Baltimore School Deals With Conflict By Sending Kids To The Mindful Moment Room Instead Of The Principal’s Office

Health Nut News writes:

Not all kids have an easy life and because of that, not all kids come to school ready to learn. But what if elementary school kids got to start their days with mindfulness breathing exercises? Or yoga classes? What if they started their day in a relaxing room where they could re-center themselves and prepare for the day? What if they could do that after they got in trouble too, instead of going to the principal?

While this might sound like a movie, it’s reality for kids at Robert W. Coleman Elementary in West Baltimore, MD. And these unconventional methods are working; in the 2013-2014 year they had no suspensions.

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How to explain the Leslie Jones hack to a 7-year-old

A fable

Once upon a time, a boy named Milo decided that what he wanted more than anything was to be famous. The best shortcut, he decided, was to find the little monsters inside of people that make people hate things and feed them. Luckily, he knew of a small clubhouse full of very angry people with a long list of things they hated. So he knocked on their door. “Hello!” he said. “I hate all the people on your list too. You are right to hate those people! And you can trust me because I am on your list myself!”

This surprised the clubhouse. Milo liked other boys, and these very angry people had a mean rule that they hated boys who liked other boys. Milo thought that saying he liked boys would make the angry clubhouse feelespecially right, because when someone you hate says you are right to hate them, it makes that part of you that hates things feel very, very good, and you end up loving them on accident.

Milo was right. The clubhouse would do whatever he said now.


One day, a comedian named Leslie Jones acted in a movie with the same name of a movie some children back in the 1980s loved. The movie was about four funny people who fought ghosts.

Milo and the clubhouse gang hated the new movie because the comedians were women and the clubhouse’s number one rule was that women are not funny.

Black people were on the clubhouse’s list too. Leslie Jones was black. “Perfect,” thought Milo.

The boys in the clubhouse sent Leslie Jones hundreds of balloons. But they weren’t nice balloons. They were mean balloons.

They sent her balloons with messages that said she was ugly and stupid and a girl and black. None of these were really bad things, though, so they tried again.

“Why do you think you are funny?” they wrote in big capital letters. “We are the only ones who know what is funny!”

But that wasn’t good enough either. So they scribbled every one of those words they weren’t allowed to say in school on the balloons and sent them to her. They sent her pictures of a dead gorilla, because they thought it was very funny to say that gorillas look like black people. They cheered. They were funny and Leslie Jones wasn’t!

But somehow they still didn’t feel good. It wasn’t enough. “Maybe we will hurt you!” they wrote. Why not? It made them feel very strong and it was very, very funny!

Leslie Jones had worked hard to make a funny movie with some other funny people. She hoped people who watched the movie had a good time, and many did. Some people even cried from laughing so hard! But when she opened her door one morning, she found her house filled with hundreds and hundreds of balloons from the small angry clubhouse telling her every terrible thing she could imagine. She closed her door. She grew sad. Maybe she shouldn’t have made that movie if it meant angry people wanted to hurt her.

She stopped sending out balloons.

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: What we learned following their divorce
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard — you can’t buy this kind of publicity!

“’Neither party has made false accusations for financial gains.’ It also said, ‘There was never an intent of physical or emotional harm.’”

Got that? No money-grubbing was involved, no slapping around took place.

She’s okay. He’s okay.

^^^^ This journalist gets the point of that statement at least! 

Good read. I’ve actually spoken with Liz Braun (the writer) before when I worked in entertainment PR in Toronto - she’s good people!

Another good, savage, TRUE, and sassy read:



Episode writers according to Gossip Girl producer Bart Wenrich (taken from his twitter)

  • 5x14 The Back Up Dan written by Matt Whitney, Directed by David Warren
  • 5x15 Crazy Cupid Love written by Austin Winsberg, Directed by Matthew Penn
  • 5x16 Cross Rhodes written by Amy Harris, Directed by John Terlesky
  • 5x17 The Princess Dowry written by Jake Coburn, Directed by Andrew McCarthy [second midseason finale]
  • 5x18 written by AnneMarie Navar-Gill, Directed by Joe Lazarov [spring premiere]
  • 5x19 It Girl Interrupted *(not confirmed) written by Amanda Lasher
  • 5x20 written by Sara Goodman(?) Directed by Norman Buckley
  • 5x20 Directed by Omar Mahda
  • 5x22 Directed by Bart Wenrich
  • 5x23
  • 5x24 Written by Joshua Safran(?)

We’ll update this as more info comes in.

    Landey Manor

    From a post earlier today in which I was mentioned, my quaint little Superphantom story was mentioned. I decided that it’s probably about time to address the issue. See, a lot of people seem to like the fic, or at least the idea behind it. A lot of people except for me. I’m in a constant cycle of writing until I improve, which is a good thing, but then I look back at my old writing and cringe and I really don’t want to go near that, which is bad when I’ve put it online.

    Official notification saying that I’m trying, but the writing is not happening nearly as fast as I want it to. Anybody is allowed to adopt either the story or the idea, please notify me, and if nobody wants to adopt, I have about half a chapter after like three months, so I guess patience is necessary.

    Kay. That’s it. Later.

    The hardest, bitterest thing about being a journalist is that you see events as they unfold. You see history as it might still be changed, wars as they might still be stopped. Seen in close-up, everything looks more complex, more ambiguous, and sometimes the more you know, the less you understand. But if you talk, and talk and talk with as many people as you can, if you stay in the world’s veins, in the end you always get an idea of what’s happening.

    anonymous asked:

    hey awesome author! i was wondering if you have any bechloe fics coming up? i would really love to read another from you!

    Hey, awesome anon! :D I always have things in the works, but right now is a super busy time for me, so I don’t have an exact timeline for publishing stuff. I REALLY have to finish two other non-Bechloe fics (Olivia/Viola and Swan Queen) as I owe them to dubcliq and sinandmisery (respectively) and they are way overdue. :// Not to mention the new Tomb Raider comic is making me feel the Sam/Lara burn.

    But I do have probably… 2 or 3 Beca/Chloe fics in the works that could be done in the next few months, when things slow down for me a bit! On the bright side, one of them (a 1920s AU) already has a playlist, so I’m pretty committed. ;)