wrong side of the love song

Louis’ Concert Report

So my thoughts after attending the Key 103 event tonight…

Firstly re the event - it was a bit strange. Maybe all multi-artist arena events are like this though, I’ve never been to one before so perhaps my expectations were too high. Very rushed and virtually no staging or set design just a plain stage with screens. John Newman and Louis came across much better because they had their live bands filling the stage, plus it made for better sound. (Left after Louis so don’t know if it got better for the remaining acts)

Anyway, the important bit - Louis!

He was a revelation. I’ve seen him perform live before with 1D and watched Ultra, iHeart - and all the tv performances, but this was definitely the best I’ve seen him.

His voice sounds great with the band. I’ve watched some videos and streams now and I have to say It sounded better in the arena. I think I posted earlier that the floor was shaking - during Little Black Dress and Miss You you could feel it from your feet upwards.

I don’t know if he was nervous but if so it totally didn’t show. He looked very confident and pretty comfortable up there.

Little Black dress was possibly my favourite, he really sold it, closely followed by Miss You. 

He didn’t interact a huge amount with the band, I guess that will come more with time, but they were really good. It was hard to take them all in because I was very focused on Louis but they were tight, and I loved loved the drummer, he drove the last two songs really hard.

He covered the whole stage for each song. We got his hand on tummy move lots of times, and I think he might have been working on his mic positioning. I could be wrong but he appeared to be keeping it closer to his mouth for the majority of the time.

I’m not sure what else to add - it’s all a bit overwhelming still. It was great! He was great! The band was great! I am so very very glad I went. And to get tickets at the side of the stage was pretty amazing, what a view!

I’ll be fighting you all for tickets for his own tour! Can’t wait.

Silver Dagger
Joan Baez
Silver Dagger
Don’t sing love songs, you’ll wake my mother.
She’s sleeping here right by my side
And in her right hand a silver dagger,
She says that I can’t be your bride.

“All men are false”, says my mother,
“They’ll tell you wicked, lovin’ lies.
The very next evening, they’ll court another,
Leave you alone to pine and sigh.”

My daddy is a handsome devil
He’s got a chain five miles long,
And on every link a heart does dangle
Of another maid he’s loved and wronged.

Go court another tender maiden,
And hope that she will be your wife,
For I’ve been warned, and I’ve decided
To sleep alone all of my life.

Idk why I never see anyone talking about The Loud House like, at first my thoughts on it were “Great, a show about ten sisters, and the main focus is on the only boy in the house”


This show: 

- challenged gender roles/issues, especially those associated with masculinity

- gave each of the girls their own distinct personality that cannot be confused with the others

- has a four year old???? Who knows nuclear physics???? SHE’S LITERALLY FOUR SHE’S JUST OVER HERE CASUALLY BLOWING SHIT UP

- Lincoln’s best friend Clyde has two dads

- follow up to the last one, his dads are seen together, being lovey dovey, in multiple episodes, they are a biracial couple, and no one ever questions the fact that he has two. They’re also both adorkable and super caring

- you don’t ever see the parent’s faces, similar to a comic strip, UNTIL YOU DO. AND IT’S FREAKY

- goth child Lucy scaring the shit out of everyone. never gets old

- so many adorable sister/brother moments between Lincoln and his siblings

- teaches a lot of really good lessons, like sharing, supporting your family, and recognizing that sometimes things you say/do can hurt other people.

- so. many. puns. and just bad jokes in general

- classic cartoon episode gags (dad falling in love with his new car, “save the soon to be dissected frog” episode, “we took the wrong baby home” nonsense, etc)

- the comic strip style the cartoon is done in is really visually pleasing

- Lincoln is honestly an amazing role model for young boys who think it’s bad to be too feminine. He accepts his “girly side” in multiple episodes, while still acknowledging that he is a guy and is comfortable with himself. 

- just watch this show. it’s super cute, you won’t regret it. Not to mention the theme song is ridiculously catchy. 

tricornking  asked:

I've been absolutely loving your Samurai Jack posts for months now. Your love and enthusiasm for the world and characters of the show is delightful and infectious. Given the thought you've put into the show, I had to ask: If Aku is the Eldritch master of darkness, what do you think the opposite of Aku would look like? A shapeshifting master of light, just as eldritch as Aku, just approaching it from the opposite side of things?

“Be not afraid.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the opposite of a demon is a seraphim. (Thank you for the nice comments ;<;)

HD ver. | song I was listening to while drawing this

everglow- h.s song imagine

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oh they say people come

say people go

this particular diamond was extra special

You were standing by your mom as the two of you were washing the dishes quietly. Your mom glanced sideways at you before looking back at the plate she was scrubbing. You let out a sigh as you were drying off one of the newly cleaned plates. “You haven’t said anything yet.” You pointed out quietly.

Your mom paused before she put the plate down softly. She turned her body so she was facing you. You remained quiet as you felt her eyes scanning your body, as if she was trying to get a synopsis of you. Your mom shook her head as she turned back to the kitchen sink and grabbed the plate again. “You and Harry…you guys were so perfect.”

You nodded your head as you placed the dish to the side while you waited for her to hand you another clean one to dry. There was a moment of silence before your mother spoke up, “Did he cheat on you?”

You closed your eyes as you gripped the towel you were holding harder. “Mom, you know Harry’s not like that.” Your mom sighed as she agreed. “I know. I’m sorry to accuse. It’s just…if you and Harry didn’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?”

and though you might be gone

and the world may not know

still i see you celestial

The room was quiet. The only sounds were the occasion clicks and clanks as Harry was packing away his things out of your once shared apartment. You were sitting on the bed, your knees pulled up to your chest as you watched him. Harry looked at you before he looked back at the shirt he was folding.

“I wish you would take this apartment instead. It’s going to feel so big with just me living here.” You whispered quietly as your eyes wandered around the room. When you moved to London with Harry three years ago, he insisted that you guys would get a big apartment. He insisted to get an apartment that had three rooms even though it was only the two of you.

Harry’s mouth set in a straight line. Truth be told, he didn’t want to live in this apartment. It was too big and frankly, living here without you would be too much for his heart to handle. He didn’t want to live in a place where he would be constantly reminded of the memories the two of you shared.  Harry walked over and took a seat next to you on the bed. “So have you told anyone yet?”

Your eyes were looking everywhere but at Harry’s. You were afraid that if you did, your tears would never stop falling. “Just my mom. She’s sad to see you go.”

Harry nodded his head as he played with his fingers on his lap. You added, “I’m sad to see you go.” Harry looked over at you quickly. He sighed and closed his eyes momentarily. “I’m sad to go too, Y/N.”

how come cars don’t slow

when it feels like the end of my world?

when i should but i can’t let you go?

Harry thanked the moving company he hired once more before they set off with his stuff. When he turned back to look at you, your tear filled eyes were staring at the ground. He let out a sigh before he pulled you into a hug. The two of you sobbed into each other’s arms for this was going to be the last time you guys would be able to hold each other.

Eventually, Harry’s car came to take him away from you. With one last hug and a “sorry” from the both of you, Harry was gone. You walked back to your apartment, each step feeling heavier and heavier. As soon as you closed the door, you walked into your bedroom and into your closet. You sat down on the floor and pulled out Harry’s sweatshirts. Your eyes filled as you brought it to your chest and gave it a hug. You tried so hard to make sure Harry didn’t take this with him. You made sure you hid it as best as you could. You needed this sweatshirt. You needed something to remind you of him. You needed this sweatshirt because it smelled like Harry and it was warm and it would be like hugging Harry again and again. You pulled the sweatshirt over your head before you wrapped your arms around yourself and began sobbing on the floor of what once used to be Harry’s and your shared closet.

there’s a light that you give me

when i’m in shadow

there’s a feeling within me, an everglow

Eventually more and more people started to find out that you and Harry were separated. They didn’t know the reason which meant more and more people were blowing up your phone, trying to get a sense of what went wrong. You groaned as you dug your face more into your pillow when you heard pounding on your door. You glanced at your phone to see that it was fucking 8:30 in the morning. When the pounding on the door just kept coming and even started to get louder and faster, you let out a scream.

You opened the door and saw one of your best friends. You rolled your eyes as she made your way into your apartment. “I can’t believe I had to find out about you and Harry from your mom! Why didn’t you tell me!” Y/F/N yelled as you walked over to the kitchen to start a brew of coffee. You shrugged your shoulders as you stared at the mug you pulled out of the cabinet.

Your friend sighed before she took a seat on the kitchen barstool. She watched your every move with sympathy in her eyes. “I’m sorry. Just…how are you doing?”

