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The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam, Mary, Cas

Summary:  Dean and reader haven’t told everyone about their relationship yet.

Warnings:  Smut, Language

Word Count:  823

A/N:  This is for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge.  I selected “The One Where Everybody Finds Out”.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.

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The One Where Everybody Finds Out

“Oh, Jesus,” Dean moans, looking down at you. Christ, you’re fucking perfect, on all fours, those pink lips sealed around his dick. His knees dig into the mattress as he rolls his hips forward. He wants to commit this image to memory, it’s so fucking sexy.

“Wait,” he manages to rasp out. Reaching across the bed, he snatches his phone off the nightstand. Switching to camera mode, he asks, “This okay?”

“Mm-hmm,” you murmur, your mouth full of cock.  Dean presses the record button and watches you through the screen, your eyes sparkling with mischief as you slide up and down the length of his cock.  

“Fuck…oh, god…ungh,” Dean pants out. He nearly drops the phone when you slide one hand up his thigh and fondle his balls. You watch him watching you, it’s such a fucking turn on. “(Y/N)…oh god…shit, babe, that feels so…ah….ungh…” Dean groans as he finds release, spurting thick ropes of cum into your mouth.

You slide your mouth off his dick and grin up at him, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. He’s still filming you, so you jiggle your breasts a little, giving him a show.

He giggles before tossing the phone aside. “Added to the spank bank,” he teases. “Now, it’s my turn,” he says growls before pushing you back and positioning his head between your thighs.

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Committed (Blurb)

did you eber do a one shot where harry brings up marrige for the first time


He had known you were “the one” for a while.

Actually, Gemma had been the one to figure it out before Harry even had. She wasn’t dumb; she saw the way he looked at you and the way you looked at him and she knew how Harry got whenever he had to be apart from you for more than a day and how close he would stay whenever the two of you came over to visit. Her little brother was completely and utterly smitten and he was the only person who didn’t realize it.

Harry caught on eventually, however. It was the moment he looked down at your sleeping form in his arms one night and felt a huge rush of warmth run through his body and a smile pull at the corners of his mouth and the surprising sting of tears welling up in his eyes as he watched you sleep, suddenly and completely positive that he could never live without you and he wanted to wake up with you beside him every single day for the rest of his life.

Bringing up the topic was tricky. The two of you hadn’t really sat down and had “the discussion” yet. You both knew you loved each other and that you wanted to be together for a long time, but marriage was a scary word. It was a big commitment and you both came from families that hadn’t had much luck in the marriage department the first time around. It hadn’t really jaded you, but you were aware of the statistics, as much as you thought you could avoid them.

It was about three months in between Harry deciding that you were the girl he wanted to marry and when he actually brought it up. He hadn’t bought a ring yet - hadn’t even really looked at any - and hadn’t planned out a proposal. Before he did any of that, he wanted to kind of get a feel of whether or not you were on the same train as he was when it came to your relationship.

In his mind, he had come up with this grand segue into the subject that could basically be brought up from anything you were previously talking about, but he found himself getting more and more nervous as the night went on. The discussions that evening spread everywhere from next week’s dinner plans to a Christmas trip to visit your parents.

He hadn’t meant for it to come out the way it did, but the night was wearing on and Harry was worried he wouldn’t get an opportunity to talk about it before you started to get too sleepy to have a serious conversation.

“D’you ever think about…” He paused, playing with his bottom lip as you waited for him to continue with a curious look on your face.

“Think about what?”

Harry scratched at the back of his head, nervously. Now that the moment was here, he suddenly lost every single word he had previously had in his mind. What if you said that you weren’t really interested in getting married? He didn’t really have a back-up plan. Sure, you likely wouldn’t break up but what would that mean for your relationship from here on out? Would you be open to having children with him even if you never got married? Because Harry definitely wanted kids and he definitely wanted them with you.


Your voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he stared at you for a moment.

“D’you ever think about gettin’ married some day?”

You felt the corner of your mouth twitch in a smirk as you watched him fidget, nervously in his chair. This had been the question that he had been so nervous to ask you and the reason he had been so distracted all night, and you thought that was adorable.

“Of course I do,” you replied, smiling at him.

Harry exhaled and finally cracked a grin of his own.

“Really? T’me?”

You laughed. “No, to Liam. Of course, to you! What do you think?”

Harry jumped from his chair and caught you in his arms, twirling you around the kitchen as you shrieked with laughter. Once he finally put you down, he clasped your cheeks in both hands.

“You really wanna marry me some day?” he asked again, for reassurance.

You brought him close to you and kissed him, sliding your arms around his waist.

“I really wanna marry you some day, Harry. I’d never want to marry anyone else.” You paused, searching his eyes. “You’re not gonna ask me right now, are you?”

Harry smirked, and kissed you once more.

“And ruin the surprise? Not a chance. Sorry love, but I guess you’ll just have to wait.”

However, Harry knew that he definitely wouldn’t be making you wait very long.

And While We Live (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1 - Shoes UK Size 7

Glasgow, present day

Claire Beauchamp had a very simple and fulfilling morning routine. Uni classes started at 9:30, but on week days she was usually up by 7, easily. Some habits are hard to break. Coffee, toasted bread with jam and the newspaper, were luxuries that Claire allowed herself. Those little routines and certain things that helped her stay alive and sane in the early days.

She loved listening to the radio so her quirky alarm clock, shaped like a cat, was her morning best friend. She didn’t have to talk to anyone but was talked to and that was comforting. Old habits are hard to break.

She found comfort in preparing the notebooks she would need for the day, pick up her trusted set of BIC pens, her glasses from the bedside table and place them in her secondhand leather backpack before heading out into the world and out of her bubble.

During the days she anatomy classes, it made her chuckle how some of her classmates seemed to be having trouble keeping their breakfast where it belonged. You haven’t seen anything dear chaps, really. Biochemistry days had her slightly on edge, as she felt the need to focus on that subject more than the others. She couldn’t wait for the weekly visits to the hospitals to come around, even though there were still a couple of semesters before that. One day at a time. I have a promise to keep.

When the academic day was over she headed down to her part-time job at a bookshop. A job she had started at Christmas time. Barely two months of living in this city and J H R Christ, the abundance… Claire really got along with her co-workers and had forged a friendship with her boss who insisted on her studying during the more quiet hours and helped her, making sure her work schedule and academic schedule would work together. Human connections Beauchamp, remember that. In the early days she just wanted to run and be alone. To be alone and run. Things were different now. Even though old habits die hard, Claire Beauchamp was a master in adjusting herself to a new situation, no matter how daunting, how different, it could be.

If she was working she would have dinner at the store. Miss Glenna, her boss’ lovely mother, lived upstairs from the store and always cooked dinner for those working the last shift. The older woman always had a nice word to say, well seasoned with a scottish no nonsense attitude and she cooked heavenly. It was a comfort to get home with a warm homely meal in her belly. Not taken for granted.

