wrong name in bed

Genji, Mercy, Symmetra, Junkrat, and Mei helping/comforting their s/o not be frustrated with themselves.


Once this cyborg ninja dude found you in your bed, complaining about life, he instantly scooped you up and took you to his favorite spot to meditate. He persuaded you to meditate so that you don’t have to be in such a bad mood. Once you begun meditating Geji snuck away to make you some tea. You hadn’t notice that your love had been gone, until you opened your eyes to see a cup of tea in your face. You looked up to see that Genji had took off his mask/face plate. (Idk?) “I know how it feels to be frustrated with yourself.” Genji offered a small genuine smile.


“(Name)?” Angela called out from your bedroom door. She took a few steps into your room after not reciving a response. She found you under your blankets sulking and whining. She made you sit up and tell her about why you were frustrated. Angela nodded after you were done with your story. She pulled you up to your feet and lead you to her lab. She dug around her drawers before pulling out a nicely wrapped box. “I got you some chocolates, they’re Swiss, so they taste great!” She smiled as she pushed the box into your hands. 

Symmetra (lol this sucks, don’t read this plz)

She scoffed as she watched you get mad at yourself. You couldn’t help but get a little offende by the way she was acting. Satya rolled her eyes and walked out of your room, but returned with a cup of (your favorite drink). She handed it to you and crossed her arms. You thanked her, she only responded with a scoff.

Junkrat (Somewhat leaning towards a female s/o…)

“Oi, why’er ya under the covers?” Junkie peeked under the blankets. You told Jamison to leave you alone. “Is it that time of the month already?” You threw a pillow at Jamison’s face, causing him to fall backwards. “Just joking, love.” Jamison giggled. He got back to his feet and picked you up from your bed. “Let’s get boba.” It was to comfort you, but he was craving boba sooo…

Mei (cause Mei is bei)

“(Name)? What’s wrong?” Mei asked as she sat on your bed. You only grunted. She patted your back, trying to comfort you. She hopped off your bed and told you she’d be right back. After a few minutes went by, you were about to nod off, but then Mei slammed open the door, startling you. She waddled to the side where you laid and pulled off the blanket. You hissed as the cold air hit your skin. She pulled you upright and shoved a cold snow cone into your mouth. “Happy!” She said in a cheerful voice as she creepily smiled. You tried with all your might to push away her arm that forced the snow cone into your mouth, but it wouldn’t budge. Your mouth went numb from the coldness. After what felt like an hour, Mei finally let the snow cone fall into your lap, the flavor of the snow cone staining your sheets. You stared into her brown eyes, she only giggled, then left your room leaving you in awe. 

this is why I don’t write about Mei. 

Our Boys pt. 3 (Washington x Reader x Smol!Hamilsquad)

“Your story Our Boys is my absolute favorite! I was wondering if you could do a scene from it where one of the boys has a nightmare or something that startles them (i.e.-sick) and goes and is comforted by the reader and Washington and maybe stays and sleeps with them that night?”

“I hope you’re not tired of this story, but there’s nothing I’d love more than an “Our Boys” Part 3 (hopefully not too far in the future)! The story is just so amazing and it makes me so happy, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve re-read it! Also, it’s still up to you, but I’d just really be interested to see a bit of angst thrown into the mix - maybe the reader gets into an accident? Nonetheless, I just wanna thank you for the amazing stories you’ve written, and keep being brilliant! =D”

A/N: I’m so glad to hear that you guys are enjoying my writing and the story of Our Boys. I’m slightly surprised that it was able to get this much hype, but I’m super thankful either way!

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Once again, I’m proud to present another installment of Our Boys! Please enjoy!

Warnings: Thunderstorms, hospitals, surgery, panic attacks, car accidents

Words: 8,730

Alexander was afraid of thunderstorms. (Name) found that out only a little over a week after her talk with Hercules on the front porch. Specifically, she found out one night when she was up late creating a lesson plan for her students.

The city had been plagued with rain for the past few days, but that night was predicted to be the worst of it all. Tropical storms were moving in from the coast and battering down the surrounding areas. (Name) had noticed that Alexander seemed a more twitchy and anxious than usual, but she could see that Hercules was taking care of it. The elder of the boys would be next to Alexander throughout the rainy evenings, keeping close to his youngest brother.

There was one evening, however, that Hercules was not there for Alexander.

(Name) had pulled a binder and several outlines from years past out of her desk drawer to start planning for the week ahead. A knock on her office door caused her to look up. There stood her husband, giving (Name) a tired smile.

“You should come to bed.” He advised, leaning against the door frame.

The wife smiled thankfully at her husband, stepping over to him and pressing a kiss to his lips. “I know… I just need to at least start a lesson plan. My kids are finishing The Little Prince soon, they’ll need to do something afterward.” She explained, her hands finding his.

George chuckled softly, looking out the window in (Name)’s office. “The rain’s really coming down hard now, huh?”

(Name) nodded in agreement. “Yes… But you should go on, love. You’ve been working the football team all week.”

The coach gave a hoarse laugh, his voice overworked from yelling at the high schoolers. “You aren’t wrong.”

“I know I’m not,” (Name) hummed proudly. “Now, go to bed. You need the rest. I’ll be there soon, promise.”

“Okay… Only if I can get one more good night kiss.”

(Name) rolled her eyes at the retired general’s behavior, pressing a longer kiss to his lips as she cupped his cheeks. George reciprocated the kiss, his hands going to rest on his wife’s waist. She could feel his lips turn up slightly in the kiss before pulling away. “Alright, you got your kiss. Now march, that’s an order.”

George chuckled at his wife, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead. “Yes, ma’am.” He said softly before slowly turning away from (Name) and walking down the hall to the shared bedroom. She watched as her husband stepped out of sight before turning back to her office and her work.

She could remember even after they had only recently been married, (Name) was still working towards her teaching degree and there would often be nights where George actually had to carry his new wife to bed. It never ceased to make (Name) laugh, however.

Shaking her head to focus on the task at hand, (Name) went to her desk and sat down. Laying out her papers and pulling a pen from her desk, the woman began to work as a brisk pace as to not have to stay up all night. She looked up for just a moment to see light flash out in the night sky from outside her window.

“And after lightning comes the-”

A loud clap of thunder boomed outside, joining the sound of rain beating against the house in a chorus of Mother Nature’s wrath. (Name) let out a tired sigh as she went back to her work. She had to get it done…

“Um… Mom?”

Looking up from her plan again, (Name)’s gaze settled on Alexander as he peeked into her office. He was stood huddled against the doorframe, his brown eyes shifting nervously around the room before meeting (Name)’s own eyes. The woman gave the youngest of the boys a smile and motioned for him to come in. “What’s got you up, Alexander?”

Alexander warily made his way over to his foster mother, flinching at the sound of thunder. “C-couldn’t sleep.” He mumbled quietly, looking up at (Name). “What about you?”

“Just some planning for classes coming up.” The woman replied with a tired sigh. “Work that needs to be done.”

The boy only gave (Name) a silent nod, looking over at the papers scattered over the desk. His brow furrowed slightly as he pointed at one of the late papers that the french teacher had taken to grade. “The answer for that is wrong.”

(Name) picked up the paper, intrigued to see what Alexander had found. “Oh? How so?”

“There, the word la mélodie. The person put it down as masculine.”

“But it’s actually feminine.” (Name) agreed with a nod. She smiled at Alexander, gently ruffling his short hair. “Nicely done, Alexander. I still forget that you’re fluent in French sometimes.”

Alexander laughed quietly. “Well, I try.” He replied before jumping at the sound of thunder.

(Name) quirked a brow at Alexander’s reaction. “Scared of thunderstorms, Alexander?”

