wrong for going with what she thinks is right either

It’s not that I disagreed with Jennifer Lawrence when she said it was a grievous violation of her privacy to share her naked photos. Whether or not you think she should’ve sent them in the first place, she’s absolutely right that they were hers to send and it was no one else’s right to hack and share them.

No, what pissed me off about her response was when she said “your boyfriend is either going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you”, suggesting that you *have* send nudes in order to keep your relationship alive, and that is some hard-core bullshit. She could’ve left it at “sharing someone else’s nudes is wrong” but instead she went full “hey girls, remember that men have absolutely no self-control so if you want to keep him you better put out!”


A/N: I wrote this one before I even started this blog and decided to post it for y’all. It’s in Bucky’s perspective, which I’ve never posted in beforeeee, so I hope you like it? (It’s like a year old yikes) It’s still a bucky x reader, just not in the readers pov. so yah.

Warnings: Cussing, a little tiny bit of smut, and I think that’s it. 

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“Harder!” Stark yelled, causing me to groan. “I’m punching as hard as I fucking can, it’s unfair that you’re using your glove!” 

“Bucky, your arm is metal. You should be able to punch a hole through the damn thing.” Tony was showing absolutely no mercy today, and I couldn’t fucking stand it. Everything about him annoyed the hell out of me, and the fact that we were paired for training just frustrated me even more. 

I clenched my fist as tightly as I could and swung forward with as much force as I could muster, sending the punching bag off of the chains that held it to the ceiling and taking Tony down with it. 

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Would Never Call It Love | Finale

After many many many weeks of me being gone, I’ve finally gotten the courage to write the finale of a story that I’ve had so much fun writing, and have had so much fun seeing you guys reactions to it. This story is now my most popular with the most notes I’ve ever gotten on a post, and I can’t thank you guys enough for always pushing me to be a better writer. Sad to end this one, but I have ideas in store for a new story, can’t wait to share it with you guys hopefully soon :-). Enjoy.

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Previous parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

This day had to come. This day was bound to creep on us sooner. This day may not seem huge to some people, but it’s huge to me. 

The last show of their first leg of the tour. Also known as, the day I’ve decided to go back home to my lonely, small, quiet home…all by myself.

When did I decide this? Probably about 5 hours ago at 7 am when I impulsively bought a plane ticket, while at breakfast with Luke, Ashton, and Arzaylea. While the couple talked throughout breakfast, Ashton kept nudging me and bugging me about what had me so fixated on my small screen, but he leaned over a little far at one point and gave an annoyed sigh before throwing his share for his own food and walked out of the eatery. Luke and Arzaylea still haven’t figured it out.

Now here I am, packing my things, the memories of the last couple of weeks with the boys coming down on me. I picked up a black and white stripped shirt that I wore the day of their 3rd concert, the one where Michael spilled a little too much water on me backstage after the show, and my bra peeked through; of course he didn’t seem to mind though. I then started placing the different colored bracelets Ashton gave me within the second week of tour inside a little pouch in my suitcase. They made me smile because they matched his, so I’d always have a little part of him.

Then it got to my lingerie and undergarments, many of which I wore when Calum was over. I held back tears, my throat becoming itchy, as I packed them deeply away underneath anything else I could. 

I heard a knock at my door, and saw Ash standing there, leaning against the door still looking displeased.

“You know they’re asking about what happened at breakfast right?” 

I only rolled my eyes. “Why am I not surprised.”

“I’m not telling them, you are.” He strode toward my suitcase and began taking out the nicely folded clothes and even took things out of the pouches. The room went silent when he saw the colorful bracelets, and even the same bra from that night when everything took a turn for the worst. He bent down and studied them both, the memories hitting him hard as well.

“After all these weeks, you still have these bracelets?” He questioned quietly. I only gave him a nod. “And this…I remember this little number…everything felt so right that night.” He smiled sadly at the moment that practically changed everything; the friendship, the relationship, his ability to forgive himself for one mistake.

“Well, at least for one person it did.” He threw it back down next to the bracelets and began striding out of the room. I took two big steps before pulling him by the cuff of his sleeve, stopping him.

“Don’t do that to me. You don’t get to be mad at me for the decision I’m making. So what if I’m leaving? So what if I don’t want to be here anymore? It is not my fault that because of my stupid mistakes I don’t want to be in a place where I am not welcome anymore Ashton. Sorry that you don’t have a choice. You’re a part of this band, these are your best friends and even though you’re having a fight with one of them doesn’t mean you can take it out on me because you can’t run away from it like I’m doing.”

“You’re being selfish. You’re thinking of only yourself. Which is exactly what Calum said the other night when you tried talking to him right?” Slap. Instantly my hand landed on his right cheek, making it head and hair whip to the side and cover his face. My breathing was heavier and louder, the feeling of my cheeks getting red growing. He turned his head back slowly, his eyes like dagger stabbing into my skin. I could just the anger dripping off of him.

“Y/N look…” he tried to sound sympathetic, but I only held up my finger and pointed it at the door.

“Just get out.” He knew he was defeated, and that he hit a spot in me that stung. Before I shut the door on him, he turned back slightly and whispered, “Just call me when you get there, please. I need to know that you’ll be safe.” I hummed in response, and shut the door, leaning my back against it. 

Hiding my suitcase backstage behind a bunch of curtains was surprisingly easy. It was easy access, and since I would be leaving 15 minutes before the end of the guys show, nobody would really know that I had left. The only person I’d truly have to say goodbye to is Ashton since he was the only one that knew, or so I thought.

Arzaylea caught me at the snack table and tugged on my jacket, getting as far away from the boys as possible. I gave her a confused look, waiting for her to tell me what was going on since she looked so worried.

“Arz, w-what’s going on-”

“I bugged Ashton for hours about what went wrong this morning, and he finally told me.” She crossed her arms staring me down, while I was looked down messing with my fingers.

“Look, please don’t be upset with me-”

“Oh, you think I’m just upset. That’s rich. I’m more than upset with you Y/N. You’ve become like a sister to me, I thought you were stronger and had more integrity than you’re showing right now. You’re letting a stupid boy get in the way of you living your best life. You think you’ve fucked up? You think I haven’t fucked up either! This-this is all just so disappointing.”

“You have to understand that I’m miserable here now. There’s never a day that goes by anymore that I don’t blame myself for how things have laid out the past couple of weeks. I’ve only made things worst since being here, when I wasn’t even suppose to be in the first place!” I felt the water prickle in my eyes, but clenched my fists to help make it go away.

“If you’re mad because you feel like once I’m gone you feel like we’ll never see or talk to me again, then I can make a promise that that won’t happen.” She only scuffed, but in an amusing way.

“That’s partly why.” She pushed my shoulder playfully as we both smiled at each other.

“I’ll still text you, facetime you and call you. Just because Calum and I can’t get along great doesn’t mean I have to give up some of the best people in my life. I just have to…give him some space. It’s for the best.” I peeked over her shoulder slightly to see Calum biting into a green apple, water bottle in his other hand. I couldn’t help but shutter at the veins popping out of his neck and how defined his jawline got when it jutted out to eat the piece of the apple. It’s the simple things Calum did that got under my skin.

Arzaylea pulled me into a tight hug then pulled back to smile at me, and proceeded to do what most girls do with their best friends, take a snapchat. She pulled up a funny filter to get me to calm down and smile, but after the picture was taken, something slimy and runny was piled on top of my head.

Arzaylea and I jumped back from each other as some of it did get on her too, then we turned around to find Nia with a smirk holding the big plate that was dead center of the snack table that was labeled “Spaghetti.” The crew and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing, and watched to find out what was going to happen next.

“Nia what the fuck!” Arz yelled, wiping off the bits of tomato sauce that was now on her clothes and hair.

“She deserved it.” She came up close to my face, trying to intimidate me however I held my ground and stared her right back down.

“That’s for making Calum break up with me.” She chuckled. “You think he’d really eventually end up falling for you? Oh girl, you’ve got it so wrong. He told me all the awful things you’ve done to him, but don’t worry, I fucked all the bad feelings out of him.” Before I could hear another word, I pushed past her walking fast toward the curtain where my suitcase was located. Sure, I’d have to wait in the airport for almost 2 hours, but I couldn’t stand to be in anybody’s presence anymore. I felt an arm tug me around, and the same husky voice from before rang through my ears.

“Y/N what are you doing, you can’t leave now!” He yelled in my face.

“Ashton! Stop trying to make my decisions for me. You may love me but you don’t know what’s best for me.” His grip instantly loosened and I took the chance to take my arm from his hand. “Now let me go.” And grab my suitcase hoisting it up from the ground and running toward the back exit.

I didn’t see it, but I left Calum standing there with his food now sprawled across the floor at his feet, a dumbfounded look on his face, and for the first time in a while, an aching heart. 

Calum’s POV

The last show of this first leg of the tour was thrilling and exciting, but once my body left that crowd of energy and happiness, reality snapped back into me, and all my confusion and frustration came out of me when I chucked my water bottle at the nearest wall, and it exploded everywhere. Michael’s soft voice could be heard right behind me, telling me to calm down and to not take my anger out so aggressively like that because who knows, I could’ve hit a person instead. 

“Look, I know MIkey, I’m sorry…I just-I’m so confused right now.” We both plopped down on the couch in our dressing room, my hands coming up to my face.

“What did Ashton mean by ‘you can’t leave now’ when he was talking to Y/N? And what was in her hands when she was running away…”

“She left.”

My hands came down from my face, hoping and praying I’d see a laughing MIchael after that statement. It just couldn’t be true. But after a few seconds had passed, he continued to nod his head, as if he was still trying to make the situation seem real.

“She left Cal. She went back home tonight. Ashton told me before we went on stage tonight. He couldn’t tell you because he knew it would only distract you more. He just doesn’t want to keep making you mad mate, he cares for you so much even after everything.” His hand came up to my shoulder giving it a friendly squeeze. My chest sank lower in my chest trying to piece together just how bad everything had gotten, my life outside of the lights and music, was falling into shambles.

“I need to go make up with him first.” Michael smiled and agreed, both of us quickly grabbing our stuff before heading out. He informed me that Ashton had drove straight to the hotel we were staying at right after the show ended, and that Luke and Arzaylea were spending some time together tonight out and about. We headed straight after to him to patch things up. Even though that was the first thing on my mind, I was secretly hoping Y/N just might be there.

We raced up to the elevator and impatiently waiting until it reached our floor, only to find Ashton just closing his door as if he was leaving. I ran up to him and tackled him in a big hug, his weight leaning against mine to stop us from falling. I was holding him so tight the indents in my arms were showing through, and my hand veins were popping out. 

