writing with a german keyboard is hard

You know what annoys me? People who can’t be bothered to use ü ö ä in their news articles when writing about German actors like Daniel Brühl. Like, this is his name, there is an ü in his name, it’s not Bruhl, ok, it’s not another way to write it, it’s just plain wrong. This is like ignoring letters like é  à  î  å  æ  ø  ñ in other langages.

And I know you might not have these letters on your keyboard and it’s oh so hard to go to the “special letter” section of your writing programm so let me help you out. Just save this post somewhere and when you need one of those letters just copy and paste it. 

Ä ä
Ö ö
Ü ü

and for good measure have the German sharp s as well