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Every mistake turned into a habit, so every apology meant nothing.
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“every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.”

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All seemed pretty well with Lucas and I for awhile until sixth grade when Missy Bradford inserted herself into the equation. 

I’m not one to dislike anyone at all, but Missy Bradford, also known as Misery Bradford in my own head, is one of my only exceptions. 

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“We can’t make her tell us.”

“Nobody could find him.”

Okay. Okay, I had a rant written out, but then I decided to take some time and word it better so it actually makes sense. As we learned, Redbeard is not a dog, but a boy. Victor, actually, but that’s not… too important here.

What I have a problem with is the whole plot around him.

When a child goes missing, you move heaven, hell, and everything inbetween to find them. Parents and legal guardians (unless neglecting/nonexistent) will not have any other priority but to find that child. Searches. Posters. Questions. Interrogations. News stories. Vigils. Whatever.

When a child goes missing, people freak out, because that is a violation of something so much more innocent than an adult, something pure and young and everyone immediately feels protective.

When a child goes missing, those close to it will do everything in their power to find it.

So that raises my first question - what about Victor’s parents?

What about the police?

Do you really think that with Victor being Sherlock’s best friend, and that with him and even his parents knowing that Eurus was behind it, there would not have been any police involved? 

The area would have been swarming with officers following Victor’s disappearance, either contacted by Victor’s parents, or by Sherlock’s. There would have been dozens of people looking for the boy. There would have been DOGS.


There would have been rescue teams and neighbourhood search teams and parents and friends and whoever else might be concerned about a missing child looking EVERYWHERE.


The well can’t have been that far away from the estate, and if John could see the moon, it was UNDER THE OPEN SKY. And honestly, a well would have been one of the first places for people to look when a child suddenly goes missing, because gravity is a thing, and shit happens.

Even if - and I am not sure he was, but even IF Victor was unconscious and could not call out for help from down there (it really wasn’t that far, as we’ve seen with John), someone would have found him, I’m sure of it.

Also, as adorable as the Holmes parents are, I am counting this as massive failure on their part. “Oh yes, a boy is missing and our daughter hid him, but we can’t make her tell us, so… sorry?”

Punish her. Bribe her. Ask her. Do whatever. She’s your daugher, you’re her parents, “we can’t make her do anything” is no excuse for letting her get away with something like this, ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNEW. YOU KNEW she had something to do with Victor’s disappearance. You knew, Sherlock knew, Mycroft knew, she never denied it as far as we know, she even gave you hints where he was.

And you’re telling me that, even years later, they never even found his body, just because of some twisted children’s rhyme and a code hidden in it? It’s not like you had to break into Baskerville and she was giving you the acess code. It’s not like you needed a treasure map and a shovel. It’s not like it was some sort of high-security facility that really needed a hint for you to think of it. It was… just a well.

And nobody could find a scared little boy when they KNEW who had something to do with his disappearance, when they had an area where they could search (because how far can a five year old girl really carry a boy? And if she lured him somewhere, it still would have been within a searchable area of the estate?), and when the life of the child was obviously in danger?

Nobody ever even found the bones?

His family never received any sort of closure for it? 

I’m not okay with this.

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Nuuuuuuuuuuu, I thought you had functioning tastebuds lmao xDDD Come to find out you like pineapple?? On pizza?!?! Please love yourself!! #DontDestroyYourTasebuds2k17

I have excellent tastes, in fact they tend to lean into charming, hairy, beardless dwarf territory.

Besides pineapple was was made for pizza (also pina colada and fruit salad), but definitely for pizza. I mean some tomatoes and pineapples thrown on dough, it’s basically a fruit salad pizza…in the most american sense (and I know this).

I’m also for fries and frosties (basically a thicker milkshake) and crackers w/ ice cream. The real people we should be saving are those poor souls eating macaroni and ketchup and banana curry pizza.


I reiterate what I always say when I watch Race to the Edge:

Ruff and Tuff are the best part, hands down.

