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Harry Potter:

Sirius Black:

Late Night Studies

- Y/N studies with her boyfriend, but they get visited by his friends

Glowing In The Dark

- Soulmate!Au. You have your soulmates patronus on your wrist. One day James sees a girl with a dog on her wrist

Yet Here We Are

- You’ve been in love with Sirius since forever, but you were never more than one time thing for him. Now it’s time for you to decide if he’s worth all the effort

Every Little Moment
-Reader is friends with the marauders, and her and Sirius has a crush on each other. However, things change when Reader finds Sirius with another girl

 Newt Scamander:

A Flower Petal

- Soulmate!Au. You have a flower in your neck that grows with you, and blossoms the moment you speak with your soulmate

Remus Lupin:

A Furry Little Problem

-Remus is keeping a secret from his girlfriend, Y/N (What could it be?)




Show Me Your Heart And I’ll Show You Mine - 12/12 parts

- Soulmate!Au, what you write on your skin/tattoes/wounds etc shows up on your soulmates skin. Y/N Is going off to meet hers

Ticket To Ride - 2/2 Parts

- Y/N and Bucky just broke up, and Y/N is going away


Three Things

- Natasha has three things she can never tell you

 Tony Stark:

Golden Heart

- You’re at your ex, Tony Stark’s, party


Dean Winchester:


- Dean is hurt from a past relationship, but finds comfort in you

Roses On Your Neck - 3/3 Parts

- Soulmate!Au, where your soulmate gets wounds you get flowers

Green Eyes

- Soulmate!Au. The thing your soulmate loves shows up on your skin. One day you see a familiar car


- Dean meets another agent on a hunt

Cliché love song - 10/10 Parts

-Dean wants to impress his parents, and brother who has everything, and makes you pretend to be his girlfriend. It’s all fun, until Dean doesn’t need to fake his feelings anymore

Once Upon A Time:

Peter Pan:


- The lost boys don’t really like you, they think you’re making Peter soft

Inner Monsters

- You’re a werewolf, Peter and the boys doesn’t know, yet

A Better Man

- You want Peter to be good, but he finds it hard to change

The Green Island - 2/2 Parts

- Peter is Y/N’s boyfriend, but not that kind she thought he would be


- Peter is very possessive of his girlfriend, even if you don’t share his feelings

 Emma Swan:

Storybrooke High

- You’re a new student, and catch the eyes of a special cheerleader


Whatever i say - 3/9 Parts - I won’t continue this

- Killian starts on a new school, and fall for the beautiful Emma Swan. There’s only one problem, she can’t date before her sister does, and Y/N scares both boys and girls away, so Killian pays a boy to ask Y/N out.

The Maze Runner:


Say Yes

- Thomas wants to propose, but nothing goes right


3317 - 11/11 Parts - Newt(TMR) and Peter Pan(OUAT)

- Y/N is a princess, tired of waiting in her tower. She takes things in her own hands

Show Me Your Heart And I'll Show You Mine - Part 4

Parring: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word: 664

Warning: none

Summary: Soulmate!Au. What you write on your skin/tattos/wounds shows up on your soulmates skin. Reader and her soulmate wants to meet

A/N: I am going to London for five days this Monday, this means i won’t update until then, but i planned out what is going happen, and i think there will be 12 parts. enjoy, and tell me what you thought

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

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The familiar smell of coffee greeted Bucky when he stepped into the café and looked around. Normally he would take his time and enjoy the cosy café, but today his eyes searched for a table in the corner. He had asked his friend, Sam, that worked there to reserve the table. And he had told you to just ask for his table. But the table was empty. Bucky looked at the clock, he was a few minutes late.

“Hey Sam” He said and greeted his friend. Sam looked up.

“Hey Bucky” He answered with a short smile.

“Do you remember I talked to you about my soulmate, Y/N? How I was going to meet her? “Sam nodded, waiting for Bucky to continue. “We were supposed to meet here at two, you haven’t seen any… “

“No” Sam shock his head. “But if it’s only five minutes, then maybe she’s just late? “

“Maybe” Bucky sighed.


Bucky checked the clock again. 14:16.

Where were you? Why hadn’t you showed up? Even if you had missed the first bus you would still be here. The café was just at the other side of the street, it was impossible to get lost, and even if you did, you would have written to him, right?

Bucky wondered shortly if you had decided you wouldn’t meet him, and just got home. He looked at his arm.

I think I may be running a bit late

That’s fine

I’m on the flight

Great, I can’t wait to see you

Had he been too forward? Maybe you had never wanted to meet him? Maybe you had just felt bad for him, and that was the reason you said yes?



Bucky reached down in his pocket, and found the black sharpie he always carried. He was just about to write something, when he stopped.

For the first time, he didn’t know what he should write. You had always been his escape from reality, but this was real, and he had no idea what to do.


He finally wrote.


Where are you?

Are you okay?

Please answer me?

I’m worried

It’s okay if you don’t want to meet me

Just tell me

Are you there?

Won’t you answer me?







Bucky’s arms were covered in black words. He had three empty cups in front of him, and one almost empty. The sharpie was in his pocket. He had given up around 15:20. Why he still was here, he didn’t really know. He couldn’t bear the pitiful looks Steve and Peggy would give him when he got home. Sam had gotten off around 15:15, so there was no one in the small café who knew why his eyes were as glued to the table.



He had gotten a few messages from Steve asking how it was going. Natasha had told him to “Got get her!”, and Peggy had told there was dinner at six, and asked if they came home to eat. Bucky hadn’t answered any of their messages.



The customers had started to look weird at him. The barista, a girl wearing a name-tag reading Wanda, had asked him if he was okay. He had answered that of course he was, and ordered a muffin. He didn’t really eat it when she came with it, he just sat and looked at it like it was the muffins fault you wouldn’t answer him.



He had gotten more messages Steve, Peggy, and Natasha. They all demanded to be answered, but he had no idea what he would say to them. He was considering finding a bar instead of the café when he saw it.

His arms were covered in black words. Your name, questions, everything was written in black, except two words. Right under his question, Where are you? were two words written in green. He didn’t recognize the handwriting, but as soon as he saw the words The hospital he hurried out of the café.


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okay guys,I found this on ig and when I saw it I was shocked!
absolutely shocked and I laughed too much.
so,tell me why people are so stupid as who writed this about tattos.
Louis & Harry have matched tattoos but Louis & Briana not.
I can’t stop laughing!
Stop with this bullshit!