“Ash, ash I’m so sorry for everything dude. You come before anyone else and I shouldn’t have blamed you for everything happening.” We pulled away and he smiled so big his famous dimples showed, and the crinkles near my eyes accompanied my own smile.

“Cashton, always man.” And we did one of those bro handshakes, Michael leaning against the hallway wall watching this beautiful moment unfold. My eyes slowly drooped after things quieted down. Ashton could read my mind, and his arms reached out to gently rub my shoulders.

“So, she’s really gone?”

“I just got off the phone with her. I raced back here to see if she’d still be here but, no luck.” I shook my head in disbelief, disappointed in myself for being as stubborn as I was and almost losing my best friend, along with the girl of my dreams. “Her plane should be taking off soon, I’d say text her Cal. She needs to hear from you that you at least don’t hate her.”

“But that’s the point. I don’t hate her at all, I feel so strongly for her, more than I ever thought I could for someone…” Michael came behind me and leaned his head on me sighing. The weight of her gone now upon all of us. The atmosphere seemed different, the vibe between all of us was still off, as if the Earth was off its axis and everything seemed…wrong. 

“Why don’t we get some rest now guys, we’ve worked hard these past couple of weeks. Let’s enjoy these next few days before our next leg? Am I right?” We all agreed and they decided to walk with me to my room and stay the night, just so we knew that we were all there for each other if one of us needed something throughout the night.

As we entered the room, I walked in first to see a familiar jet black sleek suitcase sitting next to the door. My eyes widened and I looked up to see Ashton holding back a small grin, jutting out his chin, telling me to go see what I was already thinking. My legs quickly carried me past the small curve of the room into the bedroom, seeing a small Y/N sitting crossed legged on my bed in the first t-shirt I ever gave her to keep when I wasn’t around her, my Maine t-shirt.

She stood up upon hearing my loud strides and the shirt fell to just above her privates, her hair disheveled and her makeup slightly streaky, like she had been crying.

“Calum…” her voice croaked. I looked back at the boys, watching them in awe as Michael’s face lit up at the sight of her, Ashton looking proud. And they both walked slowly out of the room, leaving us alone.

“They told me you left…” I said in disbelief.

“I couldn’t…I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get on that plane and fly away from you, not without fixing things first.” She walked closer to me timidly. I had to bring her closer, so I pulled her in by her waist, wrapping my large hand around the back of her head and placing it underneath my chin, my other hand tightly wrapped around her waist. My breathing became heavy, my heart beat racing, my head filling up with euphoric memories.

“You’re-you’re heart is beating so fast Cal…”

“It’s because it’s happy to be close to you again.” She pulled away to look up at me, her eyes glossy once again, a happy yet sad look in her eyes, as if she didn’t know how to feel in his moment.

“Y/N I am so sorry for never letting you have a chance at explaining things to me, or never giving you a chance to speak and finish your sentences. And I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize it and that it took you almost leaving for me to realize that I never stopped feeling for you. But I promise if you stay, right here, with me, you won’t ever have to go through something like this again. We could have the love we’ve always wanted.” I pleaded. Without hesitation she reached up and brought my face to meet hers, her lips lightly pressing the softest kiss we’d ever shared. I couldn’t help but deepen it, feeling her smaller frame pushed up against mine again. We rested our foreheads against one another as she brought her hands to rest on my chest, lightly rubbing her thumbs over the material.

“I wouldn’t have ever called this love before.” Gesturing to the past complicated relationship we had.

“What about right now?”

“It’s the only word I can use to describe it.”

YAY IT’S FINISHED. I was going to add smut but this alone took me 3 hours so I’m extremely tired you guys ;( request smut though if you want it! Again, thank you so much on the love for this story! I put up a ‘would you rather’ post so if you could, please look at it and tell me which story you’d like to write next. Btw GGMOW will be up soon as well!

Reunited - Four

A/N: Part four. I’m having so much fun writing this series, so thank you for all the great feedback, I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to my beta @thorne93. And to @hanny-writes-spn and @melonshino for reading through it. I love you all!!

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Jason, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: Angst, alcohol, language.

Wordcount: 3251

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You spent the next week helping Jensen get settled in. It was great to be able to spend so much time with him again, but it was also getting more and more difficult to be around him. Over the year’s, he had changed, you both had, but somehow he was still the same. When you spent time with him it was easy to forget what you two had been through, but the moment you got home, and he wasn’t around you, the feelings of betrayal and abandonment came back, and you questioned wether you could trust him or not. It was confusing to say the least. But even with all this mix of emotions, you weren’t prepared to let him go entirely either, you wanted him in your life, though you hadn’t figured out how that would work yet.

Both Rose and your mom had been talking your ear off about Jensen and how they thought you two were meant to be, almost yelling at you when you told then you were just friends, and you intended to keep it that way.

It was Thursday morning when you decided to check in on Jensen on your way to work, bringing a box of doughnuts just so you had an excuse to stop by.

“(YN), what a nice surprise,” Jensen greeted you. “What are you doing here?”

“I had this box of doughnuts and I know that if I don’t get rid of it, I’m gonna end up eating it all by myself. I also figured that you’re gonna need some sugar in you if you’re gonna get the house ready before tomorrow,” you said, handing him the pink box of treats.

“Thank you, that’s really nice of you.”

“Don’t act so surprised, Ackles, I can be nice,” you teased.

“You have time for a coffee before work? My friend Jared just got here and I would love for you to meet him,” Jensen asked, opening the door wider to let you in, even before you answered.

You checked the time on your phone before agreeing to come in for a couple of minutes.

“(YN) this is Jared,” Jensen said, pointing to his friend. “Jared, this is (YN).”

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Hope Part V

Previous Parts: Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV Part IV [Side fic] 

Genre: Slight teasing, Drama, Angst (The Vampire Diaries AU! Part V) 

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook; Reader x Yoongi

Word Count: 2.3k-ish 

Originally posted by themoonofsatan

After the whole incident with Yoongi and the recollection of your memories from your other life, you decided to sleep, hoping to find solace in your slumber but it was in vain. As your eyes shut close, you found nothing but more visions, visions of you and Yoongi and somehow, you didn’t want to wake up. You wanted to see more, more of your life with him.

However, fate had other plans for you, jostling you awake as you felt something brush against your cheek. Slowly, your eyes fluttered open to find a rather amused Yoongi sleeping mere inches in front of you with his hand on your cheek as his eyes admired you.

You smiled at him, happy to see his face after so long but you couldn’t help the pang of guilt that struck your heart when your thoughts drifted to Jungkook, who was probably trying his best to find you.


In an instant, he hovered you, pinning you to the bed with your wrists above your head and his legs on either side of your body. Your eyes widened in shock, lips parting with a soft gasp and your mind was left blank yet somehow, your body knew what to anticipate as he leaned downwards. Your eyes closed as his lips grazed yours until he was kissing you, hard. Your hands squirmed in his grasp but not to push him away but to tangle in his hair as you pulled him closer to you because no matter the circumstances, in that moment, you needed him.

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Living Dangerously
by Impracticaldemon

** Rated T for the mildest of mild innuendo.
Also, my humour late at night can be of debatable quality.

NaLu Week 2017 Day 1
Prompt: Nostalgia | ~800 words | also on FFN and AO3

They were bruised and beaten and exhausted.  Lucy’s head ached, and only the thought of a clean, hot bath made climbing the stairs even remotely possible.  Even Natsu’s usually unquenchable fire - haha, not funny - was noticeably dim.

“Why do we do it, Luce?” he asked, for the third or fourth time.  “It’s not like it pays well.  I mean” - he rubbed a dirty hand through his pink hair, but it wasn’t physically possible for it to stick up any further - “look at us!  And I hate having to get new clothes.”

“Well, there’s the goodwill factor,” Lucy mumbled, too tired - and too much in general agreement - to argue the point.  “Just… just sit on the couch and don’t touch anything.  You’re filthy and I get the bath first.”

Natsu didn’t so much as twitch in response, let alone  protest.  He sat down on the couch, closed his eyes, and laid his head back on the soft blue fabric.  Lucy almost felt concerned.  As they had grown closer, and had oh-so-slowly begun to admit that they were moving toward a different - they avoided the term “better” - relationship, Natus had developed a tendency to joke about just taking baths together to save heat and water.

Lucy leaned in the doorway to the bathroom, eyes tracing Natsu’s familiar profile and the clean lines of his sharp chin and well-defined shoulders and collar-bones.  For a moment, she seriously considered taking Natsu up on his offer.  He would definitely keep the bathwater warm.  Then she felt herself redden and shook her head with a sigh.  She was obviously way too tired to be making important decisions right now.

Instead, she rubbed her temples and said:  “Happy bailed early.  That made it harder.”

“Yeah.  Whatever happened to ‘friends forever’ and ‘I’ll always be by your side’?  I mean geez! I remember when he helped me fight Cobra!  Clouds of poisonous gas  everywhere an’ Erik predicting our every move…”

“I still remember Happy trying to save Charle from the whole Exceed army in Edolas - and then trying to save the Exceeds from the king!”  Lucy hesitated for a moment, then added:  “He has a big mouth and a snarky attitude sometimes - but he saved my life, pretty much, the first time we met.”

“Huh, yeah.  And he’s been calling you ‘heavy’ ever since.”

“Ha! That’s one of the more polite terms.” Lucy sighed, but it was an odd mixture of exasperation and affection - and something else perilously like nostalgia.  She suddenly felt like twenty-four going on eighty.

“Do you - “ Natsu began.

“Don’t.  Just don’t.  If we start on a do you remember when stroll - or in our case more often panicked flight - down memory lane, then bad things will happen.”

Natsu lifted his head slightly and peered at her rather warily from the couch.  “Bad things like what?”

“Well first, I’m not going to make it into my bath before I collapse.  And second, I’ll feel even older than I do now and I am feeling plenty old after the day we just spent.”  She hesitated and then continued:  “And tired, dirty, cantankerous Lucy is not going to be quite as cuddly as clean, sleepy, not-so-grouchy Lucy.”

Natsu managed a small huff of amusement and sat up enough to catch and hold Lucy’s gaze.  “You know what, Luce?  I don’t really mind either way.  I mean - don’t get me wrong! Cuddly, relaxed Lucy is better… But I think we’ll manage okay even when we’re as old as we feel right now.”

There was a short silence.  Natsu was so unpredictable, Lucy thought.  Most of the time he was totally oblivious - or pretended to be.  And then he’d turn around and say exactly the right thing.

“I’ll go get that bath then,” she said at last, eyes unaccountably misty.  Fortunately, the excess sentiment was absorbed by Natsu’s next statement, which was distinctly less lover-like, but undeniably heartfelt.

