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Let Me In

just a little thing inspired by 6x01 and the angst to follow it. read on ao3 and ff.net

It isn’t perfect, in fact it’s far from it. The house with a white-picket fence is cold at night and the bathroom pipes leak when you turn on the shower. Emma seems to be at the office all the time, her presence as both the saviour and sheriff required constantly with all the new visitors in town. He helps out sometimes, but he spends a lot of time helping with odd jobs around town. He occupies himself down at the docks a few days a week but there isn’t much for a pirate captain to do there, or anywhere. He’s cleaned the house top to bottom, gone grocery shopping (which was an odd experience for the 300-year-old) and even babysat Neal once or twice.

He worries about Emma too. She insists she is fine, but she cannot hide the shake of her hand or the way she zones out with a frown. She’s distracted and he just wants to help; so he does in every way he can. He grabs her hand when it shakes, placing soft kisses on her knuckles; distracts her from her own head with fantastical tales from his time at sea and when she wakes up in cold sweats beside him at night he holds her, whispering his love. He may not know what’s wrong, but he knows her.

She doesn’t tell him what’s on her mind, she just gets increasingly agitated and exhausted from the effort of internalising her pain. That is until he gets a call from David explaining how he has sent Emma home after she had what can only be described as a panic attack. He practically runs to their house to find her at the kitchen table, head in hands, her eyes immediately finding his. Tears begin to flood down her cheeks, huge broken sobs with each breath as he finds himself kneeling by her side, his arms wrapped around her shaking frame.

Even then she can’t confide in him. It hurts but he understands and doesn’t say a word as he makes her a cup of cocoa (with both cinnamon and a splash of rum), helps her shower and then tucks her into bed beside him. They both lie awake in silence, only Emma’s occasional sniffles to pierce the night; after what feels like hours, she sighs and shifts to face him, their legs intertwined. And only then will she let herself say

“I think I’m going to die.”


i can’t wait until harry release a solo album to shock all the non-believers lol

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HIII! I love your Jamilton fics so much! I was wondering if you could you do 10 + 38 for Jamilton [or Hamburr :)))]?

A/N: Okay, so I chose Hamburr for this fic because I remember reading somewhere that Burr hit his head on a bar twice and I couldn’t stop laughing. (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“I can never unsee that.” / “And BOOM! There they were.”

Burr was very soft-spoken even though his mind was just as busy as Alexander Hamilton’s. He just wasn’t as arrogant or loud-mouthed and tended to keep his thoughts to himself. Besides, his low self-esteem wouldn’t allow him to voice his opinions. Though, right now he wished he could tell Alexander to leave him alone. It was after school, and though they had just recently been assigned a project together, Alexander was already spouting topics, walking quickly just to keep up with his long strides. Burr was passive aggressively trying to get away from him, wanting to go home to rest and start on the project tomorrow. But Alexander was relentless.

“Alex-” Every time he spoke Alex would just ramble on, practically giving verbal essays. Burr felt his temple twitch, yet he couldn’t find the strength to raise his voice at the smaller boy. The only thing he could do was pick up his speed and hope that he could outrun him without physically running. Alex managed to stay right on his heels. Burr had given up on listening, Alexander’s voice now an insufferable buzzing like a mosquito you couldn’t quite catch.

In his scurry to get away, he had forgotten about a low bar hanging in front of one of the doors he had to pass. He had only hit it once at the beginning of the year, damn his height. He always made sure to duck after the initial encounter, but his mind was only focused on getting away from Alexander at the moment. As he swung open the door-

Boom. There it was.

Burr fell back, his forehead throbbing. He could feel a bump beginning to form. That bar hung right above him, mocking him. He glared at it, rubbing the spot on his forehead. Behind him, Alexander was laughing. Doubled over, arms wrapped around his stomach, hollering. Burr felt his cheeks flush but he mustered the strength to roll his eyes, though it made his head ache. He was hoping he didn’t have a concussion. He tried to push himself up, but stumbled, nearly smashing his chin to the marble. He grumbled, his long legs tangled as he remained on the floor, not wanting to embarrass himself further.

“Oh my God,” Alex wheezed, wiping away a tear of mirth. “I can never unsee that.” He offered a hand to the disgruntled Burr. “Are you okay?”

“No thanks to you,” Burr snapped, but took his hand anyway. He groaned as Alex pulled him to his feet, his head spinning. He stumbled forward, falling into the other boy’s arms. He whimpered weakly, rubbing the now visible bump on his forehead. “It hurts.”

“Let’s get you to the nurse’s office,” Alexander suggested, slinging Burr’s limp body around him. “In the meanwhile, I think the thesis for our essay should say something along the lines of-” Burr sighed. Though he was grateful Alexander was helping him, something in him wished that he had passed out.


This is another “Three times”. I wanted to clean out Simón in my head, so that happened. 

Have fun! 



He had seen it from the beginning. Of course he had. It was so obvious, yet he kept telling himself it would fade somehow, someday.

But it didn’t.

And now he is standing with Luna in the living room, hiding behind the corner and listening to Prófugos. He didn’t know that Ambar can sing this good, however it does not surprise him. The thing that does it, is Luna’s face when she looks at them. You know, at Ambar and Matteo.

