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Roll Credits | A Season 3 Westallen Series

So, you hear me talk about Roll Credits sometimes on here. But unless you actually go to the Series tab on my AO3 account (or follow my side blog), you prob don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this post, I will sum up what RC is, give you links (AO3 only) to all the fics currently in the series and the ideas I have that just haven’t been written yet b/c I lost inspiration (which is not to say it won’t come back someday, just that for the time being those ideas are on hold).

Roll Credits is essentially a collection of missing westallen (mostly) scenes from season 3 episodes. I never write one for an episode before it airs, because I rly try to make these scenes fit canon as much as is humanly possible, and so I want to see what the episode gave us, so I can know how to realistically fit it in.

Listed below in BOLD are the fics I have written (with their links). In italics (and w/ ‘TBD’ as the ‘title’) are the ideas I have not. All are listed chronologically by episode.

TBD: 3x03 - Barry returning to his date with Iris at the end of the episode.

Pretty Eyes, Pretty Lips: Post 3x04 - Iris has a hard time leaving Barry to go home. 

The Flash and Related Topics: Post 3x05 - Barry takes Julian out for a drink.

Late Night Distraction: Post 3x05 - Barry stops by Iris’s place after going out with Julian.

TBD: 3x06* - Wally tells Iris about his dreams about being Kid Flash before anyone else (this one is actually a request, so it will be written at some point.)

A Breath and a Kiss: Post 3x07 - Barry needs a place to crash, at least for the night. Iris volunteers.

Lay Me to Sleep: Post 3x08 - Barry comes home to an emotional Iris, furious and heartbroken that he didn’t tell her he almost sacrificed himself to the Dominators.

TBD: 3x09 - Barry & Iris morning after fluff

*Tears Above His Heartbeat: Post 3x10 - Barry and Iris share a sad, tender moment after a long, sleepless night worrying about the future. (This one was a request.)

Eskimo Kisses: 3x11 - Barry and Iris being cute: an extended version of their last scene in the episode.

*Her Flash, Her Barry: 3x12 - Barry shows Iris just how much of him she has. In bed. (Request-ish for @wanderer765. I came up with the idea, but she wanted it verrrry badly. lol.)

TBD: 3x13 - Wally & Jesse talk about their argument earlier. Wally addresses all the reasons he likes her that have nothing to do with speed.

TBD: 3x13 - Barry & Iris post-ep angst; Barry didn’t know Iris knew he was still having nightmares.

TBD: 3x14 - Barry & Iris smut (implied in the ep) following the “breakfast” scene.

The Calm: 3x16 - Barry agrees to go home with Iris after being pulled out of the speed force. 

TBD: 3x16 - Jesse checks in on a sleeping Wally after her small victory over Savitar.

If the Sofa is Empty: 3x16 - Barry asks to crash with Cisco. Again.

One More Night: Post 3x16 - Iris demands one more night with Barry.

TBD: Post 3x16 - Barry has another nightmare about Iris being killed by Savitar, but this time he’s at Cisco’s; Cisco overhears him and responds accordingly.

TBD: Post 3x17 - Barry & Iris fluff immediately following the proposal

TBD: 3x18 - Barry’s needless insecurities surface and prevents him from sleep. Iris makes it better

Someone to Come Home to: 3x19 - Barry reunites with Iris

Touch Me, Trust Me, Wrap Your Arms Around Me: Post 3x19 - Barry tries to reassure Iris about the future. (featuring softcore smut)

A Flicker of Light: Post 3x19 - Barry wants to see Iris smile. (morning after angst cuddling)

TBD: 3x20 - Wally visiting Jesse on Earth 3.

TBD: 3x21 - Barry & Iris pick up where they left off when HR interrupted them. Smut.

Now, I’m not saying that you telling me which unwritten ones you want will make me write them any faster, but…if I know there’s some strong desire for one (or more) in particular, I may feel more inclined to make them happen. ;)

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Wait, so, is there no actual written SigynxLoki that you have made? Is it all just drawings and short snippets? Would you make a compilation? Please answer I just discovered you and I am so deep into it now I feel like I need to binge read.