“But if you ever offer to babysit Gajeel’s little terrors again at the same time as Cana and Mira’s hellborn babe-”

“I know, I know!” Lucy interrupted, groaning.

“Well, I may just leave along with Happy! Seriously, they’d make anyone nostalgic for a life-and-death battle against every villain in the book…”

Abruptly, they found themselves grinning at each other.  Lucy’s warm brown eyes sparkled, and Natsu’s dark eyes seemed to laugh back in response.  There were going to be plenty of opportunities to build even more memories in the future.

But preferably away from toddlers and four-year-olds.for at least a little while longer.  Maybe.  Secretly, each of them thought that their own couldn’t possibly be as much trouble…

Thank you for reading! All comments, reviews, likes and reblogs are appreciated!  ~Impracticaldemon

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Here Kitty Kitty

This was probably the worst Saturday night she’s ever had.

Alright, not the worst one she’s had, but it’s pretty high up there.

All of her friends were out of town, going to a concert in the next city over, a concert which she now regrets not going to. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to go, she really did, but she had already made plans to go out on a date with a guy she met on Tinder. He seemed really sweet whenever they talked over the phone, and he had suggested a really nice mom and pop restaurant for their first date.

The date that she just got stood up on. She could understand being a few minutes late, maybe even half an hour if there had been any traffic to be caught in. But she waited around for two hours; texted the guy 12 times with no response whatsoever. By the time she had had enough, the staff felt so bad for her that they put her bill on the house. What’s even worse was that her car got keyed up while she was waiting around inside for the ass to never show.

After everything tonight, Allura just wanted to get home and curl up on her couch and try and forget this awful night.

As she got into her car, she heard a loud banging come from nearby the parking lot. She looks around, hoping to see maybe some kids just screwing around or some explanation for the sound, but didn’t see anything. Slowly, she gets back into her car ready to just get it of here, but she hears the banging again and much closer this time.

Allura gets out of her car and takes a good look around the mostly empty parking lot, and that’s when she sees what’s been making all the racket. A few boys run around the corner, chasing something while banging trash can lids and pots against each other. It wasn’t until they got closer that Allura actually saw what they were chasing.

It was one of those hybrid people that Allura has seen now and again. While they aren’t uncommon, especially in the city, they are quite a minority. Many of them are well educated and working class, Allura even works with a few, but it’s not uncommon for many to get a much harsher treatment from others. And it seems like this one has gotten the short stick in life. Allura isn’t one to let something like this happen right in front of her, just because she was having a shoddy night, doesn’t mean she’s going to let someone else have one either.

“Hey!!” She yells at the kids, stalking over to them and the cowering hybrid who had unfortunately tripped when Allura had yelled. She puts herself between the group and the poor thing and turns her back to the young man cowering in the ground to the children, who each look like they got caught doing something wrong.


“What on earth do you think you’re doing?! Chasing around this poor man as if he’s done something against you lot. Do your parents know that you’re out here, because I’m sure they’d love to know where you are right about now.” Allura didn’t need to say anymore as she watched the boys turn hightail and run off the way they came. Allura gives a resounding nod to herself before turning her attention back to the poorboy still cowering behind her, which she can now see is a type of cat hybrid. Slowly, Allura sits down on the pavement, trying to appear as nonthreatening as possible.

“Are you alright? They didn’t hurt you did they?” Allura keeps her voice as calm and even as she can, not wanting to startle him anymore than he already is. Allura holds out her hand towards him, letting him take his time to smell it if he’d like. Once it looks like he’s calmed down some, Allura asks him a question that she believes she already knows the answer, “do you have anywhere to go? A home?” When he shakes his head no, Allura’s heart breaks just a bit more. “Well, I can’t just leave you out here….how about we get you to my place and get you some food. How does that sound?” The look of pure awe she got only strengthened Allura’s decision.

Picking up the young feline was way too easy for Allura’s conscience, but the fact that he seemed to be all height instead of bulk didn’t make the travel to the car any easier for her, especially when it seems that the feline boy was scared of getting into the car.

But once she finally got him settled (with both her sweatshirt and the emergency blanket that she kept in the trunk cocooning him) she made her way home, a little less mad than she was before.

Maybe this Saturday night isn’t a complete train wreck like she thought.

And that ends part 1! If you guys really liked it let me know and I’ll do some more! I’ve just seen so many cat boy fics with klance and Shance, and I just sorta thought about how it would be with Allurance! If you guys have any suggestions for other chapters, don’t be afraid to send them in!

More of Eleanor’s diary

@lady-eleanor-vane posted several auction pictures of several pages of Eleanor’s diary, with the request of help for people to decipher what is written.

God knows I came away not half as well pleased as when I arrived with an engagement I had little hope of shaking off. All being so ill used for want of a pleasant nature. Hither to I had no quarrel with him, not knowing of him personally tho’ stories of exploits had reached us one is not given to taking them rumours and tales to heart for that is what they be. Just exactly that. When all is said and done this is a man someone is going to have to dispose of sooner, rather than later. [10]3

Notorious Prisoner On Trial. Court reports on Eleanor Guthrie, trade boss of Nassau. ….. [? not sure on the last word]” (Courtesy also to  @betterhiddenbizarre who also figured this text out)

Not 100% sure who Eleanor wrote about here, but this is around the time of the trial. It seems to me this is about Woodes Rogers after her meeting with him on the Delicia and he almost put her on the Gloucestershire back to London. I can’t imagine Eleanor wrote this about Captain Hume or Mr. Underhill. The “engagement” Eleanor talks about within the given context is meant to be taken as “agreement”.

So, if written after the scene of Rogers wanting to put her on the Gloucestershire for “fucking Vane”, then we can conclude that Eleanor accepted to cooperate with him for her own survival, and had little hope of being able to wittle out of it, that she was more confident and pleased of her deal with him before arriving on the ship than she was after the meeting. She feels ill used by him for her bluntness. Until then she had no “quarrel” (no ill feelings towards him) because she did not know him, but she had heard of him and his “exploits” (explorations) along with some dark rumors and tales, which she still tends to reject. And at this point she thinks that either she or others (in Nassau) will have to get rid of him. The “Notorious Prisoner” seems more like a spiteful signature, signing off. 

LEFT PAGE “We need to be able to make money the way London makes money through collection - collecting not hunting which amounts to legitimacy. I need to challenge him, ask him, beg him to give up the girl in spite of how his men may feel [22]2″

This is about Charles Vane, before she goes to the Fort to ask him to give her Abigail.

RIGHT PAGE: “I failed, my evenfall (?) prepared speech. He spouted (?) his humans shall … about taking and keeping, and lording behind desks … …. or anything else. Very well. I shall follow his example and take her, and look him in the eye and give him every chance to deny me. That is also legitimate. [23]3″

Eleanor continues on the Abigail issue, comprizing Vane’s ideas, and she decides to just take Abigail, using his words about looking a man in his eyes and giving him a chance to deny him.

The numbers at the end of each write-up do not seem to be a date after all. There was not a month in between Eleanor begging him for the girl and taking her.

“According to Marcus he requested their attendance in … having been confound to bed following a doggy spell. His fever worsens. Somewhere in a previous entry I have a cure for fever. It may be more ?eacuous than Marcus dethoxing and bloodletting I suspect, why/may/way I know the pressure upon him to find and recover the Cache is what ails him. Our continued … have in Marcus/Maroons/Marines (?) and allies.

grand (?) plans … around the Cache (?). All … .. makes that his health … to the additional will (?) … I have sequestered him A…. to deal with me. … …. …. I am the … … …. between Rogers and his council. The Chamberlain I expected to take issue with this. I command him though …. conditioned my state of mending on that what I cannot forget. I can move forward, which fact I think he found reassuring. [1]2″

I am pretty sure that I may be reading a word here or there wrong. But the left page relates to Woodes having been taken ill, Dr. Marcus’s treatment, and how Eleanor thinks that Rogers’ worries over the cache is what worsens it all or lies at the foundation of hm becoming ill. The right page seems to be about her now being the go-between the council and Rogers, and her struggles with Chamberlain, insofar that it seems either Rogers or Chamberlain expressed worry but that she managed to reassure him o her ability to move forward, beyond what she cannot forget.

“From the protection of the Fort we observed the mayham as the Pirates sailed into Nassau Harbour utterly oblivious to the underwater blockade below the holds sank (?) four fo the hardest waters.

Utter confusion and Ct BR watching from above, re/uncovered (?) and empowered (?) as the cannons fired repeatedly at the struggling ships. Only a man once engaged in Navy and Maritime business could devize such a scheme. And I keep the Baby open(?) of false Digestion.


Best/beat Rheubarb, grated Orange Peel f..y p… Chimway (?) seeds, browned … 3 days … guart (?) … & take … some (?) glass .. is much as … I keep the Baby open … Say sanctuary haven to mother (?)

(Mrs. Hudson’s concept for Gout)”

Obviously the left page recounts the failed Pirate attack of 4x01 with the blocked bay and sunken ships. The right page is a recipe, given by Mrs; Hudson for gout, but Eleanor uses it to keep the Baby “open” or help with morning sickness I think. Eleanor thus was certain she was pregnant in 4x01 and trying some type of drink with rheubarb, orange peel and seeds, and what seems to be a prayer.

“He finally came out with the real story behind some of his uncharacteristic behavior and decision. Money.

His intent to end his marriage to Sarah had unanticipated consequences one of which entails the intervention by her family with his more significant debtors. They have persuaded these debtors to accelerate the repayments. This will have a waterfall (?) effect and would encourage lesser creditors to also call in these loans, and Woodes would have no choice but to default. He would be in breach of the Law a fugitive. This debt, unsubstantiated previous debt was assumed to bring Nassau to order.”

Eleanor recounts what she learned of Rogers’ debts at the end of 4x01.

Given that we do not see the full pages I can only read some phrases.

LEFT PAGE: “or two, a woman ………. is going to walk ….. threat gate… Is a longboat…. I have place….. Rogers’ ship …. that she’ll …. order to … to…. have “…

RIGHT PAGE: “breach the pledge. I will … command his breath without … And as does ….. jewels ….. ….. the ….. “

Eleanor drew a ship with dolphins jumping near through the waves, and clouds in the sky. Above the little paper it says, “Taking Our Departure from New Providence.” She’s not bad at drawing, adding perspective and shadows to the sails.

Obviously we can make out enough to tell that these pages are about what we saw at the start of 4x05 with Hudson having to walk out of the fort and go out in a longboat to tell Woodes her plan. And she drew her departure as a type of wish-dream.

