wrong eyed jesus


by the time they find his body, 6 weeks later, well hell, she’s 1,000 miles away

Jim White performing ‘The Wound That Never Heals.'  Excerpt from 'Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus’

Also featured, among the patrons at the bar, is walking Faulkner novel Harry Crews, may he rest in peace.

Jim White: Wrong Eyed Jesus!

This album holds a very special place in my heart. It wandered into my life when I was in a very bad place, and spoke to me. I’m pretty sure I drove around for close to a month listening to this non stop. I was just telling this to Kerry, and she was surprised that I knew the album before we met. Funny thing is, just as this album popped into my life out of nowhere, it similarly disappeared. I rediscovered it many years later after Kerry and I were married.I asked the kids to think about how the sound of the songs made them feel.


Nick:  Really scary.

Isabel:  It’s going to make me cry to sleep.

“Book of Angels”

Nick: He has kind of a high pitched voice for a guy at that age.

Isabel:  I like the beat.

“Burn the River Dry”

Nick:  The lyrics don’t make sense to me.

“Still Waters”

Nick:  Sounds like a song a sad cowboy would sing in one of those cowboy bars.

Isabel: I like this one, but the story is kind of creepy.

“When Jesus Gets a Brand New Name”

Nick:   Sounds like a song that would be played in a poker place.


Nick:  The song sounds like it’s a really old recording.

Isabel:  To me it sounds like a lullaby.

“A Perfect Day to Chase Tornados”

Nick:  This song makes me want to sway my body back and forth

Isabel:  It’s a good song. It sounds a little bit sad and happy, I don’t know how.


Nick:  This is kind of like music for a chase scene in a movie

 “Heaven of My Heart”

Nick:  Hey, a happy song!

Isabel:  ( Isabel didn’t have much to say, but she was dancing around the living room)

“The Road That Leads to Heaven”

Nick:  This one is very calm. It’s a good finale.

Overall Impressions:

Nick:  Sometimes it was sad, sometimes it was weird, sometimes it was happy unlike most things that we’ve heard so far, it had more than one theme to it. It reminds me of songs that they play at funerals. I’d enjoy listening to this in the car. Oh, and the fact that there’s a secret track kind of freaks me out.

Isabel: I’m going to do 8/10. It was, like, sometimes it was like really happy. Sometimes it was glum. And sometimes it was awkward. Really awkward.