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Dear Tumblr

I’m going to put this as lightly as I possibly can.

Steven Universe is a cartoon directed toward children.

Steven Universe is meant to entertain and teach CHILDREN that just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Steven Universe is supposed to help CHILDREN with problems they might relate to, such as Amethyst’s loneliness or Onion’s state of mind.

Steven Universe is supposed to teach CHILDREN that hating someone is wrong, no matter how much that person has personally wronged you. I.E: Beach City Drift.

Steven Universe is supposed to be a heartwarming experience for it’s young audience that I believe will end on the best note possible for the character’s developments.

Steven Universe is NOT an excuse for you to bully someone over the internet. It’s NOT a place for you to expect an outcome for yourself because YOU are not the writer. It’s NOT something that you should even get REMOTELY angry about because, for some odd reason, you expect these characters that are not of your creation to get in a romantic relationship.

The fact that some of these characters are voiced by or depicted as women of color (woc), doesn’t mean they ARE. They’re rocks from space. They are literal aliens. ALL of them. And some of YOU just happen to like some of these aliens more than others because they’re “not white.” Literally the only white gem so far is Pearl, and she gets SO much shit for it.

To everyone that is bullying Lauren Zuke, or Amedot shippers, or just anyone else that doesn’t agree with your views on a FUCKING kids show: congratulations.

You’ve lost your decency as a human being.


summershounen asked me on how I draw Yusei’s hair! It’s not very accurate and I’m not really confident at it myself, but here’s a simple guide on how I draw it~

This whole new year new me thing isn't really working out for me

I’ve already fallen over 5 times
I tripped and stubbed my toe
My first love got married
I saw my ex boyfriend with his fiancé doing the groceries… like a family does… I was buying wine
I used the wrong sunscreen at the beach
I got tangled in a guys fishing line while swimming at the beach
I got sunstroke
I fainted at the train station and dropped my coffee all over me
I threw up on the train
I spent a day in bed rest from my burns
I stepped on a nail
I had to throw out my shoes because they were covered in blood
My car is making a funny noise but I turned up the radio to avoid it
I did not get the sushi roll I was eyeing off in the window they gave me the shit one next to it
My Diet Coke was flat

It’s only the second week of January

Jimin; surprise mother fu--

;;@taehuyu me, suffer? beach you wish
/891 words, mini scenario, happy birthday chimchim!
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“Look, he doesn’t know shit about this. Take a cab to the hotel and wait there. One of us will walk you up and from then, hah, surprise mother fucker.

You’re recalling of Taehyung’s words over and over again. Your hand grips onto the suitcase and you gulp as you reach the sidewalk of in front of the hotel. So luxurious and expensive, expensive, expensive all over and it smells like money just as you walk in.

It’s Jimin’s birthday today, if it wasn’t obvious with the way Jimin whines over the phone again and again of how this would be the first of the first birthdays he’s spent without you by his side. Though, it wasn’t much of a shocker when he complains and you’re there to listen, there there, child, shut up. No, you didn’t say that, but you know you could shut him up properly now that you’re actually here.

Guess that broken streak of not being by his side on his birthday will have to postpone to another year.

You send a text, along the lines of Tae, I’m here and no less than ten minutes, the lift dings and you’re greeted with two gummy grins.

“Hey,” Namjoon says, reeling you into a hug before Seokjin receives the other. Seokjin takes courtesy of rolling your luggage, Namjoon presses the lift button and up you guys go.

“Was the flight long?”

“Say, thirteen hours?”

“Holy shit,” Seokjin mutters out of habit—he hates flights and—“Jimin better appreciate the fuck out of this,”

“Don’t need to tell me twice,” You snicker, walking out and following Namjoon’s cue towards a certain hotel room and Seokjin hands you the card, “Enjoy your stay,”

You return the both of them a hug before the two trails off back to their rooms and it’s a silent agreement that you’ll take care of Jimin for the day. Well, foreign country or not, you’ll try your best. You scan the card, step in and quietly step through.

Jimin’s heavy sleeping would finally come in handy.

Your bag is parked by the side and you lock the door. The jacket on your shoulders weighing you down since morning is ditched by the chair and by the looks of it (since the airport), it’s still rather bright here.

8:21am, the clock reads but you admit that you miss this boy so much that you’re going to wake him up.

