wrong indulgence

there’s nothing wrong with overly self-indulgent shit like honestly

make that fuckin beauty and the beast au with your otp

draw your favorite character broken and bloody for no reason

make a self-insert that’s super important and powerful

write porn of that obscure ship centered entirely around your personal kinks

headcanon your faves as your sexuality, gender, etc

have fun man

i mean in the past i’ve made fun of all these things but i’ve grown up and chilled out and honestly? fiction is your platform to go nuts. have a great time. do what you want to

just respect other people’s boundaries and don’t go forcing your headcanons down other people’s throats, because they deserve to have a good time too

enjoy fiction however you want to and don’t let other people tell you how it’s supposed to be enjoyed

Negative Expressions of the Signs
  • ♈ Aries: Aggressive, forceful, inconsiderate. Immature, offensive and spontaneous tantrums with no apology. Egocentric, boastful and feels entitled. The ram has an ill temper and a hard head; they believe their way is The Way.
  • ♉ Taurus: An affair with greed and sloth. Roots embedded and wrapped around the brain, suggesting unchangeable ways. Clingy of things and people, and little patience when bothered. Too proud to admit faults. The bull has their hooves dug underneath the ground, becoming immovable and unyielding for willful reasons.
  • ♊ Gemini: Contradictory, superficial, and an erratic chatterbox. The nerves are easily irritated, causing a sharp and offensive tongue and volatile emotions. Flightiness; The butterfly that flits from one thing to the next seeks connection coldly from the mind, but not warmly from the heart.
  • ♋ Cancer: Needy, teary, moody and repetitive of unhealthy habits. Cautiousness and hidden paranoia; the crab is scared and selfish, only thinking of their own safety. Conflicting emotions. "I'm so lonely" cries the crab, yet is the one who withdraws into their shell and into the internal womb, never to be seen again.
  • ♌ Leo: Emotional flares, spoiled tantrums, and dramatization of trivial events to play the role of the martyred victim. The ego is self-centered; they must be the king of their domain, to have everything their way. "Hear me roar I am king" says the mere cub, attempting to be a lion.
  • ♍ Virgo: Magnification of the faults of others, yet doesn't see that their judgment, fault-finding and criticism towards others is merely a reflection of the flaws they see in themselves. Shrewd, easily bothered, a fickle & nervous mind, worrisome and bluntly opinionated. "Well, I think..." starts the mercurial maiden, ready to impose their unwanted opinion on another.
  • ♎ Libra: Indecisive, eager to please for personal gain, and forced pleasantness. Characteristically neutral that shows as a form of passiveness to avoid confrontation. Isn't quite sure of what they want. Superficial and dependent on the company of others to avoid loneliness. The instability of the scales reflects moodiness, irritability and inconsistency.
  • ♏ Scorpio: Actions driven by irrational and emotional impulses. Thinks highly of oneself and holds an all-or-nothing attitude. Controlling behavior, underlying paranoia, and internal anger manifesting as visible irritability and frustration. "No one understands me" says the Scorpion, who actively isolates themselves from others.
  • ♐ Sagittarius: Laziness, offensive humor and reckless behavior. Forceful of views & attacks and critically questions the views of others. Boastful, temperamental and self-centered; believes they can never be wrong. Escapism through indulgence. The Ego is inflated and judgment is poor. The centaur preaches and claims to have wisdom, yet through actions show an irresponsible fool.
  • ♑ Capricorn: Superficially concerned with status. Criticizing, selfish and cold. Takes oneself too seriously. Gloomy, worrisome, lethargic, and emit an unwelcoming presence. The saturnian seagoat sees the world as against them, as a mountain blocking their way. "I am unlucky" they sigh, when it is only their consuming pessimism and self-doubt acting as the mountain.
  • ♒ Aquarius: Detached, arrogant, unsympathetic, frigid and erratic in action. Preaches open-mindedness yet expresses opinions in a dogmatic manner. Minimizes serious situations, breaks rules that do not make sense by their flawed standards, and fights for pointless causes. "I seek belonging" says the water-bearer, who purposefully tries to not belong for the sake of individualism.
  • ♓ Pisces: Overly sensitive, teary, and a habit of lying. An open display of indulgence in one's sorrows and misfortunes that reflect a victim complex. Unreliable, lazy and avoids responsibilities through escapism. "I sacrifice so much and get nothing" weeps the fish, who must know that it is not sacrifice if there is reward.

