BTS BOYFRIEND- Namjoon Edition

I looked at the masterlist and our inbox and realised that Namjoon is the only one we haven’t made a ‘boyfriend’ post about. So here we go :):)

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- LOTS AND LOTS OF CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE MEANING OF LIFE. You’re not gonna have a boyfriend who has the IQ of 148 and do nothing

-He would take you EVERYWHERE WITH HIM. Whether that is: Dance practice, concerts, shopping, to meet him mum etc etc

- - You’d wake up to him having the whole duvet to himself and then you start to contemplate whether you or him should just get another bed

- Randmom outbursts of love. This includes flowers, little gifts and even taking you to your favourite restaurant after work

- Sometimes on the weekend, he would force you to have dance battles with him. He only does it to make a fool of himself and make you happy

- HOW YALL MET: You two were at the same restaurant waiting to get a takeaway and the waiter messed both of your orders up. You then spend the next 10 minutes just complaining about bad service and then somehow end up talking about the latest movies. 

- He alwaYS takes you to dance practice. He shows you off to the rest of the gang and boasts to Jungkook how he got a girlfriend first


- Would probably end up breaking half the things he buys for you

-You will have a rare jin pop out of no where when Namjoon isn’t around….’You better look after my baby, otherwise you will feel the wrath of my bad jokes’

- He would ALWAYS WALWAYS ALLWWWWAAAAYS compliment you on your figure. Always using words you don’t know the meaning of 


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- It may be a little awkward at first BUT ONCE YOU GET THE BALL ROLLINNNGG…OH BOOIII

- - Random winks from across the table



- SHIT TONNES AND TONNES OF FOREPLAY. Sometimes he does foreplay and fucks off, cos he knows how to leave you wanting for more


-LOTS and Lots OF NECK BITES AND KISSES. Don’t be surprised when you’reDon’t be surprised when you end up going to wrok the next morning with your neck looking bruised as fuck


Hope yall liked this…lots of people asked for this in our ask/inbox so hopefully this fULLFILLS YOUR NEEDDSS!!!!. BYFRIEND- BTS EDITION….OFFICIALLY TICKED OFF OF THE LIST. 

~~Much Love…Admin Marzipants x

Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 244

<Question from I wish to go to the big gintama meeting san from Mie>

I have a dream, but I am a really negative person, so I think that my dream will never come true, ‘cause I am inferior to the other people. I am negative regarding a lot of things, and I have no faith in myself. Sorachi sensei, what can i do to gain some self-confidence?


It is not necessary having self.confidence. But you can consider to do things in order to not loose to the others and be inferior. But before and after accomplish one dream is always good to have some positive thoughts.

As for me I only know about the manga business, and I am really sensible to my work’s popularity and surveys, and every time I am really afraid of them, and i look at them terrified. So I had no other choice to put all my efforts in my works. Of course there are people really proud and committed to their wrok, so much more to have a positive or negative attitude the important thing is to put effort in what you do. So it is way better instead of keep thinking to be uncool and be turned down by jelousy toward others and fear for to future to transforrm all of that in motivation, let’s burn all this garbage in fuel. We have to think only to turn the pessimistic attitude and the uncoolness into motivation,as long it will burn it will not be estiguished both if the fire is fueled with good wood or some porn, fire will remain fire. The one that will burn longer will be the winner.

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i dont really like peter (too Good i guess) and i really Hate spideypool but yr blog makes me think it could be good in an au maybe ????which is saying a lotTHE POINT IS YOU WRITE THEM REALLY GOOD i would read every spiderman comic if they were written by u pls wrok for marvbel

TOO GOOD is a terrible reason to not like peter parker,, please reconsider,, peter parker really is an Edgelord when he isn’t making quips and nobody seems to remember this 

i really appreciate the compliment!! i’m really flattered,, you know, i’ve seen a few spideypool haters come to me sayin “u aight” and it warms the cockles of my heart that even h8 can turn into love,, Peace On Earth and Goodwill to All 

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I remember you said something about a list with ideas you want to wrok of once? How many ideas are there?

My ‘draw later’ list? About 50+ items there. Though it’s mostly stuff that I can’t be bothered to draw right now or stuff that takes a while to make (like, lengthy multi-page comics for example). So… donno when I’m gonna get to any of those. *shrug*

Blackberry Faery Milk

This is a recipe my nan always used to make* if i was sick, and i think its perfect for any faekin,  pixiekin, or other woodland-type kin with a sweet tooth.

*also my grandma doesn’t believe in measuring cups, so the measurements are inexact and might need adjusting for taste

2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon yogurt (plain or vanilla is best but if you wanna experiment gofor it)
½ a cup of half and half cream
¾ cup of milk (My nan used whole milk, but that makes it just a little too rich, so i use 2% or skim)
1/8 a cup of Blackberries (i’ve used other berries and they wrok just as well - blackberries make a nice lavender color, blueberries come out periwinkle, and raspberries are a gorgeous shade of pale pink - have fun with it!)

Combine everything except the yogurt and berries and either heat on a stovetop to a low boil and then IMMEDIATELY take it of the heat, or just put it in the microwave for a minute (The saucepan feels more authentic, but I’m lazy so i use the microwave-i cant detect a taste difference, honestly).

Add the yogurt and stir, then put in the microwave for 20-45 minutes. This is where you really have to WATCH. if you add the fruit before its cool, it’ll get a really sharp, almost metallic taste. if you wait to long, the color won’t take, even thought it’ll taste about the same. You want it just a little cooler than room temperature.