You glanced at your friend before you poured the coffee into the mug. “I’m sad.” you admitted. Your friend nodded before you continued, “I’ll always be sad. But…Harry and I thought it was the best. It was a hard decision but it was made. I love Harry. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving him. He taught me so many things. Like…like he taught me how to love myself and that my feelings were valid. With just that reason alone, I’m always going to remain thankful for Harry.”

As you were saying all of this, trying to fool yourself that you were going to be okay, your friend reached over from across the counter. She placed her hand on top of yours. She whispered, “You don’t have to be brave Y/N. Not with me.”

You looked at your friend when suddenly you let out a sob. Your friend was quick to rush over to your side and wrap her arms around you. She held you tightly as you cried into her shoulder. “I miss him so much.”

what i wouldn’t give for just a moment to hold

Harry ran his hands through his hair as he looked at all of the boxes he needed to unpack. He let out a sigh as he got down on his knees and opened the box closest to him. It was a box filled with most of the things he kept in his music room: journals, music sheets, extra guitar picks. The next thing Harry pulled out was a picture frame. Harry didn’t have much decoration in his room. He liked keeping it simple so he could solely focus on the music. However, he did have one picture framed in his room. It was a picture of the two of you from Gemma’s wedding.

He framed it because it reminded him of the first time you told him you loved him.

The two of you were slow dancing on the dance floor. He noticed how quiet you were the entire evening. He thought it was because you were meeting all of his family members for the first time but he was dead wrong.

Harry bit down on his bottom lip as he was staring down at you. You were looking down at you feet as the two of you were swaying to the song playing through the speakers. Harry let out a sigh, “I’m sorry.”

You quickly looked up at Harry before he continued, “I know it’s hard meeting each other’s family. Maybe I should’ve waited and not do it at mu sister’s wedding. I just really wanted you here with me tonight.”

You shook your head, “No! I’m glad you invited me tonight. Really. I am.” Harry’s head cocked to the side, “Then what’s wrong?”

This time it was your turn to bite down on your bottom lip. Your eyes slowly met Harry’s. You let out a deep breath. “I love you, Harry.”

When you told Harry you loved him, he was the happiest he’s ever been. He remembers the air being punched out of him, he was so excited. He couldn’t contain his happiness when he admitted that he loved you too. The longer Harry stared at the picture frame, more tears started to well up in his eyes. He let out a scoff as he looked down at the two of you smiling at the camera, thinking everything was going to be okay.

Suddenly, Harry threw the frame against the wall. He let out a scream of anger and sadness. Harry’s eyes widened when he saw how the frame smashed into a million pieces. He was mad but he didn’t mean to break it because unlike you, Harry didn’t have something of yours to remember you by. He didn’t have a sweatshirt, he only had this picture frame. Harry quickly rushed to the smashed picture frame. As he stared at the broken pieces of glass he couldn’t help but think his heart was broken just like the frame.

so if you love someone, you should let them know

oh, the light that you left me will everglow

Using the spare key Harry gave her, Anne let herself into his apartment. She grimaced as she noticed how filthy the place was. She noticed how Harry still had his unpacked boxes scattered around the room. She definitely noticed the amount of empty beer bottles. Her heart broke into a million pieces. The last thing any mother wants for their child was them to be hurt, especially when they couldn’t do anything to take away the pain.

Anne made her way into Harry’s bedroom. She let out a small gasp at the scene before her. Harry was curled into a fetal position as he was sobbing quietly. “Oh my love” Anne said before she rushed over to Harry. She pulled Harry up to give him a hug. Harry wrapped his arms around his mother as he cried out in his sobs, “I miss her so much.”

thank you guys so much for the read! i grew up listening to coldplay and im actually seeing them next week so i got inspired to write this imagine. chris martin actually wrote this song about his divorce that he was going through so it’s a really sad and touching song. i hope i did it’s justice when writing this imagine. let me know what you guys thought!

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Home Series, Part Five

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot. No beta this time. Song for this part: Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?    

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Epilogue

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The Start of Something New (Jughead x Reader)

In which Jughead gets in a fight with the gang and makes an unusual friend in his exile. Out of everyone in Riverdale, he should know that appearances are not always what they seem.

“The Riverdale School Library will close in fifteen minutes. Thank you.”

It had been three days since The Incident. Jughead hadn’t spoken to his former best friends (which will hitherto be referred to as Defendants 1, 2, and 3 as he could not think their names without gagging). During the hours when Jughead wasn’t crammed into the uncomfortably close classrooms or attic bedrooms with the three defendants, he found his solitude in the library. The drive-in would have been much preferred, but that was a paradise of time’s past. Very past.

“Come on now, what is it?“

Jughead looked up from a checked-out textbook about film theory to the girl sitting across the table. For three days Jughead has sat at one of the only not-gummed up tables in the whole library. For three days this girl sat across from him, her own book in hand. For three days, they haven’t said a word to each other.

Until today.

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last kiss- h.s song imagine

I still remember the look on your face

Lit through the darkness at 1:58

The words that you whispered

For just us to know

You told me you loved me

You let out a huff as you tried getting comfortable on the bed. You hated taking a nap in the middle of the day because it always messed up your sleeping schedule. Now here you are at almost 2pm wide awake. Harry let out a sigh and turned on his side of the bed and looked at you with tired eyes, “What’s wrong?”

You looked at him a guilty smile, feeling bad for waking him up, “Can’t sleep.”

Harry yawned and scooted closer to you, “Alright. I’ll just stay up with you till you do.” You shook your head no, “It’s alright. Go ahead and go back to sleep.”

Harry chuckled, “I can’t anyways with you tossing and turning.” You gave him a sheepish smile before he continued, “Plus I love you. Can’t have you up the entire night.”

You let out a slight gasp, “What?” Harry smiled and repeated, “Said I can’t have you up all night.” You quickly shook your head, “No. What did you say before that?”

Harry smirked, “I wont be able to sleep with you tossing and turning?” You reached over and hit him lightly, “After that!”

Harry chuckled and grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on it, “Said I love you.”

Your stomach started doing backflips, you smiled and whispered, “I love you too.”

I ran off the plane

That July 9th

The beat of your heart

It jumps through your shirt

You got off the plane and quickly scanned the room to see if he was here yet. You just got back from your hometown after visiting your mom for her birthday. Harry couldn’t make the trip but sent the biggest bouquet of flowers to your mother. Your mom was so surprised and pleased that he would think to do something like that. You remember the conversation you had with your parents as they were saying goodbye.

“Make sure you thank Harry once again for the beautiful flowers,” your mom said as she gave you a hug. You chuckled and hugged your mother back, “I think he gets it, mom. You sent him enough thank you texts. When your mom pulled away, your father quickly gave you a hug as well, “He’s a good man, that Harry kid.”  You blushed slightly and pushed a piece of hair out of your eyes. Having your parents approval of the guy you were dating meant a lot to you. “He is.”

Your eyes finally landed on the guy that managed to steal your heart away. He was wearing the biggest smile on his face. In his hand he held a sign that said your name on it and a little “x” next to it. Quickly you ran to him, throwing out a few sorry’s to the people you pushed, and jumped on Harry. He caught you quickly and wrapped his arms around you, he let out a chuckle, “I missed you, love.” He let you down but you were quick to give him another hug, “I missed you too, H.”

I do remember the swing of your step

The life of the party, you’re showing off again

And I roll my eyes and then

You pull me in

I’m not much for dancing

But for you I did

Harry’s family were having a family reunion for the weekend and of course Harry invited you. Anne already adored you and he just had to show everyone the girl that managed to steal his heart. You sat at one of the lawn chairs in the backyard and stared at Harry dancing with his little cousins. Your heart swelled at the thought of one day having children with Harry. A piece of cake was then placed in front of you, interrupting your thoughts. You looked over and saw Gemma sitting down next to you with a smile. You smiled back and let out a thank you. You returned your gaze back at Harry who was twirling one of the little girls. Gemma followed your gaze and smiled. “I like you and Harry together.”

You looked at Gemma, your cheeks turning a slight pink. Gemma continued, “He almost never brings a girl home for us to meet. You’re special to him.” You looked down at your lap and smiled a small smile, “He means the world to me.”

Harry quickly ran up to the both of you, slightly panting, “Y/N! Let’s dance!” He tried grabbing your hands but you were quick to pull away. “No Harry! Your entire family is here! How embarrassing!”

