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Ford Safety Week day 6: Ford and Stan on the Stan-o-war II

Ford would get all excited at the end of each day, chattering on (in his pajamas) about the anomalies they’d seen that day and drawing in his journal or looking at books on other creatures. Stan would kind of just listen and take it all in, and add his own commentary. But they’d both just be happy to be there, with their brother. Just like olden days.

Headcanon: Ford likes to wear boots so Stan got him fluffy boot slippers

I’m going to sleep .;D

Luke looks sad, horrified, desperate. WHY? Probably a combination of reasons, many of which fans have already discussed in depth:

  • He recognizes Rey (whether as his daughter, Obi-Wan’s granddaughter, a former student, or simply “no one” who is strong in the Force).
  • He knows Han Solo is dead, killed by Han’s and Leia’s own son, Luke’s nephew.
  • He’s still mourning the loss of his Padawans and is ashamed that he could not stop their destruction.
  • He feels conflicted about joining the war against the Dark side when he couldn’t prevent one teenage boy from destroying the young Jedi in his care.
  • He doesn’t consider himself worthy of training anyone ever again.


This look could mean Luke senses that Rey already has a teacher, and it’s not him. It’s the one to whom she Force-bonded in that moment that frightened her (Don’t be afraid; I feel it, too). It’s someone Luke once loved, someone he grew to fear, someone he would want to protect Rey from, no matter who she is, yet there is nothing he can do to change what the Force shows him. The balance in the Force will come from the union of Light and Dark.

Rey’s teacher has to be Kylo Ren.

And the reason Rey looks so desperate is because she knows it, too.

“I have to go.”

Q stared after him, a protest stuck in his throat, as Bond hurried away. Did… did Q do something wrong? He thought Bond had… did he not want… there had been so many mixed signals, Q hadn’t known what to do, and now it seemed he’d ruined everything.

It had just been a kiss. Just one. Just a chaste little brush of lips. And now Q stood, alone and small and miserable, hugging himself as he tried desperately to figure out what he’d done wrong.


Bond didn’t come back the next day. Or the next. The day after, he had to be kitted out for a mission, but he (deliberately, Q was sure) chose a moment when Q was in a meeting to sneak down to Q-branch and bully a minion into giving him his kit.

Q wasn’t even angry. Just tired and miserable and still very, very confused. Because before Bond left, he had apparently broken into Q’s office and left a bunch of flowers on his desk; the sort of bouquet you’d get to say “sorry for you loss”. It had some lilies in it. Q loved lilies.

He repurposed a (sterilized) beaker for them.

What was Bond doing? Q thought he himself had been plain, had shown his affections enough that Bond knew, even if no one else did. Well, just look at how he’d started coming down to Q-branch between missions to talk to Q, or just watch him work, or nap on the cot Q kept for himself when he had to sleep after seventy-four hours but couldn’t leave the branch. Q had flirted, Q had bantered, Q had openly admired him (when everyone else’s back was turned) and he was sure, he was sure, that Bond had returned the favor, preening like a peacock the whole time.

Maybe Bond had just thought this his due. Maybe he’d been happy with flirtations, and didn’t want anything more intimate. Why, then, would he pretend to return Q’s sentiments, plainly enough that even Q’s subordinates had noticed?

It had been a very nice kiss, before Bond had run away.

Q would’ve liked more.

Bah. It was obvious that Q had ruined things and scared him off. There would be no more kissing. Q should get on with his work and forget about it for now.

And he did, for a time. Then, in the deepest night, when there was only a skeleton staff of nightshift left, when he was wondering if it was worth it to sleep, a soft voice murmured, “Q?”

He jumped and whirled, almost knocking over the flowers. “Bond!” he exclaimed, suddenly, irrationally frightened. “I thought you—that is, I thought you were on mission.”

“I finished early,” Bond brushed aside. “I wanted to…” His eyes trailed to the flowers. “You kept them.”

“Well—well, yes,” Q stammered, then, in a sudden fit of defiance, lifted his chin and said firmly, “I like them.”

Bond stared at him, hard. Then he smiled his stupidly attractive smile and said, “I’m glad.”

While Q was blushing over that, confused all over again but this time hopeful as well, Bond approached, leaned forward, and pressed a kiss to the tip of Q’s nose. Then his mouth moved downwards, to press gently against Q’s.

Q returned the kiss, letting out a slow, deep sigh as he did so. Bond chuckled and wrapped his arms around Q, who returned the favor unhesitatingly. The kiss stayed small and private and chaste, no biting or tonguing or any of the things Q was wary of. It seemed Bond was okay with this too.

After a while, Q’s mouth slid to Bond’s jaw, then followed the line of Bond’s neck down to the hollow of his throat, where he let his lips linger, breathing in Bond’s scent.

“I need to go somewhere,” Bond told him quietly. “It’s… not official.”

“Mm. Will you get in trouble?”

“Mostly likely.”

“Will you come home?”

Bond ran his hand up and down Q’s spine soothingly. “Absolutely.”

“Alright. Do you need anything? Where are you going?”

“Just a gun. And I’m going to Mexico City.”

