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Lise I was wondering if you had any kid!loki recs? The ones I always find always make Odin out to be some ultra abusive dickhead lmao

So we’re talking pre-series stuff, right? I do not read a lot of pre-Thor fic on the whole, though I’ve I guess written some of it? (His Mother’s Son and Birthright come to mind, and there’s Past Imperfect but that’s not about Loki and family so much as Loki and Loki’s future self’s immense self hatred.) And since you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve already read those.

The one I can think of off the top of my head is Allfather Knows Best (Not That Anyone Listens to Him) by Coneycat which is not exactly kid!Loki but is pre-movies younger Loki and features a decent dad Odin. Other than that, it appears that I don’t really have anything else for you. 


I have a couple of Journey Into Mystery kid!Loki recs, too, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for.