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Part One: A Glimpse Ahead

If you’re a fan of works like The Song of Ice and Fire, Dragonriders of Pern, Alanna: The First Adventure, The Black Stallion, How to Train Your Dragon, Julie of the Wolves, and The Pit Dragons, you may already know what they all have in common: creature companions. Some of them are simple, real-world creatures such as birds, wolves, and horses, but others hail from the annals of mythology with dragons, dire-creatures, and in the case of The Chronicles of Narnia, gryphons, unicorns, phoenixes, and even salamanders living deep in the molten lava beneath Underland. In one of my very early–long abandoned–works, a lion side-kick made up an integral emotional support animal and battle companion to one of the characters. The idea of an animal or creature tagging along to provide those super cute moments of connection we savor as humans with our own animals is tempting to put one in our own works. But, just as important as rounding out our secondary and tertiary characters is making sure our creature companions are just as much characters as all the rest.

In this series, I hope to outline the key features of creature companions and their function within literature, aiming toward helping writers ensure they write more than just props. Despite the banner’s impression, this series is entitled “creature” instead of “animal” with the intent to highlight not just the real-world animals we carry in our backpacks and find in photographs, but also the entities that turn up from legend. For the purposes of the series, creature companion will cover characters whose physiology is not humanoid (dryads, naiads, minotaur, etc. are not included); they may be capable of speech (spoken, telepathic, written, or otherwise). It’s a broad definition for a broad topic. My reasoning behind the humanoid delineation is that they are likely to be well-handled by the same creation and development techniques as standard human characters. Non-humanoid characters take a little bit of extra attention in development, particularly with travel, care, and emoting. We’ll cover all those things plus how to make sure they’re holding their own in the narrative.

Next up: Form!

FE Heroes: Choose Your Legends Poll Trivia

Excellus was the lowest ranked Awakening character (476th with 254 votes), still beat out Mordecai (250) and Kieran (246)
Ignatius is last amongst Fates characters (516th with 214); still ahead of Bartre (159; he’s also 555th and I have him in Heroes)
• 666th = Boah
• 420th = Dew
o Soleil is 68th, beating her father by 46 votes
Glade was dead last, with only 17 votes. I’m sure all 17 of his fans are devastated
• Between all my incognito tabs I may honestly be the reason Brady cracked 1,000 votes (though only by 40)
• First character whose position on the list is a bigger number than the number of votes they got is Elice (396th with 392 votes)
• Lowest ranked character whose name I recognize is Gareth, and that’s only cause of all the porn
• Lowest ranked character who I have in Heroes already: Palla (642nd with 96 votes, though I suppose that’s cheating since that’s for her Gaiden entry; her SD entry is a more respectable 344th with 524 votes)
Cannas beat Grima. You go, dude
Female Kana is 99th; her male counterpart is 191st
Emmeryn got only 1,325 votes
o She was reportedly a strong contender in the early days of the poll, but then her popularity seemed to fall off a cliff
• I’m surprised by how well FE7 characters did. 9 in the top 100, and another 23 in the 101-200
• Most popular female (Lyn) got almost 50% more votes than most popular male (Ike)!
• Was there a 4chan raid or something cause Dorcas has no reason to be as high up as he is, good for him though
Xander beat Ryoma
o Ryoma beat Hinoka
Masked Marth got 5,420 votes; their true identity (Lucina, of course) was born on 4/20
o Also das da weed # B)))
Kaze got 4,069
o If only he had 38,000 more votes
• The character whose vote count was closest to the year their game came out was Nah, with 2,003 votes. Awakening came out in Japan in 2012, so that’s a gap of 9
Kellam is 135th, surprisingly, beating out characters I expected to rank higher, like Gerome (149th) and Sully (144th)
• Ties (with the one ranked higher listed first:
o Orochi/Lloyd (1,617)
o I realized these weren’t that interesting so that’s the only one I did
Annas, in order of popularity: Awakening (35th), Fates (57th), SD (216th), RD (345th), and Mystery (445th)
Camilla and Hector’s ranking and vote #s can both be spelled using only the digits 2, 5, 6, and 7
o Hector is 6th with 26,557 votes
o Camilla is 7th with 25,766 votes
• It was I figured that one out that I realized I should make a post about these
Chrom (8th) beat F!Corrin (9th) by over 4,000 votes (23,803 vs 19,599)
• Biggest sequential gap by # of votes: Lucina (2nd) is 9,004 votes ahead of Ike (3rd)
• Biggest sequential gap by % of votes: Lucina (2nd) got 26.58% more votes than Ike (3rd)
o (I thought I’d find it on the losing end of the list, but those are all clustered pretty tight)
• Smallest sequential gap in the top 100: Sophia (90th, with 3,150 votes) vs Caeldori (91st, 3,149 votes), a gap of 1 vote
o Other small gaps: Cherche/Ayra (9 votes), Charlotte/Jaffar (4), Lot/Amelia (4), Azura/M!Robin (48, but they’re 15th and 16t,h respectively, so for them to be almost tied that far up is rather significant IMO)
o Leo, Henry, and Dorcas (19th – 21st) are also all within 100 votes of each other
Fates returns/expies vs originals (spoiler: originals win in each case)
o Owain (37th) beat Odin (87th)
o Severa (47th) beat Selena (61st)
o Inigo (63rd) beat Laslow (69th)
 Once again, lol
o Tharja (4th) beat Rhajat (105th)
o Cordelia (14th) beat Caeldori (91st)
o Gaius (27th) beat Asugi (269th… ouch)
• 22nd (Nowi) through 27th (Gaius) are all Awakening characters
• Hoshido vs Nohr!!
o Xander (42nd) narrowly beat Ryoma (43rd)
o Camilla (7th) beat Hinoka (44th)
o Takumi (18th) narrowly beat Leo (19th)
o Elise (30th) beat Sakura (40th)
o Winner: Nohr!
• I need to go to bed so I’ll reblog this tomorrow if I find anything else interesting