Upon taking a right turn from the corridor, walking past the living room and mini-like kitchen, you see Jimin sprawled out in bed. He’s tucked under the blanket and it follows his figure around like a cape on his back. You grin and quietly approach him, deciding to sit on the bed and you’re thinking of how you should wake him up.

Kiss? Hug? Oh, there are too many options but you go with—“…mmph… five more minutes…” He mumbles, tugging the blanket over his head since he has his face buried deep in the pillow and you mute your chuckle. With pressed lips and a suppressed smile, you repeat what you’ve done, tapping his back rather harshly that the slap resonates the room and he groans, “Hyung, later! I want to sleep in!”

You give a hard slap, this close to making his flesh turn purple after the faint red and that’s the last straw.

He yanks down the blanket, daggered eyes slits his eyes open and creases etched to his forehead. It all wipes away too soon when he realizes who he’s seeing. His eyes dilate with shock, his lips gape and his eyes are blinking a few times too hard to make sure this isn’t a—“I-I’m… this…” He gives himself a slap on the cheek, forcing himself to stay—“This isn’t a dream?”

You shake your head, now rubbing circles over the hot smacks you’ve left on his skin, his arm, actually. You’re still amazed on how he manages to stay warm despite being only covering half of his body since he drags the other when he moves about in his sleep.

“Sorry for the sudden intrusion of your sleep. I mean, you can continu—!”you end up yelping when you’re being yanked down into his arms, the warmth that basks in and it radiates like thousands of light kisses peppering your skin when he nuzzles his face in your hair. “I can’t believe you’re—oh my—fuck,” He’s at lost for words, resorting to just inhale your scent, holding you so tight he’s afraid you’re going to fly away but when your arms snake around his waist and he moves down to get more comfortable, you’re staying?


How long?

Say, five days?

Holy fuck—that’s insane—you’re insane. I fucking love you.

“Hey,” You lightly thud the side of his head, making him peek up from his mini outburst of letting it sink in that you’re here. After nights of doubt and missing you endlessly, you’re here. Minutes and hours spent on phone calls, video chats and daily dose of pictures, he’s feeling you against his skin. You have him wrapped around in a haze of thinking this is what heaven should be like and the shivers run down his spine when he stares into your eyes—you’re really, really here.

“Happy birthday, Jimin.”

“With you here, it’s a happy birthday.”

He had never been wrong, the weatherman on Channel Four. He had never before predicted sunshine only to be disappointed by rain. Yesterday he foretold a warm week - he boldly recommended a day trip to the beach. When he woke up to the pattering rain, it meant more than that he needed an umbrella. His luck had turned.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3

Summer is coming!

Here’s some cute kids bein summery and beachy! Thanks for requesting this! I had fun drawing it!

“It all started a lifetime ago…….”


Old Man Corvo upgrades his Blink power to be just as powerful as Daud’s stop-motion version and tests it out, zipping from the Dreadful Wailer along the coastline and Blinking past Daud on his beach chair in a couple of heartbeats.

Older Daud: I see you’ve upgraded your powers! I’m made a few modifications myself!

[Daud sights south-east across the bay and clenches his left fist tight enough to make his Mark burn and smoke.]

Corvo: Am I supposed to be looking at something in particular, or-

Daud: [still clenching his fist] Give it a minute.

Corvo: I’m still not seeing anything.

[There is a whistling sound, and a speck appears on the horizon. It very quickly resolves into a bottle of King Street Brandy and smacks solidly into Daud’s waiting hand.]

Corvo: Am I supposed to believe that came all the way from Dunwall? You’re pointing in the wrong direction: firstly, this beach faces Pandyssia, not Gristol

Daud: I Pulled it from Dunwall. From around the world

Corvo: There’s no way. 

Daud: I’ve had a lot longer than you to refine my powers.

Corvo: Are you even kidding me. 

Daud: You’ve never been able to perform a Tethering, have you?

Corvo: I’m asking the Outsider for a refund.

Daud: [pouring himself a shot of the brandy] it doesn’t work like that.

Corvo: I KNOW it doesn’t work like that [Blinks away in disgust]

Daud: Hm. [smiles to himelf] I like being retired. [sips brandy]

Into you

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“Different people awaken different beast in you.”

Summary: Jackson the guy who’s known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.


