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Imagine Steve in an AU where he adopts the Maximoff twins!

“So Friday tells me if you want to stay, we have to get started, like yesterday on your alphabet soup visa type applications because it can take a while and like—Friday, can you explain it?”  Tony flashed a quick smile. “Pepper usually handles this sort of thing.  Sorry.”

“Sure, boss.  Their B visas expire in approximately 4 months. They’ll need to apply for an H1-B if they want to stay.  Though, it’ll be a stretch.  I’m not sure if the government will consider what they do as ‘skilled labor’.  Worth a shot, and they’re familiar with Stark Industries sponsoring visas.  We just have to hope they make it through the lottery.”

Pietro quirked an eyebrow.  “And if we don’t?” 

“-We can find a way.  Right?” Tony glanced towards the ceiling.

We might be able to get you back on an L visa, if we can set you up in our Sokovia branch.  It’s mostly a foundation, but it’d be just about all we have left as an option.  A green card would be an option, too, but it’d take some time.  More than we have.”

After Sokovia, with the twins joining the Avengers in a not-so-low-profile move to the Tower, the government was asking a lot of questions about their allegiances and intent.  Tony had lawyers for that, but they were still working on the best way to legally keep the Maximoffs in the country.  They kept coming up short.  Tony dropped heavily onto a couch with a groan.  “Uggghhh.  This is why Pepper does all this.  What the hell.”

Or” Steve had come out of nowhere, dropping a folder onto the glass table.  “We do an adult adoption.”

“Can you do that?”  Tony sat up straighter.  

I’ll have to look into it, boss. But without any living parents, provided they consent, Captain Rogers should be able to.”

Wanda smiled slyly.  “Is that why you give Vision side-eye? Do you disapprove of the relationship we may or may not have?”

Pietro laughed.  “You do a great Disappointed Dad face.  I will not call you Dad, though.”

Steve grinned.  “I don’t expect you would.”

Wanda glanced over the paperwork Steve had brought.  “Ok.  Yes. But,” she pointed a finger at Steve, “only if you promise to stop looking so suspicious of Viz.”  

Steve held up his hands.  “Sorry, ok.”

Tony clapped his hands together.  “This is great.  I’ve gotta go organize a party.  Adoption shower.  Something. There’ll be cake.  It’s gonna be great.  Friday!  Friday, take care of Steve’s paperwork.” 

Yes, boss.”

  • I can't say I'm hearing voices when I'm the one talking.
  • I see a kitchen knife
  • Thought: stab yourself
  • Me: Okay.
  • Me a second later: Wait. No. Bad.
  • I step into the warm bath, allowing myself to believe for a moment that the scent of lavender will bring me peace.
  • Thought: drown yourself
  • Me: Okay.
  • Me a second later: Please stop...
  • Just... stop.
  • It's not a voice inside my head like some foreign enemy. It's just me.
  • Whether I'm down or up, it doesn't seem to matter. This side of me doesn't want to leave my head but insists that instead I want to leave my body.
  • Sometimes it's a piercing scream, a bleeding plea. But... sometimes it's just there.
  • I need to escape. But I don't know how or to where.
  • So please, just... stop.

I send you a message.
Heart racing,
I await your answer.

My mind fills
with all the possible scenarios.

Will you reject me?
Will I lose one of
my closest friends forever?

Or will you accept me?
Will you understand
that this is who I truly am?

I can taste the anxiety,
feel it course through my body
with every heartbeat.

Finally, my phone buzzes.
Heart in my mouth,
I check to see what you have written.

No problem!” you say.
I’m glad that you told me.
I’ll start calling you by your name and pronouns.

I’m so happy that
I want to cry.
I feel relief.

Thank you
for accepting me
for me.

— by @fromf2m

you can love villains and anti-heroes and antagonists without justifying their behaviour, You don’t have to make up excuses for the horrible shit they do. It’s totally fine to love these characters as they are, to accept the ugly parts of them- that doesn’t mean that you agree with the choices they make, it just means that you happen to love complex and three dimensional individuals.

Star Wars is so reflective of our real world. You got creepy evil nazis, fascism, science, and Jyn plagiarizing Cassian like she’s Melania and it’s debate season

One of the most infuriating things about how Drew Tanaka was written is that she wasn’t even a well written evil character. She was so utterly 2-dimensional whereas in tlo the side characters like Ethan were given far more complex stories and it differed from the other antagonists in the series. Hell even Octavian was given an even more complex background. Like Drew was literally just described as shallow and that was supposed to convey how truly evil she was smh (sounds like every other /evil/ female character in books, truly original)

Reading practice vocab

우선 지금까지 기대해왔고, 간절히(Sincerely, eagerly, ardently) 원했던 ____의 동맹국으로 가입 할 수 있게 되어서 무척 기쁘게 생각합니다.

그럼 간략하게(Briefly) ____에 대해 소개 드리도록 하겠습니다.

한국의 ____는 최근 짧은 시간동안 눈부신(Dazzling, blinding) 성장을 거듭해(Repeat; continue) 왔습니다.

____와 ____의 위치 또한 업계(Industry)의 성장을 주도할 만큼 전문성(Expertise)을 갖추게 되었고, 그 위상(Status) 또한 높아졌습니다.

그러나 대중(The public)들의 ‘선정적인(Erotic) 댄스’ 라는 인식를 바꿔, 발전(Development)과 도약(Takeoff, leap)을 이루어야 하는 과제를 안(Bear, shoulder, take on)고 있습니다.