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Not trying to be ignorant, genuinely trying to be educated. What makes LaLa Land a racist film? I understand the Moonlight vs. LaLa Land argument over why putting down Moonlight is racist, but what about the film LaLa Land itself is racist?

You have a dull manchild whitesplaining a historically Black genre to anyone who will listen the entire movie and trying to dictate what is and isn’t “true jazz” and if that wasn’t bad enough the only black character is portrayed as a sellout to the genre. Also, it’s a movie about film and music in Los Angeles without any LGBT characters or POC characters outside of John Legend. Talk about misrepresenting a whole industry and a city. I’m oversimplifying it because I really don’t feel like going into it today, but there’s a million think pieces out there from reputable critics with really valid points that range on everything from the film’s racism to its horrid writing of the female character. Google is your friend.

Conversation I overhead between two gamers:
  • Gamer 1: Sonic? Seriously? That's your pick for "best game of all time"?
  • Gamer 2: Why not? What's wrong with Sonic?
  • Gamer 1: All you do is run around and jump through rings. Boring.
  • Gamer 2: Okay, what about Mario Bros.?
  • Gamer 1: Run, jump, murder turtles.
  • Gamer 2: Donkey Kong?
  • Gamer 1: Run, jump, throw barrels, oppress animals deemed lesser than the title character.
  • Gamer 2: Oppress animals? In Donkey Kong?
  • Gamer 1: Donkey Kong regularly uses the rhino and the frog for cannon fodder.
  • Gamer 2: Okay, okay -- what about Mega Man?
  • Gamer 1: Rip off of Metroid.
  • Gamer 2: Wha??? I think Mega Man came out before Metroid.
  • Gamer 1: I don't care. Mega Man has an inferiority complex and its name is Samus Aran.
  • Gamer 2: Good God...Zelda?
  • Gamer 1: The problem with that is in the title.
  • Gamer 2: Cause it's Link?
  • Gamer 1: CAUSE IT'S LINK. Give me the Legend of Link and we'll talk.
  • Gamer 2: So a title is keeping you from giving the game the "best ever" standing?
  • Gamer 1: Oh God no -- hack and slash if ever there was one.
  • Gamer 2: I give up. What SHOULD be my pick for the best game ever?
  • Gamer 1: Tetris.
  • Gamer 2: ...don't talk to me the rest of the day.

So if tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, Gency is confirmed as a canon thing. As in Mercy and Genji, might have some romatic feelings for each other or even be romantically involved. Don’t be a A-hole about it? :)
We all have our own ships but it’s not the creators job to satisfy everyone’s wish. They try really hard. And if you still feel like being a total jerk about Gency, and how boringly straight that pairing is- might I direct to @tmirai - who posted a really well written rant about Overwatch shipping.


I’m so tired of people using the interrogation scene in SNAFU as an argument about any of the male characters.   Whatever the men of the SSR thought about Peggy beforehand, at that point she is a hostile target for interrogation.  These men are good at their jobs, and they know her experience in the field makes her a hard target to interrogation.  Probably every step of their combined approach was planned before they even stepped in the room.  

TL; DR:  Um guys, these are spies and therefore not everything they say is rooted in truth… you have to take everything the characters say with a grain of salt, ESPECIALLY in interrogation.

Interrogation in general is really difficult–its hard to convince someone to tell you something when they have reasons against doing so.  Generally it’s accomplished by either finding leverage/ something the target wants and is willing to trade, or its about manipulating their emotions.  Keeping a target off balance makes that easier, and that’s clearly what they are trying to do to Peggy.

Dooley pays her compliments.  Whatever he thinks of her work until that point, or her ability as a woman to do it, he’s realized she wants to be of use, that she values her own skills.  So he gives her the approval she’s been looking for, trying to soften her up.  It doesn’t work because it’s too little too late.