I haven’t written anything, I’m sorry sweetheart :C

(everything is tagged for easy finding!)

exclusives / mains call!

i need to update my current list because it is so outdated and some blogs either aren’t a) active b) exist c) we haven’t written. if you’re interested in this, hit me up! we have to have had some sort of interaction to consider this, either ic or ooc. 

thank you!

First life with ‘alien’ DNA

An engineered bacterium is able to copy DNA that contains unnatural genetic letters.

For billions of years, the history of life has been written with just four letters — A, T, C and G, the labels given to the DNA subunits contained in all organisms. That alphabet has just grown longer, researchers announce, with the creation of a living cell that has two 'foreign’ DNA building blocks in its genome.

Hailed as a breakthrough by other scientists, the work is a step towards the synthesis of cells able to churn out drugs and other useful molecules. It also raises the possibility that cells could one day be engineered without any of the four DNA bases used by all organisms on Earth.

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turn: washington's spies ??

NOW,  over on my multi, i play this actual egg abraham woodhull.  he is a certified egg, and i love him.  while i haven’t TECHNICALLY written as him yet, i don’t really think he counts b/c he’s already added, so i’ll do another just to make sure.

MY SECOND CHOICE  would have to be this actual piece of trash, aka robert rogers / roro.  he’s a piece of garbage but i’m a sucker for antiheros, and roro is the perfect example of what a complex, well-portrayed human looks like.  he is an antihero and i love him and i love his backstory and the history behind him okay he’s amazing.

                              give me a fandom, i’ll raise you a character .

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Character Name: Terracotta, or, as it would’ve been written back in her day, T’rr’c’tt’h
Race / Element / Class / Specialization: b-bog..sneak???(no one actually knows but she looks like one so)/none/fighter/two handed swords
Gender Identity: female, she/her
Short bio: Terracotta used to be one of the three rulers of an underground empire along with Citrine and Quill. Her piece consisted mostly of warriors and battlemages, those who could fight and fight well, and it served as protection for the other two pieces. In the explosion that created the Arcanist, the empire was reduced to ruins. But as the magic traveled through the rock and soil it became diluted, so by the time it reached it reached the level where the three capital cities of the empire were instead of instantly dissolving the people living there, they melded together to form three powerful creatures, each one piloted by thousands of dead, one for each city and each piece of the empire. However the poor pilots of these creatures recognized their leaders among them and allowed them to take control of the beasts. The expolsion had also however created a seal over the openings to the surface, so the three of them were trapped to wander the tunnels of their once great empire…

Recruitment Quest: You’re first introduced to the tunnels due to Rot Abgrund, or, depending on your luck with the rng, falling down there. Afterwards you’ll be able to talk with the clan(though you need to  first find them in the latter) and they’ll tell you about the empire and the seal over the entrance that only actual dragons and wild animals can pass through. In order to recruit Terracotta or the other two for the matter, when you reach the point where you have the option to break the seal of the tunnels you have to choose to do so. The three of them will come and track you down a night or two afterwards to talk with you. If you mention their empire options will appear related to each section. In order to get Terracotta to join you must mention hers, and then near the end of the conversation she’ll offer to join you. The other two will leave, but you can still recruit them later if you stumble upon them.
Where they can be found in your headquarters once recruited: Terracotta is.. very hard to find to say the least. She has a tendency to wander but the list of locations she’ll go to is long and i chosen from by rng. Luckily many of the locations are in the camp, especially wherever there’s a high concentration of weapons.
Side Missions (eg: fetch / gather / kill quests): Terracotta has a lot of fetch quest, and many of them are related to weapons. After being trapped underground for thousands of years, she’s incredibly interested to see how combat has evolved. Occasionally she’ll send you on.. cryptic quests to shady places to pick up strange packages, but if you complete them quickly and don’t ask her what it is, her affinity will literally spike. They’re the fastest way to raise it if you can get them to appear often enough.
Personal quests:

  • Quest 1: This is kind of a weirder mission, and at first it doesn’t seem like a mission. Once you’ve done a certain number of side missions for her, as you’re completing it she’ll offhandedly mention that she wonders if the Serthis might be descended from her piece of the empire, as there were three dominant races in it and she and most of the residents of her capital had been a race that had quite a few similarities to modern Serthis and they do live in an area where many of the tunnel entrances to her sector was. Depending on how friendly you are with the Serthis, you have the option to ask if they have any passed down legends or something of maybe long ago living underground. The answer will reveal, yes, though the Serthis don’t exactly have a super strong passed down oral history due to their… nature. The next time you talk to Terracotta after learning this you can tell her about it and the quest will be completed.
  • Quest 2: One day Terracotta will come up to you and ask you to speak in private. If you accept she’ll lead you into an isolated location and spill the secret of the packages. Turns out all this time you’ve been buying dragon meat and it is the only thing she can eat without getting horribly sick, but she’s been starving herself and trying not to eat it too much of it lately. Spending time with actual dragons and not sort of dragon-shaped beasts has made her realize that actual lives are lost whenever she eats. But she just can’t take it anymore and it feels like she’s about to snap and can you please just… If you express disgust or refuse to get it, her affinity will drop incredibly low, even more if you refused, and there’s the danger of her leaving the party.
  • Quest 3: Terracotta’s third quest is difficult, time consuming, and very easy to mess up, earning itself the nickname “the destruction quest” for more than one reason. If you have recruited all three of the tunnel monsters and completed her first two quests Terracotta will ask to talk to you. She’ll explain that the three of them have discussed it at length, and they want to destroy the tunnels and their entrances. You have to go around to every opening, every thin piece of ground where the tunnels near the surface, and make sure nothing can ever get in them or use them again. That’s one reason its called “the destruction quest”, but it also puts you in direct opposition with Rot Abgrund, who understandably don’t want the tunnels destroyed because they, yaknow, live in them. You either have to choose Terracotta and ruin your relationship with Rot Abgrund, or choose Rot Abgrund and ruin your relationship with the tunnel monsters. Once you’ve made your choice you can’t back out and must follow through on your decision. Most players purposely don’t recruit one or two or any of the tunnel monsters at all to avoid triggering the quest. If you refuse Terracotta’s request, she’ll attack you and the only way to stop her is to kill her. This will trigger Quill and Citrine to track you down and attack you as well, though Quill will try and run off when his health gets too low and Citrine will eventually surrender. A lot of people understandably don’t play this route.

Things that raise their affinity with the player: Swords, knives, swords and knives, knives and swords. If it’s pointy metal and can kill someone TERRACOTTA WANTS IT. It will also rise if you’re nice to Citrine and Quill. Not questioning her decisions also works. Expressing interest in their empire will raise her affinity for you but also launch her into long dialogues about it. Very long dialogues. Very long.
Things that lower their affinity with the player: Being rude to Quill or Citrine, especially Quill, will make her affinity drop real fast. Questioning her heavily on things like her personal life and why she asks the things she does will also make her dislike you.

Are they romanceable? Yes technically, though it’s very hard and she needs an incredibly high affinity. If you try to do anything before that, she’ll reject you and her affinity will drop, making it take even longer to get to the requirement.
Can the relationship become sexual? No. Just no. If you try anything, she Will Stab You and then just straight up walk off and you’ll never find her again.
Are they open to polyamory? Yes, as long as the other partner/s isn’t Quill and/or Citrine. If it is, you are locked from romancing her or if you romanced her first, you are locked from the other two.
If they can be romanced and are not, will they begin a relationship / relationships with other character(s)? If so, who? Nope. She got incredibly high standards.

Which other characters are they friendly towards? Quill, Citrine, Icemane up until the quest where she wants you to destroy where he and the rest of Rot Abgrund live.
Which other characters do they not get along with? She doesn’t really like anyone really. She either hates you or she likes you there is no meh or so-so.

Opinions on other races? Other elements? She likes the Serthis because of the possible relations and their culture in general, but other beastclans and dragon species she doesn’t really feel strongly about. And since she has no element uh. She doesn’t really. Understand the division between elements in the first place really.
How do they feel about magic / religion / the government? Magic is at its best when aimed at an enemy to kill them. Terracotta doesn’t really believe in the eleven deities and instead worships the gods of her time. And well. She used to be the government so I think she probably likes it.

