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With everything that’s going on in the fandom, I thought about doing a little header. Feel free to use it anyway you like 🌈✨ Happy pride and I hope you feel welcome and comfortable wherever you go! ✨🌈

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Please share this. It is important.

Those of you changing your profile pictures or posting photos with the #HandsOffSyria to/using the Syrian flag are using the wrong flag.

The flag with two green stars is the Syrian regime flag. It is the flag of the President and his government. This is not the Syrian flag.

Stop using the regime flag. It’s drenched in our blood.

happy pride month everyone im queer & i made a calendar🌈💖

(these are the official days of pride i didnt make them up i just wanted to make my version of it. Celebrate LGBT+ everyday please stop bringing negativity to my post. I also apologize for getting the Agender flag wrong its just what kept coming up when i searched for “Agender Flag”. Thank you to everyone who has helped educate me instead of being rude.) I hope everyone has a happy pride!🌈💖

“I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead.”

A Sapphic Moodboard for falling for your Best Friend Requested by @tothemoonweshallgo
Emotional Imbalance

(Tell me if this has been done before)

Okay, if you guys haven’t get tired of my ideas (that again doesn’t makes sense) yet then here is another one!

> Never trust a 10,000 year old information. It is a sure a guarantee that it will be outdated.

> Roaming around the universe and answering distress signals, helping other aliens, and making alliances also means that they need to land on certain planets (obvious one if they needed to replenish their stocks)

> So! New planet means new explorations! Yay! But they don’t have any info to their latest planet. None at all. But hey, it has pretty gems on it as well as shiny fruits.

> The fruits are edible and safe for everyone. What they didn’t know is that certain gems has specific effects. And Lance happened to touch the rarer ones that absorbed negative emotions. Like literally absorb, it will left nothing inside the body.

> Lance is curious at first went he got back the castle. He feel lighter, much more happier, he feels that nothing can dampen his mood.

> His smiles and laughs for the next days is not forced unlike the past weeks. He never felt any of his usual insecurities. Everyday is full of sunshine and roses for him.

> At first the team is happy for this development. Hey, maybe Lance is the same with not being serious on battles and all but at least he is no longer egging Keith for competitions and that he is not rising up when someone bad mouthed him. They thought that Lance is learning to be mature now.

> Then as time passes it unnerved them.

> The team always see Lance smiling and happy. They should be happy too, right? Then why they feel that something is wrong?

> The first flag was when Pidge snapped at Lance at how he was not contributing at all. It was said out of anger due to stress and Pidge was horrified at what they said because deep down they know it was not true. Lance just stared at them with honest surprise written on his face. Then he smiled at Pidge and said that no feelings were harmed. That he understood and proceeded to ask if Pidge wanted to join him to lunch.

> Pidge observed Lance like hawk to see if the Blue Paladin was faking but through out the day Lance remained happy.

> The second flag was when Keith got angry at Lance during training. A lot of hurtful words were said that even Hunk was on the verge of crying for his best friend. Lance, on the other hand, just blinked at Keith then chuckled a bit and said that “Oh! so that is where I am wrong! Can you teach me how to do it?”. It threw Keith off guard and all his anger was forgotten.

> There were also times that Allura and Shiro snapped at Lance out of stress but the Blue Paladin always waved it off with a cheerful attitude.

> Everyone (except Hunk and Coran) felt bad that they always used Lance as an emotional punching bag and Lance was not even angry at them even for a little bit. He still cared for them in his usual way.

> The last flag though that made them think that something was really wrong was when a lot of aliens died during one of the battles where Voltron helped in order to win it. Lance clapped his hands and said that they should just do the burial rites in order to honor the dead. The Blue Paladin didn’t show any signs of mournings. It was as if the burial was just another form of joyful celebration.

> Lance received a punch from his comment and he was confused why everyone was angry at him. It was the only way to honor the dead, right?

> A lot of hurtful words were passed but one of them noticed that (maybe Hunk or Coran or even Pidge) Lance still kept his cheerful persona. Lance kept smiling and it only added fuel to the fire because the others thought they were being mocked.

> So the rest of the team investigated what was wrong with their Blue Paladin. With the help of their lions they finally figured out what was wrong. They looked for a way to reverse it and they did find a way.

> All’s well, end’s well? Nope! They didn’t account that the sudden rush of negativity and adding all the other negatives that was supposed to be felt during the past few weeks came all crashing down on Lance. It cause him to have an emotional breakdown to the point of needing him to be put in a healing pod (in reasons that I still don’t know what)

> When he came out of the pod, he no longer feels any emotions.

> Lance asked “what is the used of emotions? You don’t need it in war.”


Please don’t do anything you’re gonna regret.
Who me? Paddy, have you seen the state of her? Do you think that’s healthy, throwing herself at him like that?
Look, that’s not for us to decide is it? She has to make her own mind up.
Well, she did.

there’s no doubt that RC is being presented as the ‘eviler’ twin atm but heck if i’m not clinging to the idea that RC won’t know how to deal with the ways OC has changed for the worse (partly due to seb’s demonic ‘influence’ on him too)

OC is probably going to make some questionable decisions in the upcoming chapters, especially since RC is threatening everything he’s built up 'for himself’ in the past three/four years.

i can’t imagine the bad things OC has done so far are building up to anything other than OC’s ultimate 'bad act’ hhh. not sure what it’ll be though