LEFT PAGE: “I have heard it said that a good dose of /seas…(?) …. beneficial. I fail to see how, unless of course … banting, but even … must be a better …. devesting oneself of no …. pounds than by an… …rge [16]7

Miserable day and still no news [17]8″

RIGHT PAGE PARTIALLY: “…. the “Lamb” … …. a work of art it …. …. me far … (?) I … Lock and Yeast.  … may be, even break  … me p..t… where some of …. ….. of human nature …. accept (?) with a hand which is …. while at …. [18]2

Not sure what the left page is about. Might be about some folk remedy. The miserale day mention and how near to the end of the journal this is written indicates this was written when Eleanor was in the fort waiting for news about the arrival of cache. The right page mentions a Lamb and human nature, and seem more philosophical. It may have to do with a sermon she heard or one of Lambrick’s words to other women. 

If you have corrections or additional words that you can make out, just put them in the comments and I’ll update this post.

ETA: it is possible that Starz may release the diary commercially in print after the S4 finale.

“Lie to me.”

After Denise’s death, Daryl decided to go looking for Dwight. You asked him, he lied, and you let him did it.

Request made by prince-of-edolas: Remember how Denise died and Daryl tried to go after him? Could you do a smut request like that? After Denise died by Dwight, Daryl tries to go after him but his wife tries to stop and says that she’s worried about him and a smut scene happens. But after that, Daryl leaves anyways so Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita go after him and they confront Daryl, telling him how him leaving affected the reader. - 

I hope this is close to what you asked for ^^!

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • Words: 1.747
  • Warning: Smut (unprotected sex) (Sorry for the grammar mistakes)

“Protect each other. Love each other. You have a wife, Daryl, but life could change in a second…” Denise’s voice sounded anxious as she tried to make him understand. “And if you don’t wake up-”

He covered his ears with his hands, his cigar lighted between his fingers. Sitting on the edge of the bed, accompanied only by the morning light that came through the window, the silence of the room brought back the sound of the arrow that pierced Denise’s eye. He still could hear the sound of her voice telling him what to do, he could see the wrong place she was standing, and he understand the big mistake he made in letting Dwight live.

He got out of bed and left the room. The weight of guilt was on his shoulders, and it was painful, like a dark shadow that hovered over him. But he had to solve the problem before it got worse; he had to amend the mistakes he thought he had made. Denise was the wrong target, and he was convinced it was his fault. Empty. Impotence. Frustration. Hate. He felt the same feelings that tormented him before he met you.

He reached the kitchen and saw you there, standing against the counter. Your eyes were slightly red from the tears you hadn’t cried, from the worry, from the decisions you knew he would make, because you knew you couldn’t stop him from trying to do something.

“I need to do this.” He said quietly, dropping the cigar to step on it. “The only way ya and the others will be safe is if Dwight and his group die.”

Exposing himself to protect you and others wasn’t selfish, but it was unfair. The mistakes that life made always fell upon him, and it was always him who should feel guilty for a death that wasn’t his fault.

“I know you’re doing this for Denise, but she wouldn’t have wanted to-”

“But she’s not here anymore!” He shouted. “She is not here and will not return because an arrow killed her!” He walked around the place like a wild animal inside a cage. “'Cause of an arrow that should have killed me! She would be alive if I had not been such a coward. She died because I made a mistake.” He stopped in front of you, dropping his gaze to the ground completely ashamed. “I ruined it.”

How much pain could fit in a person’s body? How heavy could be the pain he shouldn’t feel?

“I love ya.” He said softly, and you closed your mouth before you could say anything when he finally looked up. “I know I don’t say it too many times and I’m sorry. I try to be what ya need and although I’m not good enough for ya, ya decided to be with me, ya married me. I love ya like I’ve never loved anyone and I just…” He approached you, so close you could smell the cigar. “I need ya. I just need ya.”

He pushed you against the counter with his body, his lips crashing against yours in a hard and deep way. You could taste the cigar mint; in his hot tongue with he slipped it inside of your mouth. He grabbed your waist, pushing you up so you could sit in the cold counter. Between your high boots to your knees and your big black sweatshirt, your exposed skin felt the coolness of the place and then the warmth of his hands when you wrapped them around his hips. He made his way up to your body under your clothes before he pulled out your sweatshirt out of your body. The softness of your skin was addictive and he stroked your back, kissing your neck while you pushed his vest and his shirt off of him. His strong arms closed around you as your hands brushed his hair, your lips kissing his temple.

He unbuckled and unzipped his pants before pulling your shorts and underwear off of your legs. You pulled his face to you and bit his bottom lip softly, looking into his dark eyes full of lust. He held you against his naked body, as he slipped inside you, filling you completely, making you gasp in pleasure. He growled without looking at you, holding you by your waist so he could thrust into you, over and over. With your hands on his shoulders, you moaned his name in the cold air every time he hit the right places inside of you, feeling his heavy breath as he pushed himself harder. The tingling between your legs was growing every second, taking you to the edge, and he hid his face in your neck when his movements became urgent, needy. Your grip on his neck tightened as you moaned in his ear.

With one final push, he released himself inside of you, and he sighed heavily as he lifted his face to kiss you once more time. Your heart was beating fast, and you pulled away to looked at him, pushing his hair away from his eyes.

“You will go. Won’t you?”

Your saw the truth in his blue eyes, and you felt scared, weak, and unprotected. His eyes sought in yours for the answers he needed most, for your forgiveness, for the decisions you would make after his departure.

“No.” He said softly, lying in your face although you already knew the truth.

But you let him lied to you.              

You both dressed again without saying much. Now that Denise wasn’t there, Rick asked you to take her place, and although you were a veterinarian and not a doctor, you would try to do your best. Loneliness walked with you all the way to the pharmacy that felt so empty, but at the same time you felt her presence in there. As you waited silently, putting in order the medicines that she had gone to look for next to Daryl and Rosita, the roar of the motorcycle made your heart race, your heartbeat beating in your chest. The knot in your throat intensified, and you felt sick, because you knew that even though he loved you so much, nothing would convince him to leave, not even you.

But you needed to be strong; you had to wait for the best, you just had to wait for him to come back.

Only Rosita knew where Daryl was going, and when they couldn’t stop him at the gate, she, Glenn and Michonne took the car to go after him, to try to stop him before he made a mistake that cost him his life. In the open road next to the train tracks, with the haze behind them, Rosita and Glenn walked to the place where Denise died. Her blood on the rocks and part of the wood was drying. Close to them, the walkers ate the flesh of the dead ones.

“This is where she died.” Rosita said looking at the spot.

Down the hill, Michonne killed some walkers with her sword.

“So he should have started from here.” Glenn looked around.

“He did.” Michonne said after she removed some bushes, watching Daryl’s motorcycle hiding under them.

Glenn looked at it and walked to Rosita.

“Which way did Dwight run?” He asked, but she was too deep in the blood to hear him. “Rosita.”

She looked at him, thinking deeply of what had to be done about Denise’s death.

“We should let him do this.”

Glenn looked at her with surprise.

“No. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. We don’t. Maybe Daryl is gonna get himself killed. And what will happen with (Y/N) then?” He tried to make her understand. “Which way did Dwight run?”

She thought that the best thing to do was to kill Dwight, it didn’t matter how. She looked over his shoulder, giving him an indication with her head to tell him what way they should follow. Glenn seemed to be wary of her decisions, but they walked the right path. They walked a few miles in the woods looking for a track that would take them to Daryl, but out of nowhere an arrow hit a tree close to Rosita’s face, and she pulled it out with an angry expression.

Daryl took it from her hand and walked away.

“You shouldn’t have come.” He said with frustration, leaving them behind.

“You shouldn’t have left.” Michonne said with the same tone.

They could never understand him, and he turned around to face them.

“When I split up with Sasha and Abraham, he was out there in the woods. In the forest, he put a gun in ma head. ¡He tied me up! I even tried to help him.”

Daryl tried to leave them, but Glenn’s words stopped him.

“So, this is your fault?” Glenn said walking to him.

Daryl turned around to face him.

“I know it is. Now I’m going to do what I should have done before.”

“For her?” Glenn walked toward him and pushed him back so he could block Daryl’s way. “She’s gone, man. You are doing this for you. Not even to protect (Y/N) from them.” Daryl looked at him, swinging his weight from one foot to the other, unable to stay in his place when he heard Glenn saying your name. “A bullet in someone’s head is not the way to protect those we love, not if that puts our life in danger. You just feel guilty for a death that you didn’t cause. Daryl…” Glenn looked at him with a silent plea. “I know you couldn’t live if something happened to (Y/N). But you don’t want to understand that she could not live without you either. Or maybe you are too afraid to think about it. But we will figure this out from home. Our home. My wife is there with your wife. They need us right now. Everyone there needs us right now. Is gonna go wrong out here.”

Daryl shook his head slowly.

“I can’t.”

Glenn’s shoulders fell.

“I guess you don’t love her as much as I thought.”

Daryl narrowed his eyes at him. He loved you sincerely, not matter what others thought. Daryl passed him by, stopping himself far from them and he looked over his shoulder.

“If somethin’ happens, sooner or later she will be able to move on. She is braver, smarter… stronger. And If I return, I just hope she forgives me.”

Being Stony’s Daughter Would Include:

Daughter of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark would include….

