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So in celebration of my newest followers @embyrr922 and @buckysunshine (and the fact that I’ve messed up my knee over the weekend) here is some Hurt!Jack and Medic!Bitty from my Medic!Bitty AU 


Jack hissed in pain as he collapsed onto the couch. He gently propped his leg up onto the couch and placed a pillow under his calf. He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up his knee, during a practice no less. He huffed and growled to himself for his recklessness. He should have known better than to chase the puck with the amount of guys already around it. it was just a recipe for disaster. The pileup wasn’t the problem though, it was when one of the guys fell on his leg and turned it in a way it shouldn’t have gone. Jack hissed out a swear as he tried to get himself comfortable on the couch. 

“Jack, honey, stay still. I’m almost done grabbing the supplies,” Bitty announced from the kitchen. Jack took a steadying breath and relaxed into the couch. There wasn’t anything he could do about it now. It was up to the doctor’s word and care at this point. He could hear Bitty open and close drawers and doors in the kitchen. Jack tried to look into the kitchen from his spot on the couch, but couldn’t see well enough above the arm being sunk into it. 

“I’m right here, babe,” Bitty announced as he came around the opposite side of the sofa. Bitty was still in his company uniform, looking sharp as a tack. Jack blushed as his mind wandered a moment. He didn’t have long to think though, as Bitty began to assess his knee. Jack hissed again as Bitty softly touched the area around his knee. Bitty spoke a quick apology and pulled back. 

“The doctor thinks it might just be a sprain from a subluxation. I’m hoping he right. That will only put you out about six or eight weeks instead of four or six months if you tore something…” Bitty trailed off shaking his head. Jack groaned. He tried not to think about it himself.

“One day at a time, right?” Jack asked, attempting to throw some humor into his voice, knowing it’s ready to crack under the pressure of his thoughts. Bitty looked up to him with concern. Bitty smiled at him and nodded reassuringly. 

“Yeah, Love. Everything is going to be okay,” Bitty said and slid his hand up to meet Jack’s. Jack laced their fingers and squeezed tight. He knew Bitty could take it. He’s had his hand squeezed enough times by other patients who had tighter grips than him. 

“I’m going to re-wrap this and put an ice pack on it to try to reduce the swelling.” Bitty wraps his knee again and it’s uncomfortable. Jack’s trying not to whine about it. He doesn’t want Bitty to feel bad about helping him. It wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as it was earlier, but still earned a hiss. Bitty apologized again as he finished the wrap. He placed a soft kiss on Jack’s knee and rubbed Jack’s thigh soothingly. Jack laid back on the couch, trying to relax. Bitty’s hands were warm on his leg where he massaged and it felt nice. Jack let out a sigh. He felt the cold pack placed on his knee before the cold seeped through the material of the ace wrap. 

“This should settle down shortly. The ice, elevation and the anti-inflammatory will help the pain.” Jack could hear the bottle of Ibuprofen shake as Bitty shook out the pills. Jack sat up enough to take the pills and the water bottle Bitty offered. Jack dutifully swallowed the pills dry and swigged the water to wash them down. Bitty shook his head. 

“I don’t know how y’all can swallow those pills dry. It takes me almost a gallon of water to get mine down.” Bitty chirped. 

“I’ve had plenty of practice swallowing,” Jack said with a wink and a smirk. Bitty blushed and smacked Jack’s shoulder playfully. 

“Jack!” Bitty admonished. He giggled as Jack grabbed him and pulled him up to his end of the couch. Jack gave Bitty a chaste kiss. 

“Thanks for fixing me up, Bits. Feels better already.” Jack smiled as Bitty rolled his eyes and threw his head back in faux exasperation. Bitty smiled back down at him after though. 

“Anything for you, my klutzy Falconer.” Bitty screamed and giggled as Jack tickled his sides for the chirp. 

Writing Realistic Injuries
by Leia Fee, with additions by Susannah Shepherd

Quick Contents

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Writing Traumatic Injuries References

So, pretty frequently writers screw up when they write about injuries. People are clonked over the head, pass out for hours, and wake up with just a headache… Eragon breaks his wrist and it’s just fine within days… Wounds heal with nary a scar, ever…

I’m aiming to fix that.

Here are over 100 links covering just about every facet of traumatic injuries (physical, psychological, long-term), focusing mainly on burns, concussions, fractures, and lacerations. Now you can beat up your characters properly!

General resources


Mayo Clinic first aid

Mayo Clinic diseases

First Aid

PubMed: The source for biomedical literature

Diagrams: Veins (towards heart), arteries (away from heart) bones, nervous system, brain



General overview: Includes degrees

Burn severity: Including how to estimate body area affected

Burn treatment: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees

Smoke inhalation

Smoke inhalation treatment

Chemical burns

Hot tar burns



Incisions and Lacerations

Essentials of skin laceration repair (including stitching techniques)

When to stitch (Journal article–Doctors apparently usually go by experience on this)

More about when to stitch (Simple guide for moms)

Basic wound treatment

Incision vs. laceration: Most of the time (including in medical literature) they’re used synonymously, but eh.

Types of lacerations: Page has links to some particularly graphic images–beware!

How to stop bleeding: 1, 2, 3

Puncture wounds: Including a bit about what sort of wounds are most likely to become infected

More about puncture wounds

Wound assessment: A huge amount of information, including what the color of the flesh indicates, different kinds of things that ooze from a wound, and so much more.

Home treatment of gunshot wound, also basics
More about gunshot wounds, including medical procedures

Tourniquet use: Controversy around it, latest research

Location pain chart: Originally intended for tattoo pain, but pretty accurate for cuts

General note: Deeper=more serious. Elevate wounded limb so that gravity draws blood towards heart. Scalp wounds also bleed a lot but tend to be superficial. If it’s dirty, risk infection. If it hits the digestive system and you don’t die immediately, infection’ll probably kill you. Don’t forget the possibility of tetanus! If a wound is positioned such that movement would cause the wound to gape open (i.e. horizontally across the knee) it’s harder to keep it closed and may take longer for it to heal.


Broken bones

Types of fractures

Setting a broken bone when no doctor is available

Healing time of common fractures

Broken wrists

Broken ankles/feet

Fractured vertebrae: Neck (1, 2), back

Types of casts


Fracture complications

Broken noses

Broken digits: Fingers and toes

General notes: If it’s a compound fracture (bone poking through) good luck fixing it on your own. If the bone is in multiple pieces, surgery is necessary to fix it–probably can’t reduce (“set”) it from the outside. Older people heal more slowly. It’s possible for bones to “heal” crooked and cause long-term problems and joint pain. Consider damage to nearby nerves, muscle, and blood vessels.



General overview

Types of concussions 1, 2

Concussion complications

Mild Brain Injuries: The next step up from most severe type of concussion, Grade 3

Post-concussion syndrome

Second impact syndrome: When a second blow delivered before recovering from the initial concussion has catastrophic effects. Apparently rare.

Recovering from a concussion

Symptoms: Scroll about halfway down the page for the most severe symptoms


General notes: If you pass out, even for a few seconds, it’s serious. If you have multiple concussions over a lifetime, they will be progressively more serious. Symptoms can linger for a long time.

Character reaction:

Shock (general)

Physical shock: 1, 2

Fight-or-flight response: 1, 2

Long-term emotional trauma: 1 (Includes symptoms), 2

First aid for emotional trauma


Treatment (drugs)

WebMD painkiller guide


Treatment (herbs)

1, 2, 3, 4



Snake bites: No, you don’t suck the venom out or apply tourniquettes


Frostbite treatment

Severe frostbite treatment

When frostbite sets in: A handy chart for how long your characters have outside at various temperatures and wind speeds before they get frostbitten

First aid myths: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Includes the ones about buttering burns and putting snow on frostbite.

Poisons: Why inducing vomiting is a bad idea

Poisonous plants

Dislocations: Symptoms 1, 2; treatment. General notes: Repeated dislocations of same joint may lead to permanent tissue damage and may cause or be symptomatic of weakened ligaments. Docs recommend against trying to reduce (put back) dislocated joint on your own, though information about how to do it is easily found online.

Muscular strains

Joint sprain

Resuscitation after near-drowning: 1, 2

Current CPR practices: We don’t do mouth-to-mouth anymore.

The DSM IV, for all your mental illness needs.


Electrical shock

Human response to electrical shock: Includes handy-dandy voltage chart

Length of contact needed at different voltages to cause injury

Evaluation protocol for electric shock injury

Neurological complications

Electrical and lightning injury

Cardiac complications

Delayed effects and a good general summary

Acquired savant syndrome: Brain injuries (including a lightning strike) triggering development of amazing artistic and other abilities


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I agree with Jensen. How is this man alive?? (This story from NJCon 2015 is number 10/? in my Jared injuries series. They were filming Wishful Thinking at the time and apparently most of the footage in the Chinese restaurant is Jensen acting with a body double because Jared was incapacitated.)


Writing Research - Bow & Arrows

The purpose of this research post is to be helpful, more importantly educational. I certainly don’t condone the use of this knowledge for malevolent reasons. I want to help writers with their stories and I figured this would make their search for such information easier. 

This is great for the stories that take place in ancient times, apocalyptic setting, and/or contains characters that are archers. Maybe you’re writing fanfiction and it’s about one of these characters: Legolas Greenleaf, Bard the Bowman, Kili and Tauriel (The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)Kagome Higurashi (InuYasha), Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Arrow), Princess Merida (Brave), Susan Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia), Link (The Legend of Zelda), Hawkeye, Robin Hood, Lara Croft, and so on. 

This information would help make them believable. For example, if they are teaching another character how to be an archer it would be difficult to write about it without first knowing how it’s actually done in real life. The same can be said about when they are wounded by an arrow, just how would they deal with it? Or if your character is a survivalist or prepper and their story is set in an apocalypse world, they would probably know how to make weapons (like the bow and arrows) from the things around them in order to survive.

So this post is meant to make a writer’s life a little easier by giving them a starting point. It doesn’t contain EVERY information about bows, but if you know what you’re looking for than I encourage you to look it up. 

How To Make A Bow and Arrows

How To Use A Bow

How To Treat An Arrow Wound/Injury

Writing Tips #121: Writing Realistic Injuries

There’s a lot of ‘relatively’ and ‘probably’ in this article because everyone reacts differently to injury.

Oh and before I start - one pet peeve… ‘laceration’ does not mean ‘a very bad cut’ – it is a term for a specific type of wound caused by the tearing rather than the slicing of the skin.  It’s the sort of cut you get from being hit with a blunt object (or a fist).

What’s Normal…?

For a normal, reasonably healthy adult the following reading are ‘normal’.  Some variation is usual and what’s normal for one person may be abnormal for another.

Pulse rate between 60-100 beats per minute.  A fitter person will have a rate towards the slower end of the margin and a child or young person will have a naturally high rate.  Any drastic increase or decrease in pulse rate is cause for concern.

Blood pressure 120-140 over 70-90.  This can vary with the time of day, amount of stress and a number of other factors.  High blood pressure is not usually immediately dangerous but can cause long term damage.  Low blood pressure can cause faintness, dizziness and blackouts and is usually a sign that there is an underlying problem to be treated.

Body Temperature 36°C (98.6°F) to 37.5°C (99.5F).  Relatively minor variations in temperature are cause for concern.  

Reactions to Injury

Everyone is unique and will react differently.  Some people yell and scream when they are hurt, others will keep quiet.  Some will insist that they’re perfectly fine and be annoyed by attempts to help.  Some people are very squeamish and find the idea of how badly they’re hurt more traumatic than the actual injury.  Find out how the character you’re writing an injury for reacts and stick to it unless you have very good reason not to. 


Can be caused by pain, fear, surprise, or other emotional stress and is usually not a major problem as long as they wake up within a few seconds.  Immediately after fainting a person’s pulse would be very slow but recover quickly.


Can follow many injuries and can be as dangerous or more so than the actual injury.  It is not just a case of someone suffering from a nasty fright because they got hurt.

Symptoms include:

Pulse and respiration abnormally fast or slow,
Pale, clammy skin,
Dilated pupils,

Someone suffering from shock should be lain down and kept warm.

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I should never be allowed to write for a cartoon series, because if I did I’d include all sorts of stuff just to mess with the sort of folks who like to speculate about the backstories of children’s media.


There’d be a character with a large, conspicuous facial scar. It’s not there in childhood flashbacks, so clearly they must have suffered it at some point between then and now, but it’s just plain never addressed.

Two major supporting characters have identical designs apart from their hairstyle and clothing, and are played by the same voice actor. No situation ever arises that would require them both to be present in the same scene, so the question of whether they’re related or one character with a dual identity or what never comes up.

A couple of supporting characters have a focus episode where they go off on their own little adventure for a couple of weeks. When they return home at the end of the episode, the protagonist now has, like, a prosthetic hand or something. When they express concern, the protagonist indicates that they’ll tell them the whole story later that evening - and then the episode ends. The change to the protagonist’s character design proves to be permanent, but the audience never does find out what happened.

Not Quite Dead: A Writer’s Guide to Serious Injuries and Calamities
Sometimes I want to make it seem like a character might die — but hey, guess what! She makes it! A lot of fiction writers, especially those who write fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, and …

Topics Covered:

Blood loss

Gunshot wounds



Electric shock

Plane crashes


Venomous snake and spider bites



Almost drowning

Hypothermia and frostbite

We were not meant to do life alone. We were not meant to carry our brokenness by ourselves. This expectation is not realistic or safe. I needed my loved ones to get through my darkest nights just as much as I needed them to rejoice with me on my brightest days. We need to love each other right where we are. That kind of love and support holds the power to make the biggest difference.
—  Daylee Hames, “I’ll Hold the Hope

Very much here for baby Jared heavy breathing so enthusiastically he makes himself dizzy (Chicon 2008)

(ADR = automatic dialogue replacement. It’s when you have to record sound separately to the scene itself.)

Submission - Clumsy AUs?

• I almost dropped something and in my fumbling attempts to stop it from hitting the floor I accidentally projectiled it at your face and it’s a really nice face I’m so sorry

• I’ve seen you several times around uni and every time you’ve seen me tripping over something I swear it’s not because I’m swooning at how hot you are

• I tripped over on my way to this party and I’m bleeding profusely from the grazes on my knees and you’re a complete stranger that pretty much jumped me the second I walked in the door to play nurse and you’re sort of creeping me out… Are you sure you’re not a vampire?

• it’s coming up 3am at the library and I’m so tired that I totally missed the chair when I tried to sit down and landed flat on my arse and you are laughing at me so I try to spin around to shoot you a nasty glare but smash my face on the very chair I was trying to sit on in the first place

• you’re my clumsy roommate and I’m a nursing/med student and am constantly patching you up under the guise of ‘gaining experience’ but I just really like taking care of you/touching you

At times I see the scars and I feel angry. Angry at the past, angry at the help I needed, angry that things went so far. Yet there is an element of pride knowing I am conquering the battle of self-injury. But that doesn’t equate to being proud of the permanence of these scars. Sometimes I feel afraid of them. I feel afraid that I’ll want to go back. I feel afraid for the capacity I have for self-destruction.
—  Kenzi Rome, “The Story of My Scars
restaurant cook/prep cook prompts
  • I work as a cook at a restaurant and you’re the new waiter/waitress and I’m frustrated cause you’re cute but we hardly interact

  • I’m new here and I’m amazed at how fast you twist and turn to get stuff done in the kitchen (cue the “oh no he’s /she’s hot!”)

  • Our friends know eachother and we’re all hanging out and I catch a glimpse at your arms and wtf happens to you why do you have so many scars?! “I’m a cook.”

  • I’m a waitress that has liked you since I started but I’m worried cause you’re always here? Do you ever go home? You’re here when I come in and still here after my shift.

  • I’m new and at first you seemed super cold and mean but then a friend told me how much responsibility rests on your shoulders and I can’t help but admire how serious you are now.

  • I’m supposed to shadow you and learn the ropes of the kitchen but damn I can hardly keep up and I feel like a klutz. I know where nothing is and I’m slowing you down but you’re super nice and patient about this want to get something to eat later?

  • I’m the new dishwasher and you’re a prep cook and holy balls the restaurant is getting slammed and you help me out like a descending angel of mercy how are you so good at this I thought you’re a cook? “Everyone starts somewhere”

  • The restaurant we work at is attached to a hotel and there’s a wedding reception we’re catering to and usually I only see you in work clothes but now you’re dressed to serve in a waist coat and everything and damn you have a nice ass.

  • I don’t smoke but I join everyone at the back doors for a breath of fresh air and for once you’ve left the kitchen and standing back there too so I take the chance to talk to you and now we have a date.

  • I started a couple weeks ago and everything’s fine until a hot pan touches my arm. Holy fuck does it hurt and there’s no first aid here?! But you sit me down and where did you get that?! “I’ve been here long enough and hurt myself that I keep my burn creme and bandages in my locker.

  • (Can be connected to the previous one) Our mutual friends have us over to hang out and I bump you’re bag and a crap load of medical supplies fall out buT WAIT THERE’S A HUGE KNIFE WTF “I’m a cook and this is my work bag.”

  • Rule one, always call out when passing someone. I break rule one and we both end up running into eachother full force, and wow I didn’t mean to grab you like that.

  • I’m two inches too short for this kitchen and you come over to help me out but no I’ve got this…. Would you please grab that for me?

  • My shift is done and I’m on my way out but I hear you cursing someone name and swearing profusely. I come over to investigate only to fine you fighting with one of the ovens which you’ve named how cute are you.

  • I’m your roommate and I know you can cook why the hell do you eat so little/junk food?? “I work with food all day I’m sick of looking at it/don’t want to make anymore.”

  • (Also connected to the last one) I come home to find you eating mac and cheese and watching cooking shows and critiquing the food dude really? “Just cause I can’t afford to cook like that doesn’t mean I dont know how”