He nodded stiffly, looking out at the window as the rain hit the glass in a steady pitter-patter. “More nervous than scared… Back home before I met the guys… We had hurricanes pretty often.”

(Name) nodded in understanding. “I get where you’re coming from.” She murmured softly, watching as Alexander anxiously glanced from the window to the shelves that lined (Name)’s office wall. “I used to be scared of thunderstorms too.”

Alexander’s brows rose in surprise. “You did?”

She nodded. “I did. And I’ll show you how I was able to get control of it.” She offered, holding a hand out to Alexander. “First, though. We need to get something from the kitchen.”

Looking at his foster mother’s hand, Alexander meekly took hold of it. “O… Okay.”

Smiling, (Name) led Alexander from her office and down the dark hallway. When the two reached the kitchen, Alexander went ahead and sat on one of the barstools next to the counter while (Name) went to the fridge. She pulled out the jug of milk… She had to remind George they needed more. She walked to the stove and pulled out a small pot.

“What are you making?” Alexander asked as he watched (Name) poor the milk into the pot.

“Something that my mom used to make for me. When it was raining at night and I couldn’t sleep, she would make me some warm milk with honey.” The woman explained as she put the pot on the stove eye, then turned up the heat.

“And that would help?” Asked the young teen with a quirked brow.

(Name) nodded. “Yeah, it helped me relax… While we waited for the milk to warm up, we would just talk about things… I remember this one time I had just got in a fight with my best friend and my mom wanted to know what happened.”

“What happened?” Alexander inquired.

The woman chuckled. “Well… We had gotten in a fight over this one boy who we both had a crush on… Thing is, we were only in the third grade.”

Alexander snickered quietly. “What was the boy like?”

“Oh, every third-grader’s dream. He was good at kickball, he shared his snacks, and he was polite.” (Name) laughed, shaking her head. “My best friend wanted him so bad that she started telling stories that I still wet the bed.”

Alexander’s brows rose in surprise. “What happened after that?”

(Name) sighed, thinking back to the evening where she sat in the kitchen with her mother all those years ago. “Well, I told my mom how I thought I couldn’t ever forgive my friend, but my mom told me that boys were confusing creatures and that I shouldn’t invest time in them until I found the right one… So I let it go, I told my friend later that she could have the boy and that I wanted to stay friends with her.”

The young man nodded in understanding, looking at (Name) as she went on. “And you did, when you met Dad.”

The woman chuckled, nodding in agreement. “That I did… And he’s all I could ever ask for in a husband.” She turned to the milk that was now steaming and bubbling. Moving to get a couple of mugs from the cabinet, she turned off the stove and smiled at Alexander. “But enough about me… What about you? How’s school going for you at the moment?”

Alexander shrugged, watching as his mom worked. “Okay I guess…”

“You’re making all A’s right now, so I hear.” (Name) remarked. It helped to be part of the staff when you wanted to look in on your kids.

The boy nodded, a bashful smile making its way to his lips. “I like school… It’s one of the nicer ones I’ve been to in a while… Getting to go to the same school with my brothers didn’t happen often.”

“I’m sure you’re glad to have the chance to do so.” (Name) spoke, pouring the warm milk into a mug and mixing in the honey. She handed the young teen the mug before making one herself. “Alright. Drink up, Alex.”

Conversation flowed easily between the two as they drank the warm milk. (Name) was pleased to see how Alexander grew more drowsy as they went on. That was exactly how her mother would get her to forget about the storm outside. Just give him something to focus on, make him sleepy, and soon the storm won’t matter.

Alexander gave a yawn before setting down his empty mug on the counter. “Thanks for the milk, mom… It really helped.” He mumbled.

Smiling kindly at the boy, (Name) ruffled his hair lightly. “You’re very welcome, Alexander. I’m more than glad to help out.”

The boy met his foster mother’s gaze for a moment before shyly fixing onto the tiled floor. “Mom?”

“Yes?” Responded (Name) as she put the two empty mugs in the sink.

“Could I… Would it be possible…” Alexander blushed as he tried to get his point across. “W-Would it be too much to ask if I could sleep with you and Dad tonight? Just this once?”

(Name) processed the question for a moment before smiling at Alexander. “I think that can be arranged.” She agreed, holding her hand out again for Alexander to take.

Taking the woman’s hand, Alexander was walked through the house once more until the two reached (Name)’s and George’s bedroom. The retired general was asleep, but his bedside lamp was still on, much to (Name)’s disliking.

“I swear, he’s gonna go through all of our lightbulbs.” (Name) grumbled quietly, causing Alexander to snicker. She smiled down at Alexander, leading him to her side of the bed before she walked around to turn off George’s lamp. Such an action caused the general to stir ever so slightly.

“(Name)?” He spoke sleepily.

“I’m here, love.” She answered quietly, kissing his forehead. “We have a little guest with us tonight.”

George’s eyes opened slightly as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head as he watched his wife walk back over to her side. His eyes followed her form and landed on a timid looking Alexander, but he still gave the boy a reassuring smile. “Storm getting to you, Alexander?”

The boy gave a nod. “It’ll just be for tonight, sir… I promise.”

George watched Alexander as he shifted nervously next to his wife. Giving a quiet chuckle, he moved the covers as to open spots for his youngest foster son and his wife. “Come on in, then. You aren’t going to get any sleep standing around.”

Alexander gave a thankful smile to his foster father before climbing onto the bed, (Name) following just behind him. The young boy made himself comfortable between his foster parents, letting out a tired yawn before he shut his eyes. “G’night Mom… Dad…” He mumbled.

(Name) pressed a kiss to Alexander’s forehead. “Goodnight, Alexander.”

“Sleep well, son.” George added quietly.

Within a matter of moments, Alexander had fallen asleep, his form rising and falling in a steady rhythm of his breathing. George chuckled softly, looking at his wife as she pulled her covers up. “What about that work you had to finish?”

“My boys come first, George. Alex, John, Lafayette, Hercules, they’re going to take priority.” (Name) replied, smiling down at Alexander’s sleeping face.

George smiled at his wife. “I hope I’m included in that as well.”

“You know you are.” (Name) answered with a small grin before a yawn escaped her lips.

“Okay. Time for you to get some rest too.” George told her gently, reaching over Alexander and rubbing (Name)’s cheek with his thumb.

The woman nodded, taking hold of George’s hand and pressing a kiss to his palm. “I know. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He whispered in reply as he watched his wife close her eyes, soon falling asleep as well.

Apparently, John was the nervous type when it came to hospitals and surgery. The foster mother wouldn’t learn of this until she noticed his unwillingness to sleep the night prior to his operation.

(Name) bit her lip nervously as she watched the doctor walk away. She looked towards her husband, but George seemed just as lost for words as she was.

“I can’t believe this…” She murmured quietly, leaning on George’s shoulder.

“I’m just glad that Lee is getting expelled for this. And I’ll be damned if his family isn’t paying some portion of the medical bill.” George sighed, rubbing (Name)’s back comfortingly.

“It’s hard to believe that Lee has had it out for John since the day he started school… After a year and a half you’d think he’d be over it by now…” The wife murmured in agreement as she focused on her husband’s soothing gestures.

Everything had been going smoothly that day. (Name) had been teaching one of her classes when she got the call from her husband that Charles Lee had gotten into it with John once again. This time, however, was much more serious than the last time.

Charles and John had gotten into a fight while the two were setting up the gym for playing a game of volleyball. George had his back turned long enough for Lee to shove John into the net, causing one of the collapsible poles holding the net to fall, breaking the upper part of his humerus and scapula, dislocating both the joint of the humerus and something call the “Acromioclavicular” joint, and fracturing his clavicle.