His friend’s eyes are full of… something. He can’t really name it so he just keeps staring at the couple.

Ambar is smiling to her boyfriend while singing the chorus. Matteo holds her tightly, with his hands on her waist. Simón can’t bring to his mind any moment like this, when they actually looked like they were in full of love relationship. They are grinning at each other like a fools and it seems even cute.

Simón moves his eyes on Luna and she is sad. Why? Hopefully it’s not because Balsano looks so damn pleased. He can’t stand it. He really wishes her happiness, if not with Simón, with some other nice guy. His thoughts are making a tornado inside his head because she looks so bitter. It would be better if it weren’t for Matteo.

Yeah, he knows they have some weird thing, some connection, but he hadn’t thought it is so major for Luna. Matteo has a girlfriend and for him it is the clearest thing that he will stay with her. Besides, Balsano isn’t one of guys Luna would ever date. He teases her all the time, makes fun of their skating and, the worst, he calls Simón the guitarist.

He is so cocky, so conceited, so snobby.

So fresa.

Simón lets her shoot one more sight at them and drags her behind the corner. He puts his hand on her shoulder supporting her.

“Hey, Luna, you okay?” His eyes are full of concern.

“Yeah, yeah, I just…” She keeps avoiding any eye-contact. He breathes in and out.

“Luna, please, snap out of it.


He can’t do it anymore. Not now. Not here.

Something deep in his heart hurts, his soul is crashed and he can’t breathe because it feels as if two stars have just collided inside of his lungs. Simón hasn’t cried much in his life so far, but when he sees his love, his first, only love with the bad guy it’s inevitable.

Naturally, Matteo is the bad guy.

And it’s not fair. So not fair.

Simón was beside her all their lives, he watched her laugh, dwell on little and bigger things. Their parents treat the other as a second child. Hell, he’d even come to Argentina after her. From Mexico. And now not only he missed his participation in competition, but he feels like he missed his chance.

And she chose Matteo. Or Matteo made her choose him? He kissed her in front of like whole world?

He knows it is partly his fault because he didn’t say anything about his feelings, but everyone see it, so why his best friend didn’t? Black hole inside his stomach absorbs every good feeling.

All Simón feels is sorrow.

He meets her after the competition, she still wears her sparkling outfit. She looks so unsure.

“Simón, I…” She starts, but he stops her with his hand.

“Luna, please.”

“But I don’t like him!” She yells. “And he doesn’t like me, he broke up with Ambar a few days ago, we are from different worlds. It just could never work.”

“Then why he did kiss you?” His voice broke down.

“I don’t know. It was for choreography. Ending for judges.” She shakes her head and he notices doubts in her eyes. “What should I do, Simón?” He sighs grabbing her shoulders.

Snap out of it.


Simón skates on his way towards the rink where, as he heard from Tamara, Luna is finishing her work. He whistles to himself quietly thinking about Ambar’s words. He wonders why she tries so hard to destroy every Luna’s relationship with people. She told him that his girlfriend is in love with Matteo.

Maybe something happened in the past once or twice between these two but now Luna is with him and he really trusts her. Come on, she has been his best friend since forever; he couldn’t doubt in her.

When he leaves the corridor he sees weird, unusual situation. Two people, who were on rather bad relations recently, are standing together, with tips of their noses touching and holding hands. It would be hilarious due to the latest guy’s rudeness towards the girl, yeah, it would be.

But it is his girlfriend with Matteo. With Ambar’s boyfriend.

He really doesn’t know what to do so he just calls name of Luna. They immediately turn their heads from each other, good.

“Oh, Simón we were nothing…” She stutters.

“Are you jealous, guitarist?” Why Balsano has this pretentious tone when he interacts with Simón?

“No, no, it is okay.” Matteo snorts, but eventually tells them cold see you and leaves the rink. “I trust you, you know?” Luna takes his hand.

“Yes, but it was nothing, nothing happened. We weren’t doing anything” He smiles at her knowing she will start her talk and she will never end. Just like Luna.

“Everything is fine, calm down.” She tilts her head looking for some shade of uncertainty in his face.

“Are you sure? I and Matteo really didn’t…” Simón puts two fingers under her chin, taking her head for her to look at his eyes.

“If it wasn’t anything why are you so nervous?” He raises an eyebrow.

“I’m not. I just don’t want you to think that something happened.”

“I trust you. Snap out of it.


Simón just stands near the table in Jam&Roller. Today is last Open Music this year and he really wanted to attend. However, he can’t find Luna, but he heard something about her performing with Matteo. Not that he believes it; of course they had grown closer together but Luna still has a final work to finish.

He leans his chin on his hand watching as Tamara stands on the stage. She welcomes everyone on the event and introduces the first participants.

Huh, Luna and Matteo.

Firstly he sees his friend going from the backstage, stopping herself on the left. Bright light is focused on her when she sings the first lines. After her, he hears Matteo on the right, lamps moving to him. Simón doesn’t really hear the lyrics, but as the couple moves towards each other, standing closer, he just looks at Luna. He wants to be sure that she makes right decision.