0276 - most toilets flush in E flat

In an alternate universe, everyone has a special power. Some people possess super strength, some people possess distracting beauty, some people have a startling amount of genius. Your character’s special power is knowing all useless trivia. Your character’s companion (friend, partner, significant other, whatever you want) is really good at remembering song lyrics. 

So, how did it come down to those two saving the world?

my favorite thing about watching fantasia now is the bit where the guy is introducing the nutcracker suite and he’s like, “it wasn’t very popular and nobody performs it nowadays” because fantasia was made in 1940 and in fact it wasn’t popular and nobody performed it. tho the ballet was first performed in russia in 1892, it wasn’t performed outside of russia until 1934 and then only in abridged versions. it didn’t start to gain popularity until the san francisco ballet performed the complete version it in 1944 on christmas eve, and it was such a huge success that they started doing it every year. then in 1954 the new york city ballet ran a production of it, and suddenly by the 1960s ballet companies nationwide were doing holiday productions of the nutcracker and now it’s become this incredible huge holiday tradition. anyway live your dreams. be the nutcracker. it might have been sixty years late but goddamn if we don’t all listen to it at least once a year now to make up for it. 

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hey, just want to take a minute of your day, I decided to look into the wizard pooping thing after seeing your post and it turns out that old timey wizards just straight up pooped until they found out about this muggle invention called a "toilet" and it is my opinion that Hogwarts installed toilets because they thought that the muggleborns wouldn't be all too comfortable with straight up poopin' and poofing it away

like… i get that… it makes sense in context… but why even have that context to begin with? toilets are not impressive technological inventions, they’re just. a place where you poop. wizards could have figured that out by themselves, but no, we gotta pull this bizarre little fun fact out of nowhere and make canon that old timey wizard used to shit themselves, i guess. it’s more ~magical~;