Harry chuckled and looked around, “No one’s watching! Come on, love!” You looked at Gemma who was staring at the both of you with an amused expression on her face. She mouthed, “Go!” You looked back at Harry who was staring down at you with a playful smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes slightly but playfully. You stood up and allowed him to lead you to the middle of the dance floor. A slow song was playing on the speakers set up outside. Harry wrapped his arms around your waist while you did the same to his neck. He let out a content smile. You looked at him curiously, “What?” Harry placed a kiss on your cheek, “Just happy you’re here.”

I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets

You kissed me when I was in the middle of saying something

You sat on yours and Harry’s bed, books scattered around you. You were tapping your pencil nervously on your chin as you looked at the math equation in front of you. You had your final exam tomorrow so you were studying all day but this one particular equation was confusing the hell out of you. Harry entered the room quietly with a glass of wine. He knew not to bother you while you were studying but also knew how stressed you get when doing your maths. He handed you the glass while you thanked him quietly. He sat down next to you and placed a hand on your waist, “How’s it going love?”

You sighed and placed the glass on the bedside table. You put your head on your hands and let out, “I don’t know how I would use this formula and it’s my last exam for the entire semester so I need to get a really good grade or I won’t pass then I’ll have to take the class aga-” You were then interrupted to Harry turning your head to face his and giving you a soft kiss. You closed your eyes and kissed him back. Harry pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead against yours, “Better?”

You nodded your head and pecked his lips once more, “Better.”

I don’t know how to be something you miss

Never though we’d have a last kiss

Never imagined we’d end up like this

A suitcase filled with your clothes and belongings were sat at the front door. You were sitting on the couch in what used to be your’s and Harry’s apartment. You had your arms wrapped around yourself, as if your mind was telling you to hide your body away from anymore harm. Harry was sitting next to you, his eyes red and puffy. Tears were pouring out of your eyes. You managed to choke back, “Why?”

Harry sniffed and closed his eyes. He didn’t know why. He didn’t know how this happened but it did. The unthinkable happened. Harry fell out of love with you.

He remembers when he told you how much you cried. He remembers the sobs coming out of your trembling body.

“Did you find someone else? Is that why?” You managed to get out of your sobs. Harry was crying himself. Seeing you like this was breaking him inside. He still cared about y you deeply. He just didn’t love you like you loved him and he knew it was selfish to continue the relationship. He wanted you to find someone who could love you as much as he did. He thought he was doing the right thing by breaking up with you but seeing how broken you were made him question everything. He hated himself for not being able to love you properly. Harry shook his head no. “There’s no one else.”

You let out another sob. Harry wrapped his arms around you. You buried your face into his chest, you cried out, “I love you Harry. Please.”

He wanted you to keep the apartment but you quickly declined his offer. You couldn’t bare to stay in a place filled with memories of you two together. You would go mental. You looked at Harry to see him already staring at you with tears in his eyes and a guilty heart. You bit your lip softly before you leaned in and gave Harry a kiss. You knew you would never be able to kiss him again. Harry knew this too while he kissed you back. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. The kiss was intense. It was a goodbye. You poured every emotion you could into the kiss. You kissed him as if you were trying to tell him to change his mind, to give you guys another chance. Harry kissed you as if he was saying he’ll always love you but he doesn’t love you like he should. The both of you pulled away, panting slightly. Harry kissed your forehead one last time. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

i hope you guys enjoyed this one! and don’t forget to keep on sending your requests on what you would like me to write next! im working on the requests already sent, dont fret :)

Favor - Alex Nylander

Requested by anon: Could you write something about alex nylander? He’s so cute and my fave nylander brother

A/N: I’ve struggled with this soon much, but finally I got it up. SORRY!

Word count: 1968

Warnings: I don’t know, maybe a bad word and some fluff.

Master list

Originally posted by thenylanderbros

“Alex, I need a huge favor.” You haven’t even sat down on the chair in front of him when you blurt it out. You know that if you think about it a little longer you won’t do it.

Alex chuckles, grabbing your purse from you and setting it on the the chair next to him while you take your coat off. He sits back down after helping you with your chair and hands you the menu so you can decide what you wanted to eat, even though you always order the exact same thing. Alex and you have been friends for a while, pretty much since he moved to buffalo and you had run into him in the same coffee shop you are sitting now. It was a cute, almost hipstery, coffee shop, but they also have incredible soups and sandwiches.

“Do you know what you want?” He asks, looking at Monica, your usual waitress, walking towards your table.

“Hey guys, do you need more time?” Monica asks, her voice as sweet as always.

“I think we are ready.” Alex says, looking at you so you can order first.

“Can I have a strawberry lemonade and the tortellini soup?” You say and Monica nods with a smile, writing it down on her notepad.

“I’ll have the tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, a small Caesar salad, a black coffee and a blueberry muffin.” Alex says with a smirk as Monica’s hand glides quickly over the paper, writing down Alex’s long order and walking away with a quick ‘thank you’ and a big smile.

“Don’t you have a ‘diet’ to follow?” You ask, quirking an eyebrow. You are messing with him; you know that he could eat a whole elephant and not gain a pound. Those are the perks of being a professional athlete and having a killer metabolism.

“Shut up, I had a workout this morning and I’m starving.” He defends himself and you chuckle, looking through the window and looking at the people walking down the street. “So, what’s the huge favor? Do you need me to pay for your lunch?” He smirks, but your heart starts racing at the speed of light.

It is kind of dumb, almost cliché, but you might have fallen for the blonde Swede. You have always thought that those romcoms where the girl meets the guy in a very embarrassing situation and they fall in love were really dumb so, because karma is a bitch, it has happened to you. But the thing is, there isn’t a thing in Alex that you don’t like; you love the way he smiles all the time, how hard working he is, how much he loves his family, how he is always there for you even when he is away… you even love the way he sticks his tongue out on every picture you take together.

“Promise me you won’t laugh until I’m done talking and then you will think about it as something serious.” You say and Alex grins, but he sticks out his pinky and you hook yours with his. “So, you know that I have a wedding next month –”

“Your cousin’s wedding, right?” Alex cuts you off, remembering the conversation you two had a couple weeks back.

“Yes, my cousin’s wedding.” You confirm before resuming to what you were saying. “Well, the thing is that I was going to go alone to the wedding, but yesterday I had dinner with the women in my family and they made me feel terrible about myself.”

“How so?” Alex asks in true men’s way. He doesn’t get it.

“About going alone. About not having a boyfriend.” You explain and he frowns but doesn’t say anything. “I’m so done hearing ‘you should have a boyfriend at your age’ or ‘you are not getting any younger’. They don’t even know if I have a boyfriend or not but they assume I don’t and ugh…” You cannot contain your frustration.

Monica comes back with your drinks and you take a long sip of your lemonade, trying to calm down. The whole thing always makes your blood boil, because your family makes you feel like you are not worth loving at the tender age of twenty.

“So what I wanted to ask you is… and just to be clear, you don’t have to do it. Don’t do it out of pity or –“ You start rambling, but Alex cuts you off again.

“(y/n), just ask.” He encourages you and you take a deep breath before saying it.

“Would you come to the wedding with me?” You ask. “We don’t have to pretend anything, I just need someone there to get through it and –“

“Yeah, of course I’ll go.” Alex answers firmly, but you are still talking over his voice.

“ – I’ll make sure everyone knows you are not with me and –“ You keep going and going until Alex grabs your hand between his and squeezes it softly, stopping your blabbering.

“I’ll be honored to go as your plus one.” He says, his beautiful blue eyes fixed on yours. “And for the pretending… You don’t have to give any explanation, let them think whatever they want.”

You are struggling to zip your dress all the way up when you hear the doorbell. You tried to pull it up once again, but the zipper wasn’t collaborating, so you end up holding your dress against your chest and opening up your front carefully so no one outside can see you as Alex comes in.

“Hey, can you help me with the zipp –“ You start saying, but your mind goes blank when you see him. He is wearing a tailored black suit that fits in all the right places, a black shirt and a black detailed tie. Who has told him that you love men wearing black on black? “You look great.”

Alex chuckles, brushing his hair back before walking towards you and making you turn around to zip up your dress. The long dress is dark blue and hugs your curves beautifully, with a plunging cleavage and small beads that shine when the light hits them. Your hair is up in a messy up do, your makeup is really natural and the only jewelry you are wearing is a pair of silver earrings that go with your heels and clutch.

“I’m a lucky guy.” He whispers, looking at you from head to toes and back up. “I have the most beautiful date tonight.”

You can feel your cheeks boiling, so you turn on your heels and walk to your room to grab your small clutch and throw your wallet, lipgloss, phone and keys inside before walking back to the living room where Alex is waiting for you. You two walk out of your house and Alex helps you get in his car before walking around it and getting in himself, turning on the engine and joining Buffalo’s traffic.

