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Just for Now

Just for Now

Fandom: Overwatch

Pairing: Jesse McCree/Tekhartha Zenyatta

Rating: T (swearing)

Word Count: 2,036

Summary: Jesse has a hard time falling asleep. Zenyatta is here to help.

For all intents and purposes, Jesse McCree should have been exhausted.

Should have been exhausted, because in the chaos of the recall, he had spent all day with the other former members clearing out the Watchpoint from its previous life. Jesse had spent his second day in Gibraltar hauling boxes of trashโ€“outdated equipment, leftover debris, broken furnitureโ€“out to the loading bay for disposal. He must have made a hundred of those trips through the maze of corridors, trips that his muscles would definitely be reminding him of tomorrow morning.

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A few of you have contacted me asking for top or bottom Jack/Joe, so I’m categorizing all my smut here!

Bottom Jack/Top Joe

Dream Come True
I Believe You
I’ll Make You Wait
Stay Still
We’ll Make It Work - Part 5

Bottom Joe/Top Jack

At Your Pace
Inconvenient Times
Just Ignore It
Let Me Spoil You
Patterns On His Back
Remember Who You Want
Shut Up
Valentine’s Surprise
Wait Until We’re Home
Warm You Up
We’ll Make It Work - Part 2/Cut Scene
You’re Mine And I’m Yours


I Want To
No Touching

Blow Job

Driving Tease
Elevator Ride
Heavy Editing Required
Not Enough Time
You’re Too Good

Hand Job

Better Than Fifa?
Cooking Dinner
Late Night Swim
Leaving The Party Early
Movie Night Tease
Need To Change
Not My Arms Challenge
We’ll Make It Work - Part 3

guys! guys! quick question! is it September yet?!

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anonymous asked:

That amnesia idea omfg Mikleo as the one who lost his memory, Edna embarrassing him to no end telling him about his crush...Aaah I wanna draw it so bad, to bad I can't write too

I think that AU, regardless of whether it’s Sorey or Mikleo that loses their memory will be the AU where Lady Edna constantly wins with teasing both boys over their very obvious mutual crushes on each other.  And it doesn’t even matter who’s the one who loses their memory - Lady Edna will find a way to tease them both for maximum entertainment.  For her, anyway.  And probably Rose too now that I think about it.

And Zaveid will try to help, and Maotelus help both boys if that’s the case - we all know what kind of advice Zaveid would give them, lol.  And Lailah?  Well, she’d probably stand back and just watch the sparks fly.  Again.  Maybe even, like, tape it all.  While this plays in the background or something equally sappy.

dystopiansushi  asked:

Dear Ava, Let me start by congratulating you on 300 followers! Let me proceed by telling you how great you are. Disclaimer: the following facts are undeniable truths, there are no questions, no loopholes, no tricks. So Ava, with a bit of your help, I've been keeping some tabs. You've been following me since the days of levicleansyourwindows, but I only first started talking to you after I moved into YOI, more precisely on January 22nd, 2017. (or something, you're the one who knows the precise da

-te). And boy howdy ava we did not stop talking. I have never clicked so fast with a friend online before, and jeez. You’re amazing, and so funny and so supportive, and if I ever was feeling down or anything I always knew I could talk to you and that was such a wonderful feeling. Like not even necessarily talk to you about problems but about completely different things, things that would make me happy and smile and laugh, especially axolotls and tibetan foxes and wonderful animals and hilarious 

face swaps, and of course, victuuri things. You’re the one I can share ideas for fics with, and you’re one of the people who I can share my writing and my art with even though I might not be too happy with it personally, because you’re always so supportive and sweet and ladskgaskgjalskj ok ok ok So anyway on April 5th we got engaged, a bit messily, but engaged indeed, and we got married sometime between then and two days after. And we started working on a little thing together, a little thing 

that I’m going to post right now because we never posted it, and I want to congratulate you on your 300 followers, and because I’m so grateful to have you as a wonderful friend and as a wife and as an amazing person in general. I love you ava!!! Have a wonderful evening way out there across the sea.