According to the doctor, John would need surgery to repair what damage had been done. While it wasn’t a major surgery, (Name) was still worried about her son.

George took (Name)’s hand, giving it a comforting squeeze. “Come on… We should tell the boys what’s going on.”

Nodding at her husband’s suggestion, (Name) walked with George to the examination room where they had left their sons. John sat up on the cushioned table, his arm in a splint and a sling. Alexander sat on his left, Lafayette on his right, and Hercules had pulled the chair from the corner so he could be closer to his brothers. Upon seeing their parents enter the room, John paled with worry, Hercules stood from his seat, and Alexander and Lafayette shared quizzical and concerning looks.

“Well, according to the doctor, he says that once you’re healed, you’ll be just fine.” (Name) began, walking closer to her sons. John must have noticed something was off, because he was the only one of the boys who didn’t find some relief in her statement.

“But…” George sighed, joining his family. “He says that you’ll need surgery for that to happen.”

John let out a quiet whimper, bowing his head. (Name) let out a sympathetic coo as she went to kneel in front of John. She gently cupped his cheek, trying to give him an encouraging smile in hopes of keeping his spirits up.

“Will John really be okay?” Alexander asked, his gaze shifting from his mother and father.

“The doctor says it isn’t a difficult surgery. He needs to set the break and put the joints back in place correctly.” George explained, relaying what the doctor had explained just minutes prior.

(Name) nodded, moving John’s curls away from his face. She was still amazed at how long his hair was growing. “You’ll be just fine, John. I’ll even stay with you tonight.”

His eyes brightened slightly, but (Name) could tell that John was still anxious.

“You sure you don’t want us to stay?” Hercules asked his mother, his hands in his pockets as he stood at the hospital entrance with his two younger brothers and father.

(Name) nodded. “I’m sure. You all need to go home and rest. I’m sure that Aaron and the girls will want to know how you guys are doing.”

George stepped forward to his wife, taking her hands and giving them a squeeze. “You’re sure that you’re okay here?”

“George, we got him admitted, we have the surgery time scheduled, and John’s a nervous wreck. He needs someone to stay here with him.”

“I could-”

“You need to go home and rest. You’ve have a long enough day as it is having to take care of all that Lee business. The boys need it too.” (Name) told the veteran, giving his hands a squeeze to emphasize her point. “I got this.”

Finally agreeing, George let out a sigh before he kissed his wife’s forehead and gave her a hug. “Alright… Call if something comes up.”

“I will.” (Name) promised before turning to her other three sons. She gave each of them a hug, each saying their farewell and words to pass along to John. After watching her sons and husband walk to the car and leave, the mother let out a sigh before turning to walk back into the hospital.

Upon returning to John’s room, she found her son absent-mindedly flipping through the channels of the T.V. hung on the wall. He was in the hospital bed and changed into the hospital gown. When the boy took notice of his mom, he put the remote down with a sigh and looked over at her. “The guys gone?”

(Name) nodded, walking over to the chair next to her son’s bed and sitting down. “They are, so it’s just you and me until tomorrow.” She gave John a sympathetic smile, moving a hand to cup John’s freckled cheek.

The boy leaned into his mother’s touch, letting out another sigh. His eyes moving to meet (Name)’s. “Mom?”


“Should I be worried about the surgery tomorrow?” He asked.

The woman shook her head, giving her son an encouraging smile. “No, baby. You shouldn’t be worried at all. Your father and I talked with the doctor and the surgeon that will be taking care of you, you’re going to be just fine.” She told the young teen. “I promise.”

John nodded, but he still didn’t look convinced. He opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped when a nurse came in to talk with (Name) and ask John what he wanted to eat for dinner that night.

The rest of the evening was much like that, the mother and son would watch T.V., have broken conversations that mostly consisted of reassuring comments, and eventually (Name) dozed off in the chair that sat next to John’s bed.

When (Name) woke up, it was dark outside the hospital room window, and John was still awake. Her movement caused John to look up from his lap, and she could tell that he hadn’t slept at all. His eyes looked red and his skin was paler than usual.

“John, why haven’t you gone to sleep?” (Name) asked quietly as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

He shrugged his good shoulder. “Couldn’t, I guess…” He mumbled. “Still worried about tomorrow.”

“Oh John, I promise you, there’s nothing to be worried about. You’re going to be okay.”

The young teen met his foster mother’s gaze for a moment before averting his eyes from hers once again.

Noticing John’s prolonging reluctance, (Name) thought of what she could say to her son to help ease him to sleep. “You know… Let me tell you a story about something that happened before George and I met you boys.”

John perked up and looked over to (Name). The boys seemed to be interested whenever (Name) and George spoke about their past. George had spoken about his past tours, and (Name) would tell stories about her relationship with George before they married, or stories before the boys had come to live with them.

“This was probably… The second tour George had to go on after we got married. He had two more weeks before he had leave time to come home. Well, we were planning on donating some of the things in the attic that we didn’t need anymore, so I decided it was best to go ahead to get some of the stuff down.” (Name) began, sitting back in the chair. “And you’ve seen the attic door, you have to open it carefully and make sure that it’s down all the way before climbing up them just so that the door won’t close up on you.”

John nodded. “Yeah, Dad and Herc had to get the Christmas ornaments from the attic when we were getting ready last year”

(Name) nodded. “Well… When I had pulled down the attic door and put the steps down, they weren’t down all the way.”

John’s brows rose, and his mother went on.

“And you know the glass light fixture on the ceiling a little ways away from the attic door?”

“Mom, you didn’t…”

(Name) laughed. “The spring went back, pulling the door back up with the stairs unfolded, and the stairs hit the light fixture.”

“Mom!” John gasped, surprised.

“It wasn’t pretty either, there was glass all in the hallway, and a shard even cut me on my side bad enough to where I needed stitches.” (Name) shook her head, covering her face with her hand as a blush came to her cheeks. “When I told George about it, he was less worried about the light fixture being replaced and more worried about the fact that I needed ten stitches.”

John listened to his mother tell numerous stories, and she could tell that he was steadily getting tired. She was in the middle of recounting the time when she and George had gone to New Orleans when she noticed that John’s eyes had closed and his breathing had steadied to an easy pace. She smiled and moved to gently pull the hospital blanket up to keep him warm while he slept. (Name) pressed a kiss to John’s forehead and hoped that he would sleep easy the rest of the night.

And sleep he did. When (Name) woke up the next morning, John was still asleep, and he stayed that way until George came by in the morning to see him before their son went to surgery.

“Don’t worry, son. You’ll be just fine.” George promised John, giving his good shoulder a pat.

(Name) nodded in agreement. “And we’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Thanks Mom, Dad… That means a lot.” John murmured before he was wheeled out of his room.

George and (Name) watched as the doors closed behind John and the nurses that wheeled away their son away. George gave  (Name)’s waist a squeeze as he pressed a kiss to her head. “He’ll be fine.”

“I know.”


“And you really didn’t feel anything?” Alexander asked as he sat at the edge of John’s hospital bed.

“Nothing at all!” John replied smiling now that his brothers were with him.

(Name) and George watched as their boys spoke with John as he explained to them his new experience when it comes to surgery and living in the hospital.

“So, how’d John do through the night?” George asked his wife.

“Well… I might have told him a few of our stories.” (Name) answered, resting her head on her husband’s shoulder.

George quirked a brow. “Which ones?”

“Well, now John knows that we’ve had to replace the light fixture in the hall, that you rushed home when you misheard me on the phone thinking that I had burned the house down.”

The retired general let out a laugh. “To be fair, the connection was bad, and it did not sound like you said ‘roast’.”