  • The Avenger’s being overprotective of you
  • Training with Natasha and Clint in your free time
  • Bonding with Wanda
  • Growing close to Bucky and him becoming one of your favorites on the team
  • Calling Steve ‘papa’ and Tony ‘dad’
  • Being born with Tony’s intelligence and sass
  • Helping your dad in the lab whenever you get a chance
  • Having Steve and Tony tell you the story about how they fell in love almost every night as a bedtime story
  • Steve taking you to Coney Island and sharing fond memories of his childhood with you
  • Your papa showing you all his favorite spots in Brooklyn
  • Living in the Avengers Tower with both your parents
  • Begging your papa and dad to let you in on missions with them and the rest of the team
  • Tony making you all the latest gadgets much to Steve’s displeasure
  • Bucky, Sam, Natasha and Pepper being your godparents
  • Talking about boys you think are cute with Nat and Wanda and the both of them teasing you
  • Becoming close friends with Peter Parker
  • Tony being suspicious about you relationship with Peter and ranting to Steve about it
  • “I swear Steve you should’ve seen the way that spiderling was looking at her! The scary thing is I think she was into it. I swear Steve if we don’t straighten her out soon, our little girl is going to be running around New York wild with that kid!”
  • “Tony, just calm down. Y/n had a good head on her shoulder and she knows right from wrong because that’s what we taught her, alright? Besides, they’re only working on Calculus, it’d be different if they were working on Chemistry then we’d be in real trouble.”
  • “Steve stop it, I’m being serious!”
  • Thinking of every member of the Avengers team as family and referring to them as either ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’
  • Making Bucky’s day every time you call him ‘uncle Bucky’
  • Your dad still being unsteady around Bucky
  • Tony hiring private tutors because he doesn’t like the idea of you going to public schools
  • Getting in fights and arguments with your papa and dad
  • As a sign of punishment, or the equivalent for ‘groundings’, your parents would banned you from training and going to the lab for a week
  • Steve watching every Disney movie with you just to make you happy
  • Tony making frustrating sarcastic comments whenever you two are having a disagreement
  • Crying to your papa after a long hard day
  • Family cuddles
  • Playing board games with both your dad’s every Friday night
  • Being torn during Civil War and feeling stuck between your parents and not knowing what side to go on.
  • “Y/n it’s alright, sweetheart. I understand and I want you to be safe, okay? I think it’d be best if you go with your dad and just sit this one out.”
  • “No papa, I can’t! I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • “Y/n he made already made his choice. Come with me and you’ll be safe. If you go with Steve we’ll be forced to consider you a fugitive as well.”
  • “Dad do you even hear yourself right now? This is papa we’re talking about!”
  • Natasha and Pepper practically being your mom and looking out for you in every waking moment
  • Your dad sending you to live with Pepper until everything blows over between him and Steve
  • Getting help from all of the Avengers on your school work
  • “Lady (Y/N) I’m afraid I don’t know what Fisiologey is.”
  • “Its Psychology, Thor but thanks anyways.”
  • Relying on Bruce every time you can’t figure out a homework problem
  • Knowing that your dads will always have your back and support you.
  • Loving both your father’s endlessly

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Prompt:  Hi Bella! Could you write a fic about Jim and his “daughter? It can be anything, just involves Jim and a daughter. Any age is fine. Young and cute to teenage rebellion. Whatever floats your boat (couldn’t get it to request under my other account, so :( )
Word Count: 1030
Warnings: Being a teenage girl?
Author’s Note: It’s Dad!Jim day!!!

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A Beautiful Night

So it’s way longer than what I usually write and it’s NOT a continuation of the other Alan and Sharna fic, but it has ARRIVED.

“So, I did something, but you have to promise not to be mad at me.”

Val looked up at Jenna. She was poking her head around the corner into the kitchen where Val was looking for something to eat.

“That depends. What did you do?”

She slowly came into the kitchen. “I invited Sharna over for dinner tomorrow night.”

Val blinked confusedly. “But…?”

“No. No buts. But I -.” She laughed. “And I… I also invited Alan.”

He sighed and turned back to the fridge. “This again?”

“Yes, this again,” she said determinedly. “You really don’t see it? Come on.”

“I really don’t see it.”

She shook her head. “Or you’re just stubborn. He’s obviously into her. And I just want her to spend an evening with a nice guy.”

“She just spent the whole summer with him,” Val pointed out. “Though unless they were getting it on in one of those bunks, which seems unlikely.”

“Maybe they were,” she said with a shrug. She stepped around Val to open a cabinet. She found half a leftover chocolate bar and unwrapped it, Val watching her.

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Road 6

I thought this was finished a couple weeks ago. Like done, locked, and I was just doing the final copyedit… but it didn’t feel right. So I started a new draft, and here’s how it ended up. As I said to @beatricethecat2 , it’s ironic, or maybe just stupidly appropriate, that I had to back up and take another, um, route. Also my car was in the shop earlier this week, though I swear what was wrong with it was unrelated to any of the things in this story. Well, okay, not completely unrelated, given that it’s, you know, a car. And actually even less unrelated than that, now that I think about it, given that the problem was with the starter. Anyway, this is the end of the, ahem, road. (Sorry.) It started in part 1 and ran through part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5. All the way to here.

Road 6

One year later

It’s a long walk to get away from a several-thousand-person tent city, if you want some true desert peace. It’s a walk that stretches, stretches long, when you aren’t following any footsteps, when you’re just walking toward silence, not sure of when you’ll find its fullness.

Myka likes to take this walk. This year, she’s particularly liked to take it, and she’s done so, every evening as night has faded the day, before the cars have demanded her attention.

She has breathed in the stillness, breathed it out, let the weight, and the wait, settle on her. She would not have believed, not years ago, not even a year ago, that the desert could sit this gentle—or rather, that its heaviness could sit to the side. Present, but a sleeping animal. Settled in for the night.

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wolffoggirl  asked:

drabble game 12 , 22 Namjoon please

12 - “I don’t care that it’s 2am” + 22 - “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice” | Namjoon

The only reason you kept coming to class was sitting in front of you. 

Grey hair, slicked back, black-framed nerd glasses and a face so handsome you wondered how someone like him - Kim Namjoon - could exist in this world.  

He was the smartass among you, his responses and answers witty and intellectual that made everyone here look plain stupid. And how much he knew never ceased to amaze you.

You didn’t notice how you were staring at the back of his head before your friend pinched you. 

“Stop it, Y/N,” she hissed. You just couldn’t help it. You have learned to fall in love with this guy since middle school. 

“I’m not doing anything,” you hissed back, and at once caught your teacher’s attention, who coughed and looked at you over the rim of her glasses with a sharp glance that could cause heart attacks.

“Miss Y/N, do you have something to say?” she asked, and everyone turned to you. Namjoon, too. 

Instantly, it felt like someone had set up a fire and held it close to your face, but it was only Namjoon’s gaze that lingered on you. How his eyes were staring holes in your skin and made it feel like he could read you like an open book. 

“Uhm.. no, Miss. I’m sorry,” you replied and looked down. Your cheeks felt like you just ran a marathon.

All your classmates turned away. But somehow, you still felt something, like you could feel a ray of sunshine beaming down on your skin, and when you looked back up, you almost flinched. Namjoon was still staring. 

“W-What?” you asked perplexed. 

Your heart slid down to your stomach when he suddenly smiled at you.
“It’s okay. I do that, too, sometimes.”

You frowned in confusion. What does he mean by that? 

But before you could ask him, he was already back in the lesson.

The ring of the bell sounded like salvation to you, and walking through the open door, out to freedom, felt like a release from jail. 

As you were standing at your locker, collecting your stuff for the next class, your eyes caught the sound of a familiar voice. 


He was standing nearby with his friends, Taehyung and Yoongi, and he was leaning against his locker, his hands in his pockets and his smiles plastered on his face. Here and there, a laughter escaped his lips and you found yourself grinning like an idiot in response, just by hearing that joyful sound. 

Suddenly, his dark brown eyes averted to yours and they met, for one split second, before you abruptly turned away and pretended nothing had happened. Fortunately, from the other end of the hallway, your best friend was racing towards you.  

“Y/N!” she shouted excitedly. 

“What’s going on?” you asked back. She was in a very bright mood today. 

“Tomorrow is Homecoming! You are coming, right?” she couldn’t stop smiling. 


“Uhm…” you stammered. “I… I don’t think so. I don’t have a date or a dress, and I have this very important test-”

“Oh come on, Y/N! You’re missing out! And by the way,” she leaned closer to my ear. “I heard Namjoon is coming, too. But he doesn’t have a date, either.”

He doesn’t have a date? A guy like him didn’t have a date? What was wrong with the girls at your school? 

“I don’t care,” you said. “I’m not going. You go, and have fun.”

“But I can’t have fun without my best friend!” she protested. 

The loud bell announced the beginning of the next class.

“Gotta go,” you said and swung your bag over your shoulder. “Have fun at homecoming.”

You didn’t have to turn around to see her expression of disbelief. But you also didn’t see how Namjoon was looking at you as you made your way down the hall.

What the f-

The obnoxious ringing of your phone, in the middle of the night, interrupted your sleep and had violently shook you awake. 

Whoever was calling, it better be an emergency, you thought grumpy. But when you glanced at the bright display, your heart stopped for a beat. 

“Kim Namjoon”

Why was he calling? Why at this hour? Did something happen? Did he know who he was calling?

Unanswered question swirled in your head, while you tried to decide whether or not you should pick up or wait until tomorrow morning to call him or– 

Fuck it. 

“Hello?” you said tiredly into the phone. 

“Y/N? Is that you?” It was definitely Namjoon. But his voice sounded… different. 

“Y-Yeah, it’s me. What’s wrong?” You rubbed your eyes as you waited for his answer, but you could hear in the background music booming and people shouting. It couldn’t be homecoming; it was too late. Was he maybe in a club?

“Why didn’t you show up to the party? It was sooo fun and I really wanted to dance with *hicks* you,” he slurred. He was drunk. Definitely drunk. 

“Namjoon, it’s two in the-”

“I don’t care that it’s 2am!” he interrupted fiercely. “Fuck, don’t you know how much I wished to see you at the dance?”

Words were stuck in your throat, your voice was stuck in your throat. Why was he saying this? Did he know what he was saying? What should you say?

“I’m sure, you would have looked so goddamn beautiful in whatever dress you wore. It would have been impossible for me to stand it,” he laughed suddenly. “Too much beauty… drives a man crazy, you know that, Y/N?”

Sleep was long washed off your mind. 

“Do you know how cute and pretty you looked yesterday in English class when *hicks* when you blushed and looked down and fuck, can you imagine how hard it was for me not to kiss you right there and then?”

You gasped in shakily. “Namjoon, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Oh, I’m totally sober, baby girl. When it comes to you, my mind functions perfectly.”

Your breath hitched in your throat. Baby girl

“Namjoon, you don’t know what you’re saying. And it’s the best when we talk tomorrow when you’re really sober and clear-minded.”

“I do that sometimes, too. Remember that? I told you that yesterday. I meant… I meant that I sometimes stare at you, too, Y/N. I just can’t help it,” his voice had turned softer and more quiet. Low and husky. 

“I know you’re staring at me, Y/N,” you heard a deep chuckle. “I know how you steal glances whenever I’m not looking. I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. Don’t deny that.”

His words had vanished yours at once. You didn’t know what to reply. 

“You might not know this, but I didn’t have a date tonight. Because *hicks* what prettier girl is there at our school than you, huh? Name me one that can surpass your… your perfection and I will hang up immediately, I promised. Go on, tell me.” 

You sighed. “Namjoon–”

“You can’t, can you? Because it’s impossible. There is no one prettier than you, no one sweeter and cuter than you and damn, I wished– ”

“Where are you?” you suddenly asked him. He was crazy. Absolutely wasted. 

“That one club, down the street where Jimin volunteered as a stripper last summer,” he answered with no hesitation. 