“Hey.” Alex says, reaching over the console and enveloping your hand into his bigger one. “It’s going to be okay. We are going to have a great night.”

The butterflies in your stomach are doing back flips as Alex runs his thumb over your hand. You didn’t want to go to the wedding at first, not wanting to be that girl that is alone and needs her uncle to take her to the dance floor so she isn’t just sitting there by herself, but with Alex next to you it might even be fun.

“So you must make good money playing hockey.” Your uncle says, taking another sip of beer.

You were having a great time until it was time to sit down and eat. You are surrounded by all your close relatives and they are interrogating Alex like this was a crime scene and not a wedding. You are embarrassed beyond yourself, but Alex seems to have no problem answering all the questions your uncles are throwing at him.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” Alex shrugs, reaching over the table and lacing his fingers with yours as you wait for the cake. He has been doing it all night, taking your hand, wrapping his arm around you and overall making sure you feel comfortable and you are having fun.

“You are the first man she has introduced us.” Your grandma is quick to point out, making you roll your eyes.

“Well, your granddaughter is a gorgeous and smart woman, she should be selective.” Alex says and you smile at him, muttering a ‘thank you’. No one has really asked if you two are dating, they have just assumed you are and neither Alex nor you have corrected them.

Your grandma seems pleased with his answer and you are really happy that the waiters are serving the cake because you are really done with the family talk. After eating the cake it was the turn of the first dance and speeches, which have you tearing up at how in love your cousin looks as her now husband gives his speech. Alex has moved his chair closer to yours and has his arm around your shoulders as you lean against him and wipe your tears with a tissue, trying to not ruin your make up.

“And now, let’s celebrate!” The groom says and everyone raises their glasses on a toast for the new couple.

Alex and you mingle for a little bit, signing the guest book and taking a couple pictures on the photo booth, which turn out to be really funny and cute. You are about to go to the bar and ask for glass of water when the first slow song of the night comes up; you recognize quickly, ‘In case you didn’t know’ by Brett Young is one of your favorite songs.

“Dance with me.” Alex asks, looking at the dance floor, which is packed with couples. You smile at him and he takes it as a yes.

Dancing with Alex feels natural, his hands resting on your hips and your arms wrapped around his neck as you two sway back and forth to the beat of the song.

“Thanks for coming.” You whisper to his ear, resting your head on his shoulder. Alex is normally way taller than you, but your heels make it more even for you.

“Thanks for inviting me.” You can feel him chuckle against your body, his arms squeezing your sides softly. “There is only one thing I’d love to change.”

“What’s wrong?” You asked, your voice tinted with concern as you try to pull away from him, but his hands hold you into place.

“I’d love to stop pretending to be your boyfriend.” He says and you can feel your stomach dropping. Of course someone like Alex wouldn’t be with someone like you. “I’d love to stop pretending and just make it official. I’ve liked you for I don’t even know how much time (y/n), and I understand it if you don’t feel the same way but I just needed to say i…”

You crash your lips against his before he can even finish the sentence. You catch his off guard, but he is quick to react, his lips moving in perfect synchrony with yours as his hands pull you even closer to his body. The moment is absolutely perfect, more than you have ever daydreamt off, as you pull away to look at his blue eyes, which are shining like the most beautiful stars in the sky.

“I guess this isn’t a favor anymore…” He whispers and you chuckle, resting your head on his shoulder as the last notes of the song are played.

“In case you didn’t know, baby I’m crazy about you. And I would be lying if I said that I could live this life without you.”


Requested by: Anonymous

Request: “Can you write some fluffy Drarry? Either they’re both professors or Auror partners. Thanks in advance!”

(I don’t really know a lot about Aurors, only that they’re like a magical police, so sorry if I got anything wrong but I wanted to write this so baldy)

Warnings: none


“Scoot over.”

“No, I am sitting here.”

“Potter, I will hex you!”

“Watch me.”

Maybe it was due to this conversation that the whole room was shattered in places, or maybe the duel just got out of hand, but the result was the same: A complete mess.

Harry and Draco both choose to be Aurors after school, and if they knew that the time would come where they were actually paired together they probably would have preferred to work at Voldemorts side.

You see, ever since they started their job, they made sure that EVERYONE really did understand that they were considered archenemies (I mean you would think after everything you-know-who would be the worst of them all but apparently he’s just not evil enough.).

Day one was the first day Draco has discovered the use of a coffee machine. Or, he tried to.

Because Harry Potter decided to mock him for not knowing which button was the ‘on’ button, and they ended up with blood on their face and a broken coffee machine.

Their work mates were getting really tired of flying furniture, fractured bones and the pitchy scream Draco made when he got hit by a curse, so their boss decided to send them on a mission so they could 'bond’.

And so, here they were, fighting for the place by the only fireplace in the house.

The mission wasn’t even an actual mission.

They weren’t after some criminal or saving peoples life’s.

No, they just had to stay in a house in the middle of nowhere with no connections to civilization for a whole week, without killing each other off.

And they weren’t allowed to use magic, so, well, they had to use their fists which resulted in them being way more tired than usual after a battle.

The house was very old and fragile.

It was made out of wood, no brick to be seen, and there was almost no electricity. It was a miracle that the oven and the fridge worked so far.

It was in the middle of November and it was really icy cold.

And there was no other source of heat than the fireplace.

A very, very small fireplace and a blanket.

A very, very small blanket.

There also was a couch on the other side of the room, but laying there would end in them freezing to death, so they’d rather not.

There was no upstairs, this was literally all they had, this one room and a small room outside for the bathroom.

In other words; they got locked up together and now had to get along in order to survive.

It’s been three days and Harry was getting really tired of hating the git.

Many times he already tried to get Malfoy to join him under the blanket, but no, he wouldn’t even dare to get closer than five feet to him unless they’re fighting.

Which just happened.

Both of them were in pain and exhausted and cold and hungry and just wanted to go back into their cozy homes.

“Can we at least try to make this work?”

Harry’s eyes were stick to Malfoy, which seemed to pay more attention to his nails than Harry.

“Ugh, fine!! Have your stupid blanket and be happy with it!!”

Angrily Harry threw the blanket at the blonde, rolled his eyes and walked over to the couch, where he curled up into a ball, his back facing Malfoy.

His body temperature dropped in a second and just as he started to accept his death, a very well-known hand grabbed his wrist.

“I don’t want to get fired just because you freeze to death, Potter.”

Harry let himself be dragged towards the fireplace, where he and his Auror partner placed themselves and wrapped the blanket around each shoulder.

Due to that, their bodies were really close and Harry almost sighed as he felt Malfoy’s heat warming up his own body.


Draco turned his head and frowned.


“Thanks. You know, for not letting me freeze to death. This is way nicer.”

“I guess.”

Malfoy just shrugged and starred at the fire, a sad glint in his grayish eyes.

“I always wanted to sit by a fire and sing songs with my family. My real family, my mom and dad…it was a big dream of mine as a kid.”

A bit surprised by the sudden honesty, the Slytherin scooted closer to Harry and looked at him.

“I used to sing a lot by the fire before my father joined the wrong side. We could, uhm, sing one now?”

“The fire is making you a softy now, I see.”

Draco punched Harry in the shoulder and rolled his eyes.

“Just say you think it’s a stupid idea.”

“No, no, I would love to sing a campfire song with you, even if its just a fireplace.”

And so they started to sing songs, the coldness of the night long forgotten as Draco placed his head on Harrys shoulder, and Harry wrapped and arm around him.

Because there is no better way to warm up than a cuddle by the fire.

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oo i was wondering if you had heard the zaynxnicki collab, you think it's good then?? im so excited to get to hear it

anon it is fucking INCREDIBLE

so technically we signed an NDA-style agreement not to talk about it and frankly i had planned on upholding that but then other people at the event went and blabbed about it so like… what harm can i do now i guess lol

here are a few things i remember about it:

1) nicki comes in at the beginning - when we all immediately realized it was her, needless to say there was an absolute frenzy

2) the chorus includes the lyrics ‘woke up on the wrong side of love’ or something along those lines

3) the beat drop is AMAZING… yes the chorus includes a drop of sorts

4) it’s an IMMEDIATE earworm and banger, like in the course of the 3 or so minutes of the song i was already catching onto the chorus and singing it and everyone in the room agreed that it wasn’t just our z-loving bias, this is a song that (with the right radio deals and promo) can be THE song of summer. it has the potential to be everywhere if things go right.

i seriously can’t wait for you all to hear it and i cant wait to hear it again… no info was given to us about the title, the release, the anything except for that ‘this song is so new that it hasn’t even been mixed yet’ so other than having heard it once i’m as in the dark as you all

Let Me Take Care of You

A/N I’ve been seeing so many pictures of Chanyeol holding his hip lately, and it makes me so sad that he’s hurt. I don’t have a firm bias in EXO, but Chanyeol is the one who caught my attention first, so I feel like he’s my main bias.