Before bed, Claire would turn the radio on again, water her herbs, make a cup of tea and read or scroll through her fascinating tablet for the topics that humanity might have found interesting that day.

Every night for that first year, she looked around in her closet taking her pajamas off the rack and glanced at the corner. There it was, the white dress, the narrow belt, the wool shawl. Inconspicuous enough. She would look down and assess the shoes and thought as an inside joke, channeling a lot of conversations she found herself having with friends and mates: God, I’d never use them now. Maybe some day. Claire wouldn’t get rid of them. She was unsure if she might need them again. But now, after what had happened the past week, that hope of being sure had vanished. At the moment, she was not minding the uncertainty.

But they were there, the simple, worn just the once, brown leather, UK size 7 shoes, with the inside tag “LONDON - 1945”.

Hello and thank you for reading! Huge thank you to @mybeautifuldecay​ for the brit insight and @suhailauniverse​ for beta-ing! 

This (sometimes is, sometimes not) AU is mixing book and tv elements! Any feedback is most welcome! <3

Build me up, Buttercup

Characters/Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Pregnant!Reader

Word count: 2313

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics,smut, slight breath play, knotting (mild?), foul language, labor inducing sex, water braking, NO labor, Fluff.


This one here is my first ever a/b/o piece and I think last, and because of that I didn’t want get in the middle of the messy (but super hot) stuff. So this is about a stablished coupple who already been through all that.

This is my entry for a compìlation of 4 different challeneges first time doing that too, so I hope this makes sense.

  1. @dr-dean A/B/O Challenge, song prompt: ‘Build me up, Buttercup’ by The Foundations.
  2. @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname Orion’s 1k Celebration Challenge, movie prompt: ‘That’s your problem, Ray. Your ideal girl… is you. With tits!’ FAQ about time travel.
  3. @babypieandwhiskey Cam’s 200 writing challenge, Prompt: ‘Can I please con to the bathroom alone.’
  4. @impalaimagining Smut-entine’s day kink challenge, prompts: Pregnancy and Breath play.

A big THANK YOU to my bitch Orion @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname and to Jen @winchesterprincessbride For being amazing and the beta work of course!

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Build me up, Buttercup

“Some girls are into science fiction!”

“That’s your problem, Ray. Your ideal girl… is you. With tits!”

Your lips move in sync with the movie and you laugh at poor Ray; Pete will never stop being an ass. You feel the slight annoyance again and that familiar pressure on the bladder. You turn off the tv, with a puff and an eye roll you get up, gently, bit by bit and walk down the hall to the bathroom, for the fourth or fifth time tonight.

The toilet lid is cold, making you shudder. Looking down at your feet, you realize you can’t see anything past that sticking-out belly button; it looks so weird and dark, and every time you cough or laugh it goes even further out.

On the way back to the bedroom you yawn, bare feet stumping against the tiled floor, sounding heavy.  Hating the fact you walk like a doped duck, you stop to catch your breath.

With a sigh, you sit back on the edge of the bed and stare at the bright red light on the night stand, 2:44, carefully enough not to wake up the sleeping alpha on the other side, although he wouldn’t wake up because of you plopping down next to him.

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prompt: senator beckett participating in the women's march.

Castle tugs on the edge of her cap, adjusting the soft fabric over her ears, stroking the pad of his thumb along the line of her jaw that is chilled from hours in the cold.

Beckett curls her fingers around the hot cardboard of her coffee cup, turning her head to catch his thumb with a brush of her lips, humming as his palm slips to curve at her neck. They’re taking a brief intermission from marching, warming up with steaming beverages, but Castle had been content with only a few sips of his, spending the majority of this time on the sidelines watching the power of a protest, the peace of unity blending with the fire of passion for freedom and equality. 

And of course, gazing at her and toying with the beanie on her head because apparently she doesn’t wear pink enough and “you look so cute yet badass, Senator Beckett. I can’t help it.”

“Hey,” she murmurs, holding the half empty cup to her chest and catching his wrist, smoothing her thumb to the thin skin beneath the sleeve of his coat. “Thanks for coming with me for this.” 

“Are you kidding?” he scoffs, glancing from her to the crowd so massive and flooding through the streets of their city and back again. “Like I’d miss this. As you know, I hold a great amount of respect for the movement. And I support being part of the resistance.”

“Castle, this isn’t Star Wars,” she huffs, for the second time that day, but his eyes are dancing and there’s been a smile on his face since they set out this morning, spreading his lips wide when he wasn’t chanting or applauding, and well, he does have a point. 

It’s quite a remarkable feeling to be a part of something you believe in, to be involved in a chance to change the world and the start of a revolution in hope. 

“You’d make a fantastic rebel. Leia would be proud.” She sighs, lets him have it, and takes another sip of coffee while he carries on. “Not to mention, pretty much all of my favorite people are women.”

“Yeah?” Beckett grins, their hands falling to hang interlocked between their bodies, his fingers sliding through hers and sealing the warmth into her palm.

“Well, my mother is female-”

“Where is she, by the way?” Kate murmurs, fruitlessly casting her gaze to the sea of humans with pink hats passing by. “I think we got separated within the first hour.”

“Honestly? I think she went looking for Cher again,” he sighs, shaking his head while she purses her lips to retain her laughter. “Trust me, my mother feels strongly about this matter, but if she’s going to march, she wants to be front and center with the big leagues.”

Kate hums and leans back against the cafe building’s wall. “You were saying about your favorite people?”

“Oh yes, Alexis, obviously, and Lily,” he lists his daughters, who had both spent the entire morning walking through Manhattan with them, Alexis only recently departing and taking Lily back to the loft with her. Though, Kate is sure her daughter would have loved to stay, had her two year old possessed the ability to stay awake past her midday nap time. “My gorgeous wife who inspires me every day.”

It’s been years, but her heart still flutters and her blood still hums with approval. “Mm, that’s a mutual feeling.”

“Even though I am male and particular members of my gender have proven problematic lately?”

Kate rolls her eyes and tugs him forward, their hips bumping. “You’re one of the good ones, so yes.”

He grins proudly as she mimics his earlier action, reaching up to smooth her fingertips along the edge of his matching pink hat. And she means it, how good he is, not just showing up as her supportive husband, as the husband of a New York Senator, but as a man who believes she and every other woman deserves the same rights, the same treatment and respect, as any man is expected to receive, that gender shouldn’t change that.

“My wife is just as strong as - if not stronger than - any man I know. She’s definitely stronger than me, why should she or any other woman be treated as the weaker sex?” he’d spoken on the podium, giving a brief, unplanned speech to the masses after hers, adding fuel to the fire and some laughter too. But she’d disputed his statement when he’d joined her back in the march.

“Not stronger than you. Equals, Castle. You’re my partner.”

That’d had his smile blooming even more brilliantly.