oh but how can i write a reply that will do any of this justice? :’)

i’m in tears right now, i’m not even going to deny that. i remember at this time this year i never thought i’d manage to talk to anyone on here, i thought i would never manage to become close to anyone but boy,, that has changed. i don’t think when you messaged me on that day (yes you got the right one) i even imagined we would grow so close, and i just want to say thank you for being there for me you funny, beautiful, talented person you never fail to make me smile, thank you so much. without you i would be such a different person, you’ve made me much more confident and i can share so many good memories with you, i look forward to talking to you every day now and i’m willing to stay up past 1am so we can talk before i go to sleep. 

you’re definitely the writer out of the two of us, i feel like i don’t have the right words to express any of this but i’m so happy you thought to message me, i’m so happy i have a friend like you. i love you too sara!!! i hope everything goes well for you, you deserve the best

Lesbian romances with little to no build up or emotion that result in gratuitous sex scenes that are there for the (male) viewers’ enjoyment  

Lesbian romances that are actually romantic, fleshed out, not overly sexualised and portray the characters as three dimensional people who share a powerful bond and care deeply about each other

I wish I could read a book on what it would take to get you to fall in love. And I wish I could download an app that told me when you were happy or mad or jealous or confused. And I wish I could look up at the stars and theyโ€™d tell me what to say to you and when to say it. Because youโ€™re a little too complicated for someone who likes things simple and I know you think Iโ€™m good at solving puzzles but I need something- just one thing- to be a little bit easier right now.
7 Reasons Why

So…. I am currently watching the new tv show “13 Reasons Why” and my mind decided to make a tragically-beautiful connection tooooo can you guess what?? YUP LANCE!! So here are my thoughts once again… hope you enjoy and feel free to comment any other ideas!!
*NOTE* I’m lowkey crying as I’m writing this. My heart isn’t okay. I’m not okay, okay?? *MORE NOTES* So this came out kinda different than the show/book but i hope yall kinda get the idea