____는 이러한 기존의 선정적인 이미지로만 굳혀진 ____를 ____로서 국민에게 널리(Widely) 보급하고(Promote),

건강한 스포츠 문화를 조성(Foster, construct, raise)하여, 국민체력 향상(improvement)과 함께 건전한(Sound, healthy, wholesome) 이미지로서 바뀌기 위해 노력하며,

Other vocab

사업 = business, work
체육 = physical education/training
대회 = competition, contest; meeting, conference, convention
선수단 = sports team
파견 = dispatch, send
개최 = hold meeting, host
선정 = selection, choice
조직 = group
주관 = supervision
교류 = exchange
연맹 = union, federation, alliance
회의 = meeting
제반 = various

it makes me sad to see people dismissing jumin’s affection in the valentine’s day dlc just because he buys so many gifts. 

not everyone expresses their love solely through words or cuddles. sometimes people enjoy picking out items that they think others might like, and enjoy giving gifts as it’s their way of showing how much they care. gifts are not inherently bad, and not inherently a sign that your love is fake or inadequate. 

some people don’t like receiving gifts, and that’s okay! it’s also okay to give gifts if it’s a way to express your love and make others happy! 

disliking jumin’s valentine’s day ending is not the problem. disliking it because you think gifts automatically diminish his feelings is kinda missing the point. 


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Submission because mobile character limit. Also because images help deliver the point.

I noticed something about Chara’s dialog here. In the first panel, they seem to just be asking if Frisk is familiar with puzzles- a fair question, considering the kid just ran through a lethal gauntlet without thinking twice. However, the second panel makes me rethink the idea that they were just asking.

First off, notice how each sentence is punctuated: with periods. These are statements, not questions. Chara is stating that Frisk has seen a puzzle like the cracked floor one before, which begs the question, how does Chara know that Frisk has seen it before? Evidence points towards Chara being able to remember the resets…unless they’re referring to the last spike puzzle?

Another thing I find interesting is that “Perhaps” is its own sentence, rather than a continuation of the previous one. “Among the cracked tiles is a safe path. Perhaps.” Because “perhaps” isn’t part of either the previous or following statements, it’s hard to tell which it refers to. In this context, it can mean one of two things:

“Perhaps you have seen this before”
“There is a safe path, perhaps”

The first brings into question whether Chara knows for a fact that Frisk has seen it. The second implies that there may NOT be a safe path through those tiles. Pairing either- or both- of these implications with the previous question of whether Frisk is familiar with the puzzles seems to imply that Chara is, in fact, testing them.

But testing them for what? To see if they also remember the resets? That seems like the most logical answer. Though at this point it seems obvious by Frisk’s behavior that they do remember. Maybe Chara is testing to see HOW MUCH they remember…which could mean that Chara doesn’t have control over the resets. Which makes me wonder just how much Chara actually remembers, themselves.

Also, I noticed that in the final panel the dramatic lines around Frisk are yellow, like their eyes were before.

Thanks for putting up with my lengthy speculation! ❤

This is such a great analysis! The fact that you pay so much attention to Chara’s speaking style makes us so happy because we put a lot of thought into what they say and how they say it.

As it turns out, we base Chara’s speaking habits off their in game speech. Chara has an rather unusual way of speaking, and it’s something we really love and try to capture here! In fact, @nochocolate recently posted their analysis of chara’s speech. since it’s pertinent to caretaker, we’ll reblog it here!

As for your speculation, you are on the right track. Keep paying close attention to Chara’s words.


“On a night like this, a man might believe anything’s possible.”


Since I might die of old age before October 2017 I thought I’d lay down my expectations for Oathbringer:

  • Kaladin returns home to discover Tien was alive all this time, but has killed Kaladin’s parents. Tien is a secret Voidbringer. He and Kaladin fight to the death but we don’t find out who wins until book four
  • Dalinar and Navani get struck by Everstorm lightning at the same time and swap bodies
  • It turns out Zahel was Vivenna all along. She was using her hair magic to pretend to be him and is searching for Nightblood
  • Szeth and Jasnah bond over how everyone thought they were dead and fall in love. They legally adopt Nightblood as their son. Then when Elhokar and his whole family die, Nightblood becomes King of Alethkar
  • Shallan goes undercover at a baking competition to discover who killed Sadeas
  • Adolin kills again 
  • It turns out Lift was Hoid all along
  • Dalinar (he and Navani swapped their bodies back when they kissed) and Renarin get stranded on a desert island. It turns out Dalinar can use the Stormfather to control the weather and the ocean. He causes a shipwreck and quotes Prospero for 12 chapters. Eshonai is Caliban. Renarin invents a submarine and they all escape from a volcano
  • It turns out Hoid was Kelsier all along

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Your banner image has chara holding part 7 of Monster History. Aren't there only like 6 parts of that series?

How observant. It’s true, the accessible Monster History books are only Parts 1-5. However Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8 can be found in the game’s text data.

something nice about the Riddler is that you can see him doing the most ridiculous things

someone might write him doing the weirdest shit and most of the time, once you get over how odd it is, you can say to yourself ‘yeah, he’d do that’.