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With Halloween right around the corner, I got some inspiration for this Imagine from the horror movie Wrong Turn 😆

°You get captured and Daryl is desperately looking for you

Winter was fast approaching. All the trees were bare, the leaves brown and black recycling back into the earth.

A sharp chill was in the air, the wind making it feel like it was cutting at our skin.

Taking an extra bandana that I had out of my pack, I tapped Daryl’s shoulder.

Looking down at my hand, he raised a brow. I put my bandana over my nose and mouth, making it easier to deal with the wind.

He nodded, doing the same.

We were on the look out for food, but so far, we hadn’t had much luck. Most of the wildlife had either been eaten by the Walkers or was hibernating.

Moans and shuffling feet sounded in the distance. We froze, trying to figure out where they were coming from.

Daryl pointed to the east, then started off in the other direction. The deeper into the forest we got, the more creepy things became.

“Daryl?” I whispered.


Even our hushed tones sounded as if we were screaming.

I looked around, “I think we should head back.”

He nodded, looking around as well, “I feel it too.”

Just as I turned, an arrow pierced the tree trunk, missing me by mere inches.

Daryl grabbed my hand, both of us taking off in a dead run.

We were nearly at our starting point, when my foot got stuck in a rope, jerking me by the ankle and pulling me high up into the tree.

“Daryl!” I screamed.

“Y/N!” He jumped, trying to reach my hand, but it didn’t do any good.

Laughter was heard in the distance, almost hyena like.


“I ain’t leavin’ you!” He said, frantically.

I sniffled, “You have no choice damnit, now run!”

An arrow sliced through my thigh making me scream out.

I tried to lift my torso up, but I just didn’t have the strength.

“I’m gonna find you. Ya hear me Y/N?!”

“Ye-yes! Now go!”

I watched as Daryl ran, the rope spinning me in a circle.

I dangled there, trying to calm myself as the people neared. The closer they got, the more I wanted to scream.

They were bloodied and severely disfigured. I’m guessing from incest.

I thought people like this only lived in horror movies.

I guess I was wrong.
Daryl watched from a far, trying to stay quiet as his lips trembled.

The crack of Y/N’s body echoed across the forest as they cut the rope and watched her fall to the ground.

She laid there, unmoving. It worried Daryl to death, but he couldn’t risk giving away his position.

One grabbed the leg that didn’t have an arrow through it, dragging Y/N behind the man’s massive frame.

The laughed as they went back in the direction in which they came. One was even dancing.

Waiting until they were out of sight, Daryl ran back to where Abraham and Rick were at with the car.

Daryl broke through the tree line, gasping for breath.

“It’s colder than a witches tit out here Dixon! Are you-” Abraham’s rant came to a  hault when he relaized that Y/N wasn’t with Daryl.

“The hell happened Daryl?” Rick asked, as Daryl continued to pace.

“They… they got her.” He panted.

“Who’s got Y/N?” Rick grasped Daryl’s shoulder, trying to look him in the eyes.

Daryl nearly broke down, the vulnerability nearly over taking him.

“We heard laughin’, turned around and Y/N got strung up. Booby trapped… Arrow through her leg,” Daryl started to hyperventilate.

“Alright, alright. Just breath brother. We won’t find Y/N if you’re passed out.”

Daryl gulped down some air, blinking his eyes rapidly, “They dragged her body… we go back to the spot and hopefully they left a trail.”

Abraham was already loading down with guns and ammo.

“What’re we waiting for then? Let’s go get our little Spitfire back.” He said, cocking his gun.

Daryl and Rick doubled up with weapons as well.

Taking off in a dead run, they followed Daryl back to the spot where Y/N had been strung up.

Some blood droplets covers a few leaves, then smeared as she was dragged.

Daryl put his finger to his lips, reminding the men to be quiet as they tip toed and crisscrossed their way with the trail.

Thankfully the ones that took Y/N didn’t pick her up, leading them right to a dilapidated cabin.

Smoke swirled from the chimney, the smell of cooking flesh making the men cover their noses.

They knew that smell all too well, it taking them back to Terminus.

“This reminds me of a movie I once saw… weirdest shit ever.” Abraham said, his eyes twitching.

Daryl shook his head and pointed to an entrance where they could get in with out being seen.

“On the count, 1… 2… 3!”
I ached, my joints stiff from the fall I had taken.

I had a decent goose egg on the back of my head; a result of being dragged I suppose.

Slowly, I moved my head from side to side, trying to work out the kinks. It was then I realized that my hands were tied to bed posts.

I jerked on them, but the pull only made me ache more.

I couldn’t move my right leg, part of the arrow still sticking out of it.

The front door opened, 2 of the men that brought me here, dragging another body in behind them.

My breathing sped up as I started to cry.

Watching them pick up what looked like a man, deceased, and slamming him on their table.

I watched in pure horror as they began to dismember him.

I screamed, the gag muffling it. They grinned at me, their bloody, rotten teeth making their smiles all the more sinister.

The one that danced, laughed, prancing his way over to me. He made kissy noises as he slipped a knife from his pocket.

I tried to shy away, but could only get so far away.

“No!” I screamed, my voice hoarse.

He laughed again, running the knife down my neck and to my chest.

The front door burst open, Daryl, Abraham and Rick opening fire on the three men.

The skinny one jumped on top of me after taking a bullet to the shoulder, but it didn’t seem to faze him.

The other two lay dead, blood and gore seeping from their wounds.

The one held the knife to my throat, snapping his teeth at the guys.

“Don’t you just fuckin’ die?” Abraham asked.

With out missing a beat, Daryl unloaded an arrow into his monsters skull.

“Go get Y/N. We got these two.” Rick said.

Simultaneously, shots rang out. Daryl looked over his shoulder to find that Rick and Abraham put bullets in their skulls.

Quickly Daryl got the scrawny corpse off of me, then cut my restraints.

I pulled the gag out, but didn’t have the energy to do much else.

Daryl scooped me up, wrapping me in a tight bear hug. He craddled the back of my head, helping me sit up.

“Did they…?” He trailed off, afraid to know the answer.

I buried my head deeper into his neck, holding onto his cut like it was a life line, “No,” I cried.

Daryl pulled back, framing my face with his hands. Leaning forward, he placed a series of small pecks on my dry lips, then hugged me again.

I broke down, glad that this was almost over.

“Alright love birds,” Abraham teased.

I flipped him off, making the men laugh.

“Daryl, brother, we need to get that arrow out, wrap her leg up and get the hell out of here.” Rick said, looking around the trashy living area.

Once I was semi-patched up, Daryl helped me stand, albeit wobbly.

“You alright, babe?” He asked.

Him calling me babe made my face heat up, “Um, yeah.”

“We aren’t that far from the car, so we can take turns carrying Y/N.” Rick said.

We all nodded, leaving the awful smelling place.

About a football field away, Rick looked to Abraham, “Light it up.”

Raising his rifle, he grinned, “My pleasure.”

With a loud, echoing shot, Abraham peirced the propane tank at the back of the house, making it explode.

Daryl looked down at me, tightening his arm around my waist, “Let’s get you home.”

I nodded, limping as we began to walk the trail of where I was dragged.

  • Emma: Everyone keep a close eye on Meg. I'm pretty sure she's a spy for Hades.
  • Snow: Why would you say that? She seems nice. And she was a prisoner with Hook.
  • Emma: 1. Putting her in as a prisoner is a great way to get information. 2. She knew way to much about Cerebus. 3. It's what happens in the movie.
  • Snow: What movie?
  • Emma: We need to stop postponing town movie night.