If Love Was A Game - song rough draft
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And the yellow man begins to drift away.
So far as thee i can see.
And every moment he really takes serious.
Is another mans journey to escape.
For do we know that i dont even know.
What can we consider our own.
If life really means anything.
Then why werent we born with scripts.
7 years have almost went by.
And the yellow man still begins to sing……

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Buska Song Writting Session!

Today I attended one of Buska’s song writing sessions! It turned out to be a great success as we got to work with other musicians from the Buska Promotions group that we hadn’t worked with before. On this particular session our aim was to write a song about a letter that had been wrote to someone. I worked with the legendary Tom Bedlam on this project, and I was very happy with how our song turned out, after only working on it for 2 hours!!! I feel that these types of sessions are brilliant as we get the opportunity to work with others, and learn from each other as well as hopefully coming out of it with another original song to our names…

Everyone’s gotta secret you don’t know about somewhere there’s a locket with a picture that no one has found invisible love just keep lookin up and you will never ever hit the ground 💕just something u wrote :) #song #ily #random #writtingsongs


I Just - Song Rough Draft
#producer #singer #rapper #writtingsongs #creativitytime