do we ever think about the hearts we break? i still feel bits of you in my hands, i still feel warmth of you in my veins. my apologizes are wrapped into bottles of alcohol you drink in hopes to forget. maybe one day time will work in our favor. i left one last piece of my love into your arms and took one last piece of your dreams into my heart. do we know real absence until we lose the one we love? we still write promises into every step we take. we still kiss stars into every lullaby we whisper. do we ever think of each other? maybe at the same time, maybe into different fractions, maybe never, maybe too fast, maybe too late. these maybes are getting me crazy. maybe i miss you maybe i don’t. maybe you love me maybe you never did. i can’t think straight. the light is gone, the truth has run wild, the words are useless. the lies hurt less when we spin them around us pretending not to see, the truth hurts more when our heart is blind. when do we think when it’s too early or too late? will there ever be a right time for us?
—  k.m


GOT7 when they’re in Hogwarts and they ask you to join them in the room of requirement for some fun ‘activities’~

And when I mean 'activities’ I mean of the adult variety. Although you sometimes go in there to throw parties with all of them too. Or to cuddle~

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Aren’t you tired of running away? Aren’t you tired of being fragile? Aren’t you tired of building up fears inside you? Aren’t you tired of pushing people away and blaming them for your misery? Aren’t you tired of making up excuses for yourself? Because I'am. And I feel so sorry for myself because I just let it happen to me. I’m the storm that destroyed myself. You need to give yourself a chance, let my pain be your wake up call. Dare to take the life’s challenges and keep going no matter what the odds, no matter what the cost may be. Prove yourself and fight for the life you want.
—  d.r.n
If you have a good heart and good intentions then you are beautiful, no matter what. Don’t ever have a single atom of doubt about your beauty. Your soul shines through your body. Don’t measure your beauty with world’s yardstick or measures. You are beautiful because you are pure hearted soul.
—  Qasim Chauhan

tw: suicide attempt 

it wasn’t supposed to be you 

even in broad daylight, dazai wasn’t detoured from his suicide attempts. with each passing day, the brunet was finding more and more interesting ways to attempt to end his life, and today, he was eying the ferris wheel looking over yokohama.

dazai grinned at the thought of having his body dangle from one of the ferris wheel carts at the peak of the ride and proceeded to tie a knot in the rope he had at hand and tied the other end to one of the carts at ground level. 

hiding himself was simple with tanazaki’s light snow ability even if it took lots of bribing and convincing the other that none of his attempts ever succeeded anyway. 

the brunet wrapped the noose of the rope around his own neck and waited for the ride to begin. adrenaline pumped through his system as he felt himself draw closer and closer to the sweet release of death. 

the ride began and pulled dazai along with it. the ground slipped from behind his feet, and he felt his unconscious slowly fade as the rope around his neck tightened. hazelnut eyes glazed over and stared off into the horizon only to widened slightly with shock. 

a figure far off in the distance was flying towards him, holding onto a hat while a coat fluttered with the wind. 

‘ah, chuuya…you never fail to stop me do you,’ dazai thought before giving into his lack of oxygen and passing out. 

dazai regained conscious and brought a hand up to his throat. the rope had been roughly cut near the end of the noose, most likely by chuuya and his knife.  

he had landed on top of something soft and warm, and to his surprise, the hand he had brought up stained his skin with scarlet blood. 

staring down, dazai’s eyes fell upon a bloodstained chuuya, his expression almost too peaceful, causing a knot of concern to form in the pit of dazai’s stomach, though dazai wasn’t surprised to see the redhead under him. 

even if he never mentioned a single word to the other, chuuya always managed to interfere with his suicide attempts, even at the cost of his own well-being, but never had he been injured to such an extent. the executive had pulled dazai into his arms during the fall even though he knew doing so would nullify his own gravity manipulation. 

dazai brought his hands down to chuuya’s face in absolute horror as reality hit him. the suicide attempt that was supposed to take his life had taken chuuya’s instead.

“It is particularly in these moments when the same exact chords of my heartstring stretched out that I remember how much it hurt to love you.

Yet also, strangely on the tip of the tongue, I remember how sweet it was to just be happy with looking from afar.

If I thought I was over you, I guess I was wrong. It is in these moments when a certain melody makes me relive you all over again, would I realise you still hold my heart, even if you don’t know its contents”

-excerpts from a book I’ll never write #24

I’m at my best when I’m alone, in solitude and listening to the soil take in all that it can take. It’s when I’m alone that I realize how temporal even the still air can be.
—  s.f.; the sleeping princess awaken in spring; 25.03.17
cat got your tongue?

I had this silly idea over here and wanted to make a comic out of it, but I’m too lazy, so I wrote it out as a messy drabble instead.

“Open your eyes, little guy. There ya’ go. Meet your makers, Bendy!”

The bewildered studio employees looked on with mouths agape. Their boss Joey Drew stood up from kneeling on the floor and turned around, beaming from ear to ear, holding his cartoon devil mascot in his arms like a proud father showing off his newborn child. This time it wasn’t a cardboard standup or ink on celluloid – Bendy the Dancing Demon had been literally brought to life before their eyes.

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I want to do
that will push me
out of my
comfort zone,
that will take me
far from where
I came from—
an adventure
that was like—
I’m walking pass
through the gates
of hell
but it feels
as sweet
as heaven
making me
gasp for air—

and yes,
it was
falling in love
with you.

—  ma.c.a // Should I fight my feelings for you?
Sometimes you can never explain why you love someone, somehow the words are never enough to express it. Maybe it’s just the completeness you feel in your heart when they hold you, or maybe the smile on your face when they tell stupid jokes, or maybe the way your soul calms when they watch you. It’s just the way they make you feel. That is true. Don’t try to explain it. Just feel it.
—  k.m

So maybe,
I am waiting
for something
that will not happen,
yet maybe someday
I will be so happy
and surprise
by something
I could never imagine—

that’s when
the universe
will show
it’s love
for me.

—  ma.c.a // And in the end, the stars will still shine brightly