random things the signs are good at
  • aries: the "beep" test, insults, competitions
  • taurus: singing, doing your hair, winning arguments
  • gemini: debates, making fun of themselves, impressions
  • cancer: apologizing, video games, writing
  • leo: karaoke, trivia crack, oral presentations, theatre
  • virgo: finishing a book in 1 day, memorizing monologues, organization
  • libra: making cute powerpoints, picking outfits, procrastination
  • scorpio: remembering faces, pretending to hate someone they like, drawing
  • sagittarius: hide and seek, puns, vines
  • capricorn: being patient with people they hate, finishing homework at the last minute, making teachers like them
  • aquarius: sports, writing, speaking their mind
  • pisces: acting, choosing gifts for christmas, quick and witty comebacks

A tiny X-Files Drabble for @leiascully‘s #OctoberFicFest. Memento Mori.

She remembers reading somewhere that Cancer is the dimmest of all the Zodiac constellations. That it only has two stars of the brightest magnitude and so, swings quietly across the heavens nestled between Gemini and Leo. She thinks that she’ll tell Mulder that later, win one of those rare, face-transforming smiles that only heavy flirtation or excessive nerdiness can summon. 

Maybe she’ll use it as a warm up. “Hey, Mulder! Check out my space fact - oh and also I am dying of cancer. Not the constellation. Don’t worry about last week, about the man or the tattoo or what any of it means. None of that really matters any more.” 

Soon it will slip along with the rest of her into the black hole that opened up without them noticing in the middle of their own small constellation. 

Soon there will be only one bright star in the darkness.

Soon she will be gone. And he will endure, alone with his quest and his trivia and that smile hidden away somewhere in the back of his mind with the other lost things. She thinks she’s sadder about that than she is about dying. 

How can she tell him that. 

How can she tell him goodbye.

Signature Moves

Po: belly punt

Tigress: double bitchslap

Viper: stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself

Crane: wings of metaphor

Monkey: flailing

Mantis: gotta go fast

Oogway: take a chill pill

Shifu: f&@% you

Signature Moves (you are here!)
Signature Moves: Villain Edition
Signature Moves: Dad Edition

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wow I am deeply in love with These Violent Delights!! so much fun seeing a "colder" Len in action and Barry's reactions to the nightmare he's dealing with have been so good (that "promise to dump my body somewhere else" line physically pained me). all your fics are wonderful & I'm definitely extra intrigued by the darker direction this one is headed. really looking forward to seeing more of this! :)

Thank you!!!!

It’s honestly so fun to write? I’m just loosening my usual reigns a bit, partly because I decided to take it into AU territory so I’m not beholden to canon in the way I usually am, where I have to have them at odds and pretend that Barry at least tries to make sensible decisions. I’m just… tossing that out the window. They both make terrible decisions based on magnetic attraction to each other and it’s just so fun on this end of things :)

I also enjoy writing Len as a cold bastard, and yet still not the actual villain. Glad you like the characterization so far! 

  ♪ “All she ever does is study, oh and act like she’s the best thing on this god forsaken earth!”

Lucy was always the odd one out. Intelligent and not afraid to tell you so, she didn’t have many friends growing up. Misunderstood or just mean, no-one really knew. Either way, she seemed to like it better alone. She would always be engrossed in some kind of book; the girl could spend hours inspecting something that seemed so simple. One place she stood out was in her family, one that seemed a little too normal for Lucy. Classic suburban living, dad was an insurance agent, a mother engrossed in the towns social scene with an awkward brother who was obsessed with anything nerdy to finish off the family. Lucy loved her family to pieces, yet understood that she was better off dealing with most of her problems alone. Lucy is the youngest Morgan sibling, however thats the last time she’s ever come second to her brother- or anyone for that matter. She’s used to being exceptional, top of every class since kindergarten with a genius IQ and enough extracurriculars to guarantee her a perfect college application. But after stumbling into Beacon Hills more supernatural side Lucy discovers she may be more normal than she originally anticipated… at least compared to a freaking werewolf.

