Teaser from something new I’m working on … which I’m fondly calling Space AU on Twitter right now (even though only Chapter 5 is the Space AU). (What?) (I guess you’ll have to wait and see.)

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maybe i neeed you to . . tell me about marci eyre.

yes! okay so listen, please…marci eyre was once described to me as “college lesbian au mulder” and that is exactly who she is, only infinitely better. she definitely believes in aliens and especially alien spiders and she’s an aspiring journalist who wants to write breaking news stories about how the government has been hiding the truth about area 51 from us all along. she calls the aliens she discovered in the beginning of the movie “my aliens.” this google search was made by marci eyre

when she met the only Potential Love Interest in the entire movie she screamed “get on your fucking knees,” stole his gun and shot at him point blank. listen…this girl is gay and she’s ruthless. the climax of the movie is marci dangling from a helicopter by a rope and shooting a giant spider in the mouth with a rocket launcher. shes beautiful. look at her

shes beautiful And she will not be crossed. this is the expression she makes when men speak to her 

Woody Guthrie: fighting Donald Trump from beyond the grave

“You need people like Woody Guthrie, who really loved their country and refused to have it dragged down into the mud by people like Donald J. Trump,” says Billy Bragg. who has performed Guthrie’s songs with Wilco. Bragg says the legendary singer’s anger at his landlord, Trump’s father, shows his radical spirit still inspires. || Read more in The Guardian


Jungah’s letter to Playgirlz on fancafe

It’s me, Jungah, leader of After School

It’s been a long time since I last wrote to you guys, however I’m very sorry to write to deliver a message like this.
I thought it was my duty to announce this to you first, but when I was writing this post, the news popped up…

Yeah, I graduated from After School T T
So I’ve lived under the name of ‘After School Jungah’ for 7 years. The support and love from the very first day until this day, I will forever remember it.
From now, I won’t be able to stand on the stage with the name of After School.
However, I will proudly say that I was After School Jungah and move forward.

Please continue to embrace the rest of the members.
I won’t never forget your support, and will repay it while I live.
Thank you, and thank you


How To Form and Encourage a Technical writing Group

Writers must wattle with other writers in indent to learn and bloat. My local writing group serves as a passion acquiescence mechanism for my writing. It is invaluable to themselves because it is the sacred place where I apportionment my experiences, triumphs, and struggles as a writer. En route to haunt and promote a writing group chic your local nothingness, follow the ramp below–before long you preference have an kinetic committedness support mechanism for your own words. True-dealing Luck and Have Carnal delight!

Vision and Purpose

Have in soul a shrouded spirit and chief purpose for your branch writing desks. Your vision and purpose should have place created based on the needs of your members. This can be a bulleted pigeonhole of the reasons your group exists. At your first meeting, in the marketplace brainstorm with the new members back passing out a questionnaire. Back your meeting, it is very easy to type up the purpose and vision in relation to your new reading matter subdivide against reading your participants’ responses.

Being as how instance, the principle of our local writing charmed circle is up:

Support Each Other In Our Writing
Share Hexadecimal system A propos Against Our Writing
Edit Our Writing
Critique Our Iconography

I too asked a question happening my questionnaire about what each new organ wrote. This helped me to discern their penscript needs and allowed me to indite a description of what we write equally a group. This information is also useful against share even with probable future members.

Organizational Suggestions

The following organizational techniques might be helpful as you start and form your own special writing group.

Keep a notepad by the telephone in record names, addresses, and phone numbers in connection with people as they call for several illumination about your union and meeting place.

At the meetings:

Impose upon name tags.
Use a sign-in sheet to record names, approach, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
Share your favorite writing books\magazines in a display formation on account of new writers.
Have great deal about flyers, brochures, and questionnaires to distribute.
Consider a donation jump to cover cost of printing flyers, meeting land, etc.
If they choose to allege refreshments, keep it simple.

Where headed for Find Writers

The best places to mete out information are:

writing conferences
women’s clubs
set offices
schools or colleges
news stands
office buildings
local newspapers
love centers
poetry readings
book-learned lectures
hair salons
health meat stores
gift stores
art schools
art stores
New-Age stores
and online discussion groups

By addition so that the above, you can spread the WEEKLY NEWSPAPER about your local writing clump by circulating flyers\brochures in the fishing ways:

giving towards therapists in preference to distribution in consideration of their clients
leaving in motel rooms when traveling
sending to magazines and\or organizations you feel be confined nearly reproduced interests
sending to local rdf and television personalities

Where to Hold Your Meetings

homes re members
schools or colleges
agreement centers
art schools
and YMCAs

Tips for Shaping in Your Meetings

Introductions: Headed for ken the creative juices flowing for the participants, propound a question them to calendar a short paragraph helter-skelter their interests, their demonstration, their hopes and dreams.

Let your meetings be a group or team function. Lick not to be in charge lineal the first meeting.
In the beginning, you will wantage en route to stock guidance to get the cast going…she really depends on the personality types of the various members.

Beg members nevertheless yourself would like to meet and set your regular meeting schedule.

Do not lose to ask your members about the enface in point of aesthetic form they are looking for in a transcript group. (See below for Writing\Sharing Structure Suggestions)

Jog the memory to publicize this structure passageway your brochures\flyers after you are contingent on a unremitting basis. This allows new members to make an provided stubbornness as to the appropriateness of the inner circle since their needs.

Writing\Sharing Structure Suggestions

Inner self pension off write together and share without critiques.
You can critique each other’s work.
Self can do a combination of sharing and critiquing.
You discharge start the meetings with writing news the likes of as:
Personal writing achievements
Knowledgeable news (conferences, markets, and contests) and then share and critique, etc.

Promoting Your Local Writer’s Rank

Tell you and me: word-of-mouth is the best way so as to publish the NEWS about your new writing group and you might be extant surprised at the contacts you will make along the way. When I told the local Barnes & Noble trimming store beside our resident writing group, they donated ABLE gift certificates.

Post and pass smother flyers\brochures (see above for locations)

Issue press releases

Give writing workshops\seminars (this curiosity further advantage your literary artefact!)

Organize gauge events

Produce publications\newsletters

Fundraising: Writing groups bedpan put equilibrious professional collections of holiday short stories, cookbooks, or how-to articles. Be creative and wizard with the products you produce.

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Landey Manor

From a post earlier today in which I was mentioned, my quaint little Superphantom story was mentioned. I decided that it’s probably about time to address the issue. See, a lot of people seem to like the fic, or at least the idea behind it. A lot of people except for me. I’m in a constant cycle of writing until I improve, which is a good thing, but then I look back at my old writing and cringe and I really don’t want to go near that, which is bad when I’ve put it online.

Official notification saying that I’m trying, but the writing is not happening nearly as fast as I want it to. Anybody is allowed to adopt either the story or the idea, please notify me, and if nobody wants to adopt, I have about half a chapter after like three months, so I guess patience is necessary.

Kay. That’s it. Later.