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Why do I find dan so annoying/ cocky nowadays? It's like he feels he is superior or something and it shows. I get its for the bants and I am probably misinterpreting it but ehh. Idk why I sent this to you, I just needed to get my thoughts out somewhere.

you’re probably just focusing more on his cockiness when he wins or whatever. the thing with dan is, he’s a very vocal person. phil shows his emotions with little things but when it comes to dan he physically radiates it whether he’s annoyed or he’s being cocky or he’s showing love. what i’m trying to say is, pay attention to dan when phil’s talking or saying something silly. you can see the love in his eyes. he’s really just a giant soft babie at heart that has nothing but love to give
also i always think about that post calling dan a big dog that thinks he’s a lap dog. all bark and no bite. silly turnip thinks you can take it when he flings his giant body on you and lick all over your face. has 12/10 softest and purest intentions at heart though i promise

A Heart, Conflicted: Part 2

Pairing: Avenger!McCallPack!Reader x ??? (Isaac Lahey or Peter Parker)

Summary: Y/n leaves Beacon Hills after Allison’s death in order to deal with all the loss that she’s experienced, but soon finds herself saving the world alongside the Avengers.

Word Count: 1555

Warnings: None that I can think of

A/N: I’m sorry this is coming out so slow it’s just hard for me to write beginnings to stories, I’m better at coming up with the angsty parts of stories! But be patient with me y’all I promise I’m doing my best. This is pt. 2 and ik it took forever but I really don’t wanna give y’all half-assed work:((( I’ll try to get pt. 3 out sometime next weekend, but I have finals this week so who knows. Hope y’all enjoy this part, love you guys. Stay Hydrated.

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Hey, as a writer from a "small" (I know that there is a lot of debate between what popular/small/big blogs are but for argument's sake I'll just the genral meaning bc icbf to get specific) blog its really discouraging when I've worked hard on a fic and get like 45 notes. I know that as a writer you want to write for yourself, and im not writing for notes but, it is still discouraging. Sometimes I just wanna become a "big" blog just so ppl will actually read my stuff.

Hey! That is completely understandable to feel discouraged by that. I am in no way trying to invalidate anyone’s feelings towards having a low note count, or not having many people read your works. Perhaps I am not the right person to talk about this issue, because I started posting on here two and a half years ago with no intentions of having anyone read my work, so I never really experienced that kind of discouragement. I was sheerly writing and posting out of excitement, because I was finally feeling a creative spark by taking the new avenue of writing fan fiction after having been stuck in a writer’s block for over a year. Receiving a handful of notes and two messages a week on my stories was an unexpected, but welcomed bonus for me at the time!

Through my previous post, I was mainly trying to highlight the growing issue of blaming “big” writers for the lack of feedback/notes being shared around, when there should be no blame in this situation at all. Everyone deserves a fair go, and everyone deserves feedback, and it’s terribly shitty that not everyone ends up receiving that. And I know many people are tired of hearing the “big writers were once small writers too” spiel, but I had about twenty (I would dare say thirty) oneshots posted on my first blog (two and a half years ago) before I hit my first thousand followers, and started reaching more than a hundred notes on my posts. The mentality that has come about nowadays is that “big” writers magically, out of nowhere, have thousands of readers who provide them with thousands of notes, no matter what they write and post. When the fact of the matter is that the majority of those “big” writers were in your position when they first started out, where they too worked hard to get where they are, and they are still working hard to write and post content. Everyone is working as hard as the next writer, yet unfortunately, the feedback provided to those hard worked stories is incredibly and unfairly selective, as much as we wish it wasn’t.

Now, I am not quite sure what else to say, because I feel like I have exhausted my opinions on the matter! But I want to make sure that under-appreciated and new writers know that note counts do not define the quality of their writing, and I know it is hard to not feel discouraged by the lack of, but please keep that in mind. Please do not let a note count dictate what you do or do not write, please do not let a note count dictate your writing style. I hope that one day, everyone gets the same opportunities as each other in terms of feedback, but the channelling of all the recent negativity into this “big” writer vs. “small” writer war is not going to benefit anyone (I am not saying that you, specifically, are doing that; I just mean that as a generality to those who are).

general study tips

this is just a quick list of study habits that work for me, as a straight a’s student

1. even if it’s not in your teacher’s presentation written on a slide, if you hear your teacher mention a fact, WRITE IT DOWN. you might need it later for a test.

2. when you’re rewriting your notes/compiling a study guide, pretend you’re making it for someone else. include everything, even if you think you know it. (unless you’re low on time, in which case, just write what you don’t know)

3. when you’re trying to learn a new concept, pretend you’re teaching it to someone else. this is a form of active learning, and the act of breaking the concept down into steps that you can teach will improve your understanding of the concept. (for the longest time, i actually didn’t even know this was an actual study technique, because i’ve always done it subconsciously!)

4. don’t over color your notes!! if you really need a key for all the colors, then you’re using way too many. try to stick with 2-3 pens/pencils. for me, i write most of my notes in black ink or pencil and i write the important concepts i might need to find quickly later (such as vocabulary) in red or blue pen.

5. have your water bottle next to you (so you remember to stay hydrated; this makes focusing easier as well), as well as any other things you might need during a study session so you don’t have to keep getting up to get stuff (which is pretty distracting for me as i’m easily sidetracked).

6. make it a habit to write lists of everything you need to do by the end of the weekend (or the end of that day, depending on how much work you have). this’ll help you familiarize yourself with your tasks so you have a clear plan of what needs to get done.

