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anonymous asked:

Thor doesn't come down with it because he's a literal god, and Nat is out of the country, but Steve is an actual whining mess, and everyone is about ready to toss him and Tony out the window (they won't of course, but it comes close a few times, and everyone with accelerated healing is super grateful that it only lasts a few days instead of over a week)

I just headcanon-ed it being the opposite way, but omfg I can see this too. Tony and Steve’s Man Pain has everyone tugging at their hair and making convenient excuses to leave the Tower for a while. The non-effected Avengers have to end up forgiving Peter because they’re downtown with him for a while, using the excuse of super-villains to escape the whining. (The media is confused; why are the big shot superheroes helping Spider-Man take down a guy in an obnoxiously costumed robber??) Clint skypes Nat, and shows her the lump of blankets Steve and Tony are, and she laughs so hard she wakes Steve up. She laughs even harder as he peeks at her over his comforter, squinting angrily with a face full of dots

OC Contest

Name: Twerp

Monster Type: Sentient Duck Monster

Birthday: March 19th, on a Tuesday at 7:15 pm

Family: Has two mother ducks. One is named Rebeka, who is a white duck - and the other is a firey red and gold duck named Snazza. Sibling is currently an egg - Twerp calls the egg Scrambles.

Traits: Silent, brooding, paranoid, dare devil, mischievous, stealthy

Clique: Journalism club and Yearbook club.

School Subject: English

Twerp is an agendered and asexual duck. Who needs love when there is crime to be found, criminals to put away, and the news to write? Twerp will put them all behind bars with his crafty intellect and mad writing skills. Twerp shall be the best detective in the world! TwerpDuck is always watching, always taking notes. Knowing that Twerp could be just around the corner, watching you sell that stick of gum for an over priced 99 cents - it is probably what causes Anatidaephobia. If you want information on someone in the school, Twerp is your man. Duck. Monster.

This duck carries around a notebook at all times, filled in with daily reports and always lists location, date, and time. It’s obvious that Twerps two biggest heroes are Superman and Batman.  Twerp’s actual name is also Phil.

anonymous asked:

the samwell library has a bunch of hidden quirks and art pieces like the MLK jr library in san jose does and nursey is a firm believer that there is no better use of time the week before finals than tracking down the rotating bookcase and drags dex with him. nursey did not realize how cramped the space behind said bookcase would be for two sizable hockey players

I have never been to the specific library you mentioned but I am not gonna let that stop me from writing this because it’s adorable.

“Don’t do it.”

“I’m not even touching you.”

“I can see you thinking about it.”

“You’re not even looking at me!” 

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let me say this once and only once

you are not an elitist if you have a graphic heavy theme.

you are not an elitist for being selective/private/exclusive/etc.

you can have a very nice theme and put just as much effort into your writing as you did making your theme.

there is no one better or worse for having a different preference or running your blog a different way.

and you’re allowed to have your thoughts on it, that’s okay.

you’re allowed an opinion, you’re allowed to run your blog the way you want, and you’re allowed to have preferences, so is everyone else. and that’s okay.

Manga vs. Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
The debate about which version of Fullmetal Alchemist is the best one rages to this day - we break down all the arguments to determine which one is actually better, the manga, the 2003 anime, or Brotherhood?

No one need ever ask me again how I feel about this discussion. Here is the definitive document that I can link to forever after. Me nem nesa.


Neymar’s friends reacting to the quote of the DIS-director that Ney can’t be an example to children, because of his off field problems: fraud, tax evasion and corruption. 

I would suggest to keep your tissues ready! 