I see a lot of posts saying “self care isnt always pretty” but I think what needs to be said is “self care isnt always fun or easy”.
Plenty of people on Tumblr confuse self care with self indulgence. Sure, a nice hot bubble bath and binge watching your favorite show may feel good and even be good in the right time but it’s not always good for you. Eating an entire pint of ice cream may make you feel good but it’s definitely not healthy.
Self care is just that - taking care of yourself. Sometimes that means getting out of bed and brushing your hair. Sometimes that means getting that assignment done early. Sometimes it’s choosing an apple instead of cake for breakfast.
Forget “pretty”, self-care isn’t easy sometimes and it’s not all fluffy kittens and hot cocoa.

I’m self indulging myself in a bunch of cutesy Doommetra headcanons since it’s 3am, the perfect time to overthink ships.

Doomfist probably keeps his relationship with her private to ensure her safety, only claiming his interactions with her are purely to convince her to join Talon and for connections to Vishkar. He’d be out for blood if something happened to her just because she was close to him, and he’s wary of someone like Sombra using her against him one day.

He likes calling Symmetra his little Sungura because her headset looks like bunny ears. It flusters her each time.

He’s also very conscious of his strength when he’s around her. He may have no fear in battle, but with her, he’s always a little nervous that he may hurt her on accident.

She doesn’t take gifts well, but he likes to send her gifts to show affection. He thinks it’s a little funny to see her come back to him with the boxes in hand, demanding that he return the items. He adores her modest nature and it just makes him want to spoil her that much more. He would give her the world if she asked, and constantly tells her how he’d do anything for her. She never asks for much, usually just a do-over on chess.

They both like to talk about current events and their different views sometimes leads to debates. If things ever get too heated, he snuggles up to her. Symmetra thinks this is unfair conduct.

He fell in love with her after watching her wander around in his private library. He didn’t mean to develop feelings for her; he just wanted to recruit her, but seeing her light up over classic novels tugged at his heart. Soon after, everything she seemed to do was a little endearing. Now, they enjoy reading together. She will sit in his lap or lay across his chest to do so.

He likes to study her hardlight technology and asks a lot of questions regarding it. It’s what interested him in the first place, and he’d love to have her on Talon.

She patches him up when he comes back from missions sometimes. He likes to be pampered with the extra attention.

She enjoys listening to him talk about martial arts and watches him demonstrate for her. Sometimes, he feels the need to teach her some things for self defense in the event that anything ever happens to her. He prays that she’ll never need to use them, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Symmetra’s prosthetic actually came from his company. He recognized the model when he first laid eyes on it. He’s impressed that she takes care of it so well that it still looks like new.

While he knows he has no business seeking love when he has Talon and his business to run, he’s certain that he’d definitely marry her if she’d have him. Sometimes, thinking about it is what gets him through the day. She never really had any plans for marriage, but she would at least give it some thought if he actually proposed.

He’s had a number of partners in the past, while she’s never had one before him. At first, he was a little aggressive in his pursuit of her, but he soon realized she wasn’t fond of it. He toned down and respected her boundaries. He’s extremely patient with her and never pushes her to do anything, always stopping if she says so. He puts her needs above his.

They’re both fine not seeing each other for days on in since they’re both busy people. He definitely reaches out to her more though and calls just to hear her voice. He’s debated on whether or not he should just get her to move in with him.

While he has more extravagant ways of showing affection, she has simple, quiet ways. Sometimes, he’ll find little written notes around to see that she’s done something for him. Occasionally, she’ll make him a lunch to take with him on missions. His teammates have no idea why he has smiley faces on his napkins, but they’re not dumb enough to ask. He thinks her notes are the cutest thing.

it’s you … i’ve finally found you

instead of the red string of fate, these space babes have a string of celestial stars  。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Sam Winchester Playlist: 

Foo Fighters, Baker Street (cover); James Blake, Retrograde; The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter; Alison Mosshart and Eric Arjes, Bad Blood; Warren Zevon, My Shit’s Fucked Up; The Doors, People are Strange; Pearl Jam, Crazy Mary (cover); Blue Oyster Cult, Don’t Fear the Reaper; TV on the Radio, Wolf Like Me; The Cult, Coming Down; Sage Francis, Sea Lion; Breaking Benjamin, Blow Me Away; Soundgarden, Fell On Black Days; Bush, Bonedriven; Kid Cudi, Mr. Rager.