(set in season one, hypothetically at least)


Today I just looked up my follower count and realized that I have so many Moomin fans spending their time reading my posts. I wanted to let you know that you are all amazing and important people. Each note and each reply means a lot to me and inspires me to write more facts and trivia. Moomins are filled with beautiful philosophy and heartwarming characters; please continue to hold them dear for many years to come! W

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☩ “How do you do it?” Halari asked her brother.
                   “I imagine all the good times we had,” he responded.  ☩

Halari had a regrettable evening- a disastrous weekend and possibly few weeks. Every other night, she thought of him. The fear of Outlands not exploding like it was suppose to. The fear of him being let out of his prison and to come find her. 

     But the fear was that she would take him back. He would never hurt her, even though she’s the one that put him in that prison. She would never hurt him either, mostly because she wouldn’t lie to herself. When confronted by someone you spent the majority of your life with; growing up with them and then marrying them with aspirations of starting a family, you can’t simply see them dying by your own hands.

     Though her family has no love for him. The atrocities he committed under Kael’thas’s name. His dedication to the Sunstrider Dynasty transcending any sort of decency within a person. 

     After she came back from the Outlands to join Lor’themar and cheer her brother on in his quest to become a Blood Knight, she vowed to be better. To not let her soulmate’s disappearance rule her life. And for a great while, she was able to move on. But something about the bickering back and forth, the distancing of one’s self and overall avoiding the Commander- everything resurfaced, and she’s been a mess. Wanting companionship once more, and having it be the most difficult thing imaginable to accomplish..

     The fact she failed destroyed her more than she realized. The realization that she can never function the same ever again, in fact, scares her. And these thoughts raced as she sat in a waterfall of water pouring down in a confined area. The splatter numbing her skin while her mind kept her elsewhere.

[ Music ]

Pairing: Dazai/Chuuya

“A vampire.”

Chuuya lifts his hands to his face, exhales deeply into his palms. Lowering them, he looks up and tries to speak again but has to cover his face one more time.

Dazai tilts his head, smiles and Chuuya wishes those fake teeth would slice his lips open.

“Yes, a vampire. And you’re a werewolf.”

“…What the fuck.”

“I’m sorry, what’s the matter?”

“What’s the–everything’s the–!!”

“Are you possibly jealous of my hat?”

Dazai tilts his head, index finger and thumb taking the brim lightly, and Chuuya has to admit, he really wants to kick that thing off.

Or just kick Dazai in the head. Either works.

Grin widening, Chuuya watches as Dazai hops off the crate gracefully in the reflection of the window, keeping his arms crossed. Nails digging into his arms, Chuuya can’t help the shiver as he feels Dazai’s fingers skim along the crook of his neck. His costume doesn’t cover that part, unfortunately, and Dazai’s known for a long time where he’s most sensitive.

(Unfortunately. Very unfortunately.)

Pressing his lips into a thin line for a brief moment, he clears his throat and tries to step away, but Dazai’s other arm comes around his waist. Eyes widening, Chuuya stumbles back, right into his chest, and hears a low laugh. “You know what vampires do, right…?”

“Die?” Chuuya hisses.

“Actually, no. That’s the entire point of being a vampire–”

“Shut up already!”

Squirming futilely for a few more seconds, Chuuya eventually acquiesces and falls limp, sighing and bringing one hand up to his face in defeat. “…Fine,” he mumbles as his hands slide down a bit, reveal his eye between the cracks in his fingers, “just do it, whatever. You’re so fucking kinky, I swear to–”

Dazai laughs again and the sound is so close to his ear, the breath is so hot against his skin that Chuuya hates the effect it has on his body. He hears some sort of a mumble that’s not worth acknowledging and closes his eyes.

