“Out of all the years we’ve been friends I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cry.”

“Never really had a reason too.”

“Dude, you’ve had a shitty life.”

“If you think so. That’s just your opinion.”


Okay, this has needed to be a thing since the dawn of time so im going to make it happen. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

◾️Eddie goes to practice in the rink after hours. (For his first solo in a figure skating competition he was attending next month.) the guy who tends to the rink in the evening is one of Eddie’s best friends, Bill. So it’s fine if Eddie goes down by himself whenever. What Eddie did'nt know, was that Bill had a few other friends who were free to go and practice in the rink at eight to nine oclock at night.

◾️Eddie enters wearing a pair of black leggings and a warm baby blue sweater, carrying his skates in his black shoulder back pack. He waves to Bill who is currently tiding up the desk space.

◾️"hey big bill!“ He says, as he walks up to the counter and places his bag ontop of it.

◾️"oh- uh- hey Eddie.” Bill greets, clearly busy with something behind the counter. “How are you doing?” Eddie asks. “Fine! Im f-fine! Say, A-are you p-p-planning to skate t-today?” Bill asks, looking a big uncomfortable. Eddie tilts his head and nods, wincing at Bill weirdly.

◾️"w-well, there are a-actually a f-few of my friends a-already using t-the r-rink. Im s-sorry Eddie.“ Bill says, apologizing profusely. Eddie almost jaw drops, Bill never has anybody else use the rink on tuesdays. Eddie always comes to the rink on tuesdays! Always!

◾️"oh.. uh.. who might that be, bill? You know i always use the rink on tuesday nights. I mean, its fine. Its not like the rink is mine but.. is it like your brother and his friends? Because if you’re just putting on a late night free skate i should be able to go in too right?” Eddie didnt even realize he was rambling until Georgie’s little head popped up from behind the counter. Bill shook his head slowly, folding his hands up on the desk.

◾️"no, Georgie’s helping me clean up today. I dont think you really want to join the people in the rink right now.“ That last sentence almost made Eddie a bit concerned. Did Bill let in Stan and they were planning some kinky ice sex out there and they were just trying to hide it from eddie or some shit? That was a joke. But if Bill really wasn’t going to let him in he might as well go and see who’s in there. Besides, if he didnt, it would tear at him to know for weeks.

◾️"okay, well obviously you dont want me in there. But im going to go in and see just who you invited on MY practice tuesday.” Eddie blew a raspberry at bill and bill just shook his head and laughed, gesturing to the doors. Eddie proceeded to the changeroom area. (Which was empty.)

◾️he set down his bag on the floor and then made sure he wasn’t about to sit on anything on the seats that lined the wall before he bent down and began to take his boots off and tie his skates. He made sure they were super tight, tucking the long laces into the sides of the skates. (So that he wouldnt trip over them and take a terrible fall.) just as he was finishing up, he suddenly heard a bang and a shout.

◾️"you cocksucking fucker!“ A loud male voice yelled, echoeing through the rink and into the change rooms. Eddie almost had a heart attack it scared him so bad. In his head he almost thought, ‘okay what the fuck.’ Who the fuck did Bill let in to the rink. Now he was really starting to wonder.

◾️Eddie swung his feet off the bench and landed by the door, swiping his back pack with him he skidded out of the changerooms. He knew it definitely wasnt good for his skates but- whatever. He could get them sharpened tomorrow if he really needed to. And as soon as Eddie entered the large room that housed the rink, he almost threw up.

◾️Hockey players? Are you fucking serious? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

◾️"Come on, Mike! That was fucking easy!” The one guy yells, tossing another slapshot to the net with ease. This time though, the goalie who Eddie presumed was ‘mike’ saved the shot and slid it back to the other player. Eddie recognized the constant shouting as the same obnoxious curse he heard from the changeroom.

◾️Eddie leans over the edge of the rink, watching as the one guy repeatedly tosses the pucks into the net. He scores most of them, but the goalie saves a good few as well. They were really good. Were they in the national league? Or just the small town provincial one? Eddie shook the thoughts from his head, he didnt even want to think about hockey. He had practicing to do, and these guys were hogging the rink.

◾️"You bitch! Would you give me like three seconds! My skate is untied!“ The goalie shouts, as the taller male gives him a moment. “Why is your skate untied?”

“Because i didnt tie it tight enough, because you were in too much of a hurry to get in the damn rink.” The goalie explains. Eddie almost snorts. The goalie was clearly annoyed by the taller player’s excitement.

◾️"hey!“ Eddie yells out across the rink, catching the sudden attention of both hockey players. He expected them to look at him, yeah. But he did not expect the hottest human being he had ever seen in all of his years to tilt his head to the side and stare straight at him. He couldnt see the goalie’s face under his gear. But the other guy? Oh. My. God. Eddie had never seen someone so unexplainably hot. Especially since they were in an ice rink.

An ice rink!

I mean, how hot can it get.?!

◾️"uh,hey? Look we’re trying to practice so if you could just scramble that would be cool-” the goalie starts to shoo Eddie off before mr.Eddie’s dream dude turns to him and shuts him up. The hockey player begins to skate over to Eddie, carelessly leaning his stick against the ice and leaving the Goalie still hanging out in the net. As the guy got closer, Eddie felt his face get hotter.

“how did you get past bill? He only lets us in after hours.” The player states, looking genuinely confused.

◾️"Actually, Bill and i have been friends since fetus form so i come here every tuesday to practice. Its kindof a regular thing. Ive never seen you guys here before.“ Eddie says, a bit of fire in his voice. The hockey player looks a bit taken back, his curly black locks sticking to the sides of his face with sweat.

◾️"wow. Feisty. Yeah we usually hang out here on wednesdays but Mike here-” the player takes a moment to gesture to the goalie, who in return salutes Eddie playfully from the net. “has got stuff going on tomorrow so we had to steal your practice time. Sorry sweetheart.” The boy seemed so sarcastic and full of himself and it made Eddie so angry.

◾️"okay, number one- dont call me that. Number two, can you atleast let me use a section of the rink instead of hogging the whole thing for yourselves? There are only two of you, im sure you could do with half the rink.“ Eddie spits out, leaning forward over into the rink. He slides over a bit to the entrance of the rink. Opening the gate over so the rest of his body is visible and so are his skates.

◾️"yeah, not gonna happen hun. Nice try though, come back later!”

◾️"are you fucking serious? I need to use the rink right now! Just for like.. half an hour. Please, just a half an hour.“ Eddie almost finds himself begging but in a way that still adds a bit of anger to it. You can tell he is pissed.

◾️"i dont know, sweetcheeks. I find it extremely difficult to find the need to share with you.” The taller male jokes, stroking his nonexistent stubble and leaning almost flirtily over the railing.

◾️"Jesus, fuck. It shouldnt be that hard!“ Eddie shouts, angrily.

◾️"thats what she said.” The hockey player snorts. Eddie almost laughs, but rolls his eyes instantly. “Anyways, you are very adorable and i kindof just want to pinch your cheek and kiss you, but i have to practice for i am in the NHL and my goalie needs me.” Eddie can feel his cheeks burning. That second last line was extremely unexpected and Eddie didnt know how to feel about it. Infact, he felt like he should just faint on the spot.

◾️"Also, you happen to look very extremely cute in those yoga pants. Richie tozier, nice to meet you!“ And with that, the hockey player skates off and snatches his stick off the ground continueing with his continueous raging slapshot streak.

◾️"what an asshole.” Eddie grumbles angrily as he takes off his skates a few minutes later. “A really fucking handsome asshole.” Eddie blushes.

◾️And little did Eddie know, a mere fifteen minutes later, Richie and Mike were out saying goodbye to bill when Richie politely asked,

◾️"hey, who was that figureskater who came in a little earlier and shouted at me for a good minute or two?“

◾️"Oh th-that was Eddie. I-im sorry. I u-usually l-l-l-let him practice on tues-tuesdays.” Bill replies. Richie nods and remembers the name.

Eddie. Cute.


[WP] A super hero fights evil by wiping memories of both the villain and everyone who knew of them so that they can be reintroduced into society safely. Today, as you were combing through old newspapers, you discover that you were once the world's most powerful supervillain. • r/WritingPrompts
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The first time I killed a man, I swore I’d never do it again.

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Prompt #69

It was the peak of the 19th century. Top hats and full dresses were the norm. But, random gadgets had made their way out of factories and into the hands of the masses.

And one of them, one of them, was not allowed outside.

Not because it hasn’t worked, but that it worked too well.

100 Kinks (explained)

This is an add on to my list of 100 kink prompts, explaining the ones people might not know. Just message me if there should be others added here, or if you want anything explained.

Dry Humping

This is when two people thrust up against each other, without penetrating each other. They basically just rub their genitals together until they come.


This is also known as a rim job and most associated with men. It involves pleasuring someone by using your tongue to stimulate their anus, outside and inside. (well, as far as the tongue will allow or course)


This is when people like to look at things, maybe the other person pleasuring themselves, or pleasing them, watching themselves in a mirror while they have sex and stuff like that.


This usually involves leather, maybe whips, nipple clamps, buckles, chaining the other up, sexual torture ect. It can be really extreme or quite light. I would recommend watching 30 seconds to mars’ ‘Hurricane’ video for more of an idea.


Easy to guess, quite literally involves putting ones fist into the chosen orifice. It takes a lot of preparation and communication and time to be anywhere near enjoyable.

Sensory deprivation

This is quite literally, to deprive the senses, stopping their hearing, seeing, maybe tasting and smelling, it’s kind of difficult to take away someone’s touch, though I guess if your character had access to the equipment to do an epidural or something, it might be quite kinky for one of them to know that the other is fucking them, but they are unable to feel a thing.

Breath play

Don’t try this at home, at least not by yourself. In terms of masturbation, it involves cutting off your airways (usually through hanging) and masturbating how you would normally. A lemon slice is placed into the mouth because most people are on the verge of losing consciousness by the time they are ready to come, they bit down on the lemon and it sends the senses shooting into overdrive and it’s supposed to be amazing but it Is very easy for obvious accidents to happen here. This is why people who want to do it, tend to do it with someone and they pleasure them while cutting off their airways. It takes a lot of trust.

Hot and cold play

This is done using a cup of hot water and ice cold water. One person performs oral sex on the other, taking a mouthful of one of the cups of water to change the sensations of the pleasure and stuff.

Spider walking

I have not been able to find a lot of information on this and Google searching doesn’t seem to help much either. It works on men better than women apparently, because they are hairier but I guess it would work on both. Person A would make person B lie down and close their eyes for a few minutes with no touch or sound or anything. Then person A would gently touch them all over their body but only touching the hairs, no skin contact. They will become majorly sensitive to the touches and it will drive them insane. Once they reach this point, person A would give them a soft flick on the lips with their tongue and that alone can make them come.

Tantric sex

This one might be better for you to Google because it seems to take a lot of explanation and I’m not that well versed in it but it involves using sexual energy and not putting so much reliance on the orgasm, but on building up a sexual energy together and channelling it to make the intimacy with the partner even stronger. It’s quite a spiritual thing, synchronised breathing, scented oils, kind of similar to yoga and meditation, but for sex and it’s supposed to be really good for your body and mind and soul ect. There really is a lot to it.

prompts for journaling!!!

1. Do you want to be fluent in a language
2. Describe your favorite flower and how it makes you feel
3. What spice brings back the most memories?
4. Describe your crushes face using metaphors of nature and the night sky
5. Where do you want to live?
6. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
7. Describe what it’s like to be scared of (insert fear) how does it make you feel? Why are you afraid of it?
8. If you were a chinchilla what would you look like? (chinchillas are gr9!!)
9. What are your favorite colors? Make lists of where you can find them in nature and around your house
10. Describe the sound of your best friends voice
11. Who’s attention do you crave most? What happens if you can’t get it?
12. How does depression/anxiety/other mental illness impact your daily life? How do you cope?
13. Describe a loved ones laugh
14. Write a letter to someone who you care a lot about. Don’t send the letter. Be honest and say everything you’ve ever wanted to tell them
15. Write about what it’s like lay and bed and have no thought, to be zen and at peace. If you’ve never been at peace, ask yourself what is stopping you?

I hope these helped!! Let me know if you want another one!


What did it even mean anymore? What was the meaning behind it? For millennia, it has plagued this earth. It had choked the minds of those hungry for power and wealth. It had thinned the race’s, lands which were once so vast, now rot and wilt as a dying flower may. All hope, they say, is not lost… but when witnessing such carnage how could hope, ever be a lingering thought in one’s mind. It is all but done, the destruction of the world, the end of humanity. We had fought, we had pillaged, we had conquered, but for what reason? What did we fight for? Kill for? We were nothing in the great scheme of things. We were simply mindless puppets. Cattle for slaughter. We were cheated and we were used. What reason, were we given? To kill the men, women and children we had. For what reason had we damned our souls for all eternity and taken theirs so early.

Was what they had not enough? They did not wish to dirty their hands, so they dirtied ours. Stained with the blood of many. What…? What do we have to live for now in a world so ruined it may never again grow life. What is meaning of life anymore? Death is all many know now. Our only friend alongside the darkness. After so long, we all wait for our turn, for our end. For peace. On the battlefield life is so easily taken. In seconds many fall, as leaves from an autumn tree. What was the worth of the lives of those around us. Was there any worth? So easily countless men gladly sold their souls for this war. Did their lives really mean nothing to them, was it so simply played as a game? Did they not consider what they were dying for?

Dead in the mind, heart and soul. What are we now if not zombies, hollowed of everything we once knew. Morals? Pride? What were they to us in the past? Now they are meaningless and empty words. Dead to the thoughts of men. There is no pride in what we have done, no moral or right. We had helped doom this world. Our world. It is all but a means to an end. Shall we leave this chaos to the generations to come? Shall we burden them with our mistakes? Could what we have done even be mended. Could we ever be mended? Surely not our minds. Not out hearts… they rot black like our lost souls. We had lost to them, we had failed life itself and we shall pay its never ending price…

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Stenbrough #50 pleeeaaaaaseeeee?? :)

(Keeping it short and sweet! Enjoy!)

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Stanley Uris was a boy of very few words. He kept himself to himself and only associated himself with his closest friends. The Losers. Beverly, Ben, Eddie, Richie, Mike…and Bill. Bill Denbrough was his best friend, the one he was closest to in the group, and maybe they sometimes shared kisses when they slept over at each others house? No-one knew. No-one but them.

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More Tickle Fic Prompts~!

Back in the game guys with a new list!<3 Send me a number (or more numbers if you want some combined) + pairing (romantic/platonic) if you would like me to write you a fic. Always mention NSFW if you want it or it’ll be SFW standard:)

  1. “Sorry, can’t help you.”
  2. “How long will this take?”
  3. “I’ve never done this before.”
  4. “Thanks for mentioning that little detail.”
  5. “Well that looks promising!”
  6. “I can’t believe I did that.”
  7. “That’s against the rules.”
  8. “I will not repeat what I just said.”
  9. “…No. I mean yes!”
  10. “Surely you don’t remember that.”
  11. “I suggest we run.”
  12. “I licked it.”
  13. “It’s okay. You can touch me here.”
  14. “Don’t make me come get you.” 
  15. “This is not what we agreed on!” 
  16. “We should head back to the party.” 
  17. “How did you get in?”  
  18. “I’m not sadistic, I just like making you suffer!”
  19.  “I wasn’t even tickling you.”
  20. “That’s not what I meant!” 
  21. “Liar liar pants on fire!”
  22. “There’s only one bed.” 
  23. “Keep your eyes open.” 
  24. “It’s just a scratch.” 
  25. “Please come back to bed.”
  26. “Don’t tell me you’re ticklish here too.”
  27. “I’m yours, in every way possible.” 
  28. “Did you just…? Stop that!”
  29. “I just want to help you relax.”
  30. “Did I stutter?”
  31. “What even happened last night?”
  32. “You called for backup?”
  33. “Oh? You want me to tickle you that badly?”
  34. “You’re not stuck. We are stuck!”
  35. “But I thought you liked this?”
  36. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.” 
  37. “You can’t even call that a tickle fight.”
  38. “Let’s play doctor.” 
  39. “I’d call this kidnapping if you won’t let me go right now.”
  40. “Phew, they’re gone. So… Where were we?”
  41. “I thought you were seducing me?”
  42. “Maybe explain why you went missing for six hours straight.”
  43. “You can’t leave me like this.”
  44. “What’s in it for me?”
  45. “Are you scared?”
  46. “It’s okay, I still love you.”  
  47. “Just come down… I promise I won’t do anything. ”
  48. “You can trust me, it’s alright. Just don’t trust him that’s all.”
  49. “Alright but make it quick.”
  50. “We could do this everyday.”

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Will you do #15 for Richie/bill?

(I don’t actually ship Richie and Bill as a couple. I really hope you don’t mind that I made them best friend and Richie is calling Bill for advice! I hope you enjoy!)

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Bill groaned as he rolled over in bed, the sound of his ringtone echoing through his bedroom and he picked up his phone, glancing at the time. 3:01am. He glared at the caller ID. Richie. What the hell did Richie want at three in the morning. He sighed and slid his thumb along the screen, answering the call and putting it to his ear.

“I-It’s t-three a-am, I s-s-swear s-someone better be d-d-ying.” Bill stuttered annoyingly down the phone to his friend.

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