So because I just want to take care of the adorable giant, I thought I’d write a really cute scenario about it. I hope you like it- xoxo

P.S mention of sex, nothing to be worried about though, just cheeky Chanyeol.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Park Chanyeol/ Reader

Requested: No

(Requests are open)

gif isn’t mine, credit to the owner.

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

It was that time of year that your boyfriends group had a comeback. Exo had only just finished promotions for Ko Ko Bop and yet here they were promoting for their new single Power, and their new repackage album. You always hated how hard SM worked these boys, but you loved the glow they all got when performing for their fans, and there was nothing you loved more than to see the spark in your boyfriends eyes as he looked out at all the Exo-L supporting him and the boys.

 You never protest or grumble about the amount of work they each have to do. But when it comes to the point where your beautiful giant of a man is hurting, that’s when you have something to say.

You sat in their dressing room,surrounded by various staff members, looking up at a TV, watching their little fan-meeting. You hadn’t seen Chanyeol for a few weeks, as he has been busy with the comeback preparations. So when you saw Baekhyun helping Chanyeol up the steps, you knew that something was wrong, and he hadn’t told you. As the group prepared to perform their first song, you noticed Chanyeol seat himself off to the side of everyone, holding onto his hip. Something was definitely wrong.

The whole fan-meeting you didn’t take your eyes off of him, and this time it wasn’t for the reasons you’re normally fixated on him. He was still the happy Chanyeol you love, with the beaming smile. But there was something else too. The little flickers of pain crossing his face. The little twitches he makes when he had moved too fast and hurt his hip. All you wanted to do was pull him off of that stage and make him rest, maybe have a warm bath to ease the pain. But the Chanyeol still didn’t know you were there yet and you couldn’t really risk showing yourself right now. 

You stood in your spot in front of the TV, anchored in place as you waited for it to end. As the boys were saying their goodbyes, you turned towards the door, anxiety bubbling in the pit of your stomach. Anxious to see your lovable boyfriend, but also anxious at the fact you would see how hurt he actually is. 

You could hear them before you could see them. The noise from them instantly bringing a smile to your face and slightly settling the feeling in your stomach. The first one you saw was Sehun, he smiled as soon as he saw you, making your smile wider. When you looked past him you saw your boyfriend, glued to his side, Baekhyun, who’s hand was placed on the small of his back, guiding him into the room. You saw the crease in his forehead, concentrating on his hip, he didn’t notice you stood in the middle of the room until Baekhyun gave him a gentle pat signaling him to look up. 

His famous smile took over his face as soon as he saw you, making your heart swell at the sight. He walked out of Baekhyun’s light hold to reach you, his arms reaching out to pull you into his chest. 

You made a small ‘oof’ sound as you collided with his hard chest. You snuggled into him as you felt him hold you tighter. 

“I didn’t know you were coming.” His low voice whispered in your ear. 

“Well I missed my boyfriend, and thought I’d surprise you.” You pulled away looking up at him, smiling softly. “Surprise.” His deep chuckle filled your ears, as you looked into each others eyes, you remembered all the reasons you love him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were injured?” You questioned, hands on his chest, as you looked at him, expectant for an answer.

“I didn’t want to worry you, I knew you would be reluctant towards me doing my schedules.” Chanyeol sighs.

“I’d be reluctant yes, but I wouldn’t stop you performing for your fans, if you told me I could’ve looked after you after schedules. And I always worry about you Yeol, it’s because I love you.” Chanyeol smiled at you, his hands reaching to cup your face. “And also you’re so damn clumsy, i’m worried one day you’re going to dance yourself off of the side of the stage.” You smirked up at him as he laughed at you, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. 

“I love you too.” He whispered into your hairline, moving away from you to look at you.

“As cute as this is hyung, I’m tired and hungry and we all need to get ready to leave, but you’re taking your sweet time wrapping this up.” Sehun sassed at his elder. Chanyeol raised his fist at him jokingly. 

You moved out of your boyfriends hold. As he turned to look back at you, you saw the pout that had adorned his face, making your heart once again swell. making you think to yourself, Yah Chanyeol you’re bad for my health!

You smiled at him, pushing him towards the boys lightly, scared you’ll aggravate his injury. “Go get ready, I’ll be right outside.”

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Chanyeol’s arms found their way to your waist, not yet ready to let you go.

“I mean as long as it’s okay with the guys.” You said looking at Junmyeon for an answer.

“You’re welcome to have him, we don’t have a schedule tomorrow anyway.” You smiled at Junmyeon in thanks, your mind being put at ease at the fact that you will be able to look after Chanyeol, even if it’s only for a day. You looked back at Chanyeol giving him a kiss on his cheek. 

“I’ll be outside waiting.” Smiling you walked outside the dressing room, shutting the door behind you. You leant up against the wall opposite, thinking of how you were going to pamper your injured puppy when you got home, first on the agenda, a nice warm bath.

You were interrupted by, once again, Chanyeol’s hands sneaking around your waist. His lips kissing your hairline. “Ready?” He asked, you nodded, heading out to the car park just behind the place. You said goodbye to the rest of the boys, and soon enough you were on your way to your apartment.

As you stepped into your apartment, Chanyeol once again wrapped his arms around you.

“Yah Chanyeol you need to rest.” You playfully glared at him.

“But i’ve missed you.” He pouts at you. You smile up at him, your left hand moving up to run through his newly dyed blue hair. 

“Nice hair.” You smirked up at him. your answer was the meeting of his lips on yours. You closed your eyes, the butterflies in your stomach going crazy, as they always did every time Chanyeol kissed you. Your other hand came up to join the left in his hair. You parted from him slowly, leaving him with one last peck on his lips.

“Soooo i’m guessing with my bad hip and all, sex is out of the picture.” Chanyeol smiled cheekily at you. 

“With the way you are, I think it would be best to not move too vigorously, don’t you?” You smirked up at him.

“I mean I don’t have to be on top, I don’t even have to move.” He smirked back at you.

“We both know that’s not gonna work, is it?.”

“Was worth a try.” You kissed him on the lips, moving out of his grasp to walk down the hallway. “Where are you going?” He questioned, following you like the puppy he is.

“Running you a bath.” You entered the bathroom, looking through your cupboard for one of your favourite bath bombs. You heard a dramatic gasp behind you, causing you to turn around in alarm. 

“You’re going to let me use one of your sacred bath bombs? I must be blessed to get the privilege.” You rolled your eyes at your tall boyfriend.

“You only ever have showers here, so you’ve never given yourself the chance to use one, that’s not my fault.”

“Don’t act like you don’t enjoy the showers.” You heard his voice closer to your ear, as he pressed himself up against you, looking in the same cupboard as you, quickly retrieving the orb or wonderfulness you had been looking for. You took it from him, placing it on the side. Turning the taps on your bath, you knelt beside the tub, waiting for it to fill at a perfect depth so you called drop the product into it, constantly testing the temperature. As soon as the bath was drawn, you looked up to your, now half naked boyfriend, your hand outstretched, asking him to hand you the bath bomb. 

You watched as it swirled and fizzed in the water, releasing lines of amber, meeting the contrasting coolness of the blue colour from the other side of the product. 

You stood up to face your boyfriend, your hands reaching the waistband of his tight jeans. You looked down as you unbuttoned them, moving the zipper down, and slowly pushing his jeans to the floor to leave him in his underwear. 

“I thought you said no sex.” Chanyeol teased.

“I did. But I want to take care of you.” Your eyes met his. “Let me take care of you.” He smiled down at you. Before you could remove his boxers, his hands met yours, and you looked up at him once again. 

“Will you get in with me.” You nodded, there’s not a lot that you would deny Chanyeol, and with that once sentence you could feel how much he’s be missing you, the emotion in his eyes confirming just as much. You pulled away to let him remove your cardigan from your frame, your t-shirt and jeans following. You looked at each other stood in your underwear. Your hands went back to his underwear, pulling them down, your eyes still on his. when he was fully naked, you lightly pushed him towards the bath tub, urging him to get in. A soft moan left him as the warm water soothed his aching muscles. You followed him, ridding yourself of your underwear, climbing into the bath behind him.