More sherlock spoilers
Look Y'all I appreciate you all want sherlock X someone but let us have ace aro sherlock

He obviously admires Irene. I would too. She was probably the first smart adversary he encountered. As smart as him I mean. She intrigues him. It’s like a game of wits with her. So sure he sometimes texts back probably flirting but that’s all part of it. Don’t tell me you’ve never playfully flirted with a friend that you didn’t want to date. He thrives on clever and witty things and she is all of that. That doesn’t mean he wants to fuck her. There are better things in life than that

Also with John. They hugged. That was it. Yes, Sherlock does love John. He probably loves him more than he has loved any person. But he is not romantically interested. John Watson is his first and best friend and sherlock would protect him with his life.

my inner trashy lunami heart riSES FROM THE ASHES

Lance: ooh babe you had a crush on me. that’s embarrassing 

Keith: … 

Keith: we’re married 

Lance: still 

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: weightligting fairy kim bok joo is highly underappreciated. it’s unbelievable that it doesnt even lie in the top 20 and got ratings below average. it is such a wholesome drama and and stands out than the usual dramas. weight lifting fairy breaks so many kdrama stereotypes and is unique in its own way. you dont get dramas that focus on mental illnesses and take a serious, healthy way to approach it. why did a show that presents about  friendship, healthy romantic relationship, family love and support, personal hardships, get rated so low? weightlifting fairy showed me that there ARE or will be people who love you for the way you are. it’s so important to surround yourself with people who constantly love and support you and still knock you down when you’re in the wrong path. i’ve bonded with this drama so much and love it with all my heart.  i’m not fine with weightlifting fairy getting such low ratings. 

Here's the thing about pokémon:

There’s no wrong way to enjoy it. Competitive battling, or just raising the cute ones; super training and perfect movesets, or going ‘against’ stats to use your favorite moves; gen one nostalgia, or hype about the newest games; main games or side games; anime, manga, fan fiction, WHATEVER!

There’s a million different ways to enjoy pokémon. The games even show us that. Whether you’re a pokéfan, an ace trainer, a breeder, a contest coordinator, or a ranger, there is NO wrong way to bond with pokémon.

Or rather, ALMOST no wrong way. You see, when you’re an elitist, and you want to tell other people that they are stupid, or playing wrong, or belittle them, you sound like someone else from the games: Team Rocket, Team Flare, Paul from Sinnoh, Damian who abandoned Charmander. At best, it turns into the metapod vs metapod battle. You know the one. The really pathetic one. That’s you, poké-elitists.

Never tell anyone they’re wrong to enjoy and bond with pokémon in their own way. Pokémon is about friendship, bonding, love, and competition. Don’t be a bully about it.

Tm!Bilbo bathing away from the others during the journey to hide his body and chest bindings because he’s insecure about how the others could take it.
Kili and Fili suddenly barreling in his spot, and gasping “you’re a woman?!”
Bilbo is mortified and splutters something along the lines of “uh no- not really- I’m…”
Then Kili beams and exclaims “Mr Boggins is just like me!” And lifts his shirt to show his own bindings

I'm sort of pissed about the wilde hopps fandom and I finally figured out why.

Most have totally missed the point of the movie (posting stories with Nick calling Judy “cute” even though that is supposed to be a slur to rabbits), in favor of this romantic endeavor.

This movie was so important and well executed in its message about tolerance and diversity.

Two complex, likable characters built a friendship that became unbelievably close

– not because they have romantic/sexual tension–

but because they were able to share their experiences with oppression and discrimination with someone who understood.

And EVEN BETTER they found someone who was willing to LEARN about their unique experiences with prejudice, apologize when called out, and modify their behavior to “make the world a better place” for EVERYONE, not just their friend.

As a biracial queer woman I know how important and impactful a bond like that can be firsthand. It is an emotional and meaningful connection that is rare and treasured.

Like most fandoms, Zootopia has been essentially hijacked by mostly white writers who choose to reduce the complexities of Nick and Judy’s bond to a mere romance, essentially erasing the central theme of the movie.

Texting with Bucky Barnes (Part 2
  • You: where are you? You're late.
  • James Bond: I stopped to buy something, I'm almost home.
  • You: I hope that you bought my vanilla icecream cake!
  • James Bond: oh, damn it. I forgot.
  • You: James... You're late AND won't bring what I asked?
  • James Bond: I promise that I bought something even better.
  • You: I hope it's not pancakes, because we ate it this morning.
  • James Bond: Wrong! Doll, did you forget what day is today?
  • You: No?
  • James Bond: are you sure?
  • You: Yep, I'm so sure that I'm wearing a new lingerie and ordered a nice pizza for my man.
  • James Bond: Oh, damn it, doll... You know me so well.
  • James Bond: I really need to put a ring on you.
  • You: what?????
  • You: Bucky? Did you make a joke with Beyonce?
  • James Bond: joke? There's a song like this?
  • You: Bucky...
  • James Bond: Just open the door and you'll find out, baby.
[On trying to hide Andrew Scott from setlockers during filming] …I’m not kidding, Andrew hid behind me and at one stage we did that thing that Sean Connery does in From Russia with Love, like pretending to be…  [mimes embracing]..  like, ‘kiss me, kiss me!’
—  Mark Gatiss, in The Abominable Bride: Post Mortem

i hate how therapist create very intimate and unprofessional relationships with their clients. i can’t imagine a client NOT being heartbroken and utterly hurt because a therapist who was close to them, suddenly decided to drop their client. you should understand that as therapist you don’t have the right and ability to create such relationships. that’s the wrong way of bonding. no matter how long you “have” your client, they’re not supposed to get attached to you.

as a therapist you should know how scarring and scary it can be for client who already has commitment and abandonment issues, to give them the wrong kind of attention and support. i wish therapists and their employers could be more strict over these kind of problems. trust me i have seen plenty of people being very hurt and broken when their therapist left for whatever reason. please, if you as a client have a feeling that your relationship with your therapist becomes too personal, please please ring a bell and talk about it with them

imagine keith getting grindr….. and coming across shiro…. who happens to be his astronomy professor…