Jack plays the good cop.  He goes soft.  Peggy doesn’t expect this – it isn’t his strong suit – she challenges him to go ahead and hit her.  He doesn’t do that.  he talks about how she saved his life, how he knows she’s a good person, absolves her of any guilt.  He tries to build rapport while she’s off balance.  It doesn’t work because Peggy interprets this as sexist: he won’t hit her because he’s a woman.  I don’t think he wants to hit her but that isn’t why he avoids it.

Daniel is the bad cop.  Why? Because she wouldn’t expect that from him either.  He did refuse to shoot her, watched her walk away with puppy dog eyes.  His insults are purposeful, not him working out his feelings but trying to push her off balance, provide a contrast to Jack’s good cop.  Yeah, he brings up Howard in a sexual context but he also brings up Krzeminski’s death.  Maybe he has a few personal feelings about these topics but he’s also realized something important about Peggy: she treasures her personal relationships.  He doesn’t accuse her of killing Krzeminski because he thinks she’s done it - he does it because knows accusing her of killing a coworker will insult her.  Just like he knows implying she’s only helping Howard because they’re screwing will also insult her.  He’s probably worried about it somewhere in the back of his head, but that’s not why he says it. Insulting someone is a classic interrogation technique to make them defend their actions, and spill something truthful in the process.

(Also he’s coming off a failed interrogation where he tried to build rapport with the bum and Jack swooped in and bribed him instead.  Of course Daniel would want to try something he sees as more effective.)

The pedestal/whore comment again is Peggy’s POV; her reaction to Daniel’s comments.  She has similar reactions for the other men.  There’s a bit of truth to all of them in her eyes but she’s also lashing out.  After all, she also accuses Daniel of turning her in because he wants the glory and the accomplishment and we know neither of those things are true – he’s doing it because he believes it to be the right thing.

The interrogation is successful to the point where they get her off balanced and angry; but it fails because they have no idea how much rage Peggy actually has.  She’s interrogated people - she should totally understand how they are trying to manipulate her - but they wind her up anyway, to the point where nothing productive comes out of the interrogation. Even though she wants to tell them about Dottie.  It’s not until she gets time to cool off and realizes something bad is imminent that she manages to tell them what they need to hear. 

Later, when Peggy spills her guts Sousa asks her why she didn’t tell them.  He means why didn’t you tell me? He is the most personally hurt but I think it’s because they were actually friends.  It’s not because he felt entitled to her interest or is mad that he didn’t get it: Sousa in S1 doesn’t actually believe he would get those either way.  She responds with the “no one looks at me” line, and he looks shocked at this.  You can see him replaying all their interactions in his head.

The really interesting thing is the parallel between the two of them.  They were both running their own investigation.  Sousa more openly - he shared much of it with Peggy - but it’s still a splinter from the main investigation.  I am sure her “no one looks at me” comment makes him reconsider why he didn’t notice sooner.  I just don’t know if he honestly 1) underestimated her for sexist or other reasons or 2) just assumed she would share because they’re friends, the way he does with her.

The fact that we’re still arguing about this scene a year later obviously means there was a lot of nuance in it; we’re all getting different things out of it too, which is interesting.  But c’mon, don’t forget these people are spies.  There are reasons above and beyond character that things go down the way they do, and those shouldn’t be ignored.

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hey so, as a jew, i gotta say people are really overreacting to this whole felix situation. im not offended, yall dont need to be offended for the jewish people. context matters, felix didnt mean it in any serious manner.

ive written out two rants but yknow what im just fuckign tired now 

synopsis: this drama is a fucking mess and the people talking about trivializing antisemitism are trivializing it themselves by deeming someone whos not antisemitic as an antisemite

saying something offensive as a joke =/= actually believing it and advocating hate 

what he did still wasnt okay and even HE THINKS IT WASNT OKAY and he’s been saying he regrets it from minute one

calling him as a person antisemitic/ a nazi (and anyone that defends him as well) when he clearly didnt mean actual malice is trivializing the severity of the word antisemite and trivializing the severity of hate that jewish people face from ACTUAL nazis/fascists  

things like this is exactly why people don’t take being called a misogynist/sexist seriously anymore.

