lushfeminist  asked:

Hi! I'm in AP spanish at the moment and I know that I definitely want to major in it for college. I'm just having a lot of trouble making my writing flow. Do you have any advice?

To me, writing trouble can come from a bunch of different places.

If it’s that you don’t feel comfortable in your writing skills even in English, then it’s a different kind of issue.

But if the problem is you’re not sure how to conjugate things on the fly, I would suggest working through Duolingo or www.studyspanish.com/tutorial

If the problem is more vocabulary and not knowing how to express yourself because you just don’t know the words, then I think a lot of reading and taking notes  or Memrise or even watching things in Spanish would really help.

Memrise and Duolingo can be done on the computer and I believe also work as apps, so that’s also helpful. 

I’ll include a few links:

I personally find that my writing gets easier the more I know how to express myself, so reading helps quite a bit.