Lafayette had trouble with nightmares, and very bad ones at that. (Name) would learn that when she was alone with him while George had taken his brothers out shopping one day.

The house was unusually tense. It was one of those rare occasions where George and (Name) had gotten into a disagreement, and a loud one at that.

“All I’m saying, you could spend a little less time at the school and the field to spend more time at home, resting!” (Name) sighed as her argument with her husband ran through her head like a song on repeat.

“Stop acting like I’m so delicate!! Just because I’m retired from the army does not mean that I’ve become as fragile as a china doll!” George retorted.

“I’m saying that all this strenuous work is going to catch up to you one day, George!”

“No it won’t, (Name)! I’m stronger than I look!”

“But you’re not getting any younger!”

(Name) shook her head to shake the feelings of guilt that still hung with her. The argument was almost a week ago, and since both (Name) and George were as stubborn as brick walls, neither one could apologize first. The boys could feel that the house was thick with tension, and they were walking on eggshells to insure that they don’t spark another argument.

It was late one evening when (Name) was in her office, grading papers. The evening had been quiet, (Name) had been giving George his space, and the boys had long since retired to their room for the night. She looked up when she heard a muffled thump, but figured that it was something outside the house. When she heard it again, her brows furrowed in confusion. Standing from her desk and going to the living room, (Name) found her husband sitting on the couch and reading a newspaper.

“Hey, did you hear something a second ago?” (Name) asked as George turned to her, his brows furrowed.

“No… What did it sound like?” George questioned.

“I don’t know, a thump or-” She stopped when she heard a muffled shout come from the boy’s room.

Both (Name) and George rushed out of the living room and to the closed door of their son’s room. George yanked the door open to reveal something that stopped both parents in their tracks.

Lafayette was crouched on the floor, clutching his head and wheezing, Hercules was kneeled in front of his brother, and Alexander and John were watching their brother with worried gazes.

“What’s wrong?” George asked quickly.

“Laf, h-he…” John began.

“He’s having a panic attack.” Alexander answered, looking over at his parents before looking back at Lafayette.

(Name) stepped around John and kneeled beside Hercules, her son noticing that his mother was now beside him as he rubbed Lafayette’s back. “How long has he been like this?” She asked Hercules quietly.

“It just started, maybe two minutes ago.” Hercules murmured and he continued speaking in hushed tones in hopes of calming down his younger brother. “Laf, it’s okay… Mom and Dad are here.”

The boy flinched, letting out a whimper. “N-Non… Ils découvriront…” He muttered through his wheezing.

“Find out… Find out what, Lafayette?” (Name) questioned quietly as she placed a hand on his shaking shoulder.

“Mom…” Hercules sighed, looking at his mother and glancing back at his father. “Lafayette has been having panic attacks since you two fought.”

(Name)’s brows furrowed in worry and concern, she turned to her husband who looked just as confused as she did. Knowing it wouldn’t do any good to ask right now, (Name) glanced up at George as he walked to the other side of Hercules to murmur quiet words to Lafayette in hopes of calming him down. She noticed that her other three sons were looking in between her and George with worried glances, but the mother simply shook her head.

“Lafayette, I promise you, no one is mad or upset… We’re here.” (Name) promised as she rubbed her son’s back.

“Just take your time, son.” George added, keeping a hand on Lafayette’s shoulder.

There everyone sat for the next fifteen minutes. (Name) and George sat by Lafayette as his breathing steadied and his shaking eased, murmuring quiet words of encouragement and comfort. Cautiously, Lafayette looked up, his cheeks were wet will fallen tears, and his eyes were red. “MamanPapa… I’m so sorry…” He muttered, sniffling.

“It’s okay, Lafayette.” (Name) quietly told her son, moving her hand from his shoulder to cup his cheek. “Come on… You’re okay.” She said quietly, her thumb wiping away the moisture from his cheek.

The boy nodded, glancing up from his mother to his father who gave him a reassuring smile.

“Boys, your mother and I are going to speak with Lafayette in the living room.” George said to their other sons as (Name) took Lafayette’s hands and helped him to his feet.

“Dad…” Alexander said worriedly.

George shook his head, placing a hand on Alexander’s shoulder. “It’s okay. No one’s in trouble. Just give us some time.” With that, he helped (Name) and Lafayette out of the room and down the hall.

When the three made it to the living room, Lafayette sat on the couch, bringing his knees up to his chest and keeping his gaze fixed to the floor.

“Lafayette.” George began, sitting in his armchair to the right of the couch. “What’s been going on with you?” He asked cautiously.

“We’re asking because we’re worried about you, Lafayette.” (Name) murmured, sitting next to her son and wrapping an arm around his back. “This isn’t like you.”

Je suis désolé, maman.” Lafayette murmured. “I’ve just been… Having a lot of nightmares recently and this last one… It was just really bad.” He hid his face in his knees, letting out a shaky sigh.

George’s brows furrowed. “It’s better to talk about this kind of thing, son. Instead of keeping it bottled up like this, you should be able to tell us what’s going on.”

Lafayette glanced back up at his father and turned to his mother. “Well… It was before I met the guys… The foster homes I was placed in, the parents obviously weren’t like you two. They always fought and would sometimes get violent… I was in three homes like that before I met the guys, and two others with them before we met you both.” He explained, letting out a sigh and resting his chin on his knees. “When you two fought, it brought up memories that I had hoped to forget… And it brought back the panic attacks.”

(Name)’s brows knit in worry and concern for her son. He and his brothers had been keeping this from her and George because of their argument, probably in fear of sparking another fight between the husband and wife.

“Lafayette… I’m sorry that we make you think that you couldn’t come to us about this, and I’m sorry that we caused this.” George spoke, standing from his seat and sitting on the other side of Lafayette on the couch.

“Your father is right, Laf.” (Name) murmured, wrapping her arms around her son and hugging him. “I’m so sorry…” She could feel her son’s arms wrap around her and his hands clutch onto her shirt.

“It’s okay.” Lafayette mumbled, his voice muffled as he buried his face close to his mother. “I’m sorry for keeping this from you two… And for making the others promise not to tell you.”

(Name) chuckled, shaking her head and pressing a kiss to Lafayette’s head. “Don’t worry about that too much… This just needs to pass. We’re all okay… Right?” She asked, peeking up at her husband.

George’s eyes softened, moving a hand to Lafayette’s shoulder and his other ontop of his wife’s hand. “Right.” The retired general let out a quiet sigh, giving his wife’s hand a squeeze. “I’m sorry… You’re right about me needing to take a break for often. I’m not any younger, and overworking myself isn’t doing me any favors.”

The woman nodded in understanding. “And I probably worry about you too much, but it’s hard not to…”

“I know.” George replied, moving his hand from hers to cup his wife’s cheek. “I know.”

Just as (Name) was about to respond, a quiet snore came from Lafayette who was still clinging onto his mother as he slept. The mother let out a chuckle before looking up at her husband. “We should get him to bed.”

“Agreed.” George answered, helping his wife pull their son off of her so he could carry him to his shared room.

(Name) followed her husband down the hall and opened the door, noticing that her other three sons had been waiting nervously for Lafayette’s return. “Shh… He’s asleep.” (Name) whispered as she stepped aside for George to come in.

Hercules got up from his bed to help his father get Lafayette into a bed while John and Alexander went to (Name).

“Is Laf okay?” Alexander asked, his brows raised in concern for his brother.

“Just tired, Alex.” (Name) replied, putting a hand on his shoulder. “He’ll be fine.”

“Mom?… You and Dad… Are you two okay?” John asked cautiously.

(Name) looked from her two sons to George, who had looked up from Hercules. “What’d you say, love? We okay?”