“And you look pretty cute in your pink hat too, so that’s a bonus,“ she grins, securing the beanie on his head and tossing the emptied coffee cup into the trash. "Now grab your sign and let’s go.”

He preens and Beckett arches on the toes of her boots to press her smile to his lips, squeezing his hand and waiting for him to snag his sign before she drags him back out into the crowd. 


Someone asked for a rebelcaptain fic with the original trio. I decided to create a series where we see each of them show up, sometimes separately and sometimes together. So here we go.

Eleven days. Eleven days since Jyn had seen Cassian’s eyes. Eleven days since she held him close to her and he whispered her name as they flew away from Scarif. Eleven days since a healer told her that he’d slipped into a comatose state and they had no idea when he would wake up, if he would wake up. Adrenaline helped him climb that tower to help her see the mission through but the damage was already done.

They got the brain swelling down with oxygen therapy and medication but there was no telling what damage was done. They would just have to wait and Jyn had never been good at that. The day after they returned from Scarif, she was released from the infirmary and found herself in Cassian’s room staring at his pale face. The sight of his unmoving form struck something deep in her chest that nearly sent her to her knees.

Jyn didn’t even know when Chirrut entered the room, only that he’d been sitting with a concussed Baze when she passed them earlier. When he moved to stand beside her, she didn’t react when he took her hand. They stood in silence for a long time, watching the gentle rise and fall of Cassian’s chest until she finally spoke.

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toomuchdamage  asked:

Prompt for the challenge: An accidental pregnancy fluffy fic with bellarke goodness

A|N: Canon-verse, accidental Bellarke baby!


It only occurs to her that there’s something wrong when she starts retching at the smell of panther meat roasting over the fire.

Raven grabs at her shoulders when she begins to sway, setting her upright. “Jesus, Clarke. Are you sick?”

“I don’t think so,” she bites out, gritting her teeth at the sensation of bile rising up her throat. “I thought it was the virus that’s been making its rounds around camp, but I’m not feverish or coughing or anything like that. It’s probably just fatigue.”

Raven shoots her an unimpressed look at that. “You’ve been like this for weeks, Clarke. I may not be a professional, but I don’t think retching and nausea is a symptom for fatigue.”

“No, but I get like this sometimes,” she points out, wiping at her mouth absently, “during my—” the words die in her throat at that, realization dawning “— my period.” She manages, her breath rushing out of her in a fell swoop. “Fuck.

“What?” she asks, her eyes widening in alarm. “Clarke?”

It’s hard to stay calm when Raven’s looking at her like that; her palm coming up unconsciously to cup at her still-flat stomach. It’s impossible. Irrational. But she can’t quite remember the last time she had her period, and there had been reports of implants failing ever since they got here—

She swallows, meeting Raven’s gaze. “I think I’m pregnant.”

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Last Love Letter

December 25, 2016

I can’t sleep, or rather, I don’t want to. I know I haven’t written in a few days, but things have been so hectic dealing with the aftermath of the Dominators and Savitar and his unsettling prophecy on top of it all. I don’t really want to talk about that today though.

I need to paint a picture of what’s happening now, because I want to remember this forever. I know I don’t have Barry’s mind or memory, so I have to journal like a regular old person, not that regular people really even journal anymore.

It’s 3:27 AM. There’s a light snowfall outside. Even though I’m indoors, I’m shivering because I’m naked save for being wrapped in Barry’s coat, scribbling on the hardwood floors of his Christmas gift to me. Barry’s laying next to me on his side, his bare back propped on a makeshift pillow of both our clothes bunched up together. Being the gentleman he is, he insisted I use our coats as a mattress and blanket, but I guess that’s only fair given he emits the body heat of a sauna. This was after he asked if we should get dressed and go back to my place to really spend the night, but I wanted to stay here with him. I’m not looking forward to our first electricity bill, considering how high we’ve turned the heat up for tonight, but it’s worth it.

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Hopefully another Cassian request isn't an issue? Can you write one where another Rebel officer flirts with the reader and Cassian gets super jealous? Please and thank you!

Nope, not an issue at all!

Here you go! I hope it’s to your liking, nonnie. 

“Before you go, I just wanted to say that I had a great time with you last night.”

Cassian’s blood boiled as he watched the scene that was unfolding before him.

Just a few feet away, you stood with Avan Parr, a fellow Rebel Alliance officer.

Cassian didn’t like the way the man was looking at you.

Or the way that you were looking at him. 

“I had a really nice time too,” You replied, flashing him a friendly smile.

Avan reached out to take your hand in his and Cassian angrily clenched his fists.

“We should do it again, you know, once your mission on Serenno is complete.”

Cassian couldn’t take it anymore and stiffly walked towards the two of you.

“I hate to interrupt,” he practically sneered, “But we’re starting to lose our time.”

Avan grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, Captain. I didn’t mean to keep your partner.”

Ignoring him, Cassian narrowed his dark eyes at you. “Get on the ship. Now.”

Your mouth fell open in pure shock. He’d never spoken to you like that before.

Without waiting for your response, he whirled around and stalked off towards his  waiting U-Wing. He hopped on board without so much as glancing back at you.

Avan frowned. “What’s with him?”

“I don’t know. But I’m certainly going to find out.”

After saying a quick goodbye to Avan, you quickly boarded the ship.

Cassian was up near the cockpit, shrugging out of his brown leather jacket. 

“Excuse me, what was that?” You asked fiercely as you approached him. 

With his back still to you, he stiffly replied, “What was what?”

“Get on the ship. Now,” You mimicked him. “How dare you talk to me like that!”

He remained silent.

“Cassian?” You waited, but still, he said nothing. “Cassian, I’m talking to you!”

Slowly, he turned around to face you. His eyes had gone stone cold. 

“In case you’ve forgotten, we have a mission we have to complete on Serenno.”


“We don’t have time for you to stand around flirting with your new boyfriend.”

You crossed your arms over your chest. “Avan isn’t my boyfriend, Cassian. And I wasn’t flirting with him either. We met up at the cantina last night for a few drinks and we were just telling each other that we had a good time.”

Cassian snorted, shaking his head. “Well, isn’t that sweet.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. 

“You know, if I I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you were jealous.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I am not jealous.”

“Then why are you so upset?”

“I’m not upset.”

You scoffed. “Okay, then why else would you be acting like such a damn jerk?”

Cassian groaned out of frustration. “Can you just drop it? We have to leave—”

You grabbed his arm. “We’re not going anywhere until we talk this out, Cassian. I need to know what’s going on with you. Please, just talk to me.”

He snatched his arm out of your grasp and took a step back. “What do you want me to say? That you’re absolutely right? That I’m jealous? That the second I saw him take your hand it took every single ounce of strength I had in me not to walk over and knock his head off his shoulders?” 

“Cassian, you have no right to be jealous. You know how I feel about you, you’ve always known. But you were the one who said that we couldn’t be together, that we could never be together.” Your voice started to tremble and you paused for a moment, trying to collect yourself. “You’re the one who said that we could never be anything more than just mission partners.”

