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Enjolras: angelsshadowblade

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Dialogue: Too Much Action In-Between

Anonymous asked:

hey :) omg i just love this tumblr so much and i hope you have a lot of message like this because you deserve it <3 i been reading your post since hours and well, i find one when you say that is better show you work to others when is finish… so i make i mistake and i wish could read that before, well basically a friend of twitter who write send me a chapter of her book and i told her my opinion so she say if she could read some of my work, and i send her like only the firsts 9 pages and she told me that she find A LOT OF MISTAKES, and for be honest i feel a little bad because i have writting like 100 pages and if only 9 are bad i can’t think what about the others, she told me that in dialogue i write ‘too much’ between the -, like for example: -you are very crazy to come at night just for a project. -Marissa feeltoo tired to argue with his friend, she sat on the bed watching with an annoying expression. -Do you want to i read it?“ ( i translate to spanish  so probably will be wrong sorry for that, but for you is that bad? i think that was fine because you can imagine in your head their expressions but now i don’t know, i even feel like a little bad, i find out that when i come to write and i feel like i was doing everything wrong so i come here to read a lot of and well, what do you think? also i’m a teenager (i read your post about it :) ) so yes maybe i need to learn but i really have everything in mind even the scenes from the sequel so i don’t know what to do, re-write what i write by far, still writting? and even my teacher and some people i know ask me to read it so right now i feel so confused, but anyway thank you for this beautiful blog, i really help every tip, and if someday my book get published i will dedicated to you, by the way, can i do that? like in the last pages put that you help me a lot, also the songs i hear from some scenes or.. not? okay so much questions thank you so much and i adore you <3

I am so glad you found the blog and have found it to be helpful. :) <3

All writers make a lot of mistakes in their first drafts. That’s why they’re first drafts, sometimes called “rough drafts.” In fact, every draft will have mistakes–even the final draft. Part of the point of revising a story is to find those mistakes and fix them, but some mistakes may fall through the cracks, and new ones may appear when things are added or changed. That’s why there are editors whose job is to make sure everything is perfect. So, don’t sweat the fact that someone found mistakes in your story. The whole point of giving it to a critique partner or beta reader is so they can find mistakes and things that don’t work well.

As far as the action in your dialogue goes, while it’s definitely good to include it, you don’t want to go overboard. It isn’t necessary to tag every bit of dialogue with an action. So, for example, if all of your dialogue looks like this:

“Let’s go to the store,” Jamie said as he twirled the car keys on his finger. “We’re out of milk.”

Kim looked at the clock. “Hmm. It’s late and it looks like it might rain.” She went to the window and gazed up at the dark clouds.

Jamie rolled his eyes and said, “We’ll be there and back again before the first drop.”

“Well, if you say so,” Kim shrugged. “But we’d better bring an umbrella.”

… you’ll want to tone it down a bit. Try something more like this:

“Let’s go to the store,” Jamie said to Kim as he twirled the car keys on his finger.

“It’s getting late. Why do we need to go?”

“We’re out of milk.”

Kim went to the window and gazed up at the dark clouds. “Looks like it might rain.”

“We’ll be there and back again before the first drop,” Jamie said as he rolled his eyes.

“Well, if you say so. But we’d better bring an umbrella.”

This flows a bit more naturally. There’s still enough action to make us feel our characters are present in the scene, interacting with each other and the environment, but it’s a lot less repetitive than tagging every bit of dialogue with an action. :)