im finally getting started on my thank you emails for helping me get my chompers taken care of (“i paid many dollars for a girl on the internet to get her teeth ripped out”–you guys. feel free to tell people this if you need to threaten them into doing something for you, and don’t mention that it was a medical procedure. imply that it was just a thing you do to those who wrong you) and i’m still just overwhelmed that it happened, that i could ask for help and get it.

i rag on the internet a lot due to the fact that it’s awful, but you guys are not awful. you are NOTFUL.

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning when Sam hears a knock on his door.

“Yeah, come in.”

Cas slides in and carefully shuts the door behind him. He’s wearing flannel pajama pants and one of Dean’s t-shirts. “Did I wake you? I’m sorry, Sam. I had to do this before your brother wakes up.”

Sam sits up and tries to look attentive. “Yeah, dude, it’s fine. What’s up?”

“I know that American tradition requires that the man ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, but considering our circumstances, I thought this might be the next best thing.”

“Cas, what the hell are you–”

“I would like to ask your brother to marry me.”

“Oh. Oh.”

“And it would…mean a lot to me to have your permission. Before I ask. I want to ask tonight.” Cas folds his arms over himself as if he’s actually nervous that Sam’s going to say no.

Instead of responding right away, Sam crawls out of bed and walks over to Cas to wrap him in a hug. “Of course you can ask Dean to marry you. That’s–really, that’s fucking thrilling news, man.”

They pull away from each other, and Sam feels himself tearing up at how ecstatic Cas looks.


“Yeah, Cas, really. I mean, you’re family already. This is even better.”

“Thank you, Sam.” Cas’ demeanor changes before he says, “I have to go. I have a lot to plan.”

An hour later, Sam and Dean are sipping coffee in the kitchen while Cas is “out running errands.”

Out of absolutely nowhere and with no preamble, Dean states, “Dude, I think I want to ask Cas to marry me.”

Sam chokes on his coffee.


 “Was Stamford enough for me? It wouldn’t be the same without the gang.
                    And if the others moved on… what would I do?”

                                                         My Mad Fat Diary 3x01

People are People

Musicians are people. Celebrities are people. Actors are people. The people living on the streets are people. Point is, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. People have lives. People do not need to comment or state their opinion about every significant or insignificant thing that is happening in the world on social media 24/7, infamous or not. That being said, just because someone doesn’t say his/her opinion about something doesn’t mean others should attack him/her. Those Others should respect them for choosing not to say anything at all. Why?  BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT OBLIGATED TO. 

Rant over. 

Its a paper town,
with paper houses and paper people, everything is uglier up close.
—  John Green “ Paper Towns” - ( via @herrebellioussoul)
Writing News

Here’s my newest update schedule:

Seeking Resonance: 7/8

Voices:  7/12

I’m skipping this week’s Voices update, mostly because I’m just not interested in writing Voices right now.  I will update it next week, and then the kids will start their summer vacation.  This means the story will be on hold until the week of September 1, when the kids return to school.

I’ll be working exclusively on Growing Up with You and Seeking Resonance from mid July through September first.  I want to finish those stories by the end of 2015, and I thiiiink GUWY is closer to being complete.  So, here’s hoping I can make a lot of progress on that story.

Thanks for reading <3

Landey Manor

From a post earlier today in which I was mentioned, my quaint little Superphantom story was mentioned. I decided that it’s probably about time to address the issue. See, a lot of people seem to like the fic, or at least the idea behind it. A lot of people except for me. I’m in a constant cycle of writing until I improve, which is a good thing, but then I look back at my old writing and cringe and I really don’t want to go near that, which is bad when I’ve put it online.

Official notification saying that I’m trying, but the writing is not happening nearly as fast as I want it to. Anybody is allowed to adopt either the story or the idea, please notify me, and if nobody wants to adopt, I have about half a chapter after like three months, so I guess patience is necessary.

Kay. That’s it. Later.

Fanfic News

Hey all!

So, Four Years will definitely be updated this weekend- woo!  It’s a collection of short scenes showing what everyone is up to over the summer.  It features everyone except Joe and Tai (sorry, Joe and Tai D:  Maybe next chapter!)

I am currently working on a Jyoumi drabble for On-My-Love.  It will be posted…  Well, whenever I finish it, more or less!  XD

Please look forward to it :D

anonymous asked:

hey awesome author! i was wondering if you have any bechloe fics coming up? i would really love to read another from you!

Hey, awesome anon! :D I always have things in the works, but right now is a super busy time for me, so I don’t have an exact timeline for publishing stuff. I REALLY have to finish two other non-Bechloe fics (Olivia/Viola and Swan Queen) as I owe them to dubcliq and sinandmisery (respectively) and they are way overdue. :// Not to mention the new Tomb Raider comic is making me feel the Sam/Lara burn.

But I do have probably… 2 or 3 Beca/Chloe fics in the works that could be done in the next few months, when things slow down for me a bit! On the bright side, one of them (a 1920s AU) already has a playlist, so I’m pretty committed. ;)

What Game Developers Can Learn From Todd Howard.

           At the time I’m writing this E3 2015 is underway and all the press conferences are out of the way. For those who don’t know what E3 is it’s the video game industries own Apple Event, where game developers share the games they are working on and the latest hardware, all while trying to be professional as professional as games can get. This year’s E3 was not the best but it wasn’t the worst. I’ve shared my small amount of watching E3 from home on a 15-intch-laptop computer screen, starting back in 2011, reading articles, listening to interviews, and watching every major gaming company do their presentation; trying my best at never skipping a beat that E3 pulsated.

           There is a lot that E3 gets right, but there is a whole lot more E3 gets wrong. And every year developers fall back to same old habit of announcing a game 2 to 3 years before it is actually released.They announce a game then show gameplay but never a release date, and when asked in interviews when gamers can get their hands on the game they respond as a politician would respond, vaguely.

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