George noticed the eyes of his sons having turned to him, and a chuckle left his lips. “Yeah. We’re okay.” He replied, pulling Lafayette’s blanket up before he stood and went to join his wife. “And boys… Next time something like this happens, please come to your mom and I. We’re here to help you and take care of you… If you hide things from us we can’t do that.”

“Yes sir.” Hercules answered as he stood by John and Alexander. “We won’t let this happen again.”

(Name) nodded. “Good… Well you three should get some sleep, okay?”

“Okay, Mom.” Alexander answered.

“Good night, boys.” George said to his sons, wrapping an arm around his wife’s waist. “Sleep well.”

“We will.” John promised, turning to head to his bunk.

(Name) and George took their leave from their son’s room and walked to their own.

“I’m sorry, (Name).” George murmured under his breath as the husband and wife tuned into their room.

“George, I know… And I accept your apology.” She replied, looking at her husband. “Not every couple is perfect. We’d be strange if we didn’t fight from time to time… We just need to be careful, considering how touchy a subject arguments are for the boys.”

“Agreed.” He said, pressing his forehead to his wife’s. “I love you, (Name)… And I’m lucky to have you.”

“And I, you.” She answered, closing the space between them with a chaste kiss.

Hercules couldn’t sleep when he was sick, especially when it came to keeping his brothers from catching whatever he had. Of course, that meant that he couldn’t share a room with Alexander, John, and Lafayette. He had told his parents that in order to remedy this, he had planned on sleeping in the living room until his fever broke. When that would happen, he didn’t know.

That evening it was just (Name) and the boys. George was out on a trip to an away game and he wouldn’t be home for quite some time. Not that the mother minded, she loved spending time with her sons.

(Name) was cleaning up after dinner as she heard her eldest son break into another of his recent coughing fits. She peeked into the living room where Hercules was splayed out on the couch, his face buried in one of the couch’s pillows. She made a sound of sympathy and walked over to her son, sitting on the arm of the couch. “You okay there, Herc?”

“Miserable.” He croaked. “Why does strep throat exist?”

“Because there’s someone who enjoys seeing humans suffer with sickness.” (Name) replied, rubbing Hercules’ back. “I’m almost done in the kitchen. Is there something you would like me to get for you?”

“Um… Some water would be nice.” He muttered, looking up from the pillow.

“Of course, Hercules.” (Name) replied with a smile, standing from her seat before returning to the kitchen. She finished with her own chores before getting a glass of water to give to her eldest son. When she returned, Hercules was sitting up, a blanket pulled up to his chin and a box of tissues in his lap. (Name) returned to her seat and gave Hercules the glass. He mumbled his thanks before turning his attention back to whatever was on TV. Which, just so happened had to be a Disney movie.

Frozen, Herc? Of all the Disney movies you could choose from?” (Name) chuckled as Elsa belted out Let it Go.

“It’s what was on.” Hercules defended, a small smile making its way onto his lips. “Besides, it gives a good message to kids.”

“Yeah, don’t let love blind you, and you don’t need a man to be awesome.” (Name) spoke, leaning back against the couch.

Hercules rolled his eyes. “Please, we learned that you don’t need a man from Mulan. Sure, she liked Shang, but she was able to be a hero without too much of his help.”

(Name) nodded in agreement. “Very true.” She looked back towards the screen and sighed quietly. “You know, as magical as some of the Disney movies are, the stories that they’re based off of don’t always get a happy ending, especially when it came to being historically accurate.”

“Geez, don’t remind me.” Hercules laughed before clearing his throat. “The Little Mermaid, especially the Grimm’s version, talk about sad.”

“Well turning into sea foam isn’t exactly a happy ending. Snow White certainly had some parts left out of that when it was adapted into a movie.”

Hercules quirked a brow. “Yeah? How so?”

“Well…” (Name) got off the arm of the couch and settled on the cushion next to her oldest son. “When the Evil Queen sent the Huntsman out to kill Snow White, he didn’t bring back the heart of the boar, but the boar’s liver and lungs. The Queen actually ate the organs with the thought that she was actually eating Snow White’s organs, instead of the boar’s.”

“Gross…” Hercules shuddered.

“Then there’s how the Queen dies. In the Disney version, she’s chased off a cliff.” (Name) explained, folding her legs under her. “In Grimm’s version, the Queen is forced to dance on hot coals until she drops dead.”

Hercules’ brows rose. “Huh… Certainly doesn’t sound pleasant either way.” He mumbled.

(Name) shook her head. “And don’t even get me started on one movie that is so incorrect that I wouldn’t be able to watch it if it wasn’t for the music.”

Her eldest son looked at his mother in question. “Which one?”


George let out a quiet huff as he unlocked the door and made his way inside his house. He closed the door behind him and locked it tight. He turned and looked into the living room to find his wife and his eldest son asleep on the couch. On the TV was the DVD menu for Disney’s Hercules, and on the coffee table in front of the couch was one of (Name)’s mythology books. It was opened to a section about Hercules.

The retired general chuckled quietly as he turned the TV off. He walked to the hall closet and pulled out an extra blanket. Returning to the living room, he draped the blanket over his wife and pressed a kiss to her head. “Good night, (Name).” He whispered to her before leaving the room to get ready for bed himself.

“(Name), please be careful driving in this weather.” George cautioned his wife, helping her put on her coat and grabbing her keys. He looked out the window as rain pounded against the glass. He let out a sigh ad he looked back to his wife who was gathering her belongings.

“George, I’ve driven in the rain before.” (Name) told her husband, keeping her bag close to her. “I’ll be fine.” She looked into the living room where her five sons were debating over what to watch on TV. She chuckled softly as she noticed how much they had grown in these last couple years. Hercules had been such a wonderful older brother to Aaron since he had been adopted into the family, and for that she was thankful. Her other sons had also been great for Aaron, despite his and Alexander’s bickering from time to time.

“Boys, I’m heading out. I’ll be back tonight.” She spoke, gaining the attention of her sons.

Alexander looked up from his conversation with John to look at his mother. “Where are you going?”

“Just some shopping, Alex.” (Name) replied, looking at her other sons. “Do you boys need anything while I’m out.”

No one voiced a request, so Hercules spoke. “I think we’re all good, Mom.”

(Name) nodded in understanding. “Alright. I’ll see you boys later.”

“Love you, mom!” John called.

“See you when you come back!” Lafayette added.

“Drive safe!” Aaron finished.

(Name) chuckled before turning back to her husband, who still looked reluctant as to letting his wife leave the house. The wife gave George a small, reassuring smile before giving her husband a kiss. “I’ll be back soon, and safe. I promise.” She told her husband, her hands finding his and giving them a squeeze. “I love you.”

“I love you too, (Name).” He answered, pressing another kiss to his wife’s forehead. “Drive safe.”

“I will.” She replied, letting go of her husband’s hands and making her way to the door. She opened it, and then left, closing the front door behind her.

George glanced down at his watched as he began to fry the steaks that he was cooking for his family that evening. It had been several hours since his wife had left, and the weather had only gotten worse. He shook his head to push away his nagging worry, then turned his attention back to his cooking.

The four boys had stayed in the living room and had settled on the local news to see if there was anything interesting happening in town. He would glance up when he heard something that sounded slightly interesting, but there was nothing much being covered.

“Yikes…” He heard Alexander breathe.

George looked up from the skillet to the living room where a story played on about a nasty wreck on the nearest highway. His brows furrowed when the news girl standing in front of several police cars spoke.

“… Thankfully, there have been no casualties so far in this six-car pileup, but there are several drivers who are in critical condition. Everyone that has been injured in the wreck has already been transported to the nearest hospital, St. Andrews Medical, for treatment.” She spoke, her monotonous tone unchanging as the view cut from her to a panning shot of the cars involved in the wreck.

