theres nothing trivial about me going through a lot of effort to get a personal tattoo written out for me and then being upset when people take it without asking but w/e


“Nowadays, the function of tattoos hasn’t changed at all. People still use it as a way to express themselves. There are different tattoo designs. There are graphic tattoos like  lines, curves, tribal, medieval, gothic, and there are the written tattoos. Because of the modern times’ influence in tattoo designs, the later have been popularly demanded choice for people. Written tattoos take the form of letters from foreign languages, graffiti-style tattoos and ambigrams. These tattoos are often words that represent a person’s characteristic or it’s a quote that a person lives by” ~ Russell Reugh.


~ Holley Jacobs

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people can get it done if they want?? you don't have like rights to it or whatever it's a free country lmao chill

it’s personal like? it was really a personal and special thing to get these lyrics written out for me, i met them myself and had to work hard to get it and im not saying i have the rights to the lyrics or anything but when it was a tattoo personally written out specifically for me it would feel really awful if other people got it done too when it was something i asked them to do for me, not for anyone else.