“So you found somebody else,” he stated, bitterly. “You moved on.”

“Yes. No.” You let out a small groan. “I mean, I tried to.”

“You tried to?”

“Avan is a nice guy. And I’ll admit that it I really liked spending time with him.”

Cassian tightly clenched his jaw.

“I was lonely,” You continued quickly before he could say anything. “You’ve been avoiding me, Cassian. Do you think I haven’t noticed that we only ever talk when we’re sent out on missions by the council? That we don’t eat our meals together anymore like we used to? That whenever I even try and approach you, you make up some excuse to leave?” Hot, frustrated tears blurred your vision. Not wanting to cry, you furiously blinked them back. “You can’t be upset with me for trying to move on, not when you’re the one who’s been pushing me away.”

His expression suddenly softened. “I had to push you away.”

You stepped closer to him. “But why?”

“Because, what I felt—what I feel for you, it’s something that I have never felt for  anyone else before. It’s so incredibly strong that sometimes it scares me. I swear to you that I never meant to hurt you, but I was so lost and confused. I thought it would be best for me to put some distance between us. I thought that maybe if I spent less time with you, these feelings would subside. But I was wrong.”

“So what do you feel for me, Cassian?” You whispered, looking up at him.

Your eyes widened in a slight surprise as Cassian reached up and gently cupped your cheek in the palm of his hand. He put his other hand on your hip and pulled you as close as he possibly could. He looked deeply into your eyes as your arms wrapped themselves tightly around his neck. Cassian leaned down into you, and the both of you stood absolutely still, each waiting for the other to make the final move. 

Finally, it was Cassian who closed the remaining distance between you and him.

He softly pressed his lips to yours. Any and all hesitation that he might have had before vanished completely as you parted your lips, allowing him to deepen the kiss. 

“That,” he said breathlessly once he’d pulled away, “Is what I feel for you.”

“And here I thought you hated me or something.” You were just as breathless.

Cassian frowned. “I’m sorry. And I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. It’s just that seeing you with Parr, the thought of you with him, or with any other man that’s not me, I just couldn’t handle it.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “I appreciate the apology, Cass. And I forgive you.”

Relieved, he smiled back at you. 

“And you don’t have to worry about me being with him, or with anyone else,”You assured him with all the confidence in the galaxy. “Believe me, you are the only man that I could ever want, Cassian.”

Ending was a bit meh, but it’s almost five in the morning so…yeah. 

Not 100% sure but the next imagine might be a Bodhi one! I have a request for one and it’s almost completely finished. I also have three more Cassian requests and some ideas of my own. So I have a lot of imagines to come if anyone’s interested! 

leralynne  asked:

Okay I have zero idea whether this worked the first time but just in case it didn't: rebelcaptain FBI agent au?


1. They initially met at Quantico during training. She was blasting the shit out of the paper targets and Cassian was admittedly impressed. They were eventually the last ones left at the range and they ended up in a silent, passive-aggressive competition to see who could empty their clip the fastest and with the best accuracy. Cassian was about 92% convinced that he was imaging her side-eyes and unspoken challenges, until when as she was leaving, she tossed her ripped-apart target in front of him casually and said, “I win.” (the only coherent thought he had was ‘…fuck’) 

2. They don’t meet again until several years later though. Jyn gets herself a reputation for being a bit of a hardass. She can shoot terrorists and killers without batting an eye. People joke behind her back that she’s part-robot. She just wants to make a difference for herself, protect people like she wasn’t protected growing up, but it’s made her closed off in fear of getting burned again, getting hurt. She gets called in on a case due to a possible connection between her and the suspect (if this has to do with her father, she is going to punch someone). 

3. Cassian’s parents were murdered when he was a child. Their killer was never caught, and he regularly pours over their file, even though it was 20 years ago and the case has long been cold (maybe he’ll find something, someday). His latest case is looking like business tycoon, Saw Gerrera, might have something to do with it, though and there’s another agent who has a connection with him, so he’s been told they’re bringing her in or something. 
“Agent Andor, this is Agent Jyn Erso.” 
“Agent Erso - wait. Have we -?” 
“We’ve met. I handed your ass to you at the Quantico shooting range once.” 

4. If Jyn represses her emotions (poor child) then Cassian has the opposite problem. He feels everything that he does. He still remembers the name of he first man he ever had to kill (Tivik might have been a lunatic serial killer, but still). He struggles with all the horrors the job brings, but he does it anyway, because he wont let anyone else have to live with not knowing what happened to the ones they’ve lost. Working with Jyn is the Wildest Thing he’s ever done, but they soon develop a mutual respect for each other over the course of that first case. He’s the one to arrest Saw, since he’s pretty sure Jyn would kill him if she got anywhere near him. 

(She cries. He holds her. Whoever spread rumours that this woman was a robot is a fucking idiot). 

5. They’re assigned as partners from that case on. On the outside it’s easy to notice the rapport they have for each other. It’s clear that they work extremely well together, but what’s harder to see is the emotional bond. It started as another challenge at the shooting range, but soon extended to bringing round food after tough cases, watching movies together, or calling each other at 3am when their demons won’t let them sleep. Their boss may suspect something deeper. 

(He may be right). 

au ask 

Scream My Name

Request: “Can you write Credence smut based on the song “Zaddy” by Ty Dolla Sign? But not like a daddy kink thing just.. idk, but every time I hear that song it reminds me of an over confident Credence.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1176

Warnings: SmUt ! just pure smut

Originally posted by our-sizzling-seduction

“Take your clothes off.” Credence whispered into your neck.

You giggled, biting your lip. Credence pulled back, a look of hurt passing over his face. He had told you that he was going to try to be more dominant in bed, but you just couldn’t take him seriously. He’d always be sweet, gentle Credence to you.

“Take off your clothes.” He repeated, this time his voice more confident, and laced with impatience. You smiled at him, trying to play along with the dark fantasy that he had planted in his own mind. You pulled your dress over your head, throwing it to the side as Credence’s eyes raked over your underwear clad body. He licked his lips, his hands reaching for your waist, pulling you in closer.

“You’re all mine.” He growled, then kissed you lavishly. “My little slut.”

You pulled away, fully laughing at him.

“Slut? Really Credence?”

“I- I’m sorry, I thought you’d like that.” His confident demeanour had fizzled now, leaving a slouched man in its place.

“Credence…” You cooed, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You don’t have to try to be someone you’re not. I love you just the way you are.”

He kept his gaze lowered, but he was determined to carry out the plan he had made.

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That Tosser

Request: A Draco x reader? Draco and the reader are friends and likes the reader but doesn’t know how to tell her, but the reader has a diary and also secretly likes Draco too so she writes in the diary about it. Draco is a little nosy one day and snoops in the diary. He only reads one page about who the reader likes but no name is mentioned so he gets really jealous. He tries to woo the reader in hope her feelings will change until he admits he read her diary and they confess that they like each other.