“Oh shit.” Hercules grabbed the remote and paused the TV, leaning forward from his seat.

George removed the skillet from the heat, turned off the stove, and walked into the living room to see what Hercules had paused the program for. Of course, once he saw it, he stopped in his tracks.

A car that very much resembled (Name)’s was seen in the wreckage. The back was crumpled in on itself, the front driver’s side window was shattered, the windshield was cracked, the front of the car seemed smashed, the hood crumpled up and the front bumper missing. The only way to ensure that it really was (Name)’s car, was the bumper sticker that acted as a parking pass for the school’s parking lot.

“Boys, in the car. Now.” George ordered, his voice raising in both concern and anger.

Within minutes, the five were out of the house and flying down the highway to get to St. Andrews, the same hospital where John had his surgery those few years ago.

“Where are the people who came in from the six-car wreck?” George asked quickly as he led his five sons into the Emergency check-in desk.

“Can I have a name, sir?” Asked the elderly nurse as she looked up from her computer screen.


She typed something and paused, looking up at George once more and his five sons behind him. “And these are…?”

“My sons.” He answered quickly, growing impatient. “Can I see my wife, please?” He pressed.

The nurse looked over her shoulder and called to one of the other younger nurses behind the counter. “Mrs. Washington, one of the women from the wreck, can you take her family to see her?”

The younger nurse’s brows furrowed. “She’s being transported to a room, the doctor gave a preliminary check-up and is assigning her to a room now… Dr. Lester should be out shortly, sir.” She explained, walking to the counter and giving George a sympathetic smile. “You’re wife is lucky… She wasn’t hurt as badly as the others.”

“How is she? What’s wrong with her?” Aaron asked quickly, his eyes wide with worry.

The nurse was reluctant to reply, but the gazes of George and his sons convinced her. “She had to get stitches, about fifteen on her forehead because of the window shattering next to her. She has a concussion, and her wrist is fractured. She may have minor whiplash, but she should be okay with time to heal.”

George visibly relaxed, as did his sons. Aaron, however, still didn’t look as convinced as the rest of his family… For obvious reasons. He wasn’t ready to lose someone else to a car accident.

“Dr. Lester should be out soon, and as soon as he gives the okay, I’ll take you back to see Mrs. Washington.” The nurse explained with a reassuring smile.

The retired general nodded, looking over to his sons before motioning them to sit down in the nearby chairs.

As the boys sat, they couldn’t relax. Alexander was nervously fidgeting, John couldn’t stop bouncing his knee, Lafayette tapped on the arm of the chair, Hercules looked up every time someone walked by, and Aaron held his head in his hands as he waited for some news of his adoptive mother. George noticed this behavior from all of his sons and sighed. He was just as worried as them, and would give anything to just see his wife.

Minutes that felt like hours passed, and a man in a white lab coat and scrubs came out, approaching George and his sons. George stood up, his sons following in suit.

“You must be Mr. Washington, and your sons.” The man spoke, nodding to the young teens. He held his hand out to George, which he took. “I’m Dr. Lester, I just finished treating your wife.”

“Is she okay?” George questioned.

Dr. Lester nodded. “She’s on some painkillers, but she’ll be fine. She got some stitches because of a cut on her head, and her arm is in a cast… While I was stitching her up, she asked for you and your sons.”

George let out a sigh, shaking his head. Of course his wife was asking about her family instead of herself. That’s just the kind of woman (Name) was. “Can we see her, please? We’re just really worried about her.”

The doctor nodded. “Right this way, Mr. Washington.” He spoke before leading George and his sons down a hallway. The Washington boys were led quickly, weaving past nurses and carts as they followed Dr. Lester. Soon enough, the doctor stopped at a closed door, turning to George and his sons as they caught up. “Now she might have fallen asleep since I left. You can still be in with her, you’ll just have to be quiet.” He explained.

“Of course, thank you very much, Dr. Lester.” George said, giving a thankful nod as he heard his sons murmur their own thanks to the doctor.

As Dr. Lester left, George carefully opened the door, making note of the darkened room. He walked in, and his sons followed in behind him.

There in the darkened room laid an unconscious (Name) Washington. Despite her peaceful look of sleep, (Name)’s injuries didn’t look any less painful. She looked battered and bruised, a rather substantial cut on her head that had been stitched closed, her right arm had been wrapped in a white cast, and all the while she looked so peaceful.

George approached his wife while his sons were more reluctant to move forward, taking her good hand and giving it a squeeze, his fingers finding her wedding band and lightly tracing it. He leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead, freezing when (Name) shifted slightly.

The woman opened her eyes to see her husband leaning over her, and she gave the retired general a small smile. “Morning, commander.” She chuckled quietly.

Her husband let out a huff, shaking his head at his wife. “Honestly… You get into a car wreck and that’s all you say?”

“Well, I can say that it wasn’t my fault.” (Name) replied, giving George’s hand a squeeze before spotting her sons standing back. “Hey. Don’t any of you want to say hi to your mom?”

Hercules was the first to step forward, walking to (Name)’s other side and giving her a forced smile. “Hey, Mom… You look great, all things considered…”

(Name) chuckled, meeting Hercules’ gaze. “Thanks for lying for my sake, Herc.”

Alexander came up after Hercules, standing by George. “How are you feeling, Mom?”

“I’ve felt better, Alex. But thanks to the meds they have me on, it’s hard to feel any pain right now.” (Name) replied, letting out a sigh. “But just thinking about how I’ll feel after they wear off will be a different story.”

John and Lafayette went to stand by Hercules. The eldest brother gave both his younger brothers reassuring pats on their shoulders.

“Glad to see that you’re okay, Mom.” John said to (Name), trying to give her a small smile.

“Oui, we were worried about you.” Lafayette agreed with a nod.

(Name) gave her sons a sympathetic smile. “Well, I’m glad that I’m okay too… I’m sorry that you all worried about me.” She looked over Alexander’s shoulder to see that Aaron had still remained close to the door. Carefully, (Name) shifted in bed and brought her legs over the side, letting them dangle over the edge.

“Easy, (Name)…” George warned his wife, putting a careful hand on her back.

“I’m fine, George.” (Name) looked up at her husband before turning her gaze back to Aaron. She gave the boy a smile before holding her arms open to him. “C’ome on, Aaron. You’re the only one who hasn’t said a word.”

The young teen hesitated but he walked forward into (Name)’s opened arms, gingerly hugging (Name)’s battered body. He let out a quiet grunt as he was surprised by the strength of (Name)’s hug, even in her state. Still, Aaron hid his face in his adoptive mother’s neck, clutching her hospital gown. “I was so scared… I didn’t want to lose someone else in an accident…” He whispered quietly to (Name).

“I know, Aaron… But I’m here. I promise I will be.” She murmured, pressing a ginger kiss to the boy’s head.

George smiled at his wife, resting a hand on her shoulder. “How about I go ask when you can be discharged?” He suggested.

“That’d be great.” (Name) replied, pulling away from the hug with Aaron and giving her husband a meek smile. “I doubt that I’d be able to sleep in a hospital, especially if it meant my boys couldn’t be nearby.”

The retired general chuckled, pressing a kiss to her head. “I think the same could be said for our boys.” He murmured to her before walking out of the room.


No matter how big, or small. No matter how humiliating, or how humbling, or how insignificant they may be or feel.