“I imagined this a little differently.” He chuckled in front of you. Your brow furrowed in confusion.

“How so?”

“I imagined you to be in front of me, or on my lap.” You smiled at his thoughts.

“Well tonight i’m taking care of you, so that can wait for another day.”

“There’s a lot of things we have scheduled for another day, won’t you be tired out? maybe i’ll have to bathe you instead that day.” You blushed at the meaning to his words. You worked to put your hair into a bun, as to not get it wet. Grabbing a sponge you started to work in small circles, scrubbing your boyfriends back. He sighed in content as you worked into helping him relax. 

You left kisses on the broad expanse of his shoulder, and on the back of his neck. You softly and slowly worked on the small of his back, worried that if you worked any harder it would hurt him. 

“I’m not going to break you know.” His deep voice whispered, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen upon you.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” You kissed his shoulder. His head turned to the side so he could look at you, making eye contact with you, as a serious expression overtook his face.

“You could never hurt me y/n.” 

“I know, I never intend to.” You answered

“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” You smiled at him

You continued to pamper your boyfriend, teasing comments being thrown your way, as he tried to convince you that having sex would not leave his waist in more pain, and that it would benefit the both of you. You simply laughed at him, telling him to behave himself. you washed his chest from behind, and his abs, because, well you just couldn’t help yourself.

You left him to wash the rest of himself, as you lathered shampoo into his hair, laughing and giggling at anything and everything. Because that’s just how you and Chanyeol were.

All too quickly he was helping you out of the bath and wrapping a towel around you. You held on to his hand, leading him to your bedroom, both of you getting dressed in comfy clothes. Him in an oversized jumper and sweatpants, and you in one of his big t-shirts. 

“Do you want pizza or chicken?” You asked as you dried his hair with a towel.

“Ah I should probably eat healthily with the comeback and all.” You took the towel away from him, glaring down at him.

“It is one night, they’ll never know, plus you need to eat more anyways, so i’m going to order both.” He shook his head at you, as you went to order the food.

Soon enough you were both cuddled up on the sofa, watching as many films as you could. Chanyeol trying, and failing, at feeding you pizza romantically. Half way through your fifth film, you started to drift off.

“Lets go to bed, I think we both need sleep.” Chanyeol pulled you off of the sofa, turning the TV off. Chanyeol took off the baggy jumper he had on, climbing onto the side of your bed he now occupies. You followed him, snuggling into his side, feeling his warmth, as your hand moved up and down his chest.

“Thank you.” You looked up at your boyfriend, urging him to carry on with what he wanted to say. “For today, for coming to see me, even though the injury hasn’t gone away, I feel better, all thanks to you.” He kissed the top of your head.

“You know I’m always here for you, if you ever get hurt or just feel a little down, i’m always here. I love you and I just want to make you feel better. You look after me enough, I should get to look after you.”

“I love you so much”. was the last thing he said to you before his lips captures yours in a loving kiss. You both slept soundly, knowing that you both cared for each other deeply, and that the love ran deeper. 

anonymous asked:

Did John have depression or any mental illnesses because that you reblogged is very troubling and I’m just wondering?


John had a lot of problems. I can’t confirm most of them; I can only guess.

  • Depression/Suicidal thoughts

John has been depressed pretty much all his life. He has dealt with death all the time. He felt abandoned (listen to the song Mother- he clearly talks about abandonment and pain). Sad. Traumatized. 

This sadness followed him all his life- he couldn’t be fully happy. Even when he was with The Beatles, he wrote sad songs to express himself but was afraid of revealing too much (for example: Help!, I’m A Loser, Yer Blues, etc.) There was something wrong. Something missing. He was apparently bored of this lifestyle after only a few months. He was never satisfied. Always unhappy.

When The Beatles broke up, John started revealing himself more; his songs were deeper. More ‘’depressing’’ (How?, Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down And Out), Isolation). He chose to let the public see that side of him. But that didn’t stop him from being depressed; after breaking out with Yoko, John drank and took a lot of drugs. He coped with sadness that way. 

When John and Yoko got back together John was still depressed; he had never gotten help for his problems, and a part of him simply couldn’t be happy. Even in the end, before dying.

“I’m not the greatest dad on Earth, I’m doing me best. But I’m a very irritable guy, and I get depressed. I’m up and down, up and down.’‘ -John Lennon

He wrote a song about suicide (lyrics here)

  • Possibility of Borderline Personality Disorder

I have posted a while ago a thesis about John. He maybe had BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Read the thesis here.

  • Possibility of Body Dysmorphia

John drew this when he was a teenager. His body is obviously bigger than he really was. He also said in an interview that when he looked at himself in the mirror he would look distorted. Gross. Ugly. It’s always been known that John hated himself. He hated his voice, his appearance. He always did, and it never stopped.

  • Possibility of Hallucinations

When John was younger he apparently had hallucinations and it scared him. He later took drugs to stop them. To feel more normal. I don’t know if he had them all his life, but I’m sure that he talked about it. I don’t have a source, though.

Thanks to @peeperland and @johnhateblog for the help! Things will probably be added.

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Could I get the Blackwatch boys comforting their S/O who suffered emotional abuse and them trying to reassure her that she is beautiful and good enough? Sorry, I just had a problem in my family with this and so I am in a foster home until earliest Tuesday and I'm having a really hard time coping with it and I'm so scared of what is gonna happen:(

That’s rough, man. I know there’s not much I can do apart from write you these imagines, but I hope it helps even a little. Take care of yourself alright? Talk to your friends. Find something to keep your mind busy, if you can. Hang in there. <3

Gabriel Reyes

  • He’d be frank, just walk in to visit you and sit next to you on your bed and cross his arms
  • “Are you thinking about them again?” You look away. “Figures,” he adds. You immediately drop your shoulders and look down at your feet, feeling ashamed.
  • “Don’t look at me like that,” he adds, getting up suddenly and holding his hand out for you to take, “let’s get out of here.”
  • What occurs is an impromtu date where he just drives and there’s these long stretches of silence as he ends up stopping at a residential street in the middle of the night
  • And he puts the car in park and then looks at you “…Talk. Tell me what happened.”
  • He nods and listens, refraining from commenting too much apart from the occasional question. Eventually when you start crying he sits out with you in the street as you cry against his shoulder, and he just holds you there, petting your back
  • “You sure do cry a lot.” You look up at him incredulously and he just laughs, “at least I finally got a reaction out of you…”
  • He ruffles your hair and finally begins to tell you the reason why he brought you out to somewhere so far away from the base- he prides himself on being a tough as nails commander and he still is, but when he wants to care for you he wants to make sure he’s far from it, and won’t be contacted by his superiors or his fellow Blackwatch kids. He wants to devote his entire attention to you
  • “You’re worth more than what anyone tells you, including me, including your family. Good and bad.” When you look at him totally lost he explains further, “your self-worth is made by you. I can tell you that I love you, I can tell you that you mean the world to me and to not believe what they tell you, but it’s up to you to decide for yourself who you really are and what you’re really made of.”
  • “You’re right, Gabe.” you finally add, putting your head on his shoulder, “thanks. I guess I needed someone to be straight with me, you know?”
  • He puts his arm around you, “good. Now let’s drive to the nearest bar and get a drink- that nitwit convict got into some awful shit today and my head’s still aching from it.”
  • He takes you out on a relaxed night on the town, telling you funny stories about the past few missions which almost always involves Jesse fucking up and you love it. <3

Jesse McCree

  • This is young McCree. Which means things are about to get 10,000x more extra than ever needed
  • Because GURL he gonna grab a guitar and serenade you as soon as he can get there, annoying all of your neighbours, all of your peers, he doesn’t care
  • Some Suggestions: “Love in the Air”, “Need a Little Sunshine”, “Wrong Side of Love” (the last refrain of the last one especially it gets yelly and fun) (I have a weakness for Dan Layus as young McCree you’re free to put in whatever love song you want)
  • Did I mention by “as soon as he can get there” I mean after a mission?
  • Which also means it’s probably like 2AM on a weeknight your neighbours will look at you weird for a couple weeks on account of your boyfriend
  • He’s had the human decency to shower and change his clothes but odds are he still looks like an idiot (this is young McCree have you SEEN what his sense of fashion is?) and he’s STILL wearing that ridiculous belt buckle and big dumb boots thinking he’s Tough Shit
  • He’s not the best singer and he’s not exactly crooning to you from your driveway, he’s shout-singing. Which is loud and hilarious and you have to open your window frantically telling him to STOP but he can’t hear you he’s just like “What? You want me to sing louder darlin’? Hell yeah I can, I’ll sing as loud as you want me to <3” JESUS CHRIST MCCREE
  • You run down the stairs and practically burst out of your front door to drag him into the house before one of your neighbours tries to murder him for waking literally everyone in a city block’s radius lawd the boy can shout
  • The entire time you’re angrily whispering at him trying to not get shrill, like “I can’t believe you would do something so stupid! Why would you think it was a smart idea to show up at 2AM and fucking holler into my window like that?!”
  • He just gives you this dopey smile like, “But darlin’, there ain’t nobody I’d wanna sing for but you. You know I ain’t so good with the words, I can’t write you no poetry. No big novella, no nothin’. But I couldn’t just let you suffer like you did today without so much a peep could I? Sure I’m maybe a couple hours late… but it’s the thought that counts don’t it?”
  • You blink at him, then lower your head, “well…it was pretty sweet of you. Even if it did wake up my neighbour’s dog.” (there is, by the way, still a dog barking two doors down as you guys head inside)
  • He grins cheekily and gives you a big wet peck on the cheek, “Glad you appreciate it baby. But the night ain’t over yet, and I got a whole night of seranadin’ romance in me, I promise ya!” “Jesse, no.”