Something guaranteed to make them leave the party:

Trying to make the relationship sexual; she will stab you and leave. Trying to harm Quill or Citrine; she will stab you, grab them, and leave. If you refuse the second quest and her affinity drops too low, she won’t stab you but she will leave. And also I guess technically if you refuse the last quest because can’t exactly be in the party if you’re dead.

Here’s a fun fact. As you may know, the writing systems of a very large amount of languages were first developed by Christian missionaries seeking to translate the Bible or other religious literature. This is a trend that goes back long before the colonial era; for example, the Glagolitic alphabet used to write Old Church Slavonic was developed by the Greek brothers St. Cyril and Methodius during their mission to convert the Slavs. The orthographic conventions of the missionaries’ languages are often reflected in the writing systems they devise, so there are languages all over the world with distinctively English, French, Spanish or Portugese orthographies. For example, in the Latin orthography of the Konkani language (spoken in Goa), the digraph nh is used to write the phoneme /ɲ/, which is a convention characteristic of Portugese.

There is even one language—unique in this respect, as far as I know—which has a distinctively Welsh orthography. This is Khasi, a Munda language of northeast India. Its orthography was developed by the missionary Thomas Jones, who arrived in India in 1840. The distinctively Welsh characteristics include:

  • The use of the voiced stop letters b, d and j to write final stops after long vowels, while final stops after short vowels are written with the voiceless stop letters p, t and c respectively. As in most Southeast Asian languages, final stops do not have distinctive voice in Khasi; they are always pronounced as unreleased voiceless stops. Cf. Khasi dab [daːp˺] ‘bullock’, dap [dap˺] 'full’; Welsh mab [maːb̥] 'son’, map [map] 'map’.
  • The use of the circumflex accent to mark long vowels when they are not before a final stop. (Although sometimes the grave accent is used instead, or the length is simply unmarked.) Cf. Khasi bâm [baːm] 'to eat’; Welsh tân [taːn] 'fire’.
  • The use of the letter y to write schwa and to separate the consonants in complex clusters. In Welsh y is only used to write schwa (it is also used to write /ɨ̞/ and /ɨː/ in final syllables, but this does not conflict with the Khasi usage since final syllables in Khasi are stressed and never contain y), but it would have been natural for Thomas Jones, who would not have been used to pronouncing initial clusters like [kp] or [bn], to insert an epenthetic schwa in his own pronunciation of these clusters and to reflect this in the spelling. In the modern Khasi orthography there is a tendency to omit y between consonants when the consonants are actually adjacent in the pronunciation, and many words can be written both with and without y (e.g. byna, bna 'to hear’). y is still usually written if two or more consonants come after it, as in byndi 'mortgage’.
  • The use of the letter i before final letters representing coronal consonants (t, d, n, etc.) to indicate that the final letter represents a palatal consonant instead. This is not a convention of Welsh, but as this convention makes Khasi look like it has diphthongs and obscures the fact that it has palatal consonants, it makes the language look more like Welsh. Final palatal nasals are in the modern orthography written ñ, even though the preceding i makes this redundant, as in skaiñ 'fly’; but older spellings with n are also seen such as skáin.

Here are some nice Welsh-esque Khasi words, from the language’s Wikipedia page: tylli, a classifier, mynhynnin 'yesterday’, jingïeid 'love’.

the day after the world ended, you got up.
you put on your warpaint.
you built walls around your heart and a suit of armor around your skin and then you strode into the too-bright sunshine
your eyes were lightning and fire and all the things that can kill from a deceptive distance. 

the day after the world ended, you decided that you were done being a victim.
yours is a world of gods and monsters and fallen angels and holy demons
there’s no one left to care, but you’ve strangled monsters and wrestled gods before and you’ll do it again. 

the day after the world ended, you picked up the pieces. you put yourself back together. some of the pieces didn’t quite fit, but thats okay. you’re a kaliedescope of fragments from a life that is too small for you now. you left space for whatever’s coming next. 

the day after the world ended, you looked at the destruction surrounding you
and decided to imitate it. 

the day after the world ended, you became the next apocalypse.
years from now your name will be written in the sky.