“I’m on my way. Stay where you are,” you told him firmly. “I’m going to get you.”

“Hurry, babe, I can’t wait to see you again,” he groaned and giggled.


Pairing: Sam x Pregnent-Reader x Gadreel

Words: 934

Warnings: none

Requested by: @samknitchester

This is my first request I’m really happy to do this and i really hope you guys like it and thanks @samknitchester for the request!


“(Name)” A familiar angel knocks on your door, you slowly walk up to it and open it only to face your most trusted friend Castiel.

“Hey Cas what’s up?” You ask him a little worried because he looked a lot more serious than usual.

“We need to talk” Was all he said before entering your room and slamming the door shut.

“Hey Cas take it easy just start from the beginning”. You sat with him on your bed and he takes a few deep breaths before talking.

“(Name) you are with child”. You stare at Castiel in shock you had noticed you weren’t felling well for the past couple weeks but you just thought it was nothing and ignored it and because you were on birth control.

“I’m on birth control Cas how is tha-”. He quickly cuts you off.

“That’s not all…the child…”. He pauses and takes a heavy breath “Is a Nephilim”


“It seems that some of Gadreel’s grace has made its way into Sam’s DNA and the so called ‘birth control’ was no match”. You rest you head in your hands still processing the new information.

“What am I supposed to tell Sam and Gadreel?”. You look up at Castiel with tears steaming down your face "What if he doesn’t want the baby?”

Castiel quickly embraced you to calm you down “You and I both know Sam would never do that, he has very strong feelings for you (Name) but so does Gadreel”.

“Okay I’ll tell them, they should be back any minute now”. You and Cas walked to the main room in the bunker and wait for the other 3 to return and not long after they had arrived.

“We’re back!”. Dean appears first with Sam and Gadreel behind.

“Hey (Name), Cas ”. Sam greets you and gives a quick hug.

“We need to talk, it’s important”. Cas says looking at Sam and Gadreel.

“Whats the matter Cas?”. Dean asks looking cautios.

“I’m pregnant”. You got straight to the point both Dean and Sam’s faces became shocked but as they noticed your and Cas’ upset faces they knew something was wrong.

“But how I thought you were on birth control?”. Sam asks.

“There’s something your not telling them I’m assuming”. Gadreel speaks up.

Sam looks back at him and then to you.

“The child is a Nephilim ”. Cas says looking at you knowing it was too hard for you to say.

“So the kids gonna be an angle?”. Dean asks.

“No only half and half human”. Gadreel states.

“But that’s impossible Sam’s human and so is (Name)!”. Dean shouts.

“It’s my grace” Gadreel tells him both Sam and Dean face him “It must’ve gotten through somehow”.

“So this is your fault!” Dean approached Gadreel

“Hey Dean calm down!”. You said. Luckily Cas got in between them to stop Dean.

“Nothing will resolve with fighting ”. Cas said which resulted in Dean walking off probably to go get a beer he knew Cas was right.

“So how is this going to work with the baby having two fathers?”. Sam says.

“She has to choose isn’t that obvious”. Gadreel says.

“What you can’t make me do that! Cas tell them!”. You hadn’t known Gadreel for long but he seemed like a nice guy who was around the wrong people.

“(Name) its ok we’ll be happy with whatever decision you make as long as your happy” you couldn’t take the pressure you moved without thinking and ran towards your room locking the door.

(Ok you have two pathways either Sam or Gadreel)

Sam Winchester

You were on the ground covered with tears not knowing what do to thinking and thinking till your thoughts are interrupted by a slight knock on the door.

“Hey (Name) it’s me Sam I just want to know if your doing okay? I’m worried about you.” He paused waiting to see if you’d answer. “I’ll just go then” before he could walk away you quickly open the door and grab onto his sleeve.

“Please don’t leave me Sam” you say trying to keep anymore tears from falling down your face.

He pulls you into a warm hug and kisses your head.

“I’ll never leave you, or our child”

The End.


You were on the ground covered with tears not knowing what do to, thinking and thinking till your thoughts are interrupted by a slight knock on the door.

“Erm…(Name) its me Gadreel I know I’m not the person you want to see right now but I just wanted you to know that I want to care for the child I know I might not be fit to but I’ve always had strong feelings for you-” you cut him off by opening  the door to face him “(Name)” He says softly.

“Do you mean it” he replies with a nod. “Why didn’t you tell me before and why now?”

“I didn’t quiet understand what these feelings were at the beginning but when I saw you and Sam I knew I wanted you beside me” there was a long pause in Gadreel’s words and all you could do was look at him in shock.

“Sam Winchester doesn’t know if he’ll be able to care for a child that isn’t only his but I am, the child is my responsibility and I want to care for him if you willing to let me”

“Really?” Was all you could say before covering you gaped mouth with your hands.

“Yes” and without thinking you wrap your arms around him tightly.

“I promise I’ll always protect you and our child”

The End.


if you guys have any request just message me! :) 

The Pact (Part Four)

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A/N: I found a lot of typos than expected in the last chapter omg *cringe* And yes, this was a bit late. I wasn’t exactly satisfied with my writing. Anyways, I have no ideaaa where I’m going with this, but I hope it reaches to the point of where I want it to be. (EDIT: Aaaand I found typos)

(IMPORTANT: I update every Tuesday 10AM PH time)

Warning: Slight gore

Word Count: 5,233

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five (Next Tuesday)

After that incident, Y/N decided to walk around school alone, observing every detail of the building and the hallway she was in. It was beautiful; the corridors that were decorated by the marble columns that allowed the sunlight to light it up, serving it as a way for students to see.The vibe it gave off was something that Y/N compared to that of ancient times and greek eras; it gave her a nostalgic feel to everything. She found herself appreciating one of the many human talents, whether it was just their job or really their passion.

Right now, she was ignoring every one of them as she was minding her own business, even though they could see her. It wasn’t as comfortable as she thought it would be, since word got out fast. The incident was literally the hot topic of the school right now, and she had wondered how it spread that fast. She tried to get it out of her system, and tried to ignore it. But every word she could hear so clearly, as if they were in talking right next to her in close proximity. She couldn’t hear her own thoughts, nor could she overpower the words with her own. There were a lot of voices; she felt like she was backed into a corner when all she could hear was about her

She felt the urge to just bolt her way out of there, and just run to anywhere but here. Her breathing had become rapid, and she bit her lip to prevent herself from doing anything she might regret. When her leg twitched forward to sprint, she suddenly felt a hand latch onto her wrist. She snapped her head towards the owner of the hand, only to find that it was Jaebum. And she never felt more relieved to see him in her entire life, not that she would admit that to him. 

She sighed; suddenly the voices had died down, and it had become more tolerable. 

He had a genuinely worried expression plastered onto his face, and she didn’t know if that was just for her or really just him being worried. She turned to fully face him, wondering what he wanted from her right now. “What?” 

“Are you okay? You looked like you were about to explode just then and there.” He pointed out, recalling how you panicked you looked when the voices got louder. 

“Yeah– I’m fine… now.” She couldn’t lie, and she knew that. She expected some snarky comment from him, or a teasing remark, but surprisingly, he was as quiet as ever. But that didn’t soothe her, she’d rather much have him to say something rather than be totally unreadable.

She knew that he could hear all those whispers, and she felt ashamed in front of him, maybe even embarrassed when he wasn’t saying anything. She thought he was judging her for being so vulnerable, when he might’ve expected her to be a lot stronger than that since she was an angel. She didn’t want him to see her like that, especially not when he could use it against her. 

“Let’s just go,” She started walking in a different direction, the one she thought where the patios were at. Jaebum followed shortly after, now walking side by side with each other. 

“I take it that it didn’t go too well?” He questioned, stuffing his hands into his jacket’s pockets. He was referring to the whispers he was hearing all around. He was quirking his eyebrows at her, but he still had that serious expression on his face. And she didn’t find any intended mockery in his question at all.

“It was swell at first… but you know.” She answered honestly, but vaguely as ever. She recalled how much fun she was having with Jungkook, but all that went down hill when she decided to be rational about it and didn’t decide to heed his words. “Do you think… I made the wrong choice?” She hesitantly asked for his opinion, but not even sparing a single glance towards him. 

“You’re asking me that?” He snorted, not entirely believing that she was that affected to not be in the right mind, asking a demon a moral kind-of-question. She bit her lip, regretting to ask him that. “I don’t know, what do you think?”

“I think I made the wrong decision,” She stated her opinion, and they had finally arrived to their destination point. She took a table that was underneath a big fig tree, which kept them under shade from the sun. Everybody here seemed to be minding their own business, either eating or just chatting up. The day was beautiful, and it had lifted her mood a bit. 

“I don’t think so,” He voiced out, taking a seat opposite to her. “Personally, I think you made the right choice if you were going by morals, but if you wanted to avoid complications…” He trailed off, explaining his point of view. From what he heard, most of the rumors were biased. It had sounded like that girl Cindy had manipulated the situation by wrapping Jungkook around her finger, hence Y/N being overpowered since she didn’t want to use any of her powers to turn things to her favor. He knew she wouldn’t be like that. Technically, what she did was morally right, and logically right as a human. It’s what a human would’ve done, but that wasn’t exactly a smart choice right?

“I’ll go grab some grub.” He stood up, leaving her for awhile with her thoughts. She contemplated on his words, trying to decipher what they had meant. ‘If I wanted to avoid complications?’ She pondered, leaning on the palm of her hand. What other way was there? Just take the beating?

It wasn’t long before he came back with a large platter of food for both of them, having a big grin on his face. She looked at him questioningly; wondering why he was looking so excited when he didn’t need to actually eat. 

“Jaebum, you know we don’t need to eat right?” She questioned, knowing both of them would never and has never been hungry for anything. They didn’t have those kinds of necessities, or any kind for that matter. 

“And you know we can never get an upset tummy no matter how much we eat, so why not?” He retorted, before digging into his extra large french fries. She rolled her eyes at him, before grabbing one of the burgers and sodas he had bought. 

She took a bite out of hers, tasting the delicious juiciness of the patty. She found it weird to be eating with him, but she found the moment to be pleasant. At least she didn’t need to act like someone else around him, since he knew what she already was. 

“So delicious,” He complimented, mouth being constantly stuffed with food, as if he hadn’t eaten in years. She laughed at the sight of him – forgetting about everything for a moment. He looked like a chipmunk with his cheeks stuff liked that.

When she was done with hers, she took a sip of her soda and some of his fries to irritate him – to which in turn he slapped her hand away. “Yah! I just want some!” She exclaimed angrily, however, the sly smile creeping up said otherwise. “You’re not hungry!” He retorted, now engaging into a locked wrestling match with her, attempting to stop her from getting his food. “They’re tasty!” 