He can’t see now, but he’s always known when Dazai’s close. His skin somehow knows to prickle; it takes him everything to keep his shoulder still, even when Dazai tugs the collar a bit further away to reveal more skin. Swallowing he braces himself for the sharp sting; Dazai’s left marks on him before, some deeper than others, but almost all of them noticeable. It’s annoying to cover up Chuuya figures with the darkness, he can get away with it.

“Wait, take your stupid fangs–”


Chuuya very nearly jabs his elbow into Dazai’s stomach, had it not been for Dazai managing to catch it.

Grumbling and already knowing he can expect blood to be drawn, his brow knits when he feels Dazai’s lips on him. He exhales shakily; he can’t help it, that’s his natural reaction. But the pain he’s waiting for never comes. All he feels are light, gentle kisses peppered along the crook of his neck, staring from the hollow behind his ear to past where his collarbone meets his shoulder. When Dazai pulls back, Chuuya’s eyes ficker open and he whirls around, about to snap at him for being a tease when the flicker in Dazai’s eyes is the last thing he sees before he’s thrown against a wall, Dazai’s mouth on his and those fake fangs proving themselves to be very, incredibly, delightfully sharp.

Blood’s dripping down his chin by the time he pulls back and yet Chuuya pulls him back anyway, intent on drawing just as much, if not more, blood from Dazai as he has from him. The collars of both their costumes are stained crimson, not that anyone can tell with the lack of light, and there’s no need for heaving chests to evidence their heavy breathing when the sound alone fills the warehouse. Chuuya loosens his now weak grip on Dazai’s suit and raises his hand to his face. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he swallows and doesn’t so much as flinch at the metallic tang as he glares at Dazai.

“Fuck you.”

Dazai grins, doesn’t seem at all bothered by the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and Chuuya’s left to watch, as if mesmerized.

“Yeah, I figured that’s where this was going.”

Bug facts:

-A bee is actually a really quite flyer. The buzzing is actually her humming to herself old childhood songs.
-Dragonflies are great novelists.
-Cicadas are mad good at telling jokes and are always clapping and laughing so hard during their cabarets.
-Fireflies are on instagram and they keep taking selfies.
-Spider: not a bug.
-Crickets catch so many colds. They wear scarves and blankets and are constantly blowing their noses. They can’t help it.
-Cockroaches are skating everywhere.
-Scrabbles are very elegant and educated bugs. They wear gowns and jewelry as they attend the night’s ball, where everyone is really composed thought a little too drunk on champagne.
-Silverfishes have anxiety.
-Praying mantis can speak French (and a bit of Russian).
-Butterflies are wine moms.

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LOL!! Sucks for you and all CCers that Chris's actual assistant is a woman called Heather Manzutto. She's routinely thanked in the TLOS acknowledgements as part of his own team, next to his agents, manager and publicists. They are the people mentioned at the very beginning of his Acknowledgements, before the Little, Brown publisher people. I'm sure this will fall on deaf ears but you can't say afterwards that you haven't been warned that you continue to make complete fools of yourselves.

Nonnie, thanks so much for stopping by and for your note.  I must say, I think it’s really sad that you have nothing better to do than troll my blog and send me messages.  And honestly, I wan’t going to respond, but decided since you bothered, why not.

Yes, I am aware of Heather and yes she has been around for some time.  Thanked in the Enchantress Returns, and in a Grimm Warning Chris called her his second brain.

and just this week, Heather posted the following on facebook:

And in fact she calls him her friend and employer.  She even elaborates that she was responsible for writing the 168 TLOS trivia questions that he is using on his tour.

While it is unclear what Heather’s exact role is, it appears to be of literary assistant.  A person who is invaluable in the writing of his books. What she is NOT is a personal assistant.

Chris’s personal assistant is responsible for shadowing him on set,organizing his schedule, making sure he arrives to places on time, acting as a glorified House and Pet sitter, buyer of Diet Coke, holding of the umbrella, handing people their coats, picking up the dry cleaning.  I think you get the point.  

