wrong arm of the law

Malec Prompt

Headcanons based on prompt by themortalinstraments. I added angst because I can’t help myself and I’m very evil and possibly need help. BUT I hope you enjoy it just the same <3

Warning: Homophobic language

  • Alec and Magnus are taking a walk in the park and it’s after they came back from Edom. They wanted to do something ‘normal’ so things feel the way they were before even though they know that can’t happen. But it never hurts to try.
  • Magnus took Alec to Taki’s and Alec suggested taking a walk since they had time left. They are strolling through the park hand-in-hand. It’s dark and the cold is making them shiver. Magnus is talking animatedly and Alec is laughing. They walk home and the street is empty. 
  • A group of boys looking very drunk stumble towards them. Alec raises his brows, his hand already reaching for the seraph blade but Magnus puts his hand on his boyfriend’s. They’re clearly stupid drunk boys and not demons in disguise.
  • One of the boys move towards Alec with a grin on his face and he slurs, ‘What’s a handsome boy like you wandering around at a time like this? And with this fag?’

Magnus’s face is passive but Alec’s hands are in fists and his knuckles are white.

  • Magnus unnerved by the comment, he had heard worse, tugs Alec’s hands and steers him away. Alec’s face is red with anger.
  • The drunk boy grabs Alec’s arm to prevent him from leaving and the guys behind him hoot in delight expecting a scene.
  • Alec moves in a flash. He grabs the guy’s arm and in one swift movement throws him over his shoulder and on to the ground. He places his boot on the guy’s chest leans down and hisses

'If you ever insult my boyfriend like that again I’m gonna break more than your arm.’ And the guy is confused like

'you didn’t break my arm.’

Before Alec can move to do it Magnus quickly stops him and drags him away. Alec is still shaking.

  • They are sitting on the couch and Magnus is trying to calm Alec down.

 'I was going to break his arm, Magnus. A mundane.

’ 'What is wrong with me?’

'The law, Magnus!’

Magnus assures him it’s okay and

  'You’re just stressed, darling. We literally came back from hell.’

Magnus starts rubbing Alec’s back in soothing circles, murmuring to comforting words to him. Alec curls up to Magnus’s chest and lets him comfort him.  Magnus leans down to capture Alec’s lips and then they are kissing slowly pouring all of their emotions into the kiss. Alec gasps and Magnus deepens the kiss and before they know it they are making out on the the couch.

  • Suddenly Magnus is laughing between kisses and Alec breaks away, his mouth shining.


'I was remembering our first date. Deija vu.’ Alec laughs and leans down to kiss Magnus again.

  • They end up sleeping on the couch.