He didn’t know what he was doing, entertaining her like this. But he complied nonetheless, and he was actually having fun. A competitive grin had made its way up. “Why are you so stingy!?” “My money, my food!” He argued back, not backing down in their bickering. 

After what seemed like hours of fighting, Jaebum finally gave up and just let Y/N the rest of his fries, to which she gladly accepted before downing it all in one go. “You’re such a pig,” He threw at her a petty insult; although in reality, he definitely had his glory days that made this look like it was dieting. She shrugged it off, happy with herself. 

He noticed the shift in her mood, how it went from sad to happy and playful in mere seconds. How it was like that off a child – curious to learn more, moody when they wouldn’t get what they want. But just like any other child, they were inexperienced and unpredictable. 

So now they sat there in silence, with the exception of cheerful chatter and the nature of course. He stared blankly at his hands, planning his next move. When he was at a different location, he had felt the rising angelic presence on school grounds, which caused slight flickering in the hallways. He had presumed it was just her, since it had not happened so long ago. He was worried about her, wondering if the sudden exposure to this type of environment would be too much. There was a lot she didn’t know about them, but he knew she had seen worse. But what if she can’t handle it happening to her firsthand? The emotions that would rise in an angel would affect anything surrounding her. From flickering lights to dead bodies real fast, he thought it would be dangerous to keep her like this if it would signal her comrades. 

“Hey,” Her voice brought him back to reality. “Why do you think people belittle each other when they’re equal?” She asked out of nowhere, creating imaginary circles with her fingers on the table. He was slowly trying to process at first, but he knew the reason why.

“Well, to them – there’s a lot of factors. It can be because of social status, or power, or talent, but it’s all based on standards. They like to belittle the ones who don’t reach it.” He decided to educate her on human psychology – straightening his back in his chair. He had a lot of experience in this, like it was his second nature to toy with them and see what makes them tick. “Then why was I targeted?” She questioned; they didn’t know her social status, or her power, or any of her talent. And she was sure of her beauty, so why?

“You’re case is different – like I said, a lot of factors. From what I heard, it sounded like that cheerleader was just jealous of you ‘flirting’ with their star player Jungkook.” She snapped her head upwards to look at him in the eye, then pausing to fit the pieces together. “Oh my goodness – are they together?” Now thinking that she might’ve hurt Cindy’s feelings, or maybe her and Jungkook’s relationship. Her face instantly fell as she felt the guilt rise up.

“What no– Hell no,” He scoffed at her false assumption; before he could protest her view even further, a group of girls had approached the two of them.

“Well, well, well – what do we have here?” A high-pitched voice had cut their conversation short. Both of the supernatural beings had simultaneously looked up to find the owner, to which Y/N had found to be Cindy. Her expression immediately turning into a puzzled one. Speak of the devil.

“The tattle tale and–” She looked from Y/N to Jaebum, immediately cutting off her words when her honey eyes landed upon him. “–Who might you be?” She asked in a more friendly and intrigued tone than what she gave to the angel. He had peaked her interest, he figured. He knew whenever someone was interested in him or not, and she was showing obvious signs. He took note of how she addressed Y/N, and from the what he’s been hearing around, it sounded like this girl was Cindy. She had matched the description after all. Styled long brown hair and ruby red lips. 

If he were to be completely honest, he would’ve hooked up with her whenever given the chance for some fun, like he usually would with any unsuspecting human who were just looking for a fling. But since the circumstances… changed, he decided to change his game up a bit. 

Taken,” And that was when things started to get real fun. He looked at her dejected being as he crossed his arms with a smirk etched on his face, waiting for what she had to say to that. She had just made a complete fool of herself – mocking his ‘girlfriend’ in front of her ‘boyfriend’, whom she had just attempted to flirt shamelessly with. 

“Do you have a problem with my girl?” He emphasized, gesturing his head towards the angel – making the point across that he was in fact talking about Y/N. 

Cindy was speechless for a moment, before regaining her composure by standing straight and tall. “Why yes, I didn’t think that miss Y/N was taken, not when she practically threw herself at our star player Jungkook. Slutty, don’t you think?” She countered, crossing her arms at Y/N with a satisfied smile on her face. However her smile suddenly fell when she heard Jaebum’s low chuckle.

He shook his head, not believing how utterly stupid she was. He knew humans were horrible – he used to be one himself, which is why he knew what they were like. And he knew, that this piece of meat dangling in front of him, wouldn’t have the balls to do all things he used to do – no matter how crude this person was, she was still a spoiled brat. Just by seeing her, he knew that she would the type to be cowardly; someone who was willing to save her tail by throwing others into the fire. 

“What’s slutty is you flirting with me in front of my girlfriend.” He pointed out, now looking at her in the eye. Her face began to redden, from her cheeks to her ears as she stood there in awe – she was utterly embarrassed for him to say that out loud so boldly, and because it was the truth she didn’t want to acknowledge. 

“What? Cat caught your tongue?” He mocked, which brought her back to reality. Her demeanor seeming more hostile than to what she was showing him at first. She glared at him before turning away, walking away with the group of girls who were just there to mindlessly follow her. 

Y/N stared at him in bewilderment, not believing how he handled that situation so smoothly. She envied his expertise, since he looked like he would always be ten steps ahead of everyone. She knew he dealt with them ever since he was born a demon, but she wanted to have the same effect of having everyone behind you and turning the results into her favor. 

Jaebum caught her staring at him, knowing that she would be impressed with his manipulation skills. “Glad that I chose you?” He teased, winking at her – which in turn caused her to blush; she was feeling something weird in the pit of her stomach that she couldn’t put her finger on. 

“No… just impressed I must say.” She admits; she can’t really deny the fact at how witty he was. Maybe she could learn a thing or two from him, but little did she know, that was exactly why he brought her there. 

What was his motive you ask? Well in all honesty, it was for the experience, and it still is. He brought her here so that she could learn, whether it be something like manipulation. The past week, he had noticed how she was acting whenever they were going on interrogation missions together. Her boldness and honesty was effective, since it made all her threats seem more threatening as they couldn’t be bluffs. But he noticed how she wasn’t able to tell the difference between the truth and a good lie. If he had given his motive, she would’ve rejected it immediately as her pride would’ve gotten the best of her. 

“Hey, I got an idea.” He spoke up, a hint of mischief in his tone as he leaned in with a playful grin. “And you’re going to like this.” The angel cocked an eyebrow at him, wanting to hear what he has in mind this time. 

“I’m listening,” She leaned in, propping herself with both her arms and elbows on the table.

“Why don’t we stage a play?” He suggested, wiggling his eyebrows at her. Y/N looked at him confused; a theatrical play?

“A play?” She repeated his words, not entirely seeing where he was getting at. 

“Why don’t we stage one and let the main character be miss Cindy Browen.” 

Cindy was with her group of friends and her type of people – the jocks, the popular kids, and alike. They were having their usual chatter of things, except this time, since it’s the start of a new year – it comes with an annual bonus topic. New students.

New students were a thing that happened annually, and they’re a big game changer to everyone around. They could be the reigning queen bee in their previous school, they could be the hot new student, they could be the insanely rich ones, they could be anything. So it wasn’t a surprise that they were the hot topic, especially when two significant ones have made their name known in just one day. 

Jungkook knew Y/N, and it was sad to see her being in the hot spotlight. He knew she wasn’t that type of girl, and she was new here, which may have been even worse. Although what did come to a shock to him, was that he heard you were taken by someone else. But even more so when he found out that it was her taller companion who claimed to be her boyfriend. He knew what he heard from him, and he said that they were just ‘friends’ – which confused him to no end when he heard Cindy rambling on about her experience with them.

Had he been lied to? He didn’t know, but it sounded like they were really just friends. He assumed that the guy lied to her in order to protect Y/N, and that was by making Cindy a fool out of herself. After all, that’s what friends are for right? He then immediately recalled how he betrayed her in class, his mood sinking immensely. Trying to convince his conscience that it was for the better, even she agreed – but it wouldn’t budge. He cursed himself, and he cursed Cindy. It’s not like they were dating, plus her hands were always on someone else she found interesting. So why keep Jungkook from getting taken? He fumed at the idea. 

“Kind of a shame though, he was good looking, plus he seemed fit. He could’ve had a chance to try out for the football team.” Cindy claimed, now talking to the football players. One of them scoffed, specifically the captain. 

“Just because he rejected you doesn’t mean he can’t join us – plus he had a good reason; he was taken, by someone pretty at that.” Jungkook heard them argue loud and clear, and he silently agreed with the captain’s protest. Although it peeved him to hear that they thought she was pretty – not that she wasn’t – but that meant they were probably interested in her, and he didn’t want them to lay not even a single hair on her. 

The relationship between the captain and the queen bee was that of a love-hate kind of friendship together; their sorority being closely tied with their fraternity. And that also meant having to agree with each other before passing down their judgement. The captain, Cedric, was more logical, grounded, and definitely more approachable, but a little more lustful and superficial. Whereas Cindy was more manipulative, bold, and smarter, but more hot-headed and arrogant than Cedric. Both had the same ideology of being on top, none can lie about that. 

“How would I know when she was flirting with my Jungkookie!” She exclaimed, crossing her arms at the man next to her. The captain cocked his eyebrow at the star player, who was avoiding his stare by keeping his eyes on his fries. “Jungkook?”

“She wasn’t flirting; she was new and I wanted to get to know her better.” He tried to hold back any sign of animosity in his tone, even though his own words contrasted hers. He didn’t look up at Cindy, but he knew she was burning holes onto the top of his head with her daggering glare. This had always seemed to be the problem with her; he couldn’t get the chance to talk to any girl normally without her coming into play. And she wasn’t even his girlfriend, just someone who thought had claimed him because apparently, she was the only one good enough for him. 

He angrily dropped his fry back into the paper holder, before abruptly standing up and grabbing his bag to leave. “Jungkook, where are you going–” He heard one of them ask, but he didn’t respond and just left them all hanging as he left the cafeteria with all eyes on him. 

Once he walked out, he was met by nature’s bright day and the cheerful banter of people, but that didn’t boost his mood one bit. He couldn’t think straight right now – his mind was a clouded rage, but he had enough presence of mind to know that he needed to take a break from them right now. He just wanted to go home right, play some video games. Or maybe hit the gym, and do some kickboxing. Better yet, the arcade. 