anyone is allowed to be offended by what he did, but stop judging and labeling HIM AS A PERSON for doing something HE DIDNT EVEN MEAN AND REGRETS DOING 

Hayden is a Wonderful Anakin

I’ve said this in varying ways countless times before, but I will say it again. Because it needs to be said. All the negative OT purists and general Star Wars snobs can say Hayden ruined the prequels and Darth Vader as a character until they turn blue. But that doesn’t make it a scientific fact. And for many people, Hayden plays a huge part in their love of the prequels. The dialogue isn’t always the best. But MY GOD, do I love Hayden as Anakin. MY GOD, do I love the pain and confusion I often see in his eyes. MY GOD, do I love his fragility as he says softly to Shmi, “Stay with me mom.” And the way his voice cracks and falters. GOD, do I love the sweet innocence of his laughter during the meadow picnic scene. Wooden acting? Really now? 

The anger and pain and exhaustion you can see on his face when they’ve buried Shmi. The way he drops to the ground and takes some dirt and gravel in his hands like somehow Shmi’s spirit and her essence is in it and that holding it in his palm will keep her with him even though he knows she’s gone. God, so I love it. I love it so much. His weary look when he tells Obi-Wan he doesn’t sleep well anymore. 

The childlike worry on his face when he tells Padme he has to go and help Shmi during the balcony scene on Naboo. And the seconds before that, where he’s trying to be serene, but his voice betrays his calm face. How in the world is that bad acting???? Like are these haters watching the same movie I’m watching???? 

And the fireplace scene??? Some of the dialogue there is a bit overdone. But HAYDEN’S FUCKING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. 

When Padme falls out of the Gunship. The amount of desperation Hayden gives Anakin. 

His shocked face during the “Love Pledge” scene on Geonosis

When they’re reunited in ROTS. YOOO. The longing and desire in his voice when he says “I’ve missed you, Padme.” 

When I see the 2004 edit of ROTJ with Hayden edited in, I always fucking explode into a trembling sobbing wreck. That’s because Hayden makes me care about Anakin. Even after all the horrific shit this character does, I still weep for him. AND THAT IS THANKS TO HAYDEN and his vulnerability and fragility as Anakin. 

If Hayden had played Anakin as the macho man all the fanboys wanted, I would have HATED Anakin as a character and I would not be so passionate about Star Wars. Because finally, I saw a male I could relate to. A man who was HUMAN. Who cried and wore his heart on his sleeve. Not who tried to be STRONG and INTIMIDATING and BAD-ASS. But felt every emotion strongly and without shame. 

Hayden is fucking great. He deserves praise, not derision. 

I am a black girl,
I was born with out certain privileges,
And at the rate we’re moving now I might die with out them too.

But that’s all really depressing, let’s not talk about oppression, let’s talk about you

You have two kids and a dog.
You live in a nice neighborhood,
you even have a black friend.
On the news, a little black boy has been shot by the police.
You suck your teeth, turn the channel and say
‘Oh that’s so sad’.

And you sit there and do nothing.

You have a job you value, even if it’s mediocre.
You have many friends and like to go out when you’re free.
Your parents taught you that behind Everyman is a strong woman.
But, also that women should be protected and taken care of.
On the news a black teenage girl was brutally raped and killed
while returning home from a party
You shake your head say,
‘that’s hardly surprising, what was she wearing?
And wonder when the game will come on,

You sit there and do nothing.

You are an average, white American, and, personally,
you think there is too much fuss over nothing.
It can’t be as bad as we say
The police protect people.
Little black kids shouldn’t run around and play with toy guns,
they could kill someone.
Black teens shouldn’t wear hoodies,
they could rob someone.
Black people should be model citizens,
if they want to stay alive.
Black people should really just make themselves so unassuming that the police will leave them alone.

