100 Kinks (explained)

This is an add on to my list of 100 kink prompts, explaining the ones people might not know. Just message me if there should be others added here, or if you want anything explained.

Dry Humping

This is when two people thrust up against each other, without penetrating each other. They basically just rub their genitals together until they come.


This is also known as a rim job and most associated with men. It involves pleasuring someone by using your tongue to stimulate their anus, outside and inside. (well, as far as the tongue will allow or course)


This is when people like to look at things, maybe the other person pleasuring themselves, or pleasing them, watching themselves in a mirror while they have sex and stuff like that.


This usually involves leather, maybe whips, nipple clamps, buckles, chaining the other up, sexual torture ect. It can be really extreme or quite light. I would recommend watching 30 seconds to mars’ ‘Hurricane’ video for more of an idea.


Easy to guess, quite literally involves putting ones fist into the chosen orifice. It takes a lot of preparation and communication and time to be anywhere near enjoyable.

Sensory deprivation

This is quite literally, to deprive the senses, stopping their hearing, seeing, maybe tasting and smelling, it’s kind of difficult to take away someone’s touch, though I guess if your character had access to the equipment to do an epidural or something, it might be quite kinky for one of them to know that the other is fucking them, but they are unable to feel a thing.

Breath play

Don’t try this at home, at least not by yourself. In terms of masturbation, it involves cutting off your airways (usually through hanging) and masturbating how you would normally. A lemon slice is placed into the mouth because most people are on the verge of losing consciousness by the time they are ready to come, they bit down on the lemon and it sends the senses shooting into overdrive and it’s supposed to be amazing but it Is very easy for obvious accidents to happen here. This is why people who want to do it, tend to do it with someone and they pleasure them while cutting off their airways. It takes a lot of trust.

Hot and cold play

This is done using a cup of hot water and ice cold water. One person performs oral sex on the other, taking a mouthful of one of the cups of water to change the sensations of the pleasure and stuff.

Spider walking

I have not been able to find a lot of information on this and Google searching doesn’t seem to help much either. It works on men better than women apparently, because they are hairier but I guess it would work on both. Person A would make person B lie down and close their eyes for a few minutes with no touch or sound or anything. Then person A would gently touch them all over their body but only touching the hairs, no skin contact. They will become majorly sensitive to the touches and it will drive them insane. Once they reach this point, person A would give them a soft flick on the lips with their tongue and that alone can make them come.

Tantric sex

This one might be better for you to Google because it seems to take a lot of explanation and I’m not that well versed in it but it involves using sexual energy and not putting so much reliance on the orgasm, but on building up a sexual energy together and channelling it to make the intimacy with the partner even stronger. It’s quite a spiritual thing, synchronised breathing, scented oils, kind of similar to yoga and meditation, but for sex and it’s supposed to be really good for your body and mind and soul ect. There really is a lot to it.

12 Imagine Your OTP prompts

1. I am studying in the library and you’re at the table next to me. The girls at the far side of the room keep glancing at you and giggling. Finally I ask you to shut them up. You look completely surprised and I realize that you have no idea how hot you are and what it does to people and goddamnit you’re making me melt. au

2. I am a huge fan of this one authors book series. Naturally when the movies come out, I’m sitting in the back corner of the theatre on premiere night. Through the movie, I pick out everything they did wrong. At the end of the movie, you turn to me and thank me for realizing how badly they screwed up your masterpiece and I’m all ‘shit you’re him/her’. au

3. I am leaving class when we brush arms and ‘oh shit my sweater is totally stuck to your bag’. You keep walking and the threads start to pull so I basically jump on you to make you stop. Then I’m crying over the fact my new sweater is ruined and you’re too sweet by offering to buy me a new one and taking me to coffee for making me cry. au

4. You wake me up at four AM by knocking on my dorm room door looking for your best friend. Unluckily for us, he’s the next door down. You are super guilty but I tell you not to worry about it since I have a massive test on something I don’t understand tomorrow. Then you tell me you’re majoring in that and I actually pass the test. au

5. I am a photography major and I needed photos for my 'humanity in truth’ album so I take a few of you kissing your baby on the forehead, but the flash goes off and you notice. I immediately apologize and realize it’s your sister and my god you’re even prettier up close. au

6. We bought gifts from the same store for our friends and ended up taking the wrong bag at the bus stop. Now I have your phone and your best friend is sending me on a wild goose chase and then when I get home you’re there with my friend’s gift and I figure out you’re her cousin, that she failed to mention is really attractive. au

7. I am in a bookstore looking for a gift for my friend. You are a staff member in training and are a foot shorter than me. You can’t reach the top shelf to put a new book up there and the whole thing starts to tip. You get covered in books that fell off the shelf and I waste an entire afternoon helping you reorganize because dammit your smile is gorgeous. au

8. You’re humming along to your music at the bus stop and then you start singing. No one tells you you’re singing too loud but they’re all staring at you. So I join in and we sing an epic duet which ends in a mother pushing her stroller away and us bonding over terrible song music tastes. au