  • Lance was dead. Had committed suicide to be exact. And he left his story behind.
  • The tapes appeared from nowhere. No one knew where they came from or where they disappeared to. No one knew that the tapes contained so much in such a small amount of time. No one knew that these tapes would become an ugly part of them.
  • “Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain (KINDA LOVE THIS LAST NAME) here. Live and in stereo.”
  • Lance starts off by explaining his “7 Reasons Why” (hahaha get it? Cuz he’s the seventh wheel?? *cries*) he committed suicide and his two rules.
    • “Rule number one. You must listen to the tapes. I’m not gonna lie. This is going to be hard to do but you MUST LISTEN.”
    • “Rule number two. When you are done, you must leave them where you found them. And if you, oh lets say, decide to throw them away, tsk tsk tsk…. bad things will happen.”
  • “First and foremost, our mighty and heroic leader, Shiro.”
    • “I wasn’t good enought to be praised by you.” Lance explains that Shiro was a good leader, a great leader one might say. Unreplacable, “unlike me.” So why was it that he never told Lance “great job” or “thanks for the help.” Why did he alway care so much for Keith? Told him “great job out there” and patted him on the back after every battle. Why did he always take his side even when he was in the wrong? Why did he treat Pidge like a little sister? Always taking care of them and making sure they were getting enough sleep. Always being so nice and caring to both. “You were always my hero but why did you not act like it?” He never payed attention when Lance didnt get enough sleep or didnt eat or was sick. Always making him work and train. Always pointing out his flaws without helping him improve them. “Why, Shiro, did you not care for me?”
  • “Can you guess our number two?? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me this time. *laughs* First time being number two, our excellent number one paladin, Keith!”
    • “Keith my man, I loved you.” (Klangst? WHY TF NOT?!?) Lance always loved Keith, always looked up to him too. He loved to joke around with him, loved to rile him up, loved to bicker with him because thats how he got to talk to him. He knew that they were playing around so why did it hurt so much? “Why Keith, did you always tell me I wasn’t good enough?” Always telling him to leave you alone, always “you’re annoying me” and never “please stay.” Keith always reminded Lance that he was never good enough, never up to his level, never realizing how lance felt. But how could Lance blame him? However, sometimes Keith, you, took it to far to the point where my heart was too broken to put back together. “I’ve always loved you but you made it so easy to hate you, too.”
  • “My favorite green paladin, my little space sister (female pronouns for this), my gaming buddy, Pidge.”
    • “Pidge, did you even ever realize that I saw you as my sister?” Lance saw his little sister in Pidge. He always, like Shiro, did his best to make sure they stayed healthy. He was always fussing over her eating and sleeping habits. So why did she never appreciate him? “Pidge, you never even said thanks you.” Lance just wanted to be a brother to her. So why did she make him a disposable replacement for her missing brother? Always using him when necessary and then throwing him away when it got too much for her? “Leave me alone Lance. Im working.” Pidge sometimes said really hurtful comments to Lance and she never let him help her because why would she let someone “annoying” help? In, reality Pidge was his sister but according to Pidge, “You are not my brother, Lance. Matt is.”
  • “Hunk, my precious beautiful friend. You did nothing wrong but you also did nothing at all.”
    • “Where to start?” Hunk had always been Lance’s best friend but after Voltron things changed. “I noticed that you and Pidge would hang out together, without me.” Lance just wants to be part of their group again. He tried so hard so join, to contribute, to help. But all he got was “you’re distracting us.” Although they didn’t hang out as much, Hunk was the first one to realize that something was wrong with Lance. “You left me alone.” Hunk saw him getting worse and changing throughout the days. He saw but didn’t do anything. “Hunk, why did you not do anything, if you noticed?” Lance wondered why Hunk left him by himself, why he didn’t try to reach out to him, why he didn’t invite him over, why didn’t he? “You could have helped but you didn’t.”
  • “Our beautiful space princess who will save the universe without moi, Allura.”
    • “Sometimes, your pushing for perfection was too much, not just for me but for everyone.” Lance always felt like the odd one out. Everyone was good at something but he never had a “thing” and Allura’s nagging didn’t help. “Keep up Lance!” Keep up with Keith in the training stimulator. Keep up with Pidge’s new machinery. Keep up with Shiro’s battle plans. Keep up with Hunk’s nee inventions. Keep up. “Again.” No matter how hard Lance tried, Allura was never satisfied. Never complementing him, never saying “good job,” never letting him rest, never telling he was good enough. “Why, Allura, did you never see how hard I was trying?”
  • “Lets talk about our seventh wheel, our number one *snickers* sharpshooter, Me! Lance!”
    • “In my opinion, I was the number one at fault for this occurrence.” Lance hated himself. He hated himself for feeling jealous, angry, sad, homesick, depressed. “I just wanted to be like the rest of you all.” Lance wanted to be as good as Keith and as strong as Shiro. He wanted to be as nice and comforting as Hunk. Wanted to be as smart as Pidge and as powerful as Allura. “I wish I wasn’t so selfish.” Lance thought he was selfish. He wished to get “thanks you’s” from the rest. Wished he get praised from Shiro and Allura. Wished Keith would feel the same way. Wished he was home with his famiy. He wished and wished and he hated it. “I wished I was home.”
  • “My favorite alien, Coran, the one who took care of me and who noticed me struggling. Yes, he tried to help but I guess it wasn’t enough since I’m dead now.”
    • “You let me walk away.” Coran tried helping Lance in his own way. But how could an alien understand some Earthly emotions? “We talked but sometimes it was just you talking.” Coran tried to get Lance to open up to him but failed. He always cut off Lance with his own stories so he never let Lance say what was bothering him. “Coran, you were like an uncle to me.” Coran reminded Lance of his uncle and it kinda hurt him. He was constantly reminded of his family whenever he was with Coran. This made his emotions even worse when he talked to Coran because sometimes Coran didn’t understand him. The day Lance died, Coran had told him to just “move on.” Lance just got up and left but he secretly hoped that Coran would come after him. He didn’t. “You wanted me to move on from this and I did.”
  • “I’m sorry.”

