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I left the Wizard Rock Community because of Alex Carpenter

Sorry, it just feels really good to finally be able to say that publicly without fear of being outed/humiliated/called a liar/etc. Honestly I guess I don’t know those things would have happened, but people just love him so much, I feared almost any reaction.
I am so glad all of this stuff is coming out. I am so glad someone was finally brave enough to break the silence, and leave room for all of us to join in. I hate what happened to me, and I don’t particularly want to rehash the whole tale because how do you boil down a year’s worth of emotional manipulation (which culminated in the four worst days of my life) into one post?
Suffice it to say, Alex is very good at convincing you that you are special and awesome and smart and beautiful. All of which are probably true qualities, but they are not being listed off to you because of their validity–they are a distraction technique to avoid serious topics such as “Why did you lie to me about that?” and “Why would you think it was appropriate to yell at me in public?”
I finally told him off last night, and yes it took someone else coming forward first and yes it took me consuming a good amount of alcohol, but I could not be more freaking happy or relieved that I finally came forward and told him to go take a hike.
I did leave the wrock community because of him. Because just the thought of being around him after what happened when I went to visit him in LA was enough to send me into a panic attack. I had nightmares about my time there, and I was so afraid if I saw him again he’d try to hug me and I was not about ever letting him touch me again. But now? I’m free! Hell, I might even come back to a wrock show!
Just to let any of my friends know, you are free to share my story. If you run into anyone else who has been through something similar, absolutely give them my tumblr or name or whatever and send them to my ask box. I got out from under my cloud of despair, but it took a year, so I know well the horror that is believing it will never end.
Lastly, thanks for sharing the burden, my many sisters-in-arms. It’s a lot lighter with all of us carrying it together. :)

Happy Geek Day! And happy birthday to our heroes Harry Potter, and JK Rowling.

Today was our first full day, jam-packed with Geeky programming. The whole day was filled with fantastic panels, including the start of our Full-Time Geek and Geeky U tracks. 

We also started our photobooths and signings with our spectacular special guests. As with all Mischief Management cons, these photos and autographs are included in the ticket price. It’s a great way to meet your favorite performers and have a memento from the weekend.

This year had an exciting new addition based on the popular Escape the Room games, Geek Escape. Guests enter the room in teams and have 35 minutes to solve the clues inside to “unlock” the door and escape. Only one group made it out in the time limit today, but there’s still tomorrow!

We crowned our GeekyStars winner today! All of our contestants are insanely talented, but the 2015 winner is the marvelous Margot! Congrats! 

GeekyCon Lit Track started today! That means a ton of panels full of advice, funny stories, and book talk. Lit veteran and author extraordinaire Robin Wasserman played Alex Trebek this evening in a version of Jeopardy that pitted YA authors against each other to answer geeky questions. Though the trivia battle was fierce, in the end Jenny Han was the winner. 

As usual we ended the day on a musical note. Our resident theater vets Tessa Netting and Anthony Rapp joined with our emcees and other special guests to lead an epic Broadway sing-a-long. Dominic Barnes brought down the house with his perfect rendition of Defying Gravity. 

We ended the night with our final wrock show. Lauren Fairweather, Meghan Tonjes, The Whomping Willows, and Harry and the Potters took to the stage, and totally blew away the MainStage crowd! As always, it was incredible!

See you all tomorrow!