9. I’m a TA of your math class even though I’m just a year older. I know you’re really smart and that you keep making up problems to come ask for help with. But you’re adorable when you approach me and can’t stop stuttering so I won’t tell the teacher because I kind of like teaching smart people, even if they already understand, especially you because you have these little dimples in your cheeks. au

10. Your cousin is my roommate and he’s super drunk. You come over because you’re supposed to be going out tonight but then you see that I can’t get him to stop singing My Little Pony and we ditch him there. You invite me along to your reservation and when we get back we see that he wasn’t really drunk at all. au

11. You live next door to me and 'oh god please help me my sink is exploding’. We spend an hour trying to stop the water but end up soaking each other more effectively than stopping the leak. You barely know me and yet you let me crash on your couch because my house is now flooded and I’m wearing your shirt, and goddammit why do you smell good. au

12. You and your friend just broke my satellite disk with a baseball the day before my favourite team plays. So then I demand you let me watch it at your house. To make up for it, you set up your TV with surround sound and make me dinner and popcorn and end up getting just as into the game as me. And then after I replace my satellite, it still becomes a weekly thing. au

Hope everyone is ending their summer with lots of writing and not procrastinating like… er…. some people in this room.

Yes, I am the only person in this room.

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Writing prompt #11

Write a murder mystery with a couple of the following things in it:

  • a fortune teller
  • a treasured item
  • a hidden passage
  • a hidden corps
  • a love letter
  • a flash drive
  • a ceremonial dagger
  • a crazy widow
  • a journalist
  • a sewer chase scene

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As journal lovers we all know the value of a good prompt. So I’ve decided that a couple of times a week I will post a prompt! 💙 The first prompt is going to be in honor of #fantasticbeasts it was a great movie! So here is your first #nutmegnotebook prompt! There is only one rule- let your creativity flow! If you post your writing and want to tag me, I would love to read about your character!
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Let it hurt. Pick those flowers on your lungs and let it wither. Let your heart stop beating for someone who doesn’t deserves it. Let yourself be burn to your worst degree. Fall right down on your knees and scream the damn pain inside you. You’ve let the love to do its work, let it hurt. That’s part of its work.
Let it bleed.  Let the tears roll down your face. For once, allow yourself to be an artist. Let your mouth bleed with the unspoken feelings you’ve been wanting to say and be the author of your own story. Let the abstract in you be seen by the people who are doubting you. Do not cut your wrist, blood and scar might ruin your skin. I know, your heart was cut by the words they’ve stabbed on you, let it bleed with poetry and speak for yourself.
Let it heal. For how many times people could’ve told you that time heals. Let me now tell you that it’s you, and you only, who could heal yourself. You could pick your broken pieces and build a better and stronger you. Let it heal, not for anyone. Let it heal for yourself. Even for once, let it be for yourself.
And let it go. Snap out of the darkness you’re in right now. Let go of the pain that’s stopping you from moving forward. Let the toxic people go, you could’ve been better without them. Stop holding on to the anchor. Stop drowning yourself from sadness. You could always be happy. Just learn to let go of the things that keep you away from that possibility, just let go.
—  let go
Writing Prompts Set #1

All of these are free to use and interpret however you may like! Submit to us anything you wrote if you would so desire or send us other prompts to use on future lists!

1. You come home to a house completely empty even though your whole family is supposed to be there. Who has taken them, and why?

2. A gigantic apple is in your room when you wake up.

3. Your nose is very talkative, but only when no one else is with you. How do you prove to people that you aren’t just insane?

4. A list of things you will never do.

5. What if we lived in a world where every inanimate object had the power of speech? How would that make the simple task of writing that much harder?

6. Take a children’s rhyme or fairy tale and try to twist it into something darker.

7. You’re fourteen years old, running through a nearly empty forest. What’s wrong?

8. Shuffle your iPod and write down the titles of the first ten songs that show up. Try to incorporate them into a poem or story. 

9. Why is there a banana with a smiley face drawn on it in messy Sharpie sitting on your bedside table?

10. Write your perfect day…but set it in ancient Greece. 

11. Ask for a strange word from 5 friends and try to incorporate them into a story or poem.

12. You wake up one morning…as a cat. 

13. Given 5 minutes and a stack of paper, what could you make?

14. Pick three nearby strangers and write a story in which two of them are a couple and the other is the awkward third wheel. 

15. Who would ring your doorbell at 2 am?

 16. Describe your favorite meal.

17. Write the will of a hoarder who died in a house fire caused by all their belongings. 

18. What would a day in the life of Confucius be like? 

19. What’s the worst possible thing you can imagine happening to you and a friend trapped in an elevator?

20. Eavesdrop on people and their conversations. Try to figure out what they are talking about and why. 

21. What keeps you awake at night?

22. Take any character from a story and write the day that happened to them prior to the story starting.

23. Write a letter addressed to the arch enemy of one of your friends/idols. 

24. Rewrite a story or poem you have already written in the point of view of another character. You never know, it  could give more depth to a flat character. 

