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86 and andreil??

86: “Perhaps you’ll take me out one day — or do I have to make an appointment?” (I combined this with a prompt from foxpaws10 from ages ago based on this post, and I kind of warped both of your prompts i hope this is still okaaay basically it’s doctor andrew and that’s all u need to know)

His morning is a string of disasters that begins with covering the ER in the Sunday rush of hypochondriac elderly and fussy children. It’s one long stretch of kicked over paint buckets, a mess you can’t ignore, splattering the walls and getting on his shoes.

Andrew chose surgery almost entirely for the distance of it, the sterility of a room with a slab of meat, a tray of knives, and a sickness he can actually cut out.

He’s a doctor because he can be, and patients sometimes like that he doesn’t speak a word to them, like silence equals genius.

He likes that there are some patients that come into the ER unconscious and leave the OR unconscious, and all he has is a problem and a ticking clock. He always solves the problem. He thinks maybe it’s because he is one.

The sinking ship of his Sunday in the emergency room goes from slippery to debilitating with one patient.

Two showy ER doctors with their lab coats off and their sleeves rolled up go into the private room they’ve cordoned off, and they both come out looking pinched in the face with their stethoscopes clenched in their fists.

“He’s a fucking disaster,” one of them says, leaning up against the information desk with his eyes still pulling back to the closed door of the room.

“I know. I thought, I dunno. That the news was exaggerating.”

Andrew tilts his head and listens without making any move to leave his post, filling out inane charts as illegibly as he can.

One of the residents chances a look at him and Andrew makes a point of catching him. The guy startles, then juts his chin.

“Maybe you’ll get along with him, Minyard. He’s as crazy as you.”

“You’ve mistaken the hospital for a playground,” Andrew says mildly. “Give me his chart.”


“His chart.”

He looks at his friend, mouth slack, and then the one holding the chart holds it out like a dirty rag.

“He’s Boston’s starting striker,” he stage whispers. Andrew takes the clipboard and ignores him, scanning the details. “We’re not supposed to let any patients know.”

“That Neil Josten is causing a scene ten feet away from them?” he says, and the men titter uncomfortably. “Why should he get the luxury of privacy?”

“How did you—“

“The news is available to everyone, Bryant, you fuck.” He rounds the desk and makes for the closed and shuttered room, dropping the chart in the receptacle outside.

“He shouldn’t be allowed to practice,” someone says behind him, and then someone else, softer, scornful: “surgeons”.

Andrew wrings the door knob and finds himself abruptly face to face with the singular most swollen person he’s ever seen. He’s obviously bolting for it, his gown gaping at the neck and someone’s stolen shoes jammed on. Andrew scans the defiant face, the shock of red hair, the near invisible trail of blood from an incorrectly removed IV.

“Sit down.”


Andrew watches Neil Josten— and it is him, one of the handful of strikers on Boston’s team and certainly the most newsworthy — size him up. His eyes run the same circuit Andrew’s would if he were looking to fight his way out: door, threat, surreptitiously behind him for a weapon, back again.

“I’ll drug you,” Andrew says simply. Neil’s good eye, the one that isn’t purpling, goes narrow.

“Are you allowed to say that?”

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BS Medical Tropes that Need to Die, 2/? : Making People Unconscious

For Part 1 of the BS Medical Tropes series, click here!

So I got an ask the other night about a character choosing not to kill people, but knocks them out with blows to the head instead. And it’s not an unreasonable thing for writers to think is legitimate. In fact, in fiction, there are dozens of ways to produce unconsciousness! A sharp hit to the head; a sedative drug injected right into the neck, bro!, or even Darkly Dreaming Dexter with his special horse paralytic.

Hell, on Person of Interest the main characters routinely produce unconscious enemy combatants by shooting them in the @$#RY)G!@#% knees

Here’s the thing: Every single one of those is complete bullshit.

Poppycock. Nincompoopery. Asscrap. And you’d realize that it’s a crock of crap if you thought about it this way for even half a minute:

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ok but.. imagine lance breaking his leg while he’s out on a mission?? by himself?? imagine him having to drag himself back to blue while he’s trying to hold back his screams so no one else has to hear him over the comms?? because he doesn’t want to bother them???? and then when he finally gets back to the castle nobody’s there because they’re all out on their own missions, so he has to drag himself to the med bay and just. wait for them to get back?????? and THEN when they FINALLY come they find him passed out next to a cryopod????????

and let’s just say that the cryopods are conveniently broken or smthn (because let’s be honest, they’re really fucking annoying). so cue the rest of the team panicking because they don’t know how to set a broken bone

somehow they figure out how to do it but at this point lance is awake and he can feel e v e r y t h i n g and it’s really, r e a l l y painful.

but then!! after all of that, imagine lance hobbling around w/ crutches and feeling super shit abt himself because he can’t train or help out cause of his leg

okay i’m gonna stop bc this turned out way longer than expected but still
i love making my son suffer what can i say

Space Prompts/Aus!

May or may not be because Mod Karissa has also watched the season 2 Voltron trailer recently plus the Steven Universe leaks shhhhh

  • Me, an avid amateur astronomer (say that five times fast), has noticed that a star has been slowly moving across the sky the past few months and oh shit it’s not there anymore where *cue a ship crash*

  • I love space so much but you can never see it where I am because the nearby city lights are too bright and you drive/fly us somewhere where I can see them in all their glory I could just kiss you right now wait-

  • I NEVER shut up about space and you like to stay right here on earth and explore that, thank you very much

  • My life dream has been to see the Northern/Southern lights and after a nasty accident where I had a brush with death you help me go see them

  • us fighting an alien invasion

  • we ARE the alien invasion wow this species is resilient

  • I’m the new intern at NASA who’s gawking at everything and you are really amused because you were the same way two years ago

  • we bought glow in the dark star stickers for my bedroom but now I insist that we buy a star map to put them up there accurately

  • I, an astronomy major, and you, an engineering major, are working together to design a new type of spaceship in our freetime
    • and it ends up working but oh shit we’re lost in space

  • aliens invading but an alien soldier is wounded and I know it’s stupid but I can’t let someone die dammit my conscience is gonna get me killed and I know it

  • we stumble upon the fact that we weren’t natives to this planet; we invaded a long long time ago

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Do you suppose that a person who's spent about 2.5 years training themselves to withstand/ignore pain by say experiencing 4th degree burns over his entire body, would be able to throw one punch before collapsing after being stabbed in the lung?

Okay, so, two problems up front. The first being that: Fourth degree burns aren’t painful. There may be some exceptions, but the nerve endings are cooked, so nothing remains to transmit to the brain that this should hurt, or even that the injury is occurring. The second is that: Fourth degree burns don’t heal. As I mentioned a second ago, fourth degree burns are where the tissue has been cooked, the meat itself is dead at this point.

Without immediate and extensive medical treatment, fourth degree burns are life threatening injuries. These are where the burn gets into the deep tissue, destroying muscles, ligaments, tendons, and any nerves unfortunate enough to be affected. Usually, fourth degree burns penetrate to the bone, so if it’s a limb, that’s not coming back.

Also, note the word I used above, “cooked.” That’s a pretty good description of the kind of damage we’re talking about here. It’s not something your character can walk away from.

Second, following up on what I said the other day about injuries, pain, and adrenaline. If you missed it, the very short version is that adrenaline actually impairs your ability to feel pain (to a degree), so if you’re in combat and take a bullet, or get stabbed.

To an extent, none of this matters, a character can keep fighting with a collapsed lung, but their ability to breathe will be impaired. Lungs function operate based on controlled air pressure, so when they’re punctured, they tend to deflate, halving the victim’s ability to breathe. They’d suffer everything that comes along with hypoxia: Shortness of breath, lightheaded, easily fatigued, and confusion, (I assume the confusion would take a few minutes, but I’m not 100% certain). A collapsed lung can also cause the victim to go into shock.

There is a point to teaching people to manage pain, and the methods for that, ranging from extremely intensive exercise to some varieties of very controlled physical abuse, but setting someone on fire does not qualify as either, and fourth degree burns are something that will halt your character’s training, it won’t toughen them up, but will turn them into a slab of meat, cooked well done.

The issue is, a lot of writers take the idea of things like extreme training, and push it way past any reasonable stopping point. Fourth degree burns is up there with shooting a character to teach them to control pain. Unless they have superpowers, it will transition from the kinds of pain someone can learn from and into actually killing the student. A character might get to the point where they’re being struck with a staff and taking the blows without injury through proper muscle control, but you’re not going to run them through with a sword, or set them on fire. That doesn’t teach anything, and will seriously injure the student.

Following on that, the purpose of striking a student is to teach them to take blows without being injured. They’re learning to tense the muscles so the impact doesn’t cause harm.

Exercise is where you learn to tune out pain. Someone used to sprinting on wet sand will be far better suited to powering through pain than someone who was repeatedly set on fire by a sadistic instructor. Also, I called this extreme exercise earlier, but this stuff is still pretty tame. It will include things like asking the students to exercise in unpleasant circumstances, not ones that pose an actual treat to them.

So, in short, yes, they can keep fighting, though it’s not going to be as simple as they fall over, they’ll slow down, start losing track of what’s going on, probably get far more seriously injured because they’re still trying to participate against unimpaired foes, and then collapse.


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Pointers on Writing Concussions

So, I noticed a recent trend in a lot of fanfictions when it comes to concussions in particular. From what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s almost no big deal and they don’t have too many symptoms. They might just stay in bed, be a bit tired and it’s brushed off completely. It’s pretty vague when it comes down to description.

After a hecka lot of research, I’m finding this to be an improper depiction of concussions.

There are some cases where it may be a minor concussion, and this would be okay. In the terms of ‘Miraculous Ladybug’, where we have superheroes flinging themselves around with their heads unprotected, this may not be the case.

Concussions can be caused by car crashes, sudden movements, or hits to the head. Hits to the neck can also cause concussions. They can also develop overtime, and can take months to years to actually heal. Symptoms will not show for a few days, making it hard to diagnose. Fanfiction-wise, I’ve seen characters getting hits far harder than a sudden jerking motion, and would surely cause more damage and trauma to the brain.

Not all concussions will cause fatal symptoms or permenent damage- but with this sort of head impact symptoms can, and will, be more severe and take more than a few days or a week to heal. These types of injuries are not ones to be handled at home, and may need temporary (sometimes immediate) hospitalization.

They can also be pretty dangerous though, and can be accompanied with internal or external bleeding of the head. Some cases have had fractures in the skull as well. Blood clots in the head can also occur, which can result in stroke. Now even more severe symptoms are brought up. These types of strokes can result in blindness even.

The following are a few potential symptoms of concussions:

• Seizures
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Headaches (can be severe)
• Dizziness or Disorientation
• Memory loss
• Confusion
• Loss of coordination
• Ringing in the ears
• Excessive fatigue
• Irritability
• Sensitivity to light
• Mild depression
• Difficulty speaking (slurring words)
• Sensitivity to sound
• Personality changes
• Blurred vision
• Loss of conciousness

Concussions are basically big ol’ hits to the head with lots of different symptoms. A tad more description can certainly help a ton. It can happen with lots of other injuries as well. Getting a good background on the injury you’re working with can help you a bunch.

I hope this helps the next time you have to write your characters ramming their heads into things!

Damian Wayne: Insult to Injury

AN: Based in the Justice League vs Teen Titans movie timeline, just so it all makes sense to ya.

Imagine having healing powers and fixing up your teammates after missions, though Damian doesn’t trust you at first but gradually gets closer to you after he lets you heal his wound for the first time.

Warnings: None


Life in Titans tower was better than you expected, and ever since Robin joined the team it got a whole lot more entertaining. It was just Raven and you in the lounge, despite her sometimes being antisocial Raven was quite close to you proving herself very loyal once you gave her the chance. The other team members had gone to assist Robin with some teamwork training, from where they soon returned - Beast Boy sporting some brand new injuries in particular. You sighed getting up from your spot next to Raven and strolling over to the green skinned boy who enthusiastically held out his harm with a wince, but grinned at you once you took a hold of it.

“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Robin asked entering the room, pricked with curiosity once taking in his newfound surroundings.
“Damian, (y/n) is an awesome fighter as you should know but they also have these weird - *wince* - special healing abilities. So they can fix my arm.” Beast Boy explained, glaring at you from the sudden vice grip on his arm for dubbing your gifts ‘weird’.
“Do you need anything healing?” You mindfully shouted over to Robin.
“No. They’ll heal themselves eventually, I do not need your help.” The boy rudely replied, which of course was expected from the former assassin.
“Why so stubborn?” You muttered under your breath, Beast Boy giving a quiet laugh until you scowled at him.
“Adding insult to injury (y/n)?” Raven sent you a small smirk, her voice conveying a hint of amusement.
You smiled in return and shook you head finishing up Beast Boys arm.

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Ok here goes!! (again, sorry about the wait, shitty time of the year for me to start asking for prompts, oops)

Also I don’t really ship Jesse and Gabriel as an intimate pair while Jesse is still young (just personal preference), so I’ve written this as more of a paternal relationship with the beginnings of something else in undertones - or at least that’s what I think I’ve managed to do. Anyway, hope you like it!


Ship: McReyes

Setting: Overwatch (Golden Years)

Some mild gore/mentions of serious injury.

Gabriel had been the first to reach Jesse after the explosion. A shrapnel bomb, he’d realised later. One of the hostages Jesse had been leading out of the crumbling building had stepped on it. Jesse’s left arm had still been on their shoulder; the hostage had taken most of the damage, but Jesse’s arm had taken the rest. The flesh was mangled and cut right to the bone, pieces of metal sunk into muscle and tissue, the whole limb bathed in blood. The way he screamed when Gabriel tied the make-shift tourniquet above his elbow wouldn’t leave his head for many years after the fact.

The three-hour carrier ride back to HQ was the worst in his life so far. Gabriel remained by Jesse’s side the entire time, holding the hand of his still-intact arm, trying feebly to reassure him as he drifted in-and-out of consciousness, sobbing and shouting from the pain.

You’re ok, kid… You’re gonna be ok… I’m not gonna let you go anywhere… I swear it…

When they’d finally arrived at the base and gotten Jesse to the medbay, the look on Angela’s face confirmed Gabriel’s suspicions.

“The damage is too extensive,” she’d told him. “The arm will need to be removed, immediately.”

Gabriel had tried to hold Jesse still, his screams so ragged, his throat so worn, that it was mostly soundless rattling deep in his chest. He hadn’t looked away as Angela made the cut, wanted to burn the image into his mind.

You failed him. You let this happen to him.

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submission - alien au
  • we’re both friends/ufo hunters and end up going cross-country to all of the ufo hotspots and somehow end up being in a relationship???
  • I’m a human that got abducted late one night and now you’re in my living room speaking in some tongues-like language 
  • alternatively - I’m an alien that got caught in your planet’s gravitational pull, I have no memory of what happened but now I’m in your home and you’re armed with a weird-looking stick and you look very afraid
  • you crash landed in the woods behind my house, bleeding blue blood, and I have no idea how to take care of you omg
  • I’m your neighbor in our duplex and every once and a while I hear you making weird noises and going out in the dead of night, bringing back heaps of trash and shit and I figured you were some type of alien- wait you are
  •  I’m working the late-shift in this gas station and you came bursting in demanding for me to hide you from the FBI, why are you like 7 feet tall and why do you have black eyes???
  • I was stargazing and saw what looked like a shooting star but it was actually you about to into the forest, creating a huge fireball and I am Scared™
  • I got involved in some top secret stuff and you’re the alien I freed from a military base 
Lams: Crash and Burn

Look, headcanons and fics about Laurens taking care of Ham all soft and fluffy-like are all well and good but you know what I need more of? Headcanons and fics where John can’t because he’s being a reckless fuck too. 

John’s anger complemented by Hamilton’s anger so that when they’re together they’re just a ball of rage against the world (except each other). 

Hamilton staying up all night writing and John sitting next to him and giving him advice and insults on demand. 

Hamilton egging John on into physical confrontations with whatever asshole is idiotic enough to cross them this week. 

Hamilton waking up from a nightmare, in an empty bed because John went and got himself arrested. 

John stumbling home drunk and puking in the toilet without his boyfriend to hold his hair back because Ham fell asleep in the library for the third time this week. 

Hamilton kissing John hard in a bar and telling him “fight well, babe,” before John breaks away to join in a brawl.

John not begrudging Hamilton’s workaholic attitude because he knows Hamilton’s urgency and agrees with his values. Hamilton respecting John’s recklessness and passion and not once expecting to hold him back. 

The two in bed together, wrapped in each other’s arms, murmuring softly about justice with the same breath. 

Hamilton getting the call that John is in the hospital two hours late. By the time he gets there John is already out of surgery and Hamilton only has to wait, jittering, a half hour before he wakes up. He looks at John with damp eyes and holds his hand and says softly “who do I have to slander?”

Hamilton passing out on the lawn because of exhaustion. John getting all caps texts from the Schuyler sisters and racing back from a protest to be there with him, even if he’s unconscious. When Ham comes to, John murmurs “Next time just tell me who to punch.”

Lafayette and Hercules loving both of them, but hating that they’re in a relationship because it seems to just make them more intense. They have to bump their parenting skills up a few notches just to compensate.

John talking about Hamilton constantly when they’re apart, his eyes shining with pride at his boyfriend’s accomplishments.

Being able to make each other laugh endlessly almost on command.

Hamilton showing John off every time they’re out in public together, locking their arms together and bouncing on the balls of his feet when he’s introducing him as “John Laurens, my boyfriend.”

Their tenderest moments happening when they’re apart, Alexander writing John long, poetic letters about how important he is, John responding in kind. When they’re together, the words rarely come out like that, as though they don’t need to be said. They’re understood implicitly.

Neither of them sure if their relationship will outlive their recklessness or crash and burn from too much passion. Both of them hoping it’s the former but not daring to slow down in the meantime.  

idk this is just all in my head right now


I agree with Jensen. How is this man alive?? (This story from NJCon 2015 is number 10/? in my Jared injuries series. They were filming Wishful Thinking at the time and apparently most of the footage in the Chinese restaurant is Jensen acting with a body double because Jared was incapacitated.)


anonymous asked:

Could you explain how recovering from amnesia works? I know a lot of times in movies and books that people just suddenly get all their memories back. Is that how it always works? Or is that how it works in some cases? (Thank you for answering all those questions you get!)

There’s a lot of misconceptions about what amnesia actually IS. I’m going to give you just a snippet from the Mayo Clinic site on amnesia (emphasis mine): 

Isolated memory loss doesn’t affect a person’s intelligence, general knowledge, awareness, attention span, judgment, personality or identity. People with amnesia usually can understand written and spoken words and can learn skills such as bike riding or piano playing. They may understand they have a memory disorder.

As to what amnesia actually is, it’s problems making or retrieving memory. There are two types: anterograde (new memories are affected), and retrograde  (old memories are affected). There’s a really good overview from, surprisingly, Medical News Today, located here.

It’s important to know that most types of amnesia don’t affect a person’s understanding of self; they don’t forget who they are, although they may forget other people or other things. Anterograde amnesia–forming new memories–is much more likely than retrograde amnesia–affecting memories of the past.

Amnesia comes from a lot of causes. For example, I had some brief anterograde amnesia following my concussion when I was a teenager. I also had some brief anterograde amnesia following my dentist giving me an amnestic (there are a few of these, in the benzodiazepine class especially), because I am deathly afraid of dentistry, and not remembering getting dental implants is awfully convenient, you guys. Amnesia can be related to a stroke, or a head injury.(It can be an emotional response to an extremely stressful stimulus, but let’s assume it’s not, shall we? That trope is so boring, and more importantly, we can do better.).

Most people with amnesia have anterograde problems, issues storing short-term memory. For that, occupational therapy and a variety of tools, including smartphones, alarm, notebooks, etc. with reminders, can be very helpful.

Skills that have been lost from retrograde amnesia can also be replaced, again, with occupational therapy. But it takes time, and especially if they have anterograde issues as well, it can take a lot of frustrating effort to re-learn skills they already knew.

Some amnesia is brief, like from a sedative or, hopefully, a concussion. (Some people, like my friend @towertumblng​, have long term issues after concussions, so YMMV.) This might resolve quickly, or over a few weeks; the episodes I’ve had have resolved within hours, although it’s worth noting that I have significant memory gaps in the 24 hours following my head injury. (The sedation for dentistry lasted about 12 hours.)

Some people regain their memories, some never will, though it does, typically, get better. Sometimes the damage to memory is so severe that people have to live in inpatient or assisted-living facilities because of their memory loss. It’s a whole spectrum of disease out there.

I hope this was helpful with your story!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I should never be allowed to write for a cartoon series, because if I did I’d include all sorts of stuff just to mess with the sort of folks who like to speculate about the backstories of children’s media.


There’d be a character with a large, conspicuous facial scar. It’s not there in childhood flashbacks, so clearly they must have suffered it at some point between then and now, but it’s just plain never addressed.

Two major supporting characters have identical designs apart from their hairstyle and clothing, and are played by the same voice actor. No situation ever arises that would require them both to be present in the same scene, so the question of whether they’re related or one character with a dual identity or what never comes up.

A couple of supporting characters have a focus episode where they go off on their own little adventure for a couple of weeks. When they return home at the end of the episode, the protagonist now has, like, a prosthetic hand or something. When they express concern, the protagonist indicates that they’ll tell them the whole story later that evening - and then the episode ends. The change to the protagonist’s character design proves to be permanent, but the audience never does find out what happened.