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Ok so, here’s the story. I wrote something for the tropetastic tuesday this week and then my computer decided to crash just when I was about to save it and it disappeared out in nothingness. So today I tried to sit down and rewrite it but that’s literally the worst thing in the world to me and I just couldn’t and so I decides to play some guitar instead and suddenly I had written this song (I swear it’s like magic sometimes but never when you’re planning on it).

It’s not 1000- 2000 words and I  don’t know if it really fits the challenge but I hope it’s okay @thegreyhenley

In My Dreams Part 3

I know, I know, I take forever to update, but I’ve been really busy with school. Forgive me. Also, some of the later chapters will be written to songs from Hamilton. At least the last one will be.

There’s nothing like summer in the city. Once you get over the smell, the Stilts has some of the best views in the valley. Especially the views of the river. The sun is just rising, so naturally Kilorn and I are the only ones up. He looks out at the Capital River from the porch of my family’s house.

     “Mare.” Kilorn says. I turn my attention to him from my notebook. “You’ll never guess who asked about you yesterday night after your show at the Hall.” I go back to writing.

“Tiberias Calore?” I answer, scribbling down lyrics. “He seemed better at staring than talking.”

“You’re really hard to impress, you know that? Think of it this way, now that the Crown Prince of  Norta has interest in you, you might get better venues.” Kilorn offered.

 "I have no interest in dealing with a man who probably wants to make me seem like more of a quiff than people already think I am.“

"Mare, think what this could mean for your career. We could finally get out of here, like we always talked about.” He’s right. I could finally get my family out of this dirty, flooded hellscape. I could finally help Gisa.

“Fine. I’ll be nice, but there is absolutely no way I’m going to flirt with him. I’m no vamp, Lorie.” I look at him as if to say, “That’s final”.

“Good luck at your show tonight, lightning girl,” He says, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

“You’ll be watching from the crowd?” He takes odd jobs where he can find them, so he only gets to work at nightclubs in a few days here and there.

“Absolutely.” He says. Then quieter, “I always am.”

“Quiff” is 20s slang for slut.
“Vamp” is slang for a flirtatious person, especially a woman.

Murdoc’s Electronic Beats Bio

Drum roll…Fluttering Union Jack, overlaid with the two best words in the English language: MURDOC NICCALS. Cue pyrotechnics. Begin voiceover.

Murdoc Niccals is the creative genius behind Gorillaz. But actually, he’s way more than that. He’s a living legend, bigger than Mozart and the sex idol of billions. But how did he get there? Let’s start at the beginning.

The greatest achievement of my life is the time I managed to squeeze my entire body through a woman—my mum. Sadly, that was the only time we met, but her work was done: a musical messiah had cometh.

Like Jesus of Nazareth, Murdoc of Stoke-on-Trent was a miracle baby. By age two I got my first pubes. By age nine I’d written my first song, “Sex Hoof”. (Years ahead of its time, trust me).

But growing up in Thatcher’s Britain was bleak. Like thousands I got hooked on space dust, one of the most destructive sweets in the playground. I moved on to harder gear—fizz-wiz, flying saucers—and realised that by prising open the dark recesses of my mind, I could write songs that were almost unintelligible in their horrible beauty.

The more whammed I got, the more the songs poured out of me, until I was literally dripping with musical genius. It was clear to me then that Murdoc Niccals was destined for greatness.

Right. That’s the formative stuff. Intermission. I’m going for a smoke.

1.Where was I?

Ah yeah. Hitting the big time. The worst thing about being me is I’m only one man. And scientists are taking their sweet time with cloning. So I had to accept that even I couldn’t play four instruments at once. I needed a band, so I kidnapped Russel from the record shop where he worked, “hired” 2D with a crafty hit-and-run in my Vauxhall Astra, and took out an ad in the NME, which led to Noodle turning up in the mail. Game on Gorillaz.

It was always my intention that the world idolize Murdoc Niccals for his music and not just his trouser dragon, which is why I stepped back from the limelight to play bass and made 2D the Gorillaz frontman. The ungrateful moron still hasn’t thanked me. None of them have, despite twice daily email reminders.

Our debut record Gorillaz was a UK smash. The follow-up, Demon Days, literally shafted America right up its Grand Canyon. Some people tried to claim I’d sold my soul to the devil in exchange for success. To all you people, I can only say I can’t be held accountable for every nut-job fan that wants a piece of Murdoc, even the dark lord himself.

Anyway, he didn’t step in when I was in prison, did he? I went AWOL after Plastic Beach, our third album, so EMI sent a bloody battleship after me for breach of contract. Did four years hard time in Dungeon Abbey after that, a secret prison underneath London’s Abbey Road studios.