He looked up his pathway, and he immediately noticed from the corner of his eye the two new students. Once his eyes landed on both of their figures, it didn’t latch away. He saw how the two of you were staring at each other – giving each other playful grins that he found some to be suggestive. And he couldn’t help but feel his heart getting tugged down when he saw Y/N smiling back at Jaebum, then suddenly feeling frustrated, but he didn’t know why. 

She noticed his stare when he passed by the sidewalk, and her smile fell for a moment as her face turned into a more grim expression. He didn’t know it, but it looked like he was glaring at her.

He immediately looked away, shaking his head and licking his lips in frustration. His eyebrows were knitted together as his jaw was noticeably clenched. She definitely thought she did something wrong.

Her feet moved on her own as she stood up, not being in control of her actions anymore. 

“Y/N?” He called out – what had gotten into her all of a sudden? She wasn’t responding to him anymore; her feet started to take her away as her eyes were locked onto something, like she was in a trance. 

“Y/N–” He called out short, abruptly standing up in attempts to grab and stop her from whatever she was about to do. But her pace quickened, she was suddenly jogging to something as she followed the school’s pathway to the exit. 

His voices died out when she had began to follow Jungkook, in attempts of catching him. She didn’t even know what she would do when she did, but she decided to push that thought into the back of her mind and think about that later. 

“Another one bites the dust,” A fellow angel – Mira – happily hums to herself as she sees the lifeless body of a defeated demon fall to the ground. Taehyung just watched with a grim expression – lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed; staring hard at the gruesome sight of the human vessel losing its eyes; blood pooling out. 

He was currently on a mission, in pairs to be exact. The past few days had been busy, but they weren’t able to get that much information on anyone. They tried demons mostly, but they were too smart to spill anything about the disturbance. At least, that’s what they thought. 

In reality, little did they know that they did not know anything about the vibration at all. And Taehyung was starting to get to that idea. He frowned upon another lost cause, walking towards and crouching down to examine the corpse. It was a female human vessel, and he thought of the loss of life of the human. She was human; she had people who probably cared for her, and he couldn’t help but feel the guilt resonate within him. What would’ve been done if she was never possessed at all? He knew as well that they couldn’t be exorcised if they were being affected greatly by the cosmic wave, so it was risky and out of the question to even try right now.

He stood up, and walked away with his hands stuffed in his jersey. Usually he would be at the arcade, interacting with others, but he had priorities. 

“What do we tell Seokjin?” Mira queried, following after him shortly. He just shrugged at her nonchalantly, his expression showing that he was bored out of his mind.

“Same as usual,” Since nothing had happened out of the ordinary anyways.

He had imagined that she nodded at his words, as she was silent in response. He could be doing other things by now rather than wasting his time killing humans and demons along, like maybe talk to some humans? Frolic in nature maybe. He would usually be at the arcade with someone at this time; he even made a human friend, much to the Garrison’s dismay.

He didn’t know why they were so against them when they were interesting beings, and angels would always have the upperhand. If anything were to go wrong, he could just make them forget him, and wrap reality. That was the usual solution, but he guesses since it’s dangerous at this point of time, he would understand their worries. 

He sighed as he walked out of the alleyway, the smell of garbage and rundown buildings filling his nostrils bothered him. This area was polluted; especially when it was the west side of the state, where juvenile gangs and crimes never slept. And he hated the thought that they were wasting their lives like this, damning themselves to hell almost completely. He thought he ought to do something about it, maybe after this whole fiasco ends. 

“Hey,” He called out to his companion as he kept his eyes on his path. “Do you ever wonder if it’s really a demon’s doing?” He asked. She was silent for a moment, implying that she was pondering. 

“Of course, but I just have this feeling that it’s not made known to most of the lower class ones.” He figured she would say that, most of his companions gave that sort of answer. But at least it was given with explanation. 

He had asked that because they almost always put the blame on them whenever something happened, but he couldn’t blame the angels about their paranoia. It was almost always like that in this never ending war, they were bound to go against them for all eternity. Angels barely came down on earth, so their existence was only known to the oldest of creatures and to all of demons, which is why most of their suspicion was situated upon them. So it was quite a surprise when other creatures like werewolves, vampires, and ghouls saw them, thinking that they weren’t real. Even the hunters don’t acknowledge their existence, which was sort of ironic since they exorcise demons. 

“Where to now?” He pondered at her question, maybe he could catch up on with his other teammates. 

“East side,” He replied, knowing that Y/N would be there. He wondered what his best friend was doing; nowadays she was going on her own and that was quite unusual for the both of them. He would’ve accompanied her, but due to her protest, he didn’t. He didn’t fight back on it, thinking maybe she had a reason, but it was still out of the blue for him. 

After miles of walking, he found himself in front of a university. But he felt something strange resonating from the building. He followed her presence, where it was last radiating at least. It was weak around parts of the city, but it was still there, which led him here. 

She was here for sure, but there was something oddly mixed in her presence. It was suddenly rising at an alarming pace, and he could hear the flicker of lights inside as well as the many students slightly panicking. His eyes widened when he caught the smell of sulfur, hitting him like a bulldozer – bringing to the terrifying thought that she could be in danger.

Oh my goodness–” He muttered under his breath, he started to sprint towards her direction. He paid no mind to Mira, who was quickly following him out of spite – not knowing what had happened to him. The closer he got to her presence, the more scared he felt when there was another lingering one next to hers.  He put two and two together, thinking that there was something inside that building that alarmed students – and thinking that she had raised her presence in hopes of a distress signal.

His feet were running on the sidewalk, dodging the few passersby swiftly as he desperately followed her angelic presence. He then heard rapid footsteps coming from his left at a fast face, and in the corner of his eye, he saw a figure running at him.

By instinct, he turned to get a full view of him; that’s when they had made eye-contact, and it was like time had stopped still. His eyes were locked onto soft brown ones – terrified and frustrated beyond belief. Both of their eyes dilated towards each other, getting a good glimpse of their friend. If only both of them weren’t in a hurry, Taehyung would’ve been in the right mind to stop his human acquaintance at the moment before he took a quick step backward, letting him pass himself by and onto the pedestrian lane.

“Jungkook! Look out!” A shrieking voice brought him back to the present. He snapped his head towards the direction of the owner – eyes landing upon the person he was looking for, then to the figure behind her. 

“What?” He uttered out in confusion, not believing the sight before him. He tried to piece things together when he saw Jaebum, clearly getting a view on his horrifying demonic appearance residing behind the human vessel. But everything was happening all so fast it made no sense to him at that point.

Why was Jungkook running away? And why was she chasing him? More importantly, that thing behind her–

The sound of a truck’s horn rang through his ears – eyes turning into saucers to the sudden realization when he had processed her words clearly.

He immediately turned his head back to Jungkook’s spot, catching a glimpse of a fast-pacing semi-trailer nearing him. 

“NO!” Both of them simultaneously reached their hand out as they screamed for the boy to jump out of the way. And just when Jungkook noticed the presence of the truck, that was when everything stopped

The one thing that kills me about the 4x12 sneak peak is Bellamy’s eavesdropping side eye. Cause we have to remember this is Bellamy Blake who’s lied and probably stole all his life to protect his sister. He shot a man just to be by her side. He’s done horrible things in the name of his people. He’s hated himself for it just as much as Clarke has. But he never got his mother’s approval. Sure he has Kane telling him he deserves to survive and that he can always be a better person. But Abby Griffin has this unconditional love for her daughter that no matter her actions she will always be on Clarke’s side. His family’s very existence was illegal. His mother put that responsibility on him at a very young age, and most likely being a good person/protecting his family became an expectation rather than something to be rewarded. And I feel like this look he has on his face is more a look of disdain for Abby’s glossing over of Clarke’s actions. Clarke is privileged, she has the support of her family, and the unquestionable support of people like Jaha, and even Bellamy himself. Bellamy has clawed his way up the ranks. Bellamy who was a lower class janitor, who’s passion and leadership probably would have suffocated in the harsh class system on the ark. He doesn’t have that comfort of home, he doesn’t have that support whispering ‘I love you’ and 'youre a good person’ every time he makes a hard decision. Bellamy looks in that sneak peak as a person who not only is being critical of this need to pat Clarke on the back, but who is also reflecting on himself, and feeling that lack of support and love from someone who would always be in his corner.

And then Clarke looks over at him. And you know that she’s looking to him as the good guy. Clarke 'Maybe there are no good guys’ Griffin can recognize that she made a mistake, that she made a tough call that didn’t have a good outcome either way, but she was still on the wrong side because she didn’t make that call with Bellamy. I feel like Clarke’s need to seek that validation from her mother is like putting a bandaid on a gushing wound. There’s no way her mother telling her that she’s a good person is going to fix her self doubt, but I think she recognizes that with Bellamy there she will always know what the right call is. Even if she has to point a gun at him for a few seconds, she knows that they’re stronger together. I think Clarke looks over at Bellamy not only because she thinks he’s a good person, but because in that moment she needs him to tell her, not her mother, that she is a good person.

What I’m getting at is they both need that validation from one another. Clarke needs to hear Bellamy tell her that he’s with her, he thinks she’s a good person despite all the hard choices they’ve made. And Bellamy needs Clarke to do the same, because in the end they both know Bellamy made the right call. Much like in that season 2 scene, “It had to be done” and “I’m sure that had to be done too.” They need each other’s support, and they need each other’s forgiveness.

  • yeo wool: honestly, your ex's new girl isn't even that hot.
  • soo yeon: yeah, and her boobs are like way too perky.
  • han sung: she's not even a good magician.
  • sun woo: really, i think ji dwi was at fault with the relationship.
  • yeo wool, soo yeon, and han sung: sun woo!
  • ah ro: ... alright, you guys. you know what? it's okay... i'm over it. ji dwi means nothing to me now.
  • ah ro:
  • ah ro: actually, keep going.
  • yeo wool: that guy is a whore.
  • soo yeon: she's no way as attractive as you are.
  • han sung: you deserve better.
  • sun woo: he is so wrong with leaving you.
  • han sung: he's so gross and she is too.
  • soo yeon: that boy and girl need to go.
  • yeo wool: like oh my god!
  • han sung: i know, right?
Fanboy [Chapter 2]

Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

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Chapter 1 Tumblr post

Adrien’s yawns filled the dark spaces of his room, his eyes stinging from exhaustion with his fingers still typing rapidly. He was frustrated, so frustrated, and constantly found himself ignoring Plagg’s constant complaints about how late it was.

He always hated how his father regarded him as someone impatient and ill-tempered. He always did what he was told with a forced smile – always following along with Chloe’s plans even when he preferred to stay home and play video games; always trying to maintain that image of perfection that his father enforced. So, he was honestly confused and annoyed with his father’s view of him.

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