Your senior year roommate calls herself Clarity. Sheโ€™s very small and rumpled and distant, and she goes for long walks in the forest south of campus when sheโ€™s frustrated. You arenโ€™t friends, but you coexist peacefully. Itโ€™s enough.

The creature on your co-owned Walmart futon isnโ€™t Clarity.

It looks like her. Enough to fool a casual observer, certainly. Enough to fool someone who hasnโ€™t been soldering sterling silver for six hours. But you have, and the truth of silver lingers, and the Thing That Looks Like Clarity is sprouting delicate flowers from the skin of its bare shoulders.

Itโ€™s sitting cross-legged and perfectly, terribly still, tracking your eyes as you take all this in. When you sigh and set down your backpack, it says, โ€œHello, smith. There didnโ€™t seem to be any sense in pretending.โ€

โ€œJeweler,โ€ you say, and, โ€œI go by Florence, these days. What should I call you?โ€

It blinks, languid and slow. โ€œIโ€™m not here to usurp. Iโ€™m aโ€ฆ placeholder.โ€

โ€œItโ€™s still confusing as shit, my guy.โ€

It considers this at length. Finally, with the air of one who has just solved a great puzzle, it says โ€œClaire. We will know, the two of us.โ€

โ€œWorks for me. Nice meeting you, Claire.โ€

And that seems to be all there is to say. Your roommateโ€™s been stolen by the Fair Folk, youโ€™re living with a changeling, and thereโ€™s not much you can do about either of these things. You scroll through Instagram until it gets tired of watching you and wanders out into the hallway.

So thatโ€™s Claire.

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I'm about to take the "Bi"out of BioWare since that's what they keep doing to their characters.

I canโ€™t get over the idea of Henry and Bendy throwing puns at each other!

Comic inspired by @doodledrawsthings Hells Studio AU
and @whatisthisnonsense โ€˜s and @squigglydigglydooย โ€˜s amazing fanficย 
(and with @doodledrawsthingsย โ€˜s Henry design)

@everestcresent helped me out with 100% of the puns on this comic and their my bestie. Please go check out their blog!

And this comic, had a LOT of alternate possible routs (5+ written down)
So, below the cut is one of those alt routs (which has bonus panels)
(the rest will merely be in the tags)

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First Impressions



Castiel works as a teller at his local bank, and Dean is a new mystery customer that brings in a wad of cash and crumpled singles once a week to deposit into his account.

Working as a bank teller was definitely a unique and interesting experience - and one that Castiel generally enjoyed.

Of course, there were always the customers that raised hell when they walked through the door, complaining about incorrect overdraft fees or loan interests, but for the most part, the people were pleasant and Castiel didnโ€™t mind plastering a smile onto his face for five or six hours at a time.

He and the other tellers had their favorite customers that they always talked about, whether for the entertainment factor, or because they genuinely liked them.

There was the nice old woman who always updated the teller on her grandsonโ€™s theater career; the middle aged man who generally arrived drunk and so sure that he was a millionaire even though he wasnโ€™t; the college-aged girl who came in with a different hair color every time; and a younger man who kept trying to convince the teller that he was haunted.

Yes, Castiel was sure that heโ€™d seen it all - and then one day, Dean Winchester came through his line.

The moment Castiel looked up as the new face approached the counter, he was thrown off. Sandy and deliberately coiffed hair framed a perfectly symmetrical face that he was sure heโ€™d seen on a famous statue in some museum or another. Soft green eyes blinked at him with an even softer smile as he leaned forward against the counter and tilted his head.

โ€œHey,โ€ the man said, his voice almost as smooth as the marble his arms were resting against.

โ€œHello.โ€ Castiel cleared his throat and smiled, praying to God that it looked natural. โ€œHow can I help you today, sir?โ€

The man pulled out his ID and slid it across the counter.

Dean Winchester, it read.

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