I was sad so I wrote you some prose poetry.

Bring Me Along

Maybe one day you’ll pull me closer instead of pushing me away. Maybe one day my hopes will be realistic rather than naive fantasy. I miss being somebody you desired. Now it takes more effort to be with me rather than without and I know you are just counting down the days until you can run away from this place. Don’t pretend you plan to bring me along. I know you’ll leave me behind because you will have to pack light and I am heavy. Heavy with sadness, heavy with cells of body mass, heavy with memories, heavy with emotions, heavy with creativity and inspiration, heavy with poetry you find no beauty in. When it happens I will be heart-ripped and bloody-eyed from crying but I won’t lie and say I never saw this coming. Why would you stay with shipwrecked humanity when you can live in desired solitude with only cat and canine company.