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“We have a problem…” Jackson says getting back in the car and at this point you wanted to scream and cry but an idea popped in your head. “It’s okay we can just call my roommate,” you said pulling out your phone.

But just as you pulled out your phone, your phone suddenly dies. “Shit my phone died, where’s your phone?” you asked Jackson.

He patted down his pockets and his eyes widen.

“Um… Kind of forgot it?” he said and your mouth dropped.



You couldn’t help but to start panicking. “What kind of idiot goes to the wrong beach first of all,” you barked out of anger and annoyance as you got out of the car. “It’s my fault, I get it but calm down it’s not a big deal.” Jackson says getting out the car and following behind you.

“It’s not a big deal!?” You solded and began to laugh like a crazy person. At this point you might have possibly lost your mind. Cross possibly, you have lost your mind. “Are you kidding me?! How the hell is anyone supposed to know we are stuck here abandoned with no damn cellphone!?” You shouted throwing your hands up in the air loosing all the hope you had in the world.

He just shakes his head and doesn’t say anything after that. “And now you’re planning to be quiet?” you asked crossing your arms completely frustrated and annoyed. “You know what, I don’t feel like arguing. Let’s just enjoy the beach right now and then later worry about leaving here later.” Jackson says calmly and for some reason the more Jackson seems to be calm about the situation, the more you got frustrated and annoyed.

“WHAT!?” you yelled annoyed with his response and he just continues to stare at you and not say a single word or fight back.

“Fine, I’ll enjoy my time here, you however can walk back to the dorms if you like, be my guest.” Jackson says walking over to his trunk of the car and grabs a towel, speakers and a volleyball. 

You were about to continue complaining but what was the point? Complaining wasn’t going to get you anywhere.. Right? Plus Jackson did have a point, we should enjoy our time at the beach before worrying about how to get back to the dorms. You grabbed your bag and Jackson looked at you. “Fine, I guess you have a point. We might as well enjoy our time while we are here,” you said and a huge grin spread across Jackson’s face. 

“Perfect, and this way we can to know each other more,” Jackson says and all you could do was just shrug. “Yeah I guess,” you responded and followed behind him entering the beach.

As soon as you were in front of the sand, you took off your sandals and slowly placed your feet in the sand scared that the sand was going to be extremely hot. You glanced at Jackson who was already walking in the sand without a problem which helped you move your feet faster to the sand. You walked your way and followed behind him again and stopped at a perfect spot and laid your towel down as Jackson did the same. 

You looked at Jackson and noticed him taking off his shirt and shorts leaving him in nothing but his swimming trunks. You couldn’t help but to look down at his body and admire how he’s in shape… Jackson is cute and in shape, no wonder girls throw themselves at him… What are you saying!? You been so busy admiring Jackson and how fit he was, you forgot you were staring at him till..

“Like what you see?” Jackson says causing you to look back at his face instead of his body. You quickly rolled your eyes even though deep down inside you were embarrassed.

“I mean I’ve seen better.” you said shrugging and he laughs. “By the way you were staying at me, doesn’t seem like it.” He says and you didn’t know how the hell to respond.

You ignored the conversation and looked at the ocean. The waves were crashing in and it looked calm. 

It was your turn to be in your bikini… You slowly removed your shirt by pulling it over your head and pulled down your shorts.. 

As you were finally in your bikini you could feel eyes on you. You glanced Jackson who was now looking at you.

For some reason you felt a bit good about yourself at the fact that you had Jackson looking at you… But you shouldn’t even think this way. You looked at Jackson and smirked. 

“Do you like what you see?” you asked crossing your arms. “Maybe,” was all he said and you playfully rolled your eyes. 

You pulled out your sunblock from your purse and looked at Jackson. “Do you mind putting some sun lotion on my back?” You asked awkwardly and he laughs. 

“Sure buddy,” he says knowing that when you told him you wanted him only as a friend you meant it.

You handed the lotion to him and you turned around having your back face Jackson. You lifted up your hair moving it out of the way and you continued to look at the view of the ocean..

You then started feeling Jackson’s soft hands touch your back. For some reason when he first touched your back you felt butterflies in your stomach. That’s probably nothing… Maybe it’s all in your head.

You ignored the feeling and just tried to pay attention to the view around you. 

“Done,” Jackson says. “Thank you,” you said as he handed you back the bottle. 