Getting Draco to actually sit down and study was a difficult task, even for Y/N. So when she invited her best friend to her room to study for a Charms test, she didn’t expect him to be on time, let alone early. Draco arrived at Y/N’s dorm seven minutes before they were scheduled to meet, and Y/N, who didn’t expect him to take the study session seriously, was still on her way back from the showers. Draco was surprised to find that Y/N wasn’t there, but her roommates let Draco in as they slipped out to their evening plans. Draco sat down on Y/N’s bed for what felt like forever, but when he checked the time again, it had only been two minutes. He started to look around for something to do, and found a leather notebook on her nightstand. These must be her notes, he thought. He picked it up and flipped to a random page, and when he realized it was her journal, his curiosity got the best of him. Part of him was convinced that he wouldn’t find anything new in there, she was his best friend, she told him everything, didn’t she? But the other part of him, the overwhelming part, told him to keep reading. Why would she keep a journal if she tells me everything? There must be something in here that she hasn’t told me… he decided.

He flipped through the pages until he saw something that caught his eye. ~I’ve never felt this way before and it terrifies me. To feel so strongly for someone, to let them hold your happiness, it’s extremely frightening. I feel like I’ve become so dependent on him and that’s a dangerous thing. When you depend on people, you get hurt. I constantly try to remind myself of this, but I can’t help wanting to always be around him. He makes me happier than I’ve ever felt, and it’s exhilarating. I’ve always been on my own, and then he walked into my life and I couldn’t do anything to stop it…~  This took Draco by surprise. Y/N had feelings for someone? Why hadn’t she told him? Why wasn’t it him? Draco had been dropping hints that he felt more for her since the day he met her, but she wanted someone else? I’ll just have to up my game, Draco thought. Who is the bloke anyway? He pondered. He kept reading. ~and he’s so bloody attractive. How is it even possible for someone to look like that? I’m sure that I’ve never seen anyone that’s even close to how stunning he is~ Draco heard the door beginning to open and he quickly set the book back on Y/N’s nightstand and leaned down, pretending to fix his shoelace.

Y/N yelped when she opened the door to find him sitting on her bed. “Sorry, Love. Didn’t mean to frighten you,” Draco chuckled, standing up to greet his best friend with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “What was that for?” Y/N laughed, referring to the kiss. “Just missed you,” Draco shrugged as if it were something that happened all the time. “Alright,” Y/N said, confusion evident in her voice. “Let’s get to work then…” she grabbed her notes out of her bag on the floor and took a seat next to Draco on her bed. As Y/N started to go through her notes to decipher which spells needed the most practice, Draco scooted closer to her so that their legs and shoulders were touching. Y/N stopped flipping through the pages and turned to give him a questioning look. “What? I couldn’t see the notes,” Draco said innocently. “I could have moved them in between us?” Y/N suggested. “No, no, this is fine. What are we working on?” Draco asked casually. What in the bloody hell…? Y/N thought to herself.

Draco was still behaving strangely at breakfast the next morning. “Morning, love,” Y/N was greeted with an arm around her waist and a kiss to the top of her head. “Morning, Draco,” she replied slowly. “Sleep well?” He asked her. “Mhm,” Y/N nodded, deciding to stop worrying about what Draco was up to and focus on her breakfast and last minute studying for the test. That plan, however, went out the window very quickly, as Draco leaned his head onto her shoulder and placed his large hand on her lower back, rubbing gently with his thumb. “Wh-What are you doing?” Y/N pulled her head back to look at him, hoping her couldn’t hear the change in her breathing. “Just trying to help you relax, Kitten. You’re too stressed,” he reached his arm around to give her waist a gentle squeeze before returning his hand to her lower back. “Right,” Y/N squeaked, quickly turning her attention back to her notes, furiously flipping through the pages to find something, anything to distract her. “Just relax, Love. You’re going to do great,” Draco pecked her cheek. “I’ll relax after I pass this test, she muttered, trying her best to keep her eyes on her notes and away from Draco.

“There’s my girl! Top marks! I’m so proud of you!” Draco exclaimed as he barged into Y/N’s dorm, engulfing her into a hug and spinning her around. “And I might add that second highest marks go to me,” he added as he set her down. “Well look at you, smarty pants!” Y/N laughed, feeling relieved that Draco seemed to be back to his normal self. “And you were so worried about it,” Draco teased, plopping down onto Y/N’s bed. “It’s not like I worried for no reason! It was bloody difficult!” Y/N exclaimed, falling backwards onto the bed next to him. Just as Y/N was thinking about how nice it was to have her Draco back, not whatever persona he had been putting on the last day or so, she felt Draco’s arm snake around her waist and pull her into his chest. “That’s enough,” She huffed, sitting up.

“What is going on with you?” She asked, scooting to the other end of the bed and siting cross-legged. “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re taking about,” Draco shrugged. “Draco, you’ve been acting like a completely different person since last night. What’s your deal?” Y/N asked, tired of feeling so nervous around her best friend. Suddenly, Draco’s mood went from playful to irritated. “Well maybe if you’d bloody open your eyes for once, I wouldn’t have to spell it out for you,” he snapped. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Y/N snapped back, standing up and crossing her arms over her chest. “I mean that I’ve been here all this time and some other bloke is still more important to you!” He berated, also jumping up off of the bed. “What in Merlin’s name are you talking about?” She yelled, absolutely perplexed. “I’m talking about the tosser you scribbled on and on about in your journal!” Draco blurted. “You read my journal?” Y/N shouted, it was her turn to fume now. “Well-I-I mean-You-” Draco tried. “Draco, have you ever heard of these things called boundaries? Because reading my personal journal is far past that line!” Y/N yelled. “I thought it was your notes!” He defended. “And then I opened it and saw your writing about that tosser-” “That tosser is you, you daft pillock!” Y/N shouted. “Well-wait, what?” Draco’ volume lowered drastically.

“Who else would it be? I spend literally all of my time with you? I wouldn’t have time to fall for anyone else even if I wanted to!” Y/N snapped. “Wait, love, okay, hold on. This is a big deal. Relax a little bit so we can talk about this,” Draco told her. “Do you not understand that what you did was a complete invasion of privacy?” She asked, completely baffled by his inability to grasp how serious this was to her. “You had absolutely no right to-” Draco leaped over to her and pressed his lips to hers, just long enough for her to cool down and kiss him back. “Will you bloody shut up for two minutes so that I can apologize and tell you I love you?” He laughed, resting his forehead against hers. Y/N pulled her forehead away from his and raised an eyebrow. “Go on,” She instructed with a dramatic sigh, earning a chuckle.

