wrong quotations

I need you all to know that, at a work lunch today, I cited Saint Thomas More’s Utopia in order to make one of my points. Someone else built off of that point, citing Friedman and Jefferson. 

IF ONLY THEY KNEW that I have never actually read Utopia and I was actually quoting the 1998 cinematic masterpiece  “Ever After” dir. by Andy Tennant

ofshannaro  asked:

Hello hello! <3 First of all I wanna say that you're a bless for tumblr with all your amazing references and edits. <333 And second may I ask if you know, or can make a tutorial of how to insert the dust/particle on a theme or bg? ; v ;

hello there friend - 
yis indeedy - i included the code in my theme ‘falling stars’ ( have a click on the preview to see what it looks like! ) - the code is not originally mine, but was an anonymous code snippet on github - please look HERE for the original documentation…

this is an idea of the effect!

i’ve simplified it a little - so if you add the following bits of code into your theme…

include this code before your </body></html> tag

add this code to your css section ( before the </style><body> tags )

#dust {
   position: fixed;
   width: 100%;
   top: 0;

you can change the opacity to whatever you prefer… 

then add this to the html section ( after the <body> tag )

<div id=“dust”></div>

**make sure to delete and retype the “ “ when you copy paste this into html section or it won’t work! ( tumblr copies and pastes the quotation marks wrong from the dash into your code :\ )

you can also add the ‘dust’ effect into particular sections - for example into your permalink or tags sections, or into your ask section maybe, just by including the html code within the html block for that section!  

it took a little while to figure out in the first instance - so if you’ve found this helpful, then a like or reblog would be appreciated! :3