eyes* *cuddles Hunk* Hey, baby. *taps Shiro* Hey, wake up. 
Shiro: *sits up and sees his kids* Wow! Who are these tiny people?!
Lance: *chuckles* Daddy Shiro! It’s us! *pulls Keith and Shiro into a hug*
Pidge and Hunk: Merry Christmas!!
Hunk: We have something for you two! Pidge grab it!
Pidge: *gets the thing from the beside table* *hands a big folded paper to Shiro and Keith* Open it!
Keith: *looks at Shiro excitedly* For us?
Hunk: *nods excitedly* Yep! Open it! Open it!

Keith and Shiro both opened the big paper folded into a big card. Outside it says “Merry Christmas” with a drawing of a christmas tree. Inside it was a drawing of Shiro and Keith on each ends holding hands with Hunk, Pidge and Lance in the middle. They were all wearing Santa hats. On top was “To the best daddies in the world” and at the bottom “Thank you for choosing the three of us to be your little cheeldran turtles and giving us hugs and kisses every day! We love you 1000000000x !!!”

Keith: *places hand to cover his mouth* 
Lance: I helped a lot in drawing! *proudly*
Pidge: Lance spelled children wrong though! *huffs* But Hunk and I can spell “turtle” so we chose that instead. Turtle is the same as children by the way! Hunk said so. *looks at Hunk*
Hunk: *blushes* Y-yeah. Like baby turtles.
Keith: *is very very touched* *looks at his children and then at Shiro* *starts crying* 
Hunk: *panics* Do you hate it?! It is the turtles?
Shiro: *sniffs* No, no. It’s… it’s beautiful. *wipes his tears*
Keith: It’s the best Christmas gift we have ever received. *smiles fondly while trying to stop his tears*
Three kids: *looks at each other and beams at Keith and Shiro* *hugs both of them tight* We love you.
Shiro: *chuckles* We love you, too. Why don’t we all go down so all of you can open your gifts? 

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So you don't like the next generation? why?

It’s not that I don’t like the next generation, it’s just that I cannot relate to them and to the premise of this “perfect world” where they live and that bothers me.

You’re probably asking me this because of this post that I just reblogged, right? I think that it’s a great analysis of the epilogue/next gen but, if you’ll let me, I’d like to say a few things more.

The epilogue shows us the idea that the next gen is an era where the heroes of our childhood are fine. They have full lives and complete happiness. “All was well.” So their world is perfect now. Ok, this is great. But oh my god, they are from a broken generation. They came from a world that is full of prejudice, hate and war. It’s awesome to know that they are ok after everything, but it’s really naïve to think that this horrible past didn’t leave them with deep emotional scars. Post-war traumas are a serious and real issue in our world. As it was really well stated in the post that I mentioned, it’s strange to see them “cured” from their problems – or seemingly cured – without showing us how they did it. It’s important to us to know how they were able to get through the post-war. It’s the moment when everything is changing and changes are so difficult. Everyone is afraid of changes. So leaving us in the dark was something that really bothered me.

But most of all, I have to say that this disconnection between me and the next generation makes me lose interest in them.  I’m interested in people that I can relate to. That’s why the marauders era is so important to me.

The marauders era is the beginning of the darkest era of the wizarding world. They are the kids who grew up with the ascension of this horrible and evil force that is killing and torturing and recruiting even more people every single day. They are kids who grew up with the fear of having their family, their friends, their loved ones or themselves killed at any moment. They are kids who grew up to be soldiers in a war that was created out of pure hatred and prejudice. Some let themselves follow the wrong path (some by fear, others by interest). But some of them decided that love and kindness and equality were worth fighting for. And, oh, these are the people that we should talk about.

I want to know about not only Sirius and Remus and James and Lily. I want to know about Marlene Mckinnon and why she and her entire family were murdered by death eaters. I want to know what Dorcas Meadowes did to frighten Voldemort so much that he went after her himself. I want to know about Peter Pettigrew, this fat little boy who everyone thinks was so stupid. I want to talk about the reasons why this boy who is despised by everyone changed sides in the war. How a boy who grew up with people that were fighting for the right things, and who himself was fighting for these things in the beginning, went to the wrong path? How a boy who everyone thinks was so stupid could trick so many people, people that everyone considers so smart?

I want to see people talking about Regulus Black, the boy who made wrong choices but who, in the end, had such a heroic death. The boy who, despite his family and his allegiances, was able to change his mind about matters of right and wrong, who then chose to do the right thing in spite of his own well-being.

I want people to love Andromeda Tonks like I do because she is so important. She tells us that it doesn’t matter where you are from and what people expect from you, you’re the one with the power to write your own history and It’s nobody’s business who you love.

I want people to think with admiration about Frank and Alice because they let that some maniac torture them to insanity instead of  betraying their friends and their beliefs. They chose to lose the chance to see their son growing up over giving information that would allow  their friends to be killed.

I want to know about Sirius. The boy who showed us that it doesn’t matter who your family is, you don’t have to perpetuate their prejudices and wrong choices. You make your own destiny. You can choose to be good even when everyone is telling you that it is in your blood to follow a certain path.

I want to scream of the top of a roof about Remus Lupin. Because Remus is the one who showed us that sometimes bad things happen to good people and that is not their fault. Our diseases don’t define who we are. We are more than broken bones and bloody hands and conflicted minds.

I want people to see that James was more than an arrogant boy. James was the one who could easily choose to step aside and be safe under his blood status and respected name, but he didn’t do that. He decided that it didn’t matter if you were born rich or poor, if you were from an important family or if you didn’t have a family at all. The only thing that matters is your character and what you do to make the world a better place. James showed us that doing nothing in the face of injustice is being on the side of the oppressor. He showed us how much bravery you need to sacrifice yourself for the ones you love.

I want to know about Lily, this fierce girl who is not going to take your shit. The girl who made friends with people that no one else cared about, but who had the guts to cut off a toxic relationship when it came to it. The girl who said “I’m my own master and you can’t tell me what to do”. The girl who cried because she was human.  The girl who gave the world a chance to fight against evil with the strength of her love.

I want to know the love story of James and Lily because they are a symbol of hope. They showed us that love is something that is worth sacrificing yourself for.

I want to praise and I want everyone to recognize all those unnamed people who sacrificed themselves in the war because they chose to fight against oppression.

Especially because all of those people are the beginning of the resistance. They are those responsible for the chance that the subsequent generations had to win the war that they started fighting and that very few lived to see end.

So I don’t want to know about the generation that came after everything’s good. I don’t want to know about the generation that enjoys the great world that their ancestors built. I’m so glad that they have the chance to live in this world, but my interest is in the people who became soldiers knowing that theirs wouldn’t be a perfect world. The people who fought for their sons and daughters and grandchildren with the hope that one day the future generations – the epilogue generation – could enjoy the achievements of their brave choices and heroic deaths.


(I want to thank looneytails for reviewing my english in this reply)