And of course, we all know that Chris’ current personal assistant, in addition to the above, plays the role of “boyfriend” as required when Chris needs to protect the person who is most precious to him. 

This is not the role of Chris’ “second brain.”

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hey what's the deal with Muse and 12 monkeys? what is it?? is there something i'm not getting?

Hello love :) ok settle down kids and let me tell you about the ‘12 Monkeys and the Muse poster’ mystery.

Film plot: 12 Monkeys’ is a film from 1995 starring Bruce Willis and tells the story about a convict living in a future devastated by disease who is given the task to be sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet. [x]

Now, in the film a poster can be seen that bears a striking resemblance to the 1999 ‘MUSE EP’.

There are a lot of speculations regarding this coincidence: Some say that new shots were filmed after Muse released their EP, some say the film inspired Muse to call themselves Muse and some say the film inspired the EP artwork and/or the logo font.

Some more photos from the film:

So what is the truth?

Did the film inspire the band name? No. It’s common knowledge that the band changed their name from ‘Rocket Baby Dolls’ to ‘Muse’ in 1994. The film wasn’t released until a year later (in December 1995).

Did the film inspire the font that the band eventually picked for their logo? Probably. I can’t say definitely but it’s highly likely.

Did the film inspire the artwork? Definitely.

So just to recap what most likely went on here: Muse named themselves “Muse” in 1994, they saw the film ‘12 Monkeys’ in 1995/1996 and spotted a poster in the background that had their band-name on it and thought it was an exciting or perhaps a little weird coincidence. They were either consciously or unconsciously inspired by the film poster when designing their band-logo and they were also inspired by the design (again, either consciously or unconsciously) while making the artwork for the ‘MUSE EP’.

It’s all rather logical when you think about it (either that or Matt is an actual time-lord/alien) but nonetheless it has caused quite the speculation frenzy within the Muse fandom.

Little-Known Maria Hill Fun Facts

Like headcanons, except they’re canon.

I looove reading people’s headcanons, but it makes me sad that there are all these random treasures from the stories themselves (these come from a mix of the Marvel ‘verses) that no one seems to know about! So, for your fanwork-creating enjoyment:

  • Maria’s favorite food is spaghetti with red sauce
  • She also cares enough about pizza to have a favorite pizza parlor in the entire U.S. (Vinnie’s of Savannah, Georgia)
  • However, she is not fond of dishes that are chicken-fried
  • Plays, or at one point played, video games
  • Was expelled from high school (or possibly middle school)
  • Had a pet fish but it died
  • Can swim in handcuffs
  • Cuts her own hair
  • Was in the Marines before SHIELD
  • If you care, the canonical Answer to that one debate fandom is always having is that she was already with SHIELD when she was stationed in Madripoor (we don’t know where she was or what she did as a Marine)
  • Has had the same car since she was nineteen years old
  • Cheapskate. (Her Georgetown apartment is on the third floor of her walkup because it was fifty bucks cheaper. Fifty bucks’ difference, Hill? Does SHIELD really pay you that badly? Actually, if we go by Isaiah the Lawyer’s complaints about Natasha’s pay, it probably does)
  • Or maybe she was just saving for eighteen months to afford her nINE HUNDRED DOLLAR headphones. Damn gurl
  • Hates reporters
  • The only people she hates more than reporters are politicians 
  • She sleeps with a gun under her pillow (specifically, this is from EMH, so it’s her sci-fi laser pistol
  • The only items lying around her office aside from desk clutter/office materials are a coffeemaker and a couple of submachine guns
  • Out of uniform, she tends to wear practical attire; lots of jeans and boots
  • Admires Nick Fury (but ain’t NEVER gonna admit it)
  • Likes jetpacks, well-laid plans, and rose-tone nail polish
  • Not afraid of you

I might go back and source these/add panels when I have time; let me know if you want the panel/source for a specific one!