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“There’s a BRAIN inside the MUSCLE, why can’t anyone see that?”

“Because it’s who you are, Bruce. You have ONE catchphrase: Smash.”

“You’re on this team because you’re the STRONGEST there is. The Avengers already have a SMARTEST there is, and that’s me.”

And I present to you, one of the biggest reasons why I completely hate Avengers Assemble, and it’s awful, and utterly insulting as hell depiction of the characters that they portray and continue to pass along as the animated versions of said MCU characters.

This is such a terrible, terrible show. :)

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"My memories are returning... because I still want you, Linda."

The Wrong Turn a photo series by Indian photographer Raj Shetye has the world in uproar as the similarities between the photoshoot and the gang rape of 2012 (Nirbhaya) are quite similar.

My own opinion; I think this is a great photoshoot as it aims to highlight an extremely prominent issue that is taking place in countries all over the world, and Shetye is using his skills as an artist to depict this to his audience.

Check out the following to read what he had to say:


anonymous asked:

any horror/scary movies you would recommend me to watch?

okay here goes my list of movies, and so it really depends which kind you’re into

so right now i’ve been into a lot of slasher movies

Slasher Movies:

- Bereavement 

- No one lives

- The Alphabet Killer (not really scary but I can relate to the main character lady)

- Hatchet (this one is sort slasher but I think it’s quite funny)

- Spiral (Haven’t watched it yet but it looks really good)

- Halloween series

- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (everyone knows this of course)

- Trick r treat (the second one is coming out soon which I am excited for)

- The Shining

- Dahmer (based on the life about dahmer but it didn’t really portray him that well though, but I still liked it)

- Wrong Turn series are awesome

There is obviously a lot more slasher movies than this but this is what I have watched so far and/or remember at the tip of my tongue.

Supernatural/Paranormal Movies:

- The Exorcist

- Deliver Us from evil (this one was pretty good)

- Shutter (that one isn’t so bad)

- The Omen

- Drag Me To Hell

- Poltergeist

- The Amityville Horror

- Haunting in Connecticut

- A Haunting in Salem

- Gothika (saw this a while ago, it’s that bad)

- Pet Semetary

- Silent Hill

- The Grudge

- The Ring

- The Conjuring

There is more that I have watched but can’t remember all of them

Zombie Movies:

- Night of the living dead

- The Crazies

- Dawn Of the dead

- Warm bodies (it was more cute than scary)

- Zombieland

- 28 days later

- World War Z

- Deadgirl (that isn’t really zombie, it’s more of a fucked up movie)

There is more that I have watched but can’t remember all of them

Other Categories:

- Abc’s of death

- A Serbian Film (torture porn it was really fucked up)

- It

- Martyrs

- The Strangers

- Saw series

- The Uninvited

- Shutter island

- Orphan

- Mirrors

- The Hitcher

- A perfect Getaway

- The Hills have eyes

- Quarantine

- One Missed Call

- Nightmare on elm street

- The Purge

- I spit on your grave

- Dale and tucker vs evil is actually hilarious

- You’re next

- Hobo with a shotgun

and there are obviously more but this is all i can remember or the ones that i loved

hope i helped and enjoy