Draco cleared his throat before speaking,“ Y/N, Love, I am genuinely sorry I read your journal. I picked it up because I really did think it was our notes, and when I saw what you had written about, I got nosy. I was jealous, and I’m sorry.” “Oh, and also I love you, and I’ve been in love with you for yours,” he added. Y/N raised an eyebrow. “Are you done?” She asked, sitting back down on her bed. “Yes, yes, I think so,” Draco nodded, taking a seat next to her. “Okay,” Y/N said slowly. “I love you, too. However, if you ever do anything like that again, I will hex you into next year,” Y/N told him. “Understandable,” Draco nodded once. “On a related note, can I call you my girlfriend?” Draco asked her. “Are you going to keep acting like a lunatic if I say yes?” Y/N quipped. “Not if I get to kiss you more often,” Draco smirked. “Then I guess I can handle that,” Y/N smiled and Draco pulled her in for another kiss before she dragged him under the covers. They spent the rest of the evening cuddling, with quiet laughs and soft, long overdue, kisses.

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A/N: Thanks so much for requesting! I had a lot of fun writing this one, I hope you enjoy it! I love you guys so much, thanks for being so patient and supportive! ♡♡♡


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can you do an imagine where Shawn and y/n had been broken up for a while now and they see each other again and he tries to get her back somehow?

sorry it took so long! I’m considering making a part 2, let me know if you guys want me to!


This was a really dumb idea. He doesn’t even know why he decided to grab his keys and drive across town in the middle of the night.

All he knows is that he can’t stop thinking about her.

He had been trying to forget her for weeks, drinking, partying, flirting with other girls.

None of that worked.

At the end of the day, he didn’t want to forget her. He couldn’t stop imagining coming home to her lying in bed. He missed her body, the way it moved perfectly with his. He missed her moans, the way his name sounded falling from her lips.

And it wasn’t even just the sex. He missed rolling over to a face full of hair that smelled like coconuts. He missed the squeals she makes when he pulled her into his chest in the early hours of the morning.

He was cursing himself for thinking anything good can come from this. She was probably just going to close the door in his face, but he had to try.

He was on autopilot driving to her house. He didn’t even need to look at the road signs, he had made this trip many times before. Pulling into her driveway, he contemplated leaving, going back home. He took a deep breath and shut off the engine.

He walked to her door, slightly regretting this spontaneous act. Maybe he shouldn’t be here. She was probably sound asleep. He knocked anyway.

After the second round of knocking, the door opened a crack. Once she saw who it was, she widened the opening, but only enough for her face and shoulders to fit through. She was blocking her home from his view, as if he didn’t live there only weeks before.

“Shawn, what are you doing here?” She said sleepily. She looked so cute with her puffy eyes and hair strewn everywhere. He missed that look, waking up next to her and seeing that every morning. She used to try and hide her face, saying she needed to ‘wake up’ first, but he always kissed her anyway, despite her protests.

“Can we talk?” He asked. He just needed her to hear him out. Whatever they had fought about, it wasn’t important now. He was a stubborn jerk before, but he still loves her, and if there’s even the slightest chance that she still feels the same way…

“It’s three in the morning.“ She mumbled.

“Look, I need to talk to you. Can I come in?” He pressed, moving toward the door. It feels weird, asking to come into the apartment they used to share. She held the door firm; clearly, she wasn’t going to invite him in. He’s losing the confidence that pushed him to come here so late in the night, and now he’s staring at the ground, shifting his feet.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She murmured, leaning into the door frame. Why was she keeping him out?

“There’s something I really have to tell you.” He said with urgency laced in his voice. His eyes were pleading, and he felt as though he was already losing this fight.

“Can’t we talk later?” She asked. “I’m in my pajamas and I look horrible. I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up on my doorstep this late.” She said in a joking tone, a lazy smile tugging at her lips. His heart fluttered a bit. He missed that. He missed her. Damn it, he really missed her.

“No, you always look gorgeous.” He said with a shy smile. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked at the ground again.

His head shot up when he heard a door close from inside the house. His wide eyes darted to hers. “What was that?” He questioned.

“Nothing, that was nothing. Shawn, I really think you should leave.” She said, stepping out and closing the door behind her.

His mind was racing. Why is she keeping him out? Why won’t she just let him talk to her? And what was that noise?

His face fell and he took a step back from her. She looked hurt to see him pull away, and reached out for his hands.

“Shawn, we can talk tomorrow-“

“Are you seeing someone?” He said in a panicked voice. His hands pulled away from hers and ran through his hair. His chest felt tight, as if her small hands were crushing his heart. She looked even more pained, knowing he had figured it out. She was trying to shield him from it. She told him to leave…

“Are you?!” He raised his voice. His breathing was becoming erratic, and he didn’t know if he wanted to scream or cry. She took another step towards him, it killed her to see him like this. But then again, she was the reason for his pain.

Just as she opened her mouth to explain, there was sounds of someone fiddling with the doorknob. They both turned their heads as the front door swung open, revealing a man, a good inch or two taller than Shawn, standing in the doorway. He couldn’t see any of his features, only a silhouette.

“What’s going on?” The stranger spoke.

Shawn’s face screwed up into a look of contempt and his hand pushed through his hair again as he tried to keep calm. Here he was, preparing to tell her about how long he had been thinking about her, how he still loved her, and she had already moved on. She turned to whisper to the stranger, pushing him back inside with her hands on his chest. Once the door was closed she turned back towards Shawn.

“Shawn, I’m so sorry-“

“No! No, screw you!” He shouted. “I still love you! I still fucking love you, damn it, and here you are,” he wildly gestured with his hands, “fucking someone else! How could-How could you-“ He had to stop himself. His chest was heaving and his eyes burned from the tears welling up. He couldn’t stop thinking about a random man’s hands roaming her body, touching her skin. “How could you do that to me?” He choked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Now she was crying, too. He had said the words she was trying to push down, trying to ignore. She tried to drown those thoughts with liquor for weeks after their breakup. He still loved her. In this moment, she just wanted to hold him, whisper sweet nothings until his pain washed away. It broke her to see him crying. He never cried.

“It’s not like that,” she urged, “we haven’t…we haven’t slept together yet.” She said, trying to reassure him. Somehow, that hurt him even more.

“Yet? You mean you will? This-this thing is serious?” He didn’t want to call it a relationship. That would make it real. If she was just fucking him, it meant there wasn’t anyone in her life and she just needed sex. But this. This was more. He didn’t want to admit she was with someone, but a man was staying at her house and they haven’t even slept together. That means this guy is serious about her, and he’s not just using her. They wanted it to last.

“Are you in love with him?” He croaked.

He shook his head and tried composing himself, wiping the tears off his cheeks with the back of his hand.

“I, um- just forget it. I don’t need to know. It’s none of my business.” He said, shoving his hands in his pockets. He was trying to play it cool, for both their sakes.

“Shawn, can we talk tomorrow? I-“

“No. I have nothing to say to you.” He said, turning on his heel and walking back towards his car.

“Wait!” She yelled, running up to him. “Wait, Shawn, please. Please.” She begged, tugging on his jacket. She couldn’t let him leave, not like this.

