Where did ganymede go! (Orisa x bastion)

Where did ganymede go?!
The poor bastion unit was looking Everywhere he could beeping out for his littel friend.
After an entier hour it gave up,Thinking it has left it.
It walked to the spot to the spot where it always watched the Sunset with ganymede,this was bastions last guess.
It hoped ganymede would be here.
‘Beep beep wii wuii!’
Bastion called out for his Friend.
“Here bastion,your Friend is with me”
The voice of orisa could be heard,bastion ran torwards to where the Voice of orisa came from.
'Wui dweep boop wii!’
Orisa laughed at how happy he was seeing his friend again.
Bastion sat down next to orisa,picking ganymede of her horns.
Ganymede flew back into its nest,watching the sun set with the two robots.
Ganymede saw that bastion was Collecting nearby Flowers,so it decided to help get Flowers,it was one of the usuall things they did,build flower crowns for animals.
Once the first Crown was done bastion poked orisa.
'Beep beep wrii woo’
Bastion said as it placed the flower crown on orisa’s head.
“Thank you,Bastion”
Orisa smiled.
“Can you show me how to make one?”
Bastion beeped hapily and showed orisa how to make one,after some tries the managed to get One done.
Ganymede flew back into its nest,happy that it helped its friends.
“This is for you ”
Orisa said as she placed the flowe crown on bastion head.
'Beep beep wii’
Bastion was amazed at its beauty
Orisa smiled at his compliment
“Lets do this again tommorow?”

From then they sat by the sunset as much as they could.

(Short but i hope its ok)

Blory #77

My Name is Charlotte

“Forgive me,” Henry said, “It was just that the light…” He trailed off wondering why he could never find the right words. The gaps in vocabulary always frustrated him and though he had dedicated days searching the dictionary for better substitutes for love, pity, concern, and even fear, he had found none that captured the complexities of the emotions within his breast.

The woman studied his face. She knew it was no accident that she had stumbled into his barn the night before. That she had traveled so far to seek shelter. Now, she realized, she had been searching for someone. But this was not the man she expected to find.

Seeing her face relax again, Henry once again tried to master his discomfort.

“What’s your name,” he asked, quietly.

“Elizabeth,” the woman said. “My name is Elizabeth.”