wrong side of the love song

List of Parodied Songs in Geekender’s Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical

Act One

1. Good Morning Aperture 

Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray

2. Why Can’t the Subjects Learn to Test 

Why Can’t the English - My Fair Lady

3. I’m Alive

I’m Alive - Next to Normal

4. Poor Unfortunate Subjects 

Poor Unfortunate Souls - Little Mermaid

5. Under Attack 

Under Attack - Abba

6. Suddenly Wheatley 

Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horror

7. Running the Whole Machine 

Friends on the Other Side - Princess and the Frog

Act Two

8. Here in the Darkness We’re Free

Nobody Loves You - Jonathon Coulton

9. Mr. Johnson 

Mr. Cladwell - Urinetown

10. Trouble

Trouble - Music Man

11. If You Could See You 

If They Could See You - Cabaret

12. A Quick Pair of Portals

A Spoonful of Sugar - Mary Poppins

13. I am Aperture 

I Am Africa - The Book of Mormon

14. Want You Gone

Want You Gone - Portal 2

15. Do You Hear the Turrets Sing

Do You Hear the People Sing - Les Miserables


Don’t let heartbreak get you down! There will always be another person who will get what you’re saying when nothing has been said, who’ll know your favorite songs, your least favorite vegetables, who will call you gorgeous/handsome, who will nerd out with you when a new star trek gets released, and dance with you while the city sleeps. You will find that person who knows all of your insecurities and realize that they are going stand by your side as you overcome them! Love is limitless and it doesn’t end with the last person who did you wrong. It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. :)

Unicorn [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: evil!barry is toxic now lol. Is it possible for you to write about the heroes testing barry’s child to see if they have inherited his power but barry didn’t know and gets angry? Or something like that? I just love protective evil!barry as a dad.


Barry had left for…well, not even a hour on a heist and came back home to you balling on the couch. Something is wrong. There’s no little munchkin running around, singing Disney princess songs. Curling his hands to his sides, he speeds over to your spot, taking note of how low your black shirt is - not the time. Daughter first, then seduce the wife.

You peer up at him through blurry vision, clasping your thighs tightly, “Barry, they - they took - they took her! They took our baby! They took her away - away from me!” you sob, covering your mouth with your hand, messy hair tumbling in front of your face. This whole thing is tearing you apart, piece by piece.

Blood boiling, Barry squats down, cupping your cheeks in his midnight colored gloves. He hate - no, no, loates seeing tears in your Y/C/E eyes. “Who? Who took her?” he growls, trying not to sound angry at you. You shake your head, gulping, and Barry knows. He just knows. “Citizen Cold.” he grumbles; if this was a cartoon, smoke would be sprouting from his ears like a fucking chimney.

Before speeding to the Cold Cave, he kisses your forehead, reassuring you Y/D/N will be safe. His steel toe boots create an awful noise when he enters Leonard Snart’s secret lair. “Daddy!” he hears his daughter shout in a gleeful tone. He spins, seeing the little girl hooked up to a machine that looks like one that would be in a hospital.

He sighs, zooming over to her, hands latched on her tiny waist, which is covered by a bright blue fluffy unicorn onesie. “Baby, you sure gave daddy a scare.” he mutters, more to himself than anyone else, “Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you did he?” he asks in an warning voice, his scrutinizing her face as he unhooks her from the machine. She shakes her head, long light brown waves bouncing around.

“Chill, Flash. Just making sure we don’t have another speedster on our hands.” Leonard explains, raising his hands in defeat. The dark blue parka shifts at the movement, showing the famous cold gun strapped to his black jeans. “We don’t. No harm done.” he drawls, cocking his head to the side.

“Thought we had a deal. You leave my girls alone, I don’t….” he grits his teeth, mouthing ‘kill people’. He won’t say it in front of his daughter. She’s too innocent for that; she’s barely three. “You broke that.” he sighs dramatically, peering at the little girl on his hip. She plays with his black hoodie, mouth open, showing off her chubby cheeks. His fingers curl against the fluffy pink circle on her chest. “Deals off, Cold… But next time, I’ll vibrate my hand through your chest.” he promises, turning on a dime.

Tucking his baby into his chest, trying to remain serious as the unicorn hood covers her eyes, he races back to the safe house, landing on the couch. Instantly, you pull Y/D/N to you, hugging her tightly. Oh, oh your baby’s back. Barry scoots closer to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders while he leans down, kissing her chubby cheek.