  • You’re quiet throughout the day, but knowing Genji (especially now, being exceptionally more distant and timid), he doesn’t act on it
  • He sees you easily tearful for no reason, avoiding contact with anyone else and being constantly distracted or nervous
  • He doesn’t want to say much at first, opting for observation- but he’s going to piece together what’s wrong with you pretty quickly and be direct once he’s sure
  • He perks up when you randomly announce you’re going out on your own “for snacks” and he asks you softly. “Wait.”
  • You stop at the door and immediately your defenses are up, you start to feel scared and nervous because now you’re being reminded of them
  • But he shakes his head when he sees you, then very gently places his human hand on your shoulder, “face me, please.” you reluctantly obey and he asks, more like urges you, “Are you upset about your family?”
  • “I’m fine, really,” you try to wave him off, “did you want anything from the store?” “Y/N, that is not the case for you is it?” “You got me.”
  • He tugs you over with his human hand and awkwardly hugs you, trying to hold you to his chest. You can clearly hear the rumbles of the machinery that keeps him alive, and that faint sound of his heart idly thumping in your ear. It’s soothing to you, knowing that underneath of so much cold steel, there is something human, and soft, that remains
  • “You do not have to speak more, if you do not wish to. I remember…what it felt like, in my own family as well.” You’re quiet when he tells you that, nodding gently, “…I know. I’m sorry. I feel like I don’t have the right to say anything…considering what’s happened to you.”
  • “That is not true. Your suffering is still your own, and it has affected you profoundly…in some ways, to have completely severed my ties is more comforting than to continue to have those that you love, capable of hurting you at any time.”
  • Even though a lot of the time you know he’s felt intense anger and abandonment, he’s calmed down considerably since meeting you. It’s just been so hard for you to notice just how much you actually mean to him, until he does something so emotionally open and expresses all that directly in front of you
  • “I want you to know…that all of the family I will ever need, is what I have found in you.”
  • He says it with such emphasis, and to know that you are so valued and loved by a man as battle-hardened and distant as Genji means the world to you. <3

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anonymous asked:

The captains are sexually frustrated (but they have an s/o who is currently in the seireitei). How do the captains act while trying not to think of how gosh darn horny they are? Do the lieutenants/squad members notice? If they do, what do they do to...help their captain out? (Eg, they avoid the captain, they take over the work so captain can go home early, they find s/o and coincidentally being s/o by, etc). Thank you!

Kyouraku  Shunsui 

If you thought that Kyouraku couldn’t possibly drop more innuendos… You’d be wrong. Of course, this is only to his s/o but still Nanao has known her captain a long time too long so she’s able to pick up on it and will send him off to his s/o if they have the day off /are in his division. If not she’ll have to suffer through it and hope it’s sorted by tomorrow.

Sui Feng

She’s sort of the stereotypical sexually frustrated in that she snaps at people more and gets annoyed more easily. But honestly it’s not much of a difference so it’s barely noticeable. Omaeda probably notices his captain is being particularly mean today but he assumes she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Honestly, I’m not sure Sui Feng herself would notice.

Otoribashi “Rose”Roujuurou

Rose starts getting even more flowery in his speech and far more distracted than usual. He feels unsettled and ill at ease. Izuru will notice in that his captain is far more distracted than usual and probably ends up sending him home because he’s being completely useless with the paperwork and singing far more love songs than usual. Did he say love songs? He meant thinly-veiled sex songs. Taichou, please get out.

Unohana Retsu

I really don’t think anyone would notice for Unohana. Honestly who would dare point it out to her if they did! That would be a good guarantee of a threat wrapped up in a sweet smile. It’s not worth it just don’t say anything!

Hirako Shinji

Shinji probably fidgets a bit more, he does that thing where his foot starts bouncing and he doesn’t realise unless someone points it out. He starts tapping his fingers more to some dirty song in his head, he whines more about when will this day end. Momo realises this but doesn’t let him home early. He can whine all he likes but she knows if she gives an inch, he’ll take a mile. So she puts up with it and if she happened to recommend to Shinji’s s/o that they drop by and see him for lunch? Well she’s just glad there’s a whine-free afternoon ahead.

Kuchiki Byakuya

He’s another one that it’s pretty much guaranteed that no-one will notice. Renji probably knows Byakuya well enough that he spots Byakuya being slightly different to usual but he doesn’t understand the why.

Komamura Sajin

Komamura is a wolfman of few words and a quiet disposition so probably not much changes in how he behaves and so no-one really notices. Besides there would probably be slightly different things to look for that a regular person wouldn’t pick up on and wouldn’t happen to notice.

Yadomaru Lisa

What are you talking about? Lisa’s horny all the time so there’s really no change. Her division have learnt this so really when she’s not acting horny is when they start worrying!

Muguruma Kensei

Kensei looks pretty grumpy but he stays quiet rather than the yelling that usually happens when he’s angry. This promptly confuses the hell out of Shuhei, who is left to wonder why his captain is angrily brewing. Is this some new level of anger that someone has managed to insight? As he’s not sure what the problem is, he’s not sure how to fix it so he probably gets on with his work and asks Kensei’s s/o on break. When Hisagi comes back after lunch and his captain is back to normal, he just lives in blissful unawareness 

Hitsugaya Toushiro

So much grumpier than normal! He snaps more than usual, gets more irritated at Rangiku. Not helped when she teasingly wonders aloud at how long his s/o has been gone on that mission and how difficult it must for her poor taichou. Teasing him was almost worth the double paperwork she received in response. 

Zaraki Kenpachi

Kenpachi just wants to fight more (is that even possible?). Again draw attention to it and you’re likely to be the next one he’ll fight so unless you’re cruising for a bruising I’d just go about your day as normal and send his s/o over when you can. He’ll probably still be fighting later anyway but still…

Kurotsuchi Mayuri

Again nobody would notice. Honestly, i feel like it wouldn’t blip much for Mayuri beyond something he should deal with - if it was bad enough - so actually he might be more irritable than usual but not because he’s horny but because he has to deal with it!

Ukitake Juushiro

Rukia would notice a change in Ukitake’s behaviour, he’s fidgeting a lot more than normal, he’s still being patient with others but not quite as patient as usual. She’s not sure what’s wrong and she dithers for a long time before letting Ukitake know that if there’s something bothering him then she’s here to listen. This only flusters Ukitake more but he realises that he must be acting differently so he thanks her with his usual smile and says that perhaps he should return home for today.

elysian: capitolo primo


Nico’s had a pretty shitty life. His best friend, sister, and mother all dead, and an abandoned father all coupled with being sent off to a new country, he isn’t sure if it’s cruel humor or sick coincidence that he got his soulmate mark at the worst of times.

Will’s had a boring life. Living what’s seemingly the same day on repeat, he wants out. He wants excitement.

Here’s the story of how they met.
[read on ao3]

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Sweater Weather (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Requested by side-angel: “Can I request one of Ethan? Maybe a cute one where he teaches you how to snowboard on vacation?”
Word Count: 1,860
Warnings: None.
A/N: So I was already planning on doing something like this since I did Hawaii Loving. Title is from TNBH’s song. I’ve never gone snowboarding before, don’t judge me if I got something wrong 😂  Hope you like it xx

Your hands were freezing even though the gloves you had pulled on were thick, and you had fallen on your butt more times than you could count on two hands. Ethan found it hilarious though, he’d take pictures of you pouting, claiming it was only for his eyes and not for the social medias. You believed him, of course, but that still didn’t stop you from feeling bad that you couldn’t stay on the board for more than a few seconds before sliding off course or falling face first into the snow.