“Don’t you want any?” You questioned him and he was about to reject your offer till he looked up at the sun and could feel how strong it was hitting you guys. 

“Actually I do,” he says and you handed him the bottle. 

“Would you like to help me?” he asked moving his eyebrows up and down and looking down at his toned stomach. You laughed and looked at him. “I think you could do that on your own,” you said and laid down on the towel hoping to get a good tan. 

As soon as you and Jackson were settled, Jackson played music using his speakers. The both of you laid down on your towel letting the sun hit you hoping to get a good tan. Every 15 minute you both would flip making sure to get a good tan on both sides.

“See this isn’t to bad right?” Jackson says looking at you. “I mean, I guess not,” you said closing your eyes. 

“I knew we could be friends.” Jackson says causing you to laugh. “You hated me, you probably didn’t even think twice about being my friend,” You said laughing. 

“More like you hated me,” Jackson says and you nodded. “Hate is a strong word, more like dislike,” you said giggling and he sat up.

“Time for a swim?” he asks and you looked at him and then looked back up. 

“I’m actually enjoying my time tan right now,” you said closing your eyes.

The next thing you know you felt yourself get lifted off the towel and you opened your eyes and found yourself getting carried by Jackson.

“Jackson put me down!” You said scared on what he was about to do. “Cover your nose!” was the last thing you heard Jackson say.

You did as you were told and you closed your eyes as Jackson throws you in the ocean.

You lifted yourself up and see Jackson right in front of you smiling. 

“Was that really necessary?” you asked looking at him. “Well you didn’t seem to give me no choice,” he says and you both laughed.

“You know what, the ocean actually feels really great right now,” you said and began to float back enjoying your the moment.

You both continued to swim, play random games as if you both were kids and for once you had a good time with Jackson not arguing.

At some point you both got out of the ocean and looked down at your hands and began to laugh.

“Well seems like my hand decided to turn old before me,” Jackson says and you couldn’t help but to laugh. “You’re not the only one,” You said and you both laughed.

Next after the swim you grabbed the volleyball Jackson brought and began to toss it back and forth. At first it was a fun friendly game but as soon as you were slowly starting to beat him the game began to get competitive. 

You didn’t care though, you were having a really good time with Jackson laughing at the times you both began to fall since the sand made you guys trip a couple of times.

Then Jackson being the Jackson he is he decided to play music and both of you began to have a small dance battle among each other. 

Music was playing and you were in front of him and laughing as you began to krumping jokingly around. Jackson laughed as you were turning red from embarrassment and the next thing you know he trips from a rock that was near by causing you to fall back and him forward right on top of you. 

You were now under Jackson and he was on top of you looking at you. You both began to make eye contact and you felt your heart racing and butterflies growing in your stomach…

Jackson’s Point of View

This day was originally  planned for Y/N to fall for me.. But the more I spent time with her I couldn’t help but to feel feelings i never felt before.

The way in the car ride she tried to rap even though it was awful made realize how adorable she was. Just the fact that she tried…. Then when when I began to apply sun lotion on her back I couldn’t help but to admire how beautiful she was. 

Even when I touched her I felt electricity… I never felt this feeling towards a girl.. Then when we went to the ocean and bonded there making her laugh made a warm feeling rush through me.

What is wrong with me?

Now here we are face to face. Instead of having her fall for me…. I think I’m falling for her…

Your Point of View

You don’t like him.. Or do you? 

You shouldn’t. Even though you were starting to be friends with Jackson, you know how he treated girls and how messed up he could be just to use them for his pleasure..

“Um Jackson, i think your starting to squish me,” you said even though it wasn’t true.

You just wanted Jackson to stop looking at you before you make a stupid mistake..

“Sorry,” Jackson says getting up and helps you up. 

You walked over to your bag and tried to look for sunglasses you had but couldn’t find them. “Hey Jackson, mind if I go check if I dropped my sunglasses in your car?” You asked and he hands you the keys to his car.

You smiled and walked over to his car.

As soon as you opened it you looked around the passenger seat and found your sunglasses on the floor. 

You were about to get out of the car till you looked over the middle where drivers usually set things down and see’s Jackson phone. You grabbed it and it had a good amount of battery…

Jackson said he forgot his phone… But it was here the whole time…

Are you kidding me?! you thought and you looked at Jackson from afar.

“What the hell!” you said stepping out of the car and looking over at Jackson.