wrong answer charlie

fic snippet (bc the phone names)

Quill wakes up to an empty bed and the smell of bacon. She stretches her body - pleasantly sore but not to any degree she finds significant - and lets herself enjoy the softness of the bed and its covers before the twinge in the back of her head nudges her into checking her phone.

Three missed calls and five texts.

Bane of My Existence: Where are you??

Bane of My Existence: I know you said you were going to be out, but you’re still not back. Why were you gone all night? What were you doing?

The next two texts are along the same vein - he really is such an infuriatingly repetitive creature - but the last one is from Matteusz.

Polish One: I have pointed out to Charlie that it is not fair of him to monitor every moment of your time. Provided you are not plotting anything that might result in our being harmed, I hope you are having a pleasant start to your weekend, whatever you are doing.

“Well, that’s disturbingly nice,” Quill says, frowning at the phone. 

Quill: Inform Charles that no plotting has occurred and he can verify as much when I get home later today, but that he should refrain from inquiring further into my activities. My answering will only be unnecessarily uncomfortable for all involved.

Matteusz replies with just a ‘thumbs up’ emoji. She can’t be sure if she finds it stupid or appreciates his conciseness.