“Can we test out the hot tub in our cabin, please?” You asked, sighing as you bunched up snow in your hands, squeezing it into a ball between your palms.

Ethan laughed and walked over to you, slipping his hands underneath your armpits to pull you up into a standing position. He brought up a hand to brush his gloved thumb underneath your eye, wiping away melted snow.

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let’s talk about dangerous blues

since today is the 10th anniversary of myrtle beach let’s talk about dangerous blue by the young veins, because it’s definitely about myrtle beach night and i’m just very emotional about this song. i’m going to take a closer look at some of the lyrics and try to interpret them (in a very biased way, obviously, so be warned)

when ryan sings the song, he pauses after “lie” before ending the sentence, making it sound like “all i do is lie.” this is a hint at the secrecy and lies surrounding their affair (ocean side = myrtle beach, obviously)

again, we have the secrecy, having to hide, and a feeling of guilt because of what they’re doing - it feels true and right, but it’s wrong (another young veins song (die tonight): “we’re in love, and it really hurts when it’s wrong”)

because they’re outside by the ocean, there’s no door and no house, but they feel at home (because they are each other’s home)

basically, they’re fucking on the floor (they’re ~euphoric~) and it’s risky because there are people around (we know they weren’t alone on myrtle beach)

well it’s pretty obvious what it means, but anyway: he has never really known how it feels to be in love before that night, and it’s 1) beautiful, 2) a “blues”, probably because he can’t be open about it (or possibly because he wrote it after the split when he was sad about it?) 3) a drug (self-explanatory, it feels good but it’s addictive and harmful), and 4) dangerous because they’re taking the risk of being caught

there’s more but i picked the most important lines because it would’ve gotten too long otherwise

thank you for tuning in, feel free to add on to this if you’ve noticed something else

The Language of Flowers (Sansa x Female!reader)

Prompt: Hey could you write something where margaery has a sister who is in love with Sansa?  

Note: Hope you enjoy it! I’m so sorry it took so long, i’m still not 100% happy with it, sorry if it turns out to make no sense.


The first time that you saw Sansa was in the throne room. You’d never seen someone to beautiful look so alone. Your older sister Margaery had also spotted her, watching her with an almost predatory gaze; she was after all the key to the North. You felt an overwhelming sense of protectiveness for the girl you didn’t know.

You next saw Sansa as she walked alone through the gardens, her gown was red and gold. She looked stunning, and it hugged her body in all of the right places, but she also looked out of place. Her heart wasn’t hard enough for the Lannister colours.

In Highgarden, your grandmother hadn’t just taught you how to nurture and care for the plants of the gardens, but the secret language they spoke.

The butterflies in your stomach felt more like bats as you approached the Northern girl with the roses, two white (innocence and secrecy), one blue (The North, Strength; unyielding beauty) all three of the roses were thorn less (Love at first sight.) You hoped the colours would make her feel more at home.

You were usually a very self-assured person, a quality instilled into you by growing up a Tyrell, however your usual confidence was nowhere to be found as you approached the Stark girl.

Sansa walked along the winding path of the garden, lost in her own world when you cleared your throat softly. Her head immediately snapped around, her eyes were wild and wolfish for a moment as they met yours. Her countenance softened when she saw it was you.

“Lady Y/n… Sorry, I was distracted.” The auburn-haired girl looked as she had slipped once more back into thought, before sending you a smile. It was the smile that encourage you to speak up.

“I should be the one apologising” You said, the roses hidden as you held you hand behind your back began to feel heavy in your palm “I didn’t mean to startle you, I just… The flowers made me think of you; of the Starks” Sansa’s eyes lit up as the roses came into view.

You tried to hide your surprise when the other girl pulled you into a hug, but you quickly accommodated.

“You don’t know how much this means Y/n, truly.” She whispered as she held you tight.

From then on, you were sure. You would do anything to make her happy.

You spent a lot of time with Sansa after your first proper meeting in the gardens. You quickly grew close, spending your days in the gardens and your evenings curled up reading together in the library. You didn’t always read, sometimes you were content just to be close to the Stark.

It was during one of your library sessions that you realised that you were irrevocably and unequivocally in love with Sansa. Loras was bound to notice.

You were walking together in the garden when he figured it out.

“You realise Grandmother plans to marry her to Willas?” your brother asked, taking your arm in his “She could be in highgarden by the end of the month.”

You swallowed hard, you had suspected Margaery’s plan ever since you watched her first lay her eyes on Sansa.

That didn’t stop it from hurting.

“Loras, I have to go with her. Grandmother can’t do this… Loras please.” Your voice took a pleading note.

Loras replied with a sad smile “Y/n, you know we need to find you a husband. She’s right about Dorne. We could marry you into their royal family.”

You let out a bitter laugh “I like the wine Loras. I prefer my partners from colder climates…” your mind drifted to Sansa before the words had even left your mouth. Loras wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into a tight bear hug.

“Why is everything so much easier for the straight Tyrells?” You said pulling away. Loras laughed and shook his head. It felt good to hear him happy.

The sound of Loras’ laughter was interrupted when you hear footsteps coming down the pathway. It was Sansa of course, and you felt the blood rise to your cheeks as you looked at her.

Loras excused himself, and sent a wink in your direction. You scowled back as him, and hoped that Sansa hadn’t noticed the interaction.

You spent the rest of that day in the gardens with Sansa, eating the lemon cakes you had smuggled from the kitchen, with the help of the pretty parlour maid. She was reading about the Targaryen dynasty with her head in your lap when you began to weave flowers into her hair.

At first you weaved a simple chain of daisy’s, (Innocence; loyal love; I’ll never tell; purity) placing it like a crown over her head, but couldn’t resist the Gypsophila flowers (everlasting love). You tucked a daffodil behind her ear (You’re the only one; Unrequited love).

Sansa lay back with her in your lap “What’s high garden like?” she asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

You smiled “Beautiful Sans, you’d love it. The air is so much fresher, and Gods the gardens are stunning.” You felt a pang in your chest “I wish I could take you.”

Sansa smiled up at you “But you will surely? For the wedding.”

You took a deep breath, your expression wavering. “I hope so Sans if grandmother will allow it.” You quickly forced a smile and thought back to your home. “I can’t wait to show you the lake…”

She seemed contented and leaned back into your lap, as you began to described high garden to her. I could get used to this, you thought to yourself as the smile spread across her face.

The next time you saw Sansa it was in the library, you knew there was no hope of attracting her attention as she read, hungrily taking in the text. You loved watching her read, she was so gorgeous and yet so unaware of it.

Just watching her filled your chest with an unfamiliar warmth, that was, until you saw what she was reading. The language of flowers. Sansa was one of the most intelligent person you knew. It was inevitable that she would find out what you would had been telling her through the Flowers.

Your heart froze when Sansa looked up and grinned at you, without thinking you quickly ran out of the room.

When you left the library, you went to the first place you could think – the gardens. You knew that Sansa would probably be quick to follow you, however being in the gardens would give you the clear head you needed to talk to her. You could always tell her that it was a purely platonic gesture, or that you hadn’t known the meanings, or that-

“Y/n” Sansa whispered, cutting off your thoughts. “There’s something I ought to tell you…”

You looked up at the Stark girl questioningly your (e/c) eyes widening. Sansa paused in thought for a moment, before handing you a small yellow flower. It looked like a daffodil, however the slight differences gave it a whole new meaning.

Jonquil (Love Me; Affection Returned; Desire)

When the meaning of the flower sunk in, you wasted no time in pulling the northerner into a kiss. When Sansa wrapped her arms around your waist, you knew you had made the right decision with the Roses.

That night you lay in your bed, with Sansa pressed up against you, as your arms cocooned around her. You held the Jonquil flower, and studied it for a moment.

“It’s fitting, isn’t it? I’ve always loved the story of Jonquil, and in the end, it was her flower that helped win me my very own Jonquil.” Sansa said, her voice warm.

You giggled and kissed her head “I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong Lady Sansa” you teased “You have to be the Jonquil.”

Sansa turned to look up at you, raising and eyebrow “Pray tell, Lady Y/n”

You grinned down at her “Because I’m a fool for you Sansa Stark.”

Sansa didn’t reply to that, instead leaning up and kissing you. You smiled into the kiss. Whatever the future held, and whatever obstacles the gods threw your way, you had the woman you loved by your side.