But you can’t cage this beast for long. And now, finally, I’m back. The fourth coming of Murdoc. Even more explosive than the other three times. The world better be ready for some painful truths, cos this time I’m f***king furious.

OK, that’ll do. Who’s a bloke got to shaft to get a skinny latte around here?

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I always love the playlists you make and your song taste in general, so I thought I'd come here and ask: do you know any songs for teamwork/group friendship dynamics? I'm trying to make a fanmix but I'm stuck.

So! It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are really not enough songs written about friends. Especially not groups of friends!

I don’t know what mood you’re going for on this, first off! It’s easier to find “me and my friends are gonna hit up the club” than anything else. Like, there’s Me and My Gang or Royals, for the pop song side of things. Little Help From My Friends is always a classic. Or Wannabe, where would we be without the Spice Girls?

More serious songs requires specificity, unfortunately! Us by Regina Spektor and Heathens by Twentyone Pilots are both good Leverage crew songs (and also, incidentally, both would probably be good Rogue One crew songs). This is the New Year is a good Les Amis song for the “the role we play is so important / we are the voices of the underground” line.

I imagine this was spectacularly unhelpful, and I’m sorry! If you want me to take another shot with more specific teamwork dynamics, feel free to drop me some details and I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m feeling fresher.

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NO like I’ve only listened to that and If I Could Fly once because it hurts me so bad

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I LOVE LITTLE MIX THEY ARE MY QUEENS OMG! ;___; i can’t even count how many stories i’ve written with their songs… and how many more I plan to write. hehe

wild world condensed
  • good grief: death and how confusing it is
  • the currents: donald trump sucks and so does the media
  • an act of kindness: regret and self loathing
  • warmth: how to recover from 2016
  • glory: oHMYGOD WHAT IS ThIs bLESSInG
  • power: an abusive relationship??? the media is shit????? who knows not me but i hope no one hurt dan
  • two evils: again, more self loathing but slightly more optimistic self loathing
  • send them off!: religion, demons and jealously?? insecurity??
  • lethargy: anxiety (particularly about dying)
  • four walls: the song about a convicted murderer
  • blame: two gangsters fighting??? thanks dan for this deep meaningful song
  • fake it: idk man i suppose it's about how shit the media is?? (again)
  • snakes: more anxiety, this time about life in 2016 in general
  • winter of our youth: MORE self loathing and nostalgia and anxiety
  • way beyond: the media, if u didn't already know, is SHIT
  • oil on water: sex, but empowering sex. u go girl, u have all the sex
  • campus: don't stay in school kids y'all are wasting your time it's a trap
  • shame: bad blood 2.0, otherwise known as, "u were my best friend and then u changed and ur horrible now" (also, hidden self loathing)
  • the anchor: so yeah conclusion i hate myself but ily

Niall: The sequel to Happy Birthday, I think it was.
Louis: WOW, that is a big number right there.

Okay, what is the story of The Song That’s Not Olivia??

(@genuinelybelieve based on her observation!)


L e t   m e   k n o w was about pain, uneasiness, uncertainty. It was about the darkness that came with the kind of love people called love because they didn’t know what else to call it.  It was about the loneliness that accompanied falling for a person who wouldn’t take the leap for you. It was about holding on to things that were long lost, or had never been there to begin with.” 

-3:47 by @mrsmon

Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau | Strawberry

to say that you are pretty 

would be like saying that the ocean is blue;

because the ocean is filled with all kinds of colors 

and i see all kinds of things when i look at you.

and i want to explore you

with my tenni-shoes off

standing ankle-deep in a tidepool with my khaki pants rolled up


late at nite, the air was cool
we snuck into the swimming pool
you dove headfirst, i waded in
the scent of chlorine upon our skin

the stars were bright, the water clear
i felt your heat as you swam near
i held my breath, you held my hand
moving away, further from land
the moon was full, everything blue
the water stilled, reflecting you
floating right here with you next to me
gazing at stars, we drift silently

late at nite, the air was cool
we snuck into the swimming pool
i went under and you followed
let’s not think about tomorrow

everything is perfect now

everything is perfect now - i held my breath
everything is perfect now - you held my hand
everything is perfect now - moving away
everything is perfect now - further from land
everything is perfect now - the stars were bright
everything is perfect now - the water clear
everything is perfect now - i felt your heat
everything is perfect now - as you swam near
everything is perfect now

——-Swimming Pool - Freezepop

Inspired by @gaysweaters (whose fanvid with this song is my aesthetic)