Unless you have never fucked up in your life - texting a wrong number and bitching at the unsuspecting innocent on the other end who has NO idea who Janet is and WHY you are so upset at them for standing them up - ended a phone call with a coworker or colleague with “Ok, love you, bye.” - tripped uphill - sneezed out a giant booger and didn’t know it until someone told you 5 minutes later - called out the wrong name in bed - sent something racy to the wrong person - poured SALT in your coffee instead of sugar because you were too tired to notice the difference between the canisters - farted so hard that you shit yourself a little bit - unless you are perfect in every way, shape or form….

…then you do not get to make anyone else feel like shit about the mistakes they make.  Making mistakes is what makes us human. Making mistakes is what makes us interesting and colorful and interesting and deep.  

I do not want to meet the “perfect” person, because that fucker is going to be the most boring sunuvabitch on the face of the planet.

@aesterea i would have totally understood if that anon had been like “idk what it is can you explain it” but like outright saying “sounds like bullshit to me” ??? yike

Taking In Strays - Chapter 7 - Steve Rogers Fanfic

A/N: Sorry its taken a while to update, a damn thing called real life keeps getting in the way of fun things like writing!
Story Summary:  Emily Embers is at rock bottom, doing what she can to care for her son after the death of her husband. A fall on an icy street finds her in the arms of Steve Rogers, who offers her some assistance that she gratefully accepts, but little does Steve know just how deep he will have to get himself into someone else’s world in order to save them.
Chapter Summary: With Steve away on a mission Emily is left alone, having to work through what she’d seen Bucky do, not sure who she can tell. When she has to return to Stark Tower for something she finds herself being dragged into something that will change her life for the foreseeable future…
Triggers/Warnings: Drug Addiction/Withdrawal

Chapter 1   2  3  4  5   6


Taking In Strays – Chapter 7

Emily stared at the empty spot on the sidewalk that Collins had just left, unable to process what she’d just seen. Was Bucky Hydra still? What had Collins given him? The rain had started to soak up the leg of her pants, her feet starting to freeze where the cold water had seeped into her plain leather flats she wore for work. The sound of the door to the strip club opening brought her back to the present, knowing she needed to get back to Stark Tower and speak to Steve immediately.

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Newsies has approximately ten trillion characters and half their names don’t even make sense so if you judge someone or say they’re not a true fan for getting a name wrong I will come to your house and eat your bed

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A hilarious headcanon I have is that kai would call stefan the wrong names in bed ( and try his best not to crack up while doing so) just to be a dick lmao.

this is totally the kind of shit kai would pull!!!

Honeymoon Phase

Written on my iPad, again. Apparently I only ever get the motivation to write when I’m in town. Mum told me an adorable story about how her friends got engaged recently and it was too perfectly stevetony for me not to use it. So here we are! Sorry for any mistakes.


The trip to Fiji had been impromptu at best. Steve would be starting a new job in a week, having finally gotten the call to be the new curator at the art gallery uptown, and Tony had insisted they take some time to themselves before Steve “became too much of a big shot to spend time with his boyfriend”. As if he could ever be out of the genius inventor’s league. But he’d never been out of the country before, and a few days spent with Tony when he wasn’t distracted by the latest project sounded perfect to Steve, so he’d happily agreed.

Tony had been unusually on edge since they’d planned the trip, and a part of Steve worried it was because Tony really did think he would lose interest over his new job. They had date nights at least a few times a week, and when he was only doing art by commission Steve would often drop in on Tony with lunch, where they would spend hours forgetting they had anything close to responsibilities while they were busy staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Sometimes it still surprised Steve, in the most pleasant way, that after two years the honeymoon phase had never quite gone away. He was glad, because Tony had been clear from the beginning how he felt about marriage. There would never be any actual kind of honeymoon.

Which Steve was fine with. If he sometimes wondered how it would feel to see a shiny ring on Tony’s finger, to know that they had proclaimed to the whole world that they only belonged to each other, it didn’t really matter. He was just glad to have Tony at all. In whatever capacity Tony wanted.

So, Steve was looking forward to the mini holiday. He looked forward to spending some time in the sun with Tony by his side and hoped it would do something to relax them both.

That hope went out the window the moment they stepped into their hotel room and saw the rose petals on the bed. The ones that said ‘will you marry me, Tony?’

Steve froze. His entire body locked up and his brain shut down.

For a moment, one crazy moment, he wondered if he’d organised this and somehow forgotten. He looked back on their bookings and phone calls and packing and tried to find any moment where’d he’d decided to propose to his commitment-phobic boyfriend in Fiji at the start of what was supposed to be an enjoyable holiday.

Unsurprisingly, he came up blank. But no less panicked.

He turned to look at Tony and felt himself go pale. Tony’s head was in his hand and his shoulders were trembling, ever so slightly. Oh, God.

“Tony - ” he tried. Swallowed. Tried again. “Tony, I didn’t - I would never - I know you don’t - ” and when all of that failed, he just said again, in a somewhat broken voice, “Tony.”

Slowly, Tony dragged his hand away from his face. He didn’t look Steve on the eyes. Oh, fuck, Tony wouldn’t even look at him.

Steve could feel he was close to hyperventilating. He couldn’t lost Tony. Not over some stupid mistake like this.

But then - then Tony was crouching - was kneeling, was reaching his hand into his pocket, and, oh god he was pulling out a small velvet box.

“I - ” Tony’s voice was shaky, and he still wasn’t looking at Steve - “I fucked up, Steve, I’m sorry, this wasn’t - god, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go, there must have been a mixup, I’m sorry, I - ” he stopped, took a deep breath. “It was meant to say… It was ,want to say Steve. On the bed. I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m sorry.” He huffed what could have been a laugh, only it sounded so scared. “I don’t even know if I’m on the right knee. Is there a certain knee you’re mean to be on when you do this? I don’t know, I - fuck.”

Steve could only stare. He stared as Tony, with shaking fingers, opened the box to show a simple, gleaming silver ring. “I fucked this up, I’m sorry, but Steve…” Tony sounded close to tears at this point. “Steve, would you marry me?”

“You - ” it was like Steve was underwater, everything seemed foggy and underwater. “Tony, what are you doing? You don’t want to get married.”

It sounded closer to a real laugh this time. “I thought that too, for a long time. I never thought I’d want this. But God, Steve, you - I want this with you. You’re all I want.”

Steve was panicking. He knew he was, and he couldn’t stop it. “Tony, stop. You don’t have to do this, I’m fine with - I would never make you do this Tony, you know that right? I love you, you don’t have to - ”

“I want to.” Steve had never heard such conviction in Tony’s voice. Not about anything. “I want to marry you, Steve. If you’ll… let me.”

Steve stared some more, and he saw the determination on Tony’s face, he watched as Tony shifted slightly on his knee - his right knee, and Steve knew you were supposed to use the left, he’d looked it up, because he was sappy and romantic and had never completely stopped himself from hoping - and finally, he came to his senses.

He collapsed on the ground in front of Tony, bringing him into his arms, holding him tightly, burying his face into Tony’s neck. “Of course. Oh, Tony, of course I will, I’d love to, I’d love to marry you.”

He leaned back, looked into Tony’s eyes, Tony’s wide, hopeful eyes, and kissed him in a way he was fairly certain he’d never kissed him before. So full of love and excitement and gratitude, and he’d always kissed Tony with love but never with such promise. Tony had never kissed him back with such fervour. He was certain of it.

When they broke apart, much later, sitting on the floor of their hotel room with the wrong name spelled out on the bed, Steve couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of him. Tony looked at him, content in a way Steve rarely saw.

“I guess we get another honeymoon phase,” Steve said, and he knew his voice sounded kind of watery, but it was okay, because Tony’s eyes were glistening when he laughed.

“That phase never ended for me,” he said. He offered the ring again.