Bi_maejovem | “@neymarjr more than a star, you are an example of humility, joy and generosity. Directly and indirectly help millions of people, especially children. I told you that one day, but I reply here … God gave you the gift of life and change it and you do VERY well. Whether through the instituto, a smile, a hug or who you are. I see it daily: the look of children who are inspired by you. I’m your fan, not only for because you’re a craque, but by who you are outside the field ❤️ #neymarexemplo”

Pedroscooby | “Dom and his favorite shirt !! I’ve always wanted him to be mad about surfing, he likes it, but it completely crazy about football! He kicks the ball and runs screaming GOLLL OF NEYMARRRR … And no I have never said anything haha .. That is, when the person is a star! Thank you Ney for - besides being a great friend - inspire children like my son! #neymarexemplo”

Mario Luiz | “Today I will tell you a story that few people know just who is closest to me, you already know how difficult it was to live this moment … 2003 Mid discovered that my had breast cancer, was newly arrived in the Baixada Santos, as lived in SP.
I then met @neymarjr by playing together. We played with the field, and we played futsal at different times in the day we were playing against, he scored a goal and just opened this poster for my mother, 11 years old, and he did it out of his own free will! Today after reading the unfortunate matter that he can not be an example for children, today I have to tell you who posted it was quite unfortunate, for I am proof of that, I was a child and he also, so for me, you are a such as a child, and you gave a lot of strength for my mother and for my family to overcome this difficult time! Respect, admiration and gratitude, I am grateful for all that you and your family have done for me and my family could not read it and be silent … It is here the outburst and who posted it was miserable! #neymarjrexemplo.

Rapha Costa | “Who was not thrilled to see this image at the end of the Seleção game. While this little boy tried to get closer to his idols, some security guards entered the pitch as if he was any danger to anyone who was on the field. I did not know you personally then , but I was in tears to see him in your arms and then immediately into the arms of all players. Today knowing you understand why this is your attitude. You have  a big heart. A boy with contagious joy and humility to follow. That bothers some people who end up trying to attack you as they did today in some media.
You are rather an example to be followed by all children of Brazil and the world because you’re a winner. I know the size of pride you have to have for the Instituto that helps more than 200 families, how much you care about helping others and how much we still want to help. Me, I am very proud to say that I am a friend of one of my idols because you are an example not only to me but for all those who know your essence and your heart. #neymarexemplo”

Pricilacoellen | “The world is made of many evil people, but thank God the world I live there are still people who inspire me and serve as an EXAMPLE. I can not count how many message videos he made for children who have birthdays, that are sick or who simply love @neymarjr. He never claimed to take a picture, because you know what it is to be an idol. Juninho if one day I have a child that has half the kindness you have in your heart, I will be the happiest mother in the world. Judge your bad taste of cutting you hair or lack of talent to sing deixa people😂😂😂 But judge your character and say you are not an example to be followed is an endless evil. You are much greater than that 👊👊👊 #NeymarExemplo”

Brunoagnello | “It is sad to see some accusations that are made, and at a minimum unfair! 2470 families who needed today are helped by this amazing person, together with its partners daily in @institutoneymarjr Brother, you are an example for all children in Brazil and the world. In addition to winning his childhood dream, now you help those in need, and certainly all who are benefited by his institute … can also dream of achieving what you achieved. #neymarexemplo #institutonjr #Example #neymarjr @neymarjr”

Leopicon | “Today I read some news from a guy who said that Neymar could not be an example for the children of Brazil. 👎 For me @neymarjr was always an example for everything he does on and off the field! A huge heart and always brings joy to those close to him! I love this kid, which is inspiration for me and a lot of people! #neymarjrexemplo”

Thiagograva | “It does not matter what someone or the world speak about you, the only thing that matters is that God knows who you are 🙏.@neymarjr, man of character, good-natured, humble, friend, speaks properly because I know him and I know the heart he has. #neymarjrexemplo #idolo #neymarjr”

Bielcesar | “This picture is just a small example of what he @neymarjr is to these children !!! Who has mouth speaks what you want, but only those who know the truth, may have property to say that this kid was, is and will remain an example to all children, including me !!!! # # neymarjrexemplo #njrwhohasthemouthspeakwhateverhewants”

(Translation mostly via Google translate)