wrong distance

There will be a day when his name is only a small fragment of memory. Your chest will not tear at the thought of him kissing another’s lips. The surrounding walls in your bedroom will only become a place where you learned to forget about him instead of love him. There will be a day when you give your love to someone worth it. People can hurt you, but someone will love you.
—  You aren’t unlovable

Marrying your high school sweetheart is, without a doubt, the most romantic thing ever. However, the journey from high school to married life isn’t as easy as it looks. Especially when you go to different colleges and stay apart for a couple of years. If I was given a dollar for every time someone told me long distance relationships are not worth it, I’d be a billionaire. It’s been almost 3 years into my relationship and trust me, they couldn’t be more wrong. A long distance relationship changed me for the better…

1. You learn to be self sufficient

There will be days when you need a hug and you won’t have your partner there to embrace you. You learn to be stronger and you get better at dealing with your own emotions. Most of all, you learn to be your own hero.

2. It helps you develop trust

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anonymous asked:

Ok so YES I love the long distance internet friends au but consider! Long distance wrong number au

honestly anon, thank you so much for this tonight. 

i took long distance and made it loooooong distance to the point where it probably doesn’t make sense, but ~~suspension of disbelief~~

texts between adrien and the mystery person (wow i wonder who) are in italics because theyre in french. also i didnt want to bother anyone so ‘numéro inconnu’ is from google translate so im sorry for….that

finally i tried to streamline how i do texts for this just because the way i do texts is usually a lot clunkier? so it looks more like wanna chat but isnt in like….the contact names are still what the other person would see? like when it says pretty boy thats ninos contact name for adrien and—

frick just tell me if its too confusing and tell me how to fix it im really tired

[on ao3 in case the read more is a butt and wont open]

2:51 PM
unknown number: Did this work?????
unknown number: a;slkdfjadj its me btw
unknown number: I mean duh its me who else would it be
unknown number: If you screenshot this conversation al I swear to go d Ill kill you

Adrien squints at his phone. Not only does he not know this number, but the text are in French. That’s…unusual. He thinks that it’s a lucky coincidence that his father is from France and insisted he learned the language before replying.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request different reasons why a couple may get into an argument? I'm writing something where the two of them are normally respectful of each other and normally get along, but ine day smth happens and they get into a really bad argument.

//Assuming you wanted some suggestions, here you go;

  • Something built up and finally got released.
    • Such as “I’ve told you to stop putting your dirty laundry next to the hamper” or “Taking out the trash is the only thing you have to do around here and yet you still don’t do it!”

  • A life-changing decision was made alone, when it was something they were supposed to talk about together.

  • One of them brought a stray animal into the house.

  • A misunderstanding- maybe one of them worded something wrong? 

  • Distance. One feels unwanted, because the other works too much, etc.

  • A bad day at work gone wrong; they bring their stress home and the other isn’t as sympathetic as they could be?

  • Keeping secrets and one finds out? 

  • Taking out guilt on the other person. 
    • Say Person A did something wrong and instead of admitting what they did wrong, they take it out on B.

  • Fighting over money and the thought of wasting said money. 

  • A fight over friends. Couples fight over friends a lot, especially if there’s jealousy or their friend is getting a little too “friendly”. (Don’t recommend going down the possessive route; people are allowed to have friends outside relationships).

  • A fight over not being as communicative as they thought. 
    • Person A expects Person B to read their mind, despite that being (probably) impossible about what’s wrong.

  • Insecurities, such as moving in together, or getting engaged, etc.

  • Couples fight about holidays, too. Such as if they’re visiting families or if one is getting too eager about said holidays than the other.

  • Bringing up past arguments that were meant to be left in the dust.

  • Feeling like one never gets to do something they want to do, because B doesn’t want to do what A wants to do.

  • One of them feeling like they always have to do everything around the house, from shopping to cleaning to cooking. 

  • Not having a job or working too much. Other career related arguments, like switching careers, working too far away, etc.

I hope this helps!

painedusagi  asked:

Hello there, can I have a scenario where the S and M brothers wake to their s/o being a cat (as in having cat ears and a tail, and being sensitive to touch but still having their arms and legs of course) on their birthday. I hope this isn't to much. Thank you♡

Shuu :

He would wake up right before you, sensing something different in the smell of you. Gazing at you’re form, a small sound of surprise would part his lips, realizing that indeed, you had transformed. You had cat ears, soft furr and a tail. For a second the vampire did not really know how to react, until he’d realize that your senses had also changed. His perverted side would rise from deep within and surely, he’d find just the right way to wake you up…

Reiji : 

…the shEETS ! CAT HAIR ALL OVER THE PLACE (jahee freaks out in the distance oops wrong fandom) I imagine him just roughly pushing you out of the bed and making you stand outside, punishing you outside because there’d be no way you’d enter the mansion without getting your usual appearance back.

Ayato : 

Surprisingly, your breasts would have grown…He’d be surprised because of the cat ears and tail, but his attention would always go back to your boobies. While you were freaking out due to how you looked, meaning far from human, it would take a whole lot for Ayato to help you return to your usual self. He’d regret it a bit actually~ those boobs were niiiice

Kanato : 

The vampire would presumably be annoyed at first. Kanato often makes you wear cute dresses, and he’d realize that none of it would fit anymore. However, though many think he’s still acting as a child, Kanato is wild when it comes to anything sexual so I bet he could find some very nice accessories to go with your cat features xD The anger he’d experience would soon decrease to a way more entertaining feeling. 

Laito : 

Ohooooh…He would enjoy every second of it. Laito would not hesitate in finding all your sweet spots, discovering fast enough how incredibly sensitive you’d become as a cat…and let us not even get started on the tail…He’d have a lot of fun, and would definitely go and find Reiji, trying to look for a way to make it permanent….

Subaru :

He’d be sooo embarrassed oh god…the fantasies would unwillingly submerge him while seeing your cat ears, the way your tail would sway back and forth at each of your movements. The way you’d slightly moan at each touch, how you became so incredibly sensitive…Subaru would be very frightened, thinking it wouldn’t take much to break you entirely.

Ruki :

Punishmeeeeent for making your master hard xD He’d be extremely surprised, seeing your changed appearance in bed. But seriously, Ruki would definitely punish you, thinking you had done something on purpose to be transformed that way. He’d try hurting you enough for you to spill everything out, though when he would realize that you had been speaking the truth, Ruki would pleasure you, admitting his fault and making sure you drown in lust and desire~

Kou :

HAHAHAHAHA Kou would immediately jump at you in less than a second, and sincerely…he’d touch you all over. He would see if those cat ears were fake, if that tail was a part of a costume…And realizing that indeed, it was all real, Kou would convey his excitement by petting you and treating you like a real cat, before showing another kind of excitement  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) he would definitely do you all day long!

Yuuma :

He would definitely freak out, Yuuma would sort of have a brutal reaction when seeing you with cat-like features and just…push you away, physically. He’d be super shocked and would take some time before realizing the advantages of having his s/o as a cat. He’d use your help in the garden whether you’d want to or not, and biting sessions would become way more entertaining ;)

Azusa :

The poor little cinnamon roll would be so surprised. And so confused. He’d turn around and see a tail pop out of under the sheets, and then cat ears…He’d think that you were pranking him at first. And then…he’d hear the lewd sound you’d perform as soon as he dared lay a finger on you. The knives would appear on the bed in less than a second, and he’d make sure to enjoy every second of you as an overly sensitive and stimulated prey~