She opens her mouth, staring at him in a daze, “Daddy!” she beams, putting her tiny hand on his nose. Yeah, that’s his adorable unicorn. He’s proud.

Libra- Ed Sheeran
  • Libra Sun & Aries Moon: Sing // "This love is a blaze, I saw flames from the side of the stage"
  • Libra Sun & Taurus Moon: Lego House // "If you're broken I will mend you and I'll keep you sheltered"
  • Libra Sun & Gemini Moon: Take It Back // "Living life on the edge with a closed hand full of friends"
  • Libra Sun & Cancer Moon: Photograph // "Loving can mend your soul, and it's the only thing that I know"
  • Libra Sun & Leo Moon: IO See Fire // "If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together"
  • Libra Sun & Virgo Moon: One // "I listen to sad songs, singing about love, and where it goes wrong"
  • Libra Sun & Libra Moon: Tenerife Sea / "All the voices surrounding us here fade out when you take a breath"
  • Libra Sun & Scorpio Moon: Give Me Love // "Give me love like never before, cause lately I've been craving more"
  • Libra Sun & Sagittarius Moon: All Of The Stars // "So open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet"
  • Libra Sun & Capricorn Moon: Kiss Me // "Settle down with me, and I'll be your safety"
  • Libra Sun & Aquarius Moon: She // "I searched every room for a way to escape, but every time I try to leave she keeps holding on to me for dear life"
  • Libra Sun & Pisces Moon: Thinking Out Loud // "People fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe it's all part of a plan"

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any less known msi songs? Like b sides and shit?

Yeah sure ! :00

The whole “<3″ album so: Make Me Cum (Demo), 3S’, Greatest Love Of All, Prove Me Wrong, Genius, Uncle, Written In Cold Blood

Despierta Los Niños: Wack!, Brooklyn Hype part 1 (and then part 2 is on YouTube which I think is the best part of the song, but they never recorded a studio version of it :/ ), Joke, Alienating Our Audience

Songs from Tighter that I think more people need to listen to and Appreciate: Cake, If I Only Didn’t Want to F the Ones Who Didn’t Want to F Me, Daddy, I Hate Everyone, Grab the Mic, Dickface (and the demo of it), Bite Your Rhymes

Songs from Frankenstein Girls: Last Time I Tried to Rock Your World, Whipstickagostop, Played, Masturbates

Another Mindless Rip Off: My World (and the demo), Pre-Teen Violence, Frying Pan, Lush, Born to Be Beheaded 

Most of the songs on the whole Pink album need to be Appreciated more too

and also: Rip Off, Panty Shot, Last Gay Song, The Logical Song (cover), You Will See Just What I See, Eat Those Words, Money, Adios Amigos, Shut Me Up (demo), Big Poppa, Like Shit, Thank God, 

That’s all I can think of … their “Crappy Little Demo” also has the demo versions of Tornado, Bitches, F*ggot, etc. 

But it’s me and baby that he hurts
‘Cause I tell him right
He thinks I’m wrong
But I love him strong
He gave me the life that I came to live
Gave me the song that I came to give
Pressure on me
But the seed had grown
I can’t make it on my own
Summer came around and the flowers bloomed
He became the sun
I became the moon
—  Erykah Badu, The Other Side of the Game

them: are you okay??

me: I’m fine :))

what I really mean : everyone’s freaking out about hobi not having any lines in this song ,, but where were their voices when jin barely got any lines , this is the FIRST time jhope hasn’t had any lines but jin has been missing through out this whole entire fuckiiiiinnn tiiiimmeee bbbut that’s my opinion y'all go awf idgaf don’t get me wrong I love hobi & he’s the sun but seokjin !!! Is always pushed to the side !!!


really cool songs by really cool female fronted bands
>>> vitamins [milk teeth] | smoke [pvris] | move, shake, hide [marmozets] | name that thing [chumped] | anklebiters [paramore] | lone wolves [happy fangs] | the best thing [we are the in crowd] | make a move [icon for hire] | nothing’s wrong [echosmith] | fireproof [against the current] | don’t wish [tonight alive] | drown with the monster [white lung] | cold blooded [courage my love] | the one to get me out [candy hearts] | vice [love, robot] | other side [new years day] | follow me down [the pretty reckless] | just a girl [no doubt] <<<

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Courtney's Infinite Search for Love Ch. 5 (Witney) - Grinder

AN: So I did an all-nighter to complete an essay so Ii had a few free days including this one. So I decided to write another chapter to this. Also I wanna point out I have a side blog @artificialgrinder. It’s got a playlist tab on it and you can listen to some of the songs whilst reading! Sorry I’m really into music lol.