For all of his healthy optimism, I can’t help but always see Sam as the troubled baby boy. Somehow this put him into a world of 90′s grunge, classic rock and the occasional side note of odd.

Negative Expressions of the Signs
  • ♈ Aries: Aggressive, forceful, inconsiderate. Immature, offensive and spontaneous tantrums with no apology. Egocentric, boastful and feels entitled. The ram has an ill temper and a hard head; they believe their way is The Way.
  • ♉ Taurus: An affair with greed and sloth. Roots embedded and wrapped around the brain, suggesting unchangeable ways. Clingy of things and people, and little patience when bothered. Too proud to admit faults. The bull has their hooves dug underneath the ground, becoming immovable and unyielding for willful reasons.

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if you participate in cringe culture in any way unfollow me and fuck off. i don’t care if it’s “just watching” compilations or if you’re one of the actual loser fucks making/contributing to them. harassment isn’t okay just because it’s “trendy” or whatever. coming from someone who used to have that mindset years back i realized how much of an ass i used to be and i have absolutely every reason to believe if that’s how you are you’re either insecure as hell or completely vile.

when you last left me my blood was in a jar | (1/1)

and you kept it on your mantlepiece

She must be doing something wrong that her son thinks the best way to go about proving his fairytale identity is to steal a sword. She must be doing something wrong to indulge this.

Given everything that Storybrooke and this storybook has thrown her way, it must be wrong that Killian being Captain Hook isn’t the worst option.

notes: love it when i’m just scrolling my dash, minding my own business, and a silly prompt shows up and my brain fires in the completely wrong direction where “MY KID SHOPLIFTED FROM YOUR STORE AND I MARCHED HER BACK HERE TO APOLOGIZE TO YOU AU” becomes nearly 6k of a s1 cursed hook au. anyways, glad that i apparently still know how to put words on a page in something resembling a story, hope you enjoy!

also on ao3

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice the sword?”

“It’s not a sword,” Henry grumbles. There’s no masking the disappointment of a ten year old child, and Henry’s mastered the pout. Emma’s not falling for it today. There’s letting him join her for a cup of hot cocoa at the diner when he’s already late for getting…to Regina. But letting him pocket a -

“What is it then?” Emma asks.

Henry simply says, “A replica of Excalibur.”

“The Knights of the Round Table that hard up for money? Franchising a magic sword?”

Henry shakes his head, in that way he does where he sees her sarcasm as something to power through rather than acknowledge. He’s remarkably good at that, too, because when he replies, “No. Emma, you were supposed to read the book,” she actually feels guilty.

“Yeah…yeah, I did. Refresh me though?”

Henry sees her for a liar, liar pants on fire, but he’s mature enough not to say it and Emma’s immature enough to near smile when she looks up at the telephone wire above them.

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anonymous asked:

Katie!! I absolutely love love love your writing, but you should definitely take a break if it's not enjoyable for you anymore. Please don't worry about losing your readers because I'm very sure that that won't happen, because your content is gold, and I (along with probably many others) really look up to you. So, look after yourself, okay? We all stand behind the decisions you make when it's about how you're feeling. Lots of love!! ❤❤

thank you so much lovely 💜💜 i hadn’t realized how much of my block was caused by fear until last night (and like a ton of other shit but fear is def a contributor) and now i’m working to be nicer to myself about stuff and accept that it’s okay not to write

today i did work on a fic and it was fun for a bit and as soon as it stopped being fun i stopped and have basically just been on the couch watching voyager all day and it’s been pretty great to do that and not feel like i’m wasting my free time ^__^

tbh i teared up a bit when i got this because it means a lot to know that i’ve got support like this so thank you 💜💜