Last, add the berries and stir. If the berries are fresh, you might need to smash them up a little with the spoon


(Pssst. Protip: I’m actually space-kin, and if you use more blackberries (like ½ cup) it comes out this gorgeous deep space violet)

(Psst. Protip 2: You can use jam instead of fresh berries - just halve the amount of honey (or not i guess, if you really want type 2 diabetes) and make sure you use plain yogurt, not vanilla)

Camping Trip

Pairing: Mac x Reader


Summary: I thought of a request for a Mac imagine. Since we are getting close to summer here in the states, what about Mac and Reader go camping since that is Mac’s thing. Reader is hesitant but it turns to be more romantic than first thought.

“Your still not packed yet?. We have to leave in 10 minutes“. Mac came back from loading all the other luggage in the car, the only thing missing - your suitcase.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, you arranged all the clothes you were going to take into a neat pile. Beside them lay all your bathroom products, a mini bottle of shampoo and conditioner, hair brush, deodorant, perfume, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc. And the last pile were shoes.

“Okay, I’m all for spending a few nights with you under the stars in a excluded area, being nothing but romantic”. Standing up, careful to not muddle the perfect system you had in place for packing. “However, wouldn’t it be even more romantic and not to mention cosy spending those few nights here at home?”. Stepping over the clothes pile, you placed a hand on Mac’s chest, making small circular patterns across it. “We could just wear our PJ’s or nothing at all, depending on your mood and spend the whole entire evening in the big, warm, spacious, bed of ours”.

He looked at you, amused and entertained at how hard you were trying to get out of this camping trip he planned. Kissing the top of your head, “We can do all of that in our big, spacious tent. Don’t worry so much, Y/N. This camping trip will be even better than staying home, trust me. Now, let’s finish packing”.

Watching as your boyfriend neatly packed each of your clothes, belongings and essentials in the one medium seized suitcase, you grabbed the last of the bags and followed Mac out to the car. Still hesitant on this weekend gateway.

The car ride took several hours, and you slept through the last half. Upon arrival Mac softly squeezed your thigh. Blinking away the tiredness in your eyes, you had to admit the camp site looked very romantic. Mac pulled up, unbuckled his seat belt and turned to face you. “Not bad, hey?”. Feeling mighty proud oh himself.

Faintly smiling, you still hadn’t quite woken up yet. “It’s definitely better than what I was expecting”. Answering truthfully.

“Wait for tonight, I promise it’ll be worth it”. He started to unpack everything, with the help from you of course. Mac was working on the tent, while you prepared lunch. Things came together within the hour. The rest of the time was spent eating, taking a stroll around the area and relaxing.

Once night started to fall, Mac set up the fire and it quickly radiated warmth. He joined you in the big fold out chair snuggling underneath a grey blanket. “So, how am I doing so far?”. He asked, pulling you closer.

Resting a head on his shoulder, “Amazing. You’ve outdone yourself, Mac”. You didn’t even need to look up to know how happy that made him.

Stars begun illuminating the sky, giving it a beautiful glow. Casually stretching your arm across Mac’s stomach, he delicately played with your hand eventually lacing his with yours. “Now, isn’t this much better than laying in a bed?”.

Chuckling, “Is that a sneaky way of getting me to admit you were right about this camping trip?”.

“Maybe”. He charmingly replied.

Side-eyeing the tent, there was one thing you always wanted to tick off your bucket list. Lifting your head, Mac meet your gaze. “What do you say?. Care to turn up the romance?”. He bit his lip, causing all sorts of emotion to pulse through your body.

“Now, that is something I can’t say no too”. Shaking your head at his typical guy response, Mac trailed eagerly behind you into the tent. Entering first, he closed the front of the tent. The minuted he turned around, your lips crashed on his. Falling on top of the sleeping bags, shirts were the first to be discarded.

Impatience was at a high and hands swiftly undid Mac’s zipper. “You’re killing me already and we’ve barely started”. Mac confessed, his eyes watching you remove his jeans.

Tilting up to attach mouth to neck, you lingered, making sure to leave a decent sized mark. Flipping positions, Mac now admiring you more than ever. “It’s all apart of my charm”. Winking, before dipping down to connect lips.

That night in the middle of a excluded place, two shadowy figures were all that could be seen due to the lantern light reflecting off the tent.

Giggling as Mac placed a tender kiss on your shoulder, the two of you just came down from individual highs. Mac’s shirt hang loosely around your frame. “Not to brag, but I think that was some of my best work”. He smirked, pulling the same grey blanket that you had brought in over the two of you.

Chest raising up and down, your breathing was still trying to steady itself. “You certainly showed off your dominate side. It needs to come out and play more often”. Mac hovered over you, his blue eyes drawing you in. “You were right, about this trip. It’s the most romantic thing we’ve ever done”. Outlining his jawline with your fingertips.

He smiled, a genuine, happy, smile formed on his face. “Just wait until I ask you to marry me”. Whispering, so much love in his voice making your stomach erupt with butterflies.

Wrapping your arms around his neck, his hands on either side of you keeping him balanced. “Whether you ask me during a night like this or out of the blue while I’m in my PJ’s, my answer, Angus Macgyver, will be yes”. His smile grew bigger. The kiss that followed wasn’t rough or filled with lust. It was slow, affectionate, filled with endless devotion.

Mac, once again settled beside you. A comfortable silence washed over. His body leaving no gap, as he simply held you. Completely forgetting about the outside world.