“Stop!” He yelled, whipping around. “If you want to be with that prick, then so be it. I’ll leave you alone. But you can’t come running after me like this. First you want me to leave, then you tell me not to. I’m trying to give you what you want! I’m trying so fucking hard to make you happy, to just let you go. But you have to let me go, too. It’s not fair, y/n.” He looked tired, broken, like he had given up completely. That’s not what she wants. She wants him. God, it had always been him.

“Shawn, please don’t leave.” She said in a small voice. He pulled the car door handle and stood there. He was waiting.

“I’m not.” She blurted out. He lifted his head to glance at her.

“In love, with him. I’m not.” She admitted. Her hands dropped to her sides while she waited for his reaction.

He turned back to his car and stepped in. He wanted to stay so fucking bad. After all, that is why he came over. But it had been weeks and she had another man in her home, in her bed. He couldn’t stay. Not tonight.

“Shawn?” She murmured.

“Call me when you know what you want.” He snapped, closing the door.

He turned the key in the ignition and gripped the steering wheel. It took everything in him not to turn and look at her one last time. He knew that she looked broken, because that’s exactly how he felt. 

He slowly backed out of the driveway and left, leaving her standing there at three in the morning in her pajamas.

Capitol Life CH 3 is ready!

The boy wasn’t very tall, but his strong arms and wide shoulders made him look bigger than he was.

Haymitch had been watching him for months, ever since he found him on his doorstep, a bag with the bakery’s weekly delivery in his right hand, and a nasty shiner on his left eye.

The boy had brushed the bruise off, said he was clumsy and had fallen down, but something in his blue eyes had betrayed his anxiety. The incident had peaked the old victor’s curiosity, and so he’d taken it upon himself to keep an eye out for the baker’s youngest son.

An Everlark story inspired by “The Americans”. Born in District 12, Katniss and Peeta are sent to the Capitol as spies. Can real love grow when everything around them is a lie?

Want to keep on reading? You can find the rest of the chapter on AO3 and FF.net.

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Dear Lord I love your writing so much!! Any chance we could get a Ignis x reader where Prompto starts seeing Ignis liking his s/o and making it painfully obvious?

Dawww thanks so much! I appreciate it! And of course, this was a lot of fun to write ❤I hope you enjoy