Steve took it, carefully, and slid it onto his ring. It fit perfectly, of course. “Same here,” he whispered. He didn’t think the honeymoon phase would ever end.

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smut prompt, please and thank you: early season 2, after the episode in russia. felicity overhears a drunken isobel arguing with oliver at a QC function over the fact the he dropped felicity's name in bed (as implied by stephen's comment on the topic). the next night, felicity tries to confront oliver in his office and the two end up on his desk. hope this works for you!

She … she must have misheard.  Because Isabel seemed to be drunk, from the way she was slurring her words.  And when you were trying to act like you weren’t listening to someone whisper-yelling slurred words at someone else, it was easy to think you heard one thing when it was really something else.

Because there was no way on Earth or the solar system or in a galaxy far far away that Oliver had said her name during his … ‘encounter’ with Isabel.

Felicity didn’t sound anything like Isabel!

It had to be a mistake, Felicity told herself as she washed her hands methodically.  When Isabel’s words had sunk in–not that she had accepted them, but when she had realized what Isabel maybe had been saying–Felicity had fled to the bathroom, ignoring her executive assistant duties in favor of freaking out in semi-privacy.

Isabel was drunk.  Or high.  Or something–it didn’t really seem like her to get drunk.  But the very mean woman (Felicity refused to use gendered insults towards any other woman, although it was hard not to break her lifelong vow with Isabel) insistently telling Oliver he was an asshole for saying “Felicity” when he came …

God, that gave her a mental image she did not want.  She did not want to imagine what Oliver’s face looked like when he climaxed, did not want to imagine her name slipping from his lips as he found completion inside her …

With all her willpower and strength, Felicity met her eyes in the mirror and silently told herself to stop this.  This was only what she deserved for eavesdropping, and since clearly it wasn’t true–clearly she had misunderstood what Isabel was saying–she would have to accept that just because she wanted it to be true didn’t make it true.  Oliver didn’t feel that way about her.  

Because of the life I lead … I just think it’s better not to be with someone I could really care about.

Felicity shook her head.  No.  That wasn’t Oliver talking about her.  He saw her as his partner in crime, his Girl Wednesday.  That was all she was to him.  The sooner she remembered that–the sooner she buried Isabel’s slurred diatribe–the better.  

Because saving Starling City–because saving Oliver–came first.


After a sleepless night, the last thing Felicity wanted to deal with was a long day in the office.  But that was what today had turned into, thanks to an emergency board meeting called for that night.  Something about an Applied Sciences breakthrough that required immediate additional funds in order to be completed successfully.  Normally, Felicity would have been more interested in what was happening in Applied Sciences, but her mind couldn’t seem to focus very well.

Maybe it was because Oliver was wearing that gray suit that made him look like something out a movie, or because he had been extra-vigilant in the application of that woodsy cologne that did things to her.  Whatever it was, she was hyper-sensitive of him and it turned her into a klutz.  She dropped a folder full of papers, getting them thoroughly mixed-up.  And when Oliver had bent down to help her gather everything up, it was only his freakish ninja skills that kept them from clocking their foreheads together.

After that, Felicity had done her best to throw herself into her work and not look at Oliver.  It had worked … mostly.  At least he didn’t seem to suspect anything was wrong with her.  

At least, that was what she thought, up until she walked into the conference room after the board meeting, to get the water pitchers and glasses cleaned up, to discover Oliver sitting in a chair at the head of the table, his head in his hands.  

“Oliver?” she asked, stepping towards him.  

His head immediately jerked up and he rose to his feet.  “Felicity.  Are you all right?”

She frowned.  “Um … yes?  I mean, I’m fine.”  

There wasn’t much light in the conference room: only a few of the overhead lights were on, leaving the room dim.  Yet Oliver’s eyes were very bright and very blue.  “I was worried about you … you just seemed off today.”  

Swallowing, Felicity pasted on a smile.  “Oh, you know how it is–late night last night, late night tonight …”  

His eyes narrowed.  Like he didn’t believe her.  Felicity waited for his expression to smooth out, for him to accept her at word and move on.  He was probably itching to get to the Arrow Cave and suit up, since he hadn’t been able to go out last night.  

“I don’t think that’s it.”  

Felicity blinked.  “Excuse me?” she asked, balling her hands into fists at her sides.  

“I don’t think that’s it,” Oliver repeated, taking a step towards her.  “You’ve handled later nights for a longer stretch flawlessly.  You left the gala last night at midnight.  So lack of sleep isn’t the problem.”

What the hell was he doing?  Why was he calling her on this?  Felicity felt a flare of anger inside herself, bright and hot–so fiery that she was ready to blurt out what Isabel had said, to tell Oliver he was a flaming hypocrite and an asshole of the highest order, thinking he could make decisions for her–

But there was no way in hell she was going to open that Pandora’s box.  Because there was a lot of things inside it, and if she opened it, they would be here all night.

And she wasn’t sure if their partnership would survive if she took the lid off it.

“I told you, Oliver–I’m fine,” she said firmly, drawing herself up to her full height and very grateful she had chosen the four-inch heels today.  “Today was just a long day.”  She glanced around the room.  “I’ll take care of the clean-up in here tomorrow morning first thing.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He let her turn around and start walking away.  And when she was nearly to the door, he spoke.  “I saw you.”

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top 5 westerosi fuckboys

1. robert baratheon

AKA papa fuckboy. the ultimate fuckboy. will manage to turn every text u have with him into something sexual. you’ll tell him ur going to bed and he’ll say “haha and then what? ;)”. tell him ur going to shower and he’ll say “without me? ;)”. will argue with you in public places and then text u at 2 in morning saying he misses u but wont say he’s sorry. he’ll have sex with u and ur neighbor and probably ur cousin too. avoid at all costs. 0/10 would not recommend.

2. joffrey baratheon

learned his fuckboy ways from his (fake) dad. is 100% a straight white boy texting, only the aggressive kind. he’ll approach you with something inappropriate and if u tell him to leave you alone he’ll start sending violent messages to you calling you ugly and a variety of gendered slurs. wont ever leave u alone. ever. 0/10 would not recommend.

3. rhaegar targaryen

the artsy fuckboy. the fuckboy who plays his acoustic guitar at parties. he’s the mysterious older guy who with a hot wife and two kids but is into girls way younger than him. sends u texts calling you beautiful and comments on ur bikini pics on facebook with shit like “You have such pretty eyes. You’re an amazing girl.” tricks u into thinking he’s a good guy, then starts getting super possessive. promises to divorce his wife for u but doesn’t. 2/10 would not recommend.

4. brandon stark

the bad boy. had to repeat his senior year twice, and just crashes on friends’ couches all the time. he butters you up with compliments for a few days, has sex with u, then disappears forever. definitely the hit it and quit it kinda guy. won’t return ur texts unless he’s looking for a booty call. might text u saying “new phone, who dis?” and be 100% serious. he has no clue who you are. 4/10 only if ur desperate.

5. jaime lannister

oh my god. SUCH a fuckboy. pretends like he’s not interested in you (spoiler alert: hes not). has a really particular type (only blond haired light eyed girls may apply). calls u the wrong name in bed and it sounds a lil bit like his sister’s name. plays up the “troubled past” card like nothing else. complains about everything. his jokes will make u uncomfortable. might be fun for a little while but soon u just feel dirty. 4/10, only if you’re into guys who might have a thing for his sister

tune in next time 4 more westerosis to avoid #straightwesterosiboystexting


im seriously mentally exhausted by the week that just ended so yeah for no reason i threw together some cheap MS Paint doodles for the three lawyers @ the agency and added their… agencybook quote… like a yearbook quote, but for the agency… you know…

anyway the files are named junkthena, junknix and junkpollo respectively