7. (not really necessary, just something i like to do!) learn to eat with your non-dominant hand so you can eat and take notes and turn pages w/out ripping them instead of scrolling through social media. keep in mind that sometimes, meal times are for taking your mind off school so unless you’re really pressed for time, it’s not a huge deal if you spend this time w/passive reading, texting friends, etc.

8. when you’re assigned a research project, COME UP WITH A THESIS FIRST so you know what to research. try to get all your research done within the first two days or so, to have more time to plan out how you’re going to structure it. then get your draft done (something is better than nothing) so you can revise at your own pace instead of rushing at the last minute.

9. prioritize your homework!! as someone who spends hours fencing and even misses school for fencing tournaments, is part of symphonic band, and on the robotics team (build season is suuuuuper busy), i can’t express how important this is!! if you have math first period, get that done first, whereas if you have math last period, you can do it at lunch and spend your time working on something that’s due in the morning. don’t do this all the time, but if you need to, know which teachers are more strict with due dates so if you really do need an extension, you’ll be asking the least strict teacher and will have much better chances of getting said extension.

10. if you study at home like me, change into new clothes (comfy clothes, but not pajamas) before cracking open your textbooks. it’ll help make you feel more refreshed and ready to start your homework, but not confined to uncomfortable uniforms from school. tie up your hair, if it’s long. try to study at a table/desk rather than in bed (for sleeping not studying) or on the floor (bad for your posture).

11. check out this post for productive things you can do when you aren’t studying, but still want to be productive!

hope these helped some of you!!

xoxo, sal

Figure out what you want to do with your life and just do it. Dedicate a separate journal for you to write down all of your goals and detailed steps towards achieving them. Stopping sitting around and half arsing your way through things because you can’t seem to find any direction, because seriously guys, life is what you make it and sometimes you need to get up and force yourself to do the things you know will benefit future you. Things like I’m Still Young or I’m Too Old are out of the question, no matter how old you are, what you study or where you study, use the time you have right now to hustle. I mean really hustle.  Because you don’t want to look back and say you should’ve worked harder, trained harder, tried harder, thought harder, fought harder. Don’t give yourself a reason to have regrets later on in life. 

Study breaks are really important, but sometimes it can be difficult to think of what to do, or even know what kind of break to take. So here are some suggestions for breaks depending on how you’re feeling at the time. 

Some generic multipurpose breaks:

  1. Yoga or guided meditation.
  2. Moisturise your hands, or paint your nails.
  3. Go to the toilet, and get a drink.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Play a game online.
  6. Listen to some music.
  7. Write down a bit of your daydream.
  8. Make a meal.
  9. Play with a pet.
  10. Read an article/wiki page

For when you’re overwhelmed:

  1. Have a relaxing shower with a favourite body wash.
  2. Make sure to step away from your study space, this is important.
  3. Go for a walk; do a short yoga routine, or a 15 minute guided meditation.
  4. Talk to a friend or parent, see if they can give you some support.
  5. Give yourself a treat - like a packet of chocolate buttons, or something small you enjoy. Eat them, and savour them, away from your desk.

For when nothing seems to be coming together:

  1. Make a to-do list of what needs to be done.
  2. Look at the task as if you’ve never seen it before.
  3. Have lunch or a snack, or nice drink. Do it away from your desk.
  4. Do something you enjoy, like reading a bit of a book, or playing a playlist you like.
  5. Talk to someone about the problem; ideally a supportive parent, friend, or teacher

For when you are stressed and want to rip your hair out:

  1. Shower, or have a bath.
  2. Watch funny videos online, or read those funny reviews, like the Haribo gummy bears ones.
  3. A short yoga or guided meditation video can really help (and I’m not one of those ‘yay, yoga’ people, but it can really help).
  4. Do something you are capable of doing without much stress - this could be a chore, a hobby, or something random you like.
  5. Make yourself a drink you enjoy, make it as special as you can, and then find somewhere else to drink it.

When you are bored:

  1. Engage in productive procrastination.
  2. Learn a new skill - such as a basic crochet stitch, or how to start a fire without a lighter.
  3. Watch a TedTalk, or short documentary on YouTube.
  4. Make a study playlist, try to include some music you’ve not heard before.
  5. Find a new recipe to try / place to visit.
  6. Play a quick game online - bingo, pictionary, etc.

When you are hungry, but the bored kind of hungry:

  1. Try eating something that takes longer to prepare. Not just a snack that’s quick to grab, but something that takes a little more time. Cut up your fruit, make it look nice; make several snacks that can be stored for latter or another day.
  2. Take a few minutes to some pictures of your study space or notes, edit them and make them into a post ready to pop on your blog.
  3. Go for a wander. It needn’t be outside, even walking around the stacks in a library and looking for some interesting titles can give you a break (and an inflated reading list, so do this one at your peril).
  4. Paint your nails, or do some cuticle maintenance by moisturising them.
  5. Spend five minutes on Pinterest looking at ideas for crafts or something you enjoy (make sure to set a timer for this, it’s easy to be distracted).

When you haven’t taken a break in a while because breaks are for wussies:

  1. Read about the Pomodoro method and how it helps boost productivity. Use a free timer app to give it a go.
  2. Zentangle, relaxation colouring, going to the toilet, etc.
  3. Just chil-lout. Seriously, do something to relax yourself. You need a break!

When literally anything is more interesting than what you’re supposed to be doing:

  1. Go for a short walk, or do a few stretches away from your study space.
  2. Watch a TedTalk on something interesting or a totally random subject.
  3. Find an article/wiki page on something you know nothing about. Remember to limit yourself, time-wise, on this sort of thing.
  4. Organise your bag/folder/pencil case (anything small you have on you).
  5. Listen to some music in a target language/language you would like to learn