You believe all this and just
sit there and do nothing.

Except, Omar Edwards, An off duty black officer, was shot by an officer from his own precinct
Tried to be a model citizen

Except Missouri state senator, Jamilah Nasheed, a black woman, was arrested for protesting the injustice in Ferguson, even though it was in a peaceful manner.

Except chief of police, Louis Ross, was shot four times by a ‘radical survivalist’ who made a 911 call and the man walked free of charge.

Except when black people are themselves,
Behaving like people deserving respect and equality,
Dressing like they have the right to wear what they want,
Loving life,
The police or some other white person finds a reason to shoot them
Finds a reason to hurt us
Finds a reason to hate people who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it

Then again, should I be surprised?
Surprised that a country built upon the bodies of Native Americans,
Surprised that a country built upon the backs of slaves.
Surprised that a country so overwhelmed with their ‘freedoms’
forget to include the people that actually created this great nation

You are not an average american,
You go to slam poetry readings and nod along like the educated individual you think you are
You follow the crowd and pretend that the issues orated concern you daily.
You tweet several quotes, so your activist friends will think you’re cool.
Nodding and clapping along when prompted.
And then you go home.
Eat something
Turn on the tv
Forget everything that was said,

And you sit there and do nothing

You have lived your life in almost complete ignorance to the suffering of other cultures
Because, does it /really/ matter?
All Islamic people are all terrorist extremists,
are you sure?
Because less than .5% of all Muslims are part of a radical group.
All Hispanic and Latina people are destructive, illegal immigrants,
uh hello? Did you forget the creation of this nation?
Sort of the pot calling the kettle black,
I mean your people did migrate and kill the natives living here
Black people are always angry, are all thugs and sluts and dogs,
Do you really wonder why, when treated like this, we’re angry?

Let someone ask me why they can’t say the n word, or that cracker is just as bad.
Let someone tell me that these and other cultures fit into neat little stereotypical boxes,
The likes of which you can shelve and carefully organize.
you give in to these carefully constructed stereotypes
Hiding behind them,
Unaware of how idiotic you sound to everyone around you.

You live your life and do nothing.

Until you can’t anymore.
Until you realize that the very people you are condemning,
are just that, people.
People deserving a chance to survive
A chance to thrive and better themselves.
Not just the fact that, it could be you, but that
What does hatred and anger and murdering do?
Besides a senseless loss of life.
Besides the separation of a people living in the same place.

And Until the police get fed up with the upper classes vanity, and start targeting them for the money,
Until they attempt to eradicate the homeless because they can’t support themselves
Until the safety of the middle class,-Until the safety of the American people,
is no longer worth putting on the uniform everyday.
Until our protectors become our attackers
Until neighbors, become an army.
Until they are forcing themselves in /your/ home and on women and children
Until they drag away and beat your loved ones in the middle of the day
Until they are gassing your neighborhoods
And shooting for no reason other than, they have a gun and can get away with it
Until the very minorities and people that needed your help
Until the people that saw this coming
are gone
Until there is no one left that understands

When you wake up in a cold sweat
terrified for your family and friends each and everyday.
When you cry when your child says
‘why should I be afraid of the police?, aren’t they Supposed to help us?’
And you have to tell your children,
Your 5-6-7 year old children that they are not safe
When you flinch when an officer comes near you,
And Cringe when they stop you on the street
When you realize there is nothing left for you to give
Then, you will have to look us in the eye
You will have to look Me in the eye

And You will no longer be able to just sit there and do nothing.

—  via gemi-nah /slam poetry/ March,26,2015

I’m really grateful for the draft feature on tumblr, but not for the reason people might think.

There’s been a lot of times (especially lately) that I’ve written out a long rant about one thing or another, and rather than posting it, simply saved it to drafts. It does wonders for venting frustration without having to stir up more drama (something I actively avoid). 

It’s kind of like that old advice of writing out a letter to someone you’re angry at, but without the intent to send it. It works really well.