—  C A T A S T R O P H E; (there’s a reason why we name storms after girls)

why is it next to impossible to find thrillers that are a. written by women and b. about women and c. the plot isn’t about said womans “perfect husband/boyfriend” turning out to be evil

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I am as devastated as anyone by this turn of events and thank you HYH for being there for us all. While I had fun this season (sort of and of course except for the end), I had felt for a while that the writing this year was just plain lazy and it showed in performances. I don't think C was well written this year. multiple times this year we had the same delivery from Claire as in the same lines past. ("Quinn, what the hell is going on" but there are others). The pacing was shit and the fina

The pacing was shit and the finale sucked!! Is what I meant to say. Pure laziness and hubris. The whole homeland is priescent thing is stupid. I watch tv to escape not to hear a summary of the news. I am over it.

Your point about escapism is important. Featuring the president so prominently this season was a mistake IMO. This show has its roots in espionage thrillers, not political thrillers. An assassination plot against the president was just too much. 

They haven’t gotten the pacing right on the finale since S3 IMO, and that’s being generous because the denouement in that episode is jarring but the overall product was just really well-done. 

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I'm uncomfortable with that post you reblogged from chapsticklesbian1. A. The post was really ignorant and totally twisted the OP's words, B. Judging people for their sex lives isn't exactly feminist, C. The post was written in the context of a kinky person saying that healthy (kinky) relationships are good, so it's not like the post is in any way offensive (until those anti-kink SWERFy people ruined it)... Even if you don't like kink you should respect other's right to enjoy it consensually.

You know I didn’t really think of that. I’m sorry it made you uncomfortable and I can definitely remove the post.

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That’s why people think they like Malia, because she’s ~flawed, but in her flaws she’s still tropey af - I think more than a few Malia fans like her solely b/c he's a girl. There seems to be this stan mentality where some people will stan for female characters, no matter how poorly they are written, simply b/c they are female.

I don’t think that’s true at all. In fact I think it’s more pointedly that she was another white girl that they could “relate” to. Because Kira didn’t receive the warm welcome and she had a much better intro.

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Hiii I was wondering if you could recommend any destiel fics on AO3 (preferably AUs) please? If you don't mind


