writing this as a run away method

Six of Crows Pride and Prejudice!AU Headcanons

So I know that probably NOBODY in the SoC fandom is into Pride and Predjudice, but I am (so please forgive my dorky headcanons). 

-Inej is basically Elizabeth Bennet (quick-witted, lively, etc.) and Nina is Jane Bennet (beautiful, kind etc.) and Wylan is Lydia Bennet (somewhat naïve and a prone to running away)

-Mr. (Kaz) Brekker is the wealthy owner of Pemberly who may or may not have earned his money through unscrupulous methods. All the same, he’s an elligible bachelor with terrible social skills.

-Kaz initially snubbing Inej but then eventually realizing his feelings and struggling to express them

-Mr. (Matthias) Helvar, the kind (if stiff and proprietary) gentleman who is not particularly good at anything but earned his money rightfully. 

-Lord Jan Van Eck being a general bastard about everything and trying to intimidate Inej into not marrying Kaz

-Jesper Fahey as the acquaintance of Kaz Brekker since childhood who tried to get Kaz to pay off his gambling debts by flirting with him. He, after trying to court Inej, runs away with Wylan (much to the horror of Inej and Nina). 

-Nina/Matthias and Inej/Kaz (and Wylan/Jesper sort of) in all of its Regency glory

My feet have thick calluses 
from walking away from 
everyone and everything
that I have ever cared about.

The soles of my feet are so tough
that it does not matter 
if I walk across the shards
of broken hearts on my way out.

I will not stop.
I am built to always leave,
a method of self defense
so that nothing hurts me.

—  tough goodbyes and tougher feet || O.L.