The girl’s smile when Matteo offers her his hand makes Simón’s heart skip a beat. She has never smiled like this to him; to anyone. Just to Matteo.

When the chorus comes it looks like the world for them disappeared. Like there is no one but them. Their lips grinning through the song and their eyes shining with something. Oh, God, no matter how many times Luna will deny that she doesn’t feel anything for Matteo, Simón will never believe her. Never.

You don’t stare like that to someone you treat as only a friend.

They look so happy and everybody knows how long their road was. Luna has changed because of Matteo; he has changed for her. Now Simón knows it, he knows that breaking up with her was the best decision he had made.

Because, if he can judge by the way Matteo is looking at Luna, he is in love with her as much as Simón is.

Luna runs to him after hugging Balsano and leaving him with Gastón.

“Did you like it?” She grins at him looking him straight in the eyes, because she is tall now in these heels. Without them she is so tiny it’s cute.

“Yeah, it was really good song.” Luna takes his hand.

“I know, right! I am so proud of us that we actually wrote it!” She’s jumping like a little puppy which plays with its little squealing toy. Simón opens his mouth. But then he closes it.

He thinks about the song. About the smiles, the little laughs, Matteo’s winks at his friend.

About the lyrics of the song they wrote themselves. Maybe you are my other half.

Simón looks at Matteo, who is staring at Luna with adoration.

“Hey, you wanted to tell something?” His best friend’s eyes are full of hesitation. He smiles at her.

“No. I’m just happy that you are happy.”

Me, writing
  • Me:No, that's not the correct version of that word
  • Me:Where the fuck did that comma go?
  • Me:Oh there it is.
  • Me:...what tense am I using again?
  • Me:
  • Me:... ... ...
  • One single commenter:I love your story!
  • Me:Oh. Oh, shit. Oh, shit, I've failed them. I've failed them all. I'm sorry. I accept the warm embrace of death. I can no longer write, and they will no longer love me. Farewell.
November // GOT7 Fanmeet


Even though my best friend had booked everything in advance for the GOT7 fanmeet in Vancouver, there were some hurdles but now everything looks like it’s going to work out! I am beyond excited! AHHHH. Any of my followers going to Vancouver, lemme know! I am always down to say hi! We can selfie and use the dog filter on snapchat and fangirl together lol. I’ll maybe post where I’ll be sitting once it hits November. So you can find me quicker. Or you can message me personally.

xoxo, Mo

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do you ever think about how if hikaru sulu was ever still pricked about spock correcting him about the external inertial dampener, he’d never be called out for it. 

imagine spock just asking jim, or nyota, or pavel if ‘sulu harbours resentment towards him’, and they’re all like ‘noo that’s just his resting face seriously if you get to know him he’s really sweet’. so spock tries to ‘get to know sulu’ over botany, but as soon as spock is within one meter of sulu’s plants, he just hears: ‘you stay away from my plants or i’ll pop that lego-hair cap so fast off your head you won’t be able to disengage the shock from your system let alone the external inertial dampener’ before sulu waltzes away to trim his bonsai trees

still high with a little feeling

Warning: this is fluffy and domestic AF.

It’s autumn and I’m feeling it, alright? let’s forget that in South America it’s spring rn okay? 



If there was something he’d learned about his girlfriend since this autumn started, was that she hated the chilly air and being cold. Ámbar would take the warmth of the summer over cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice any day.

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white girl in business writing: “all they say is Trump is just racist, but he tells it how it is unlike Hillary who lies about everything”

1. JUST racist???!? I mean yeah, hillary’s not some shining specimen of race relations but his deal is pretty much a klan member kind!!!!????

2. again Hillary may not have a great track record of controversies but like… she’s actually p honest about them unlike the guy who’s hiding his tax returns and most of his plans for foreign affairs

3. basically it was that one scene in community where the blonde one said “I can excuse racism but draw the line at animal cruelty”

Ghosts, Gals, & Damn Big Guns | Why Ghostbusters is Important No Matter What You Thought of it - HeadStuff
Ghostbusters is a big friggin' deal. Méabh Browne explains why the female-led reboot is so important.

Ghostbusters feels like a love letter written to all the girls out there who wondered why Arwen couldn’t go to Mordor, who cheered when Éowyn pulled off that helmet. It’s a love letter to all of us who gaped as Claire Dearing ran in heels through the entirety of Jurassic World, imagining the blood pumping out of her feet as she did. It’s a love letter to those of us who watched with raised eyebrows as Gamora’s fighting skills in Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to fluctuate depending on how good they wanted Peter Quill to look. It’s a love letter to we who watched The Avengers and asked why on earth Black Widow was wearing wedges. It’s a love letter to fans who watch bitterly as Jupiter Ascending is called plotless nonsense, while Kingsman is “boyish fun” and getting a sequel. This movie is a love letter to all of us who watched and wished we could see ourselves as the point man, the wise guy, the demolitions expert, anything but the goddamn lone squadette who inevitably ends up making out with the lead male even though they spent the movie sniping at each other.

In a shocking turn of events which surprises exactly no one, I have Feelings About Ghostbusters.