wrong id

there are moments when i suddenly become timid and fearful for no apparent reason, even in company of people i trust. in these moments, i often get the urge to apologize, but i know it’s not reasonable so i apologize for being unreasonable, and end up saying sorry over and over again, a bit like a broken record. i know it’s annoying. i’m sorry.

i think i wouldn’t mind kara/men-hell as much as i do now if they stopped making her life evolve around him. like, dont get me wrong, id still hate it, but it’d be way less annoyed with it if they gave her a proper story arc this season that is not about him!!! like, she’s the lead, for fucks sake!! he’s bringing her down and im not here for it!!!! kara zor el deserves better 2k16!!!!!

Okay so I wasn’t going to post this but then my friends (who were watching me make this????????) told me to. So here it is I guess?? She was one of the background characters from The Bounce Lounge episode of Star Vs. and I love her. Criticism welcome!!!

im not saying they dont exist, because id be wrong if i did, but ive literally never met a single person who liked vriska but thought she was a good but misguided person, whereas i have seen COUNTLESS eridan and gamzee fans who think exactly that of their favs who are in canon violent misogynists

do people not understand that killing Shias, who commemorate the !!martyrdom!! of their saint 14 centuries later is not a smart idea, do they not understand that we never, ever, forget about our martyrs. have we not made it obvious enough, when we purposely march as 25 million + to Karbala, completely willing to be butchered en mass, or when we purposely issue rulings to go to Karbala when the most sectarian groups are trying to wage war against us, have we not made it obvious? you’re fighting us under pretexts that are lies, and even then, you’re using the wrong tactic. just thought Id let you know.  

Q for young a-specs of Tumblr:

So we all know how much aphobes like to argue that teenagers should not ID as a-spec for “reasons” (that are 10000% wrong btw! you can ID as aspec if it feels right and u want to, go for it, u aren’t hurting anyone at alllllllll so go be you!!). 

Anywho, as an aspec myself (panromantic demisexual) who’s pro aspec inclusion and education, I was just wondering if you ever get messaged/harassed by aphobes for ID’ing as a-spec in your youth? And if so, what do they say to you and how does it affect you? I am interested in any and all things you have to say on this topic as young aspecs.

Pls feel free to msg me in response rather than reblog if that’s more comfortable (& so you don’t put a target on your heads…)

While I don’t actually intend to do anything with this information besides be more informed, if there’s interest, I am also open to/considering compiling responses anonymously into a single text post under my #BoostAceVoices/#BoostAroVoices tags for aspecs and non-aspecs alike to read and learn from. OF COURSE, no one’s voice would be added to the post without their EXPLICIT consent. 

My first priority is your safety and comfort 🌸