The night sky was clear and full of stars, the Milky Way visible. You were at the edge of the rock ledge that was covered in ancient ruins, staring at the sky. You thought it was absolutely beautiful.
“I’ve got it” you heard Ignis say as he snapped his fingers leaning down to grab ingredients from the cooler under the cooking table.
“Need a hand?” You offered to Ignis walking towards him
“Oh no, it’s a simple meal tonight” Ignis stated as he began to chop up some carrots. You knew better, but he was such a gentleman and wanted to serve you all.
“Making a stew?” You asked as you grabbed a knife and an onion.
“Yes just a simple one” Ignis smiled, he was very great full for your help
“Ah nothing you make is honestly simple, it’s usually complex” you said with a laugh “just like you”
Ignis leaned down to grab more ingredients so he could hide his blushing cheeks
“Surprise!” Prompto jumped out from behind the tent with his camera
The surprise scared you and the knife in your hand slipped onto your finger cutting it. You dropped the knife and brought your finger up to your face with a small curse
“Prompto…” Ignis scorned as he took your hand into his and examined the cut
“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” Prompto said his face flushed as he ran over wanting to help
“It’s not a big deal” you said pulling your hand away from Ignis, holding your finger trying to hide the bleeding cut
Ignis rushed around elegantly as he found the first aid kit, he grabbed your hand back and examined the cut again
“Luckily it’s not deep” he said quietly as he started to clean the wound, he then put gauze around your finger and taped it.
“There, good as new” Ignis stated but didn’t let go of your hand as he stared into your eyes
You shifted slightly uncomfortably. You had always had a thing for Ignis, you thought he was a hottie and definitely wanted a piece of that. You always wanted to try and have a relationship with Ignis but weren’t brave enough to pursue it and knew he probably wasn’t interested, he was far to busy and devoted to his work.
“Iggy why don’t you just kiss it better?” Gladio teased as he stirred the forgotten food in the pot
Ignis dropped your hand and stood up rushing back to the food to finish dinner
You got up and walked over to Gladio and teasingly punched his shoulder. He knew how you felt, you told him once over a few drinks one night.
“Hey…I’m so sorry” Prompto said sheepishly walking next to you as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously
“It’s alright, you didn’t do it on purpose” you gave a reassuring smile and hugged Prompto
You looked back at Ignis cooking and thought it best you let him finish
“Iggy I’m gonna call it quits on cooking for the night, sorry” you said as you walked by him to sit in one of the chairs around the camp fire
“It is no problem, please rest” Ignis said smiling at you with a tone of adoration in his voice.
Prompto gave Ignis a questioning look and sat next to you and struck up a conversation. You two were laughing and joking around a lot. Prompto looked back at Ignis
“I’m starving is the food ready?” Prompto asked rubbing his belly
“Patience is a virtue” Ignis answered back
“Well if you weren’t staring at your hearts desire all night it’d be done” Prompto teased wiggling his eyebrows having noticed him watching you the whole time he cooked
Ignis brought over a bowl of stew and handed it to you and sat down in the chair next to yours with his own steaming bowl.
“What about us?” Noctis frowned from his chair, finally pulling his head out of the game on his phone.
“It’s in the pot” Ignis said with a slight bit of irritation in his voice
The other boys all got up and got their own food and brought it back sitting in their own chairs.
“It’s great as always, thank you Iggy” you said as you finished your food and set the bowl down on the ground next to you, the others nodded in agreement
“Of course, I know it’s your favorite” Ignis said standing up grabbing your empty bowl
He made you blush and Prompto noticed, he just smirked to himself, he was gonna get Iggy so good.
“Hey uh Ignis…” Prompto started “you’ve been making y/n favorites here a lot lately” he said as he helped clean up. Ignis gave a quick and stern look at Prompto.
“Must be coincidence” Ignis said lowering his face so the shadows covered his blushing cheeks
Prompto laughed shaking his head and washed out a cup
You stood up and tended to the fire, wondering what Prompto was getting on at teasing Ignis so much.
Everyone helps clean up and makes sure everything is set to go for an easy departure in the morning so that they could all relax for the rest of the evening.
“You promised you’d workout with me tonight” Gladio bumped your shoulder as he walked by, almost knocking you over
“That’s right, I’m coming” you said standing up stretching your arms out
Ignis watched on with a tinge of jealousy and Prompto crossed his arms as he watched Ignis’ reaction
“Ignis you better sweep her off her feet before Gladio does” Prompto teased causing Noctis to chuckle
“I have no idea what you mean” Ignis said pushing up his glasses watching on with worry as Gladio taught you how to workout with weights, his hands on your lower back straightening you up.
You finished your workout with Gladio, you were gonna feel that in the morning. You walked back over to the rest of the group and plopped down into your chair.
“You look all hot and sweaty” Prompto started saying “kinda like someone wishes they could be with you” he finished with a slap on his knee
You looked at him with your jaw slightly open, what did he just say to you?
“What?!” You blurted out
Prompto stopped laughing and looked around awkwardly
“Out of line Prompto” Noctis said between laughs.
“I just meant what guy wouldn’t want to be right? Oh what no that’s not right I mean-” Prompto said in a fluster, all you could do was stare at him in shock
“Prompto just shut it” Nocitis was rolling with laughter
All you could do was laugh and roll your eyes, Prompto was being so strange tonight.
“Prompto I think your a little to young for me” you said with a smirk he looked horrified
“Woah! I wasn’t talking about me! I wouldn’t ever! Wait no I mean I totally would but haha” prompt tripped over his words again “I’m just gonna stop now” he was beat red in the face and ears
You laughed again with a smile, these boys were literally the best.
“Best decision you can make is to just stop” Noctis was laughing and having way to much fun at Prompto’s expense
“Would you like a drink?” Ignis offered you a steaming mug of what looked like tea
“Thank you” you said with a small smile and took a sip. Your coughed a little as the taste of the drink is not what you expected, it was warm wine.
“Wow this is really good” you took another sip
“Are you sure?” He noticed you cough on the drink “I can get you something else if you like” he reached for your mug
“No just wasn’t expecting it is all” You pulled it back to your lips
“I like to have a glass in the evening to help relax for a better sleep” Ignis said taking a sip of his own
“I definitely appreciate it, the gods know I need it” you smiled at him, you couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful face, his gorgeous eyes and his sharp jawline made you melt.
He stared back examining the features of your face, and how desperately he wanted to kiss your lips.
“Who’s winning? Y/n don’t blink first” Prompto laughed making you two break eye contact
“I think I won” you smiled at Prompto
“I knew you would, Ignis would do aaaaanyhthing to please you” Prompto said with a wink
You felt your face blush and you looked away taking another drink. What was Prompto getting on at? Was he trying to embarrass Ignis? Was he trying to embarrass you? Maybe he figured out you liked Ignis or worse maybe Gladio told him. If that’s the case did he tell Ignis!?
“Uh pardon me” you said softly getting up from your seat and walking away setting your cup down
You walked behind the tent to try and get a moment alone to collect your thoughts. Was Prompto teasing Ignis cause he likes you? No that couldn’t be.
“Prompto why must you torment me so tonight?” Ignis asked pushing up his glasses
“You’re the best to tease cause you take everything so seriously!” Prompto laughed “and I’ve never seen you have a crush before,” Ignis glared at him “I’ve been waiting my whole life to tease you about this”
“Karmas a bitch, remember that Prompto” Noctis laughed
“I’ll put an end to this nonsense” Ignis just shook his head and stood up
You were still standing behind the tent, you were watching the stars and the night sky again , it really did fascinate you. Ignis had brought you back your mug of warm wine and stood next to you looking at the sky
“I didn’t want it to get cold” he said quietly handing you the drink
You gladly took it from him your fingers brushing his hand and slowly brought it to your lips and took a sip
“You’re a precious gem Iggy” you smiled between sips of wine
He smiled the blush on his cheeks invisible in the darkness.
“The stars are beautiful, you could never see them in the city” you sighed taking in the twinkling lights
“Yes they are quit beautiful” Ignis began to say “but nothing can compare to your beauty” he finished looking at you
All you could do was stare at him with a smile. Had he really just said that to you? You were in shock
“I’m sorry if I am being to forward” He said crossing his arms across his chest “but Prompto was going to give me away sooner or later” he smiled at you
You just smiled back and took your wine and chugged the whole thing back, he stared at you with wide eyes
“Wow I don’t know what to say” you stepped towards him with a smirk, he looked a bit worried “but I like you too” you moved closer to him
He grabbed your arm tenderly and pulled you close, your face inches apart, his breathe warm on your lips. His eyes were staring into yours searching your soul.
As you were about to go in for a kiss you heard the incredibly familiar sound of a camera taking a photo. You turned around quickly and looked behind you, there crouching behind the tent all peeking around the corner were the rest of the boys.
“You couldn’t let me have five minutes alone with her, could you?” Ignis sighed shaking his head
“That’s a keeper!” Prompto cheered jumping up and running over to you showing you shot he just took.
You smiled as you looked at the photo, it was taken so beautifully and made your heart melt.
“You’ve gotta get me a copy” you said with a smirk
“We make a dashing couple” Ignis mused and your heart raced at the words
“Bout time Iggy” Gladio laughed and slapped Ignis on the back
“Happy for you guys but don’t get gross” Noctis tried to say seriously as he hid a smile
All you could do was smile and laugh with the boys. You felt a strong soft hand grab yours and caress the top of your thumb. The way he was staring at you with such admiration and want just made your knees weak.
“Um any way I can get some more of that wine?” You asked Ignis walking back toward the fire
“Of course, anything for you” he said with a smile
“Yeah let’s celebrate!” Prompto pumped his first in the air
“Perfect time as any for a drink” Gladio smiled and walked over to the cooler.
The rest of the night you sat close to Ignis holding his hand. Everyone couldn’t be happier for you two and celebrated the relationship. You literally felt on top do the world and nothing could bring you down.

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I've had this prompt for a while now so here goes: Peter gets Juno all dressed up and looking good to go to some night club for (insert case/heist here) and then gets jealous when a bunch of people start hitting on his detective who is too busy looking at Peter to notice he's getting hit on?

I have two very conflicting ideas that pop into my head when I think of night clubs in Hyperion City.

On the one hand, my mind goes to ballroom dance, with elegant swishy dances like the Viennese waltz and the Argentinian tango. (Or at least, they’re currently perceived as elegant because that’s the value we’ve assigned them currently. Both the waltz and the tango were super risque in their heydays.)

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On the other hand, I go to more modern dances. Which have a habit of changing very quickly, and look utterly ridiculous if they’re too dated, or if you don’t know them well enough to appreciate the artistry. Or, you know, if you just do them really badly.

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Context is everything.

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Alright, here’s yet another teaser-of-a-WIP. I’ve mentioned this one a few times, though not as much as some of the others; it’s been brewing for a few months now because I am slow at everything apparently, hehe.

Background: It’s a modern AU. Red!Allen is fifteen years old, and has fairly recently figured out that Mana has schizophrenia, which has been getting progressively worse for the past six months. He asked Mana to go in a week ago, but Mana has been resistant. He decided to try again, but it went wrong and Mana eventually became frightened enough to attack him.

The plot of the story would focus on recovery, coping, and fixing their relationship in the aftermath. (Here I am very vague on the ‘how,’ but this is definitely what’s going to happen.)

Please be honest about what you guys think of it!

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