  • Not Part of the Plan series by Annie D (scaramouche) | 213,108 WIP |   Dean/Castiel urban fantasy AU where Castiel and Dean are from neighbouring countries (Castiel from a kingdom, Dean from a republic), and romance happens. 
  • The Breath Of All Things by KismetJeska | 65,404 | Dean Winchester was twenty-six years old when a car accident killed his father and left him paralysed from the waist down. A year and a half later, Dean is in a wheelchair and lives in a care home in Kansas, where he spends his days waiting to die. It’s only when Castiel Novak starts volunteering at the care home that Dean starts to wonder if a changed life always equals a ruined one. 
  • Ad Astra by nhixxie | 17,390 | “Stars died for you, Dean Winchester.” 
  • Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone | 488,608 | ‘Stay away from the light-beds. Stay in the deep.’ It is the first thing hatchlings are taught the moment their fans unfurl and they can swim without their parents to buoy them along. It is the first rule, the first law. It is the beginning of every boogey-monster bedtime story told when they settle against the cliffs to sleep. Castiel should have listened better.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead by suspiciousflashlight | 77,159 | Dean is pretty sure he’s going completely, certifiably insane. Sure, he hasn’t started wearing all his clothes inside out, and he still showers on a regular basis (anyways, that’s not crazy, just a little eccentric); but there’s no getting around the fact that he just threw away his life, his career, and his reputation by dragging out his mom’s old necromancy book and summoning a Class A Forbidden Entity to his attic. A cranky one, too. With horrendous bed-head. (minor smut at the end, if you don’t mind skimming that I still really reccommed this one) 
  • Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph | 23,878 | Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake.
  • The face of heaven. by orange_crushed | 9,772 | Castiel is a fallen star. 
  • Angel’s Wild by LimonadeGaby, riseofthefallenone | 389,271 |   Sometimes Dean wishes that Angels were like how they’re described in the Bible. How people from time too old for him to care much about thought Angels were messengers and warriors of God, protectors of Humans. He knows that how they’re really described in the Bible is actually pretty terrifying, but at least they were told by God that they’re supposed to love Humans, right? That’s a thousand times better than what Angels really turned out to be.
  • Carry On by TamrynEradani | 148,087 | When Sam gets into Stanford, Dean needs a bigger paycheck than Bobby’s garage can give him. Luckily, he knows a guy. (Dom!Cas, sub!Dean, BDSM, paid relationship that becomes romance.)  (Link to epub file.)
  • Convenient Husbands by Annie D (scaramouche) | 39,283 | “It’s only temporary, right?” Dean says. “Just until you’re healed up, and then we’ll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?” (Creature!Castiel, telepathy, marriage of convenience, wing!kink.) 
  • The Sawdust Men by linoresearch | 123,363 | Castiel Novak is an inmate at a labour camp. Life is brutal and no one ever gets out. Castiel’s only goal is to go unnoticed by the barbaric guards, and the violent inmates. Dean Winchester is a soldier without a purpose since the civil war ended. Dean accepts an assignment at a labour-camp, under the mentorship of Alistair, the Commander. From the start, Dean and Castiel are drawn to each other, and their relationship develops in a way that changes their lives. (Trigger warnings for some pretty grim and violent stuff, but this is so incredibly well-written, I absolutely love it.) 
  • C-S-T-L by komodobits | 90,377 | It’s been nineteen years since the beginning of the Last War, and the Alliance Army is losing land faster than it can supply good men to defend it. Their hope is the synthesis of Android Angeles, a series of humanoid machines designed without the capacity to feel, and thus enabling them to be the perfect super soldiers. In order to check their battle suitability, the first prototypes are sent down with a landing party of the men they will later replace, and Sergeant Dean Winchester is paired with Unit 5284-C-S-T-L for the assignment. (This fic will destroy you and then rebuild you anew.) 
  • A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel | 293,288 | Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime. (Many trigger warnings for rape and abuse, but this is one of the best explorations of character and relationship I’ve ever read.) 
  • Clean Air by anactoria | 121,677 | Centuries after the surface of the earth was devastated by an unknown disaster, the remnants of humanity live in a series of vast underground silos, each unaware of the existence of the others. For the inhabitants of Silo 34, the silo is the world, and the only world they know. Questions about the outside world are forbidden, and asking them is what got Dean Winchester’s parents killed. He isn’t even sure himself that they weren’t crazy. That all changes when he hears a voice on the radio – a voice from another world.
  • Don’t Panic by deans1911 | 8,991 | Dean is a Secret Service agent. Cas is his ex-KGB handler. (Link to PDF file.)

And some bonus canonverse that are pretty great:

  • What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie? by Annie D (scaramouche) | 16,188 | Dean gets turned into an octopus. It’s really great. 
  • My Eyes Are An Ocean by entanglednow | 10,275 | It’s amazing what you decide you can get away with when you can’t see a damn thing. (Sequel.)
  • Our Bodies, Possessed By Light by Obstinatrix | 39,881 | When Castiel becomes too powerful for Jimmy Novak’s body, the only vessel that can hold him is Sam. 
  • The Girlfriend Experience by rageprufrock | 15,393 | While it’s not like Dean hasn’t had a couple of truly regrettable hit-and-runs in his sexual history, this is probably the saddest fucking thing that has ever happened to him.
  • Last One Out Hits The Lights by entanglednow | 37,680 | Season 5 zombie apocalypse AU.
  • Contrapasso by takadainmate | 59,746 | There’s a town in Wisconsin that doesn’t exist. With no way in without human help, Castiel, seeking out a group of missing angels, asks for Dean’s assistance. He finds Sam with his brother, alive and well and free from Lucifer, with no explanation and no memory of how he got out of Hell. Inside the town that doesn’t exist, there is murder and madness and a creeping cold that leave Dean, Cas and Sam fighting for their lives and for each other. As the town shifts and changes around them, descending into anarchy, the three of them find it increasingly difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not.
  • Professional Couple Only by saltyfeathers | 37,153 | There’s a haunted apartment building in Vermont, and the ad says “Professional couple only”. Dean and Cas rise to the occasion.
  • a turn of the earth by mishcollin | 95,273 | Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run. Frigging fantastic. (Or, in which Castiel gets stuck in Dean’s timeline preseries and Dean kind of hates it—until he doesn’t.)

There you go, those are my best fic recs.