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The stories that inspired me yesterday do no inspire me today. So out of all those stories below that I’m super inspired for, which one do you want ?  : 

1. Batsis gets shot at a gala. 
2. Some angst with Bruce being stupid and where he acts as if he doesn’t love the reader just so she’ll leave him blahblahblah. 
3. Something with Logan, that is both fluffy and very sad. 
4. The Batfam is at a party, and Batmom sees an ex who was just plain awful to her…Batfam enters protective mode over their mama/wife. 
5. Alfred have a thing for Batmom’s mother figure. 
6. “who’s turn is it to call mom and/or dad to say we are in jail again” with the Batboys.
7. Wonder Woman being super suspicious of the Men’s World’s doctors, and she kinda doesn’t want to let her pregnant girlfriend in their hands. 

Comment down below or send me a message in my ask box to vote, thanks in advance :-). 

Imagine Woozi feeling at ease whenever Seungkwan’s around him because the younger always seem to calm him down.

actual texts between me and @loveisofthebody this afternoon:

um, whoops indeed

Be a Writer and Have a Cat
  • <p> <b>Beth:</b> [age 9] "When I grow up, I'm going to be a writer, and I'm going to have a cat."<p/><b>Mom:</b> "That sounds awesome. Anything else? Do you want to get married or have a family or anything?"<p/><b>Beth:</b> [shrugging] "I don't really care. I just want to be a writer and have a cat."<p/></p>

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"Nicocchi, you should let me do this more often," Nozomi's face was plastered with a gleeful smile as she ran her hands through Nico's untied black hair. "Just be glad you get to touch the number one idol's hair," the other was quick to reply. Nico could hear Nozomi softly giggle, and her instincts told her to keep up her defense and call her out on her weirdness, but she enjoyed how her fingers felt on her as she braided her hair too much. Of course, Nico would never let her know that.

“Shush, you know you could never get these done without my help.” Nico’s hair was soft to touch, and Nozomi had to resist the urge to touch the back of Nico’s neck. That would be too weird. Definitely exceeding the skin ship of just friends. 

“Oh yeah? Try me.” Nico huffed, but stayed still nonetheless. 

“I have a better idea. How about you braid my hair in return? I miss your touches.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop herself, and she was never so thankful that Nico couldn’t actually see her face.

“Was this all a plan to cheat free labour out of me?” Nico answered quietly. 

“Maybe?” She laughed, partly out of relief, finishing the last touches with a light kiss on Nico’s head. It was only to prolong their time spent together but of course, Nozomi would never let her know that.

i just got back from seeing valerian and i can honestly say that kris wu had the best acting in the movie like even as a long time fan of dane dehaan… kris was really memorable and my friend who saw it with me who didnt know anything about him was asking about him when the movie was over 

Nick NEEDS to make a tongue in cheek tell all book about his time on GA (like Greg did w The Room and his book The Disaster Artist) AND THEN James Franco needs to adapt it into a movie…… 

Character Idea

As a superhero, their weakness was quite obvious; the need to save everyone would eventually be their downfall, the villain thought to themselves. (Little did they know that they would be the one who needed saving; they should count their lucky stars that the superhero’s weakness played in their favor).

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NH 55 from that list of prompts

I really hope this is referring to these prompts because otherwise I’m not sure what this was in reference to. It took me a while to get to this and I’m proper sorry about it, I’ve been working on so many things lately. 

#55 “Shut up and and kiss me already” 


Naruto was not the sort to stay still for long. He preferred action and movement, always leaping headfirst in to the next thing that caught his interest. It was just one more of the hundred reasons that made him and Hinata so good for each other. She tempered him. She was the calm to his jittery storm. 

Like now, as she caught his eyes and stilled his fidgeting with a single glance. Naruto looked back at her with a soppy, doe-eyed stare that brought a tinge of red to her cheeks. He couldn’t wait to see what other places on her body would blush when he gave her that look. 

Then he gave himself a mental smack. Bad self! he thought. No thinking like that with all these people watching you!

He checked out the corner of his eye to see Hinata’s father sitting merely a few feet away. He didn’t seem like he knew what gutters Naruto’s mind had temporarily fallen in to and the blond sighed a little with relief. Then he went back to fidgeting. 

It was just so boring! He hated standing still and listening to people yammer on and the old guy on the other side of him had been yammering on for what felt like hours. He wasn’t even really saying anything new, just reciting some old poem that everyone present had heard probably a hundred times before on similar occasions. 

Finally, he could take it no more. Naruto groaned, drawing the eyes of everyone gathered there that day. 

“Ugh, shut up!” he grumbled. The priest looked at him with a scandalized expression but Naruto was looking at Hinata instead, pulling her in close to his chest. “Kiss me already!” he declared. 

There was some laughter from the audience, some cries of outrage, and not a few wolf whistles. Hinata turned red even as she laughed her pretty, tinkling giggle. All Naruto cared about was the fond look in her eye as she raised herself on to her toes, mouth tilted up obligingly. With a whoop, he bent down and pressed his lips to hers, dipping her low almost as an afterthought. 

Behind them, over the wild cheering and shouting of the gathering guests, he heard the priest stammer out, “I - uh - you may kiss the bride…?”

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I have rocks in my yard developed better than Fray. It is a damn that the book series, tv show and movies are from her pov. A young 18yr old young woman discovers her mother either kidnapped or possibly murdered but she is a half angel. Damn shame, the little characterization she did have vanished. It is so obvious to see how the writers care about her the least and using all of these books to give to her. I hope she is developed more and managed in season 3 better with limitations to her power.

i doubt she’ll be limited ever but i wish there was, like you said, more development. like the character, it is rewarding for the audience when a power-up is earned. it’s boring (and annoying) and holds little to no significance when a new skill is born out of thin air.

even though we all hate her rune to deactivate wards (for Reasons), it came with some emotional struggle.

even though the context of that basement scene in 2x05 was disturbing, clary faces conflict and is helpless, and from this conflict does her sunbeam rune come to life. 

storytelling is based on conflict and there is so much she has experienced, so many lessons to be learned, yet she largely remains the same.

in the same breath i would like to say that she is typically the bringer of conflict (the Goddess of Chaos, Eris), so it is fitting that the series revolves around her and unsurprising that she goes unchanged (apart from becoming more skilled as time goes on).