25. How do you make a boring class interesting?

26. What if the world was flat?

27. You find yourself in a dream that you cannot escape. Why is this, and what dream is it?

28. A man stands outside your house for three hours every other night, staring up at your window. And then, one night, he isn’t there. And neither are you.

29. A recipe for disaster. 

30. Come up with a cliche post-apocalyptic love story. Try to write badly…it isn’t as easy as you’d think. 

31. Pick a character from Alice In Wonderland and make them the opposite gender. How would it change things? 

32. Take a classic story and write from its very first line with your own ideas.

33. If you got to pick your siblings.

34. What happens at the petting zoo when no one’s there?

35. You discover your hair is slowly changing from its regular color to neon orange…completely by itself.

36. Keep a dream journal by your bed, and after having a dream one night, write a story based upon what you recorded. 

37. What is the most hilariously awkward situation you can think of right at this moment?

38. Strange places to find candles?

39. Write the story of the unknown son of Zeus that was forgotten because he was such a ditz. 

40. Where’s you 5th grade teacher now? 

41. Open the nearest book to you, turn to page 47, the first line is your new characters love life. Go from there. 

42. What really happens in glowworm caves? 

43. Every single body of water in the world is now land, and every last bit of land is now water. How would that change things? 

44. In the future the humans are afraid of blowing up earth so all wars are held on mars. 

45. Characterize a stranger and observe their behaviors. 

46. A world where common sense is so rare it’s considered a special gift.

47. Write a story where the main character is only alive for one week of every year, nothing else. The rest of the time they are just not real.  

48. Make a list of your top ten favorite words and try to incorporate them into a story or poem. 

49. Make a list of the things you like to do in class, be it reasonable or completely impossible. 

50. What’s really hiding under your bed.

51. Who would call you at 3 am?

52. Make a list of your favorite song lyrics and try to form them into a cohesive poem or story. 

53. Write a TV commercial that makes sense and isn’t cheesy. 

54. What if you could unremember things? 

55. Imagine what it would be like to have multiple versions of yourself. What would each of them act like? 

56. You wake up one morning to find that you can only talk in an ancient Sanskrit. What do you do?

57. You are sent to a speech therapist because of a traumatic accident. What happened?

58. Reasons to run a red light?

59. Write what you think the average day of a person you used to know but don’t really talk to anymore would be like. 

60. There is a backpack pressed heavily against your skin. You look back to see your companion for this final trek through the world. Who is there with you? 

61. You step out of an elevator and see your soul-mate standing right in front of you. What do they look like, and what makes them different from everyone else?

62. Two throw pillows fall in love. Write about their romance. 

63. If you could redesign your country’s currency, what would it be made out of and what would it look like?

64. A sudden, unexpected blizzard forces you to become stuck in your home. What do you do to pass the time?

65. If you were the creator of your nation’s flag, what would you design it as and why?

66. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen paranormal phenomena?

67. The best beverage in the entire world. 

68. You wake up in the middle of a battlefield, during a raging war. You’ve been shot in the stomach. What happens next?

69. The weirdest mating rituals ever. 

70. Assuming Shakespeare wasn’t  actually Shakespeare, who was he? 

71.The most life-changing moment of your existence. 

72. What if planet Earth fell out of orbit one day?

73. You can clone anyone you want to. Who would you clone, and why?

74. If you had to use a vegetable as a weapon, what would you pick? Now choose a fruit as well.

75. You best fighting technique if you were in the Hunger Games?

76. 150 uses for the common tube of lipstick.

77. If you could choose to have any kind of hair in the world, what color, what length, and what texture? Describe it in detail. 

78. What would happen if you could only communicate through footwear? 

79. You’re one of the most famous people in the world. Why?

80. What can you buy with $4? (You’re welcome to actually go out and try this.) 

81. You are the god/goddess of…?

82. Power of flight or the power to heal?

83. Write a song about the worst day you’ve ever experienced. 

84. A promise you were unwillingly forced to keep. 

85. Come up with a poem containing the following words: splice, candle wick, apparition, and supremacy. 

86. If you created a stupid nickname for everyone that you meet, what would it be and why?

87. You are a powerful ghost. Who do you decide to haunt, and what do you do to them?

88. The best personality trait you’ve seen in a best friend. 

89. Begin a story with: The echo of footsteps in the corridor was the only thing that could be heard in the still of night. 

90. What unusual objects have the power to save a life? 

91. What book/movie do you wish you had come up with the idea for or created?

92. You decide one night to visit an old and abandoned house. What is waiting there for you to discover? 

93. Your most valuable article of clothing (be it sentimental or actual value) is stolen. Your reaction?

94. Write a character or even yourself as a pizza. What toppings would go on it? 

95. What if we were actually within a giant candy bar instead of the Milky Way galaxy?

96. Find the strangest object around you and write about it. 

97. ‘And that was it, the last bottle of lotion on earth had been completely used up’ Go from there.

98. A character from a movie or TV show comes to life and is let loose on the nearest city. 

99. Try to remember what you had for lunch 4 days ago.

100. Write a short story that begins with the words: And so there we all were, standing around the deflated baby pool and wondering if aliens were real after all.