Anyway, lots of love…


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first I was afraid

i was petrified

to think i could never live without you by my side

and i spent so many nights 

thinking how you did me wrong

but i grew strong 

and i learned how to get along 

so now you’re back

from outer space

i just walked in to find that sad look upon your face 

i should have changed that stupid lock

i should have made you leave the key 

if i had known for just one second you’d be back to bother me 

go on now go 

walk out the door 

just turn around now 

cause you’re not welcome anymore

Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye

do you think i’d crumble

did you think i’d lay down and die 

oh no not i

i will survive

glad that’s over


“Lady, running down to the riptide.

Taken away to the dark side.

I wanna be your left hand man.

I love you, when you’re singing that song and,

I got a lump in my throat cause,

You’re gonna sing the words wrong.”

music shuffle game! tagged by the lovely @jullia-bo !! Thank you :)) put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from the song. then tag 9 other people to participate!!

1.) thinking of you by Mabel 
“Driving on the wrong side thinking of you”

2.) reminder by The Weeknd 
“I’ll be right there to remind you again”

3.) city club by the growlers
“Don’t care what anybody says”

4.) like real people do by hozier 
“Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips. We should just kiss like real people do”

5.) house of cards by Radiohead 
“I don’t wanna be your friend. I just wanna be your lover”

6.) sweet disaster by DREAMERS
“Dressing like the Rolling Stones”

7.) bad habit by the kooks
“Looking for a stranger to love. You got to dot your I’s and cross your t’s”

8.) last nite by the strokes 
“Oh, baby, I feel so down. See, it turns me off, when I feel left out.”

9.) 7 by catfish and the bottlemen 
“And I’d beg you, but you know I’m never home. And I love you, but I need another year alone. And I’ve tried to ignore it every time you phone, but I never come close”

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Did you sleep on the wrong side?
I’m catching a bad vibe
And it’s contagious, What’s the latest?
Speak your heart, Don’t bite your tongue
Don’t get it twisted, Don’t misuse it
What’s your problem?
Lets resolve it
We can solve it, What’s the causes?
It’s official, You got issues
I got issues, but I know I miss you
—  Aaliyah, “We Need A Resolution”
Aaliyah 2001

(Requested by Anon)

“Try again love.”

You huffed and began playing the song again. Edward was teaching you how to play piano and seemed to think ‘Heart and Soul’ was the best song for a beginner to play. He was wrong. So wrong. You had been at this for hours and you were still fumbling over the keys.

“You know, piano might be beautiful but it’s so frustrating to learn.” You grumbled. I don’t know how he’s so good at it. “Years of practice love. Years of practice.” He answered your unspoken question with a grin. You glared and nudged his side. “Stay out of my head you jerk.”

“I’ll try Y/N. Now, begin again.” You splayed your fingers out over the keys and began playing again, mentally cursing both your love of piano and your inability to learn it.

sigh. okay remember dirty laundry? ive been waitng for a months. i’m not complaining but. to all the people who think it’s racist, no no no wrong word. the word is relatable. oh but i’m not Mexican? well I am Puerto rican (and part Cuban) and let me tell you. this is so funny. and I don’t even like the song gasolina that much, until I read the fic I’ve been singing it everyday. and shakira? I sing to her songs everyday. and the big family thing? uh yeah! I have like 11 cousins on my moms side, and I got new two baby cousins in the span of two years. (we’re ridiculous I know) and, this fic helped me with my depression. I kinda fear love like keith, not completely but like, relationship wise. but I was still able to connect with keith and lance. my depression has gone worst sadly. I miss my family and pueto rico so badly. but please, don’t go hurting the author, or any other author or artist for that matter. try talking to someone who is related to the topic ur worried about, if your still unsure, ask the author-nicely- about ur concerns.

so to the author of dirty laundry, i’m not sure if you are gonna do the final update anymore. but it’s ok if you don’t want to. just know you have a bunch of other people who support you. and thank you, for the wonderful and beautiful story, and for helping with my depression, and….. thank you for existing I swear you are a wonderful person.

the signs as things from the aaron tveit at the boston house of blues concert:

  • aries: the guy right behind me that yelled “YOU LUCKY BITCH” when that girl touched/felt aaron’s chest
  • taurus: aaron’s dance moves in ‘i wanna dance with somebody’
  • gemini: how nobody can tell for sure if he’s saying freak or fuck in ‘nice and slow’ so the line could either be “i’ll freak you right” (original) or “i’ll fuck you right” (what it sounds more like)
  • cancer: the person that yelled “i love you” and aaron said “aw i love you too”
  • leo: the girl that touched aaron’s chest because she was singing a line about his heart but accidentally put her hand on the wrong side of his chest but then corrected herself, feeling both of his pecs
  • virgo: when aaron said he was going to sing two more songs in a row because he likes singing two songs at a time and the guy right behind me said “yas hit me with that mashup”
  • libra: aaron’s concert pants
  • scorpio: the white girl standing near me that yelled “ay papi” at aaron
  • sagittarius: aaron being surprised that people know what next to normal is
  • capricorn: the mic stand during ‘nice and slow’
  • aquarius: aaron’s face after the girl touched his chest
  • pisces: aaron’s little dance moves in the beginning of ‘love yourself’
BTS Army Tag

I was tagged by @hoseokxx ❤❤ 

1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS? 

technically Yoongi, but when that was before i rly knew the band, for the first week or so after i rly got into them, it was Hobi 

2. Who is your current bias? 


3. What is your favorite bangtan bomb? 

god i can’t choose lmao.. maybe the english speaking one? 

4. What is your favorite BTS song? 

my faves, in no particular order, are: 



Save Me 



First Love 



I Need U 


Am I Wrong 

21st Century Girl 

… ok just Wings as a whole

 Autumm Leaves 

Ma City 

So 4 More 


5. Which member is your bias wrecker? 

All of them tbh (im especially weak for rap line, and Kookie tho ) 

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most? 

all of them but they’re mostly just side characters rip

7. What is your favorite BTS MV? 

I Need U makes me so emo 

8. What is your favorite BTS choreography? - BST 

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to most often? 

 i don’t dance ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

10. How long have you been an ARMY? 

 idk not that long tho 

11. Which album track list is your favorite? 


12. Which album art is your favorite? 

 Hyyh i think 

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband? 

 Yoongi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Im tagging: @chan-yoongi, @jimintensify, @taechy, and @flowerchildchim

ok. so. im sure as a lot of u kno im a rly big fan of hamilton, a really really big fan. but now that a lot of the initial hype has died down and im able to look at the musical more clearly im finding that i… hate how the women are portrayed? i really, really do???

dont get me wrong, the schuyler sisters and maria reynolds set my gay little heart aflutter, but their treatment in the story is very unfair? after their introduction song, we get like… no insight on how angelica and eliza feel beyond ‘they are in love with alexander hamilton. like, they are just head over heels for them. so in love. tragic.’ historically speaking, peggy sent many purely platonic letters to hamilton, used her quick thinking to save her niece and almost got hit by a tomahawk in the process, eloped with stephen van rensselaer, became very ill and died in albany, alexander by her side, but you literally wouldnt know any of that unless u went out of ur way to look it up, because peggy just… doesnt get to say or do anything after the schuyler sisters.

im serious, the only times when eliza gets to sing about something that is not her husband is the schuyler sisters, take a break, and stay alive (reprise), angelica only gets the schuyler sisters. 

but dont even get me started on maria reynolds. poor miss maria reynolds, who married her abusive husband, james reynolds, at a very young age (15), who had absolutely no choice in whether or not she had sex with alexander because her husband wanted his money, who revealed in her letters that she felt so guilty and wished she had never been born, is portrayed as evil, bad news, a homewrecker, just because our hero cant keep it in his pants. did u kno that maria, with the help of aaron burr, divorced her piece of shit husband and even wrote her own pamphlet saying what happened between her and alexander, but it was never published, and she was publicly scorned and had to move away and change her name? probably not, since she doesnt get to do or say anything after say no to this!

to put things into perspective. laurens may be a dear friend of alexander, but he still has his own goals and motivations, he wants to end slavery. mulligan is a tailor’s apprentice and later a spy who wants to socially advance. lafayette wants to bring freedom to france. washington is a general and later the president. ect. eliza… is alexander’s wife. she loves him a lot. angelica… is alexander’s lover. she loves him a lot and is unhappy about not being able to fully express that. maria… is alexander’s lover, portrayed as some clever, cunning and evil mistress. peggy… is gone. shes going, shes gone. same, peggy. same.