Do you ever just listen to an old favorite song really loud in your headphones while staring at a skyline and fall in love with the world and your life and the person you’ve become even if things aren’t actually going well for you at that particular moment? Because it’s surreal and it’s empowering and I think it’s bliss.


the energy that these photos give off is so specific…..like…….

left: picture taken on film in the late 1980s that you find in your mom’s old album from college. on the back the names of everyone in the photo are written in ballpoint pen. there’s a piece of tape underneath the photo with something cheesy like “studying hard!” written in neat cursive

right: promotional photoshoot for the first season of a crime drama premiering in the early 1990s. the show becomes a cult favourite almost immediately. it runs for at least a decade and in the years to come many women credit rosa diaz for their gay awakening

The most attractive thing you could show someone is effort & the most important thing you could give someone is time.

I’m so scared because you never shut up about how much you love me, but my brother’s best friend couldn’t shut up either about how much he loved his girlfriend, and now 2 years later he finds himself looking at other girls in nightclubs. He’s getting tired of her eventually, and the saddest part is that she’s still into him.
For now you never let go of my hand when we’re in nightclubs, and you don’t want to dance with anyone but me, but I’m so scared that one day, 2 years from now, you’ll leave me alone on a seat, and your eyes will imperceptibly scan the crowd in search of other prettier, skinnier, funnier girls.
You will get tired of me eventually, and the saddest part is that, I’ll still be into you.
—  Let’s not end up like this
April Horoscopes.
  • Aries: Hold tightly to that which is true and righteous. Protect those who can’t defend themselves.
  • Taurus: You cannot move a mountain by yourself. But nothing will stop you from trying.
  • Gemini: There is no need to prove yourself to anyone. Your accomplishments speak for themselves.
  • Cancer: Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. You have the ability to complete the task ahead.
  • Leo: The next chapter of your life is ready to be written. Pick up the pen.
  • Virgo: Take back what is yours.
  • Libra: Solitude is peaceful. As is a mausoleum. Open your doors.
  • Scorpio: You are a siren for the masses. Do not wait another day. They’ve slept long enough.
  • Sagittarius: Beware of the animal within. Even the strongest cage will eventually break.
  • Capricorn: Your thoughts are a tree painted in gold leaf. Share them with the world.
  • Aquarius: Before there can be flowers in your garden, there must first be rain.
  • Pisces: Breathe.
I’m in my 20’s and I still see 15 year old me, rubbing her eyes and crying. In the middle of her whimpering she asks me ‘Why doesn’t anyone love me.’ and I just shake my head and return her gaze before turning the light switch to 'off’ and walking away in hopes my answer will come to me the next day.

a. h. eun


Hey guys, my name is Catherine. This is my portrait of Tyler Joseph “10.5 Pilots”. It’s made entirely of TOP lyrics written in ballpoint pen.
As a winning piece of the Congressional Art Competition, it is currently hanging in the United States Capitol building and will be for the next year.
Please please if you would maybe spread it around, I would love for him to know his face is hanging in the US Capitol.
Thank you!!

In the world somewhere, right now, someone is pouring coffee in a hotel lobby in an island town waiting for the sun to come up, thinking about how in the world somewhere, at the exact same time, someone else is making tea before bed on a warm night in the countryside. And somewhere else, someone is waiting for a train in a busy city to get dinner with the girl he is breaking up with, who is putting on mascara across town thinking about her brother who’s bartending in LA and the open invitation she never thought she’d want to use. And no matter what you’re doing right now, and whether or not you’re happy with it, it’s oddly comforting to think that any life you ever dream of having exists, and at any given moment, someone else is living it.
There’s a scent of summer in the air and a hint of sadness in her heart.
But for once in ages, the sadness isn’t real. It’s only made out of the remains of all the past summers she spent crying. The sun was too bright to understand the darkness of her soul, only the rain could get her sorrow, and its drops matched her tears perfectly.
But this year is different, this summer will be different. She wants to lay down in a poppy field, she wants to waltz with the wind, she wants hand-in-hand runs on a golden beach, she wants ice-cream flavored kisses under the stars. There’s nothing to be sad about any longer. She has life ahead of her, and for once it looks fucking beautiful. She just needs to learn how to love the sun again. She just needs to get used to happiness again.
—  Summertime Sadness
there’s a dark side of me that i don’t want anyone to see. not because i choose to pretend but because i haven’t learned to face it alone so why would i torment someone else with it?
I’m one of those people that can’t let go. If I’ve had fun with you once, I will text you on your birthday for at least the next five years. If we were friends in elementary school and haven’t talked since, I guarantee I still know your mom’s name and your favorite food. My crushes never go away, they just fade. I still tell stories about great times with people I haven’t seen in years. If you turn down my offer to get drinks and catch up ten times, I promise I will still ask an 11th time. If we fight and you block me, I will find a way to check in on you anyway to make sure you’re okay. So if I give up on you, just know that you damn well deserved it.