Blackberry Faery Milk

This is a recipe my nan always used to make* if i was sick, and i think its perfect for any faekin,  pixiekin, or other woodland-type kin with a sweet tooth.

*also my grandma doesn’t believe in measuring cups, so the measurements are inexact and might need adjusting for taste

2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon yogurt (plain or vanilla is best but if you wanna experiment gofor it)
½ a cup of half and half cream
¾ cup of milk (My nan used whole milk, but that makes it just a little too rich, so i use 2% or skim)
1/8 a cup of Blackberries (i’ve used other berries and they wrok just as well - blackberries make a nice lavender color, blueberries come out periwinkle, and raspberries are a gorgeous shade of pale pink - have fun with it!)

Combine everything except the yogurt and berries and either heat on a stovetop to a low boil and then IMMEDIATELY take it of the heat, or just put it in the microwave for a minute (The saucepan feels more authentic, but I’m lazy so i use the microwave-i cant detect a taste difference, honestly).

Add the yogurt and stir, then put in the microwave for 20-45 minutes. This is where you really have to WATCH. if you add the fruit before its cool, it’ll get a really sharp, almost metallic taste. if you wait to long, the color won’t take, even thought it’ll taste about the same. You want it just a little cooler than room temperature.

Last, add the berries and stir. If the berries are fresh, you might need to smash them up a little with the spoon


(Pssst. Protip: I’m actually space-kin, and if you use more blackberries (like ½ cup) it comes out this gorgeous deep space violet)

(Psst. Protip 2: You can use jam instead of fresh berries - just halve the amount of honey (or not i guess, if you really want type 2 diabetes) and make sure you use plain yogurt, not vanilla)

Kareena Kapoor Khan looks as stylish as ever for Lakme Fashion Week press interviews

Kareena Kapoor Khan is gonna be walking the ramp tonight at the Lakme Fashion Week 2017 and we are so looking forward to it. Primarily because this is an official sign that she is getting back to wrok after pregnancy and also because she is a fashionista herself so we are sure she will wear something really classy to look her best. 

At the press interviews today at the Lakme Fashion Week, the actress wore a blue and black coloured dress and like always, she had her fashion game on point. Also, if you observe, she is shedding all the pregnancy weight so quickly. We just cannot help but wonder how! Within two months, Bebo is back in shape and we must admit, we are quite liking it.. How we wish she shared her secret to fitness with us too! Just yesterday, we spotted Kareena stepping outside her yoga class. Clearly, Bebo is in no mood to compromise with her health and fitness. 

Talking about her at the Lakme Fashion Week, for all those who don’t know, she is gonna be the showstopper for Anita Dongre tonight. The last time we saw her walking the ramp was for sabyasachi and she looked absolutely majestic as she walked the rap with her baby bump. We are expecting that this time too, Bebo will look drop- dead gorgeous at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2017. 

For all those who are wanting to know about what the theme is all about, we have got you some interesting information..This year Anita Dogre has gone bold with gold and her collection is all about bringing alive “liquid gold”. She will be showcasing the gold theme summer/resort 2017 collection titled ‘Alchemy’ through her designs. Sounds interesting! That’s all for now folks. Keep reading this space for more updates..

Behind the scene: