“Nowadays, the function of tattoos hasn’t changed at all. People still use it as a way to express themselves. There are different tattoo designs. There are graphic tattoos like  lines, curves, tribal, medieval, gothic, and there are the written tattoos. Because of the modern times’ influence in tattoo designs, the later have been popularly demanded choice for people. Written tattoos take the form of letters from foreign languages, graffiti-style tattoos and ambigrams. These tattoos are often words that represent a person’s characteristic or it’s a quote that a person lives by” ~ Russell Reugh.


~ Holley Jacobs

Try Me:  Holley Jacobs


i promised myself that i
would stop writing about you,
but how do i forget someone who
left dents on all of my surfaces?
i can’t lay down on my own bed
without picturing what happened here,
you still hold my innocence
between your teeth,
locked away with the rest of what
we were
and you’ve forgotten about the way my
skin felt under your lips
because she’s disrupted any memory
you had left of us
and i don’t mind anymore,
but oh God i’d do anything
to get your life sucked out of me

—  // you feel so far away now. Like you never existed. I wish it could have always been like this. // - m.p.h
3:52 PM

en_chi_la_da said: oh, man, could i ask for a luke/robin fic? bc holy crap i think its the bees knees

Notes: Writers block happened a while back and now I feel bad. (There’s also been a lil thing with tattoos for me lately and that’s really what this is for.)

Additional reminders/notices: A tiny theme of nsfw at the end, but nothing too big.

Summary: Robin almost chokes on his breath when he catches a glimpse of black and a faint red on Luke’s hipbone. “I-Is that a tattoo?” He swallows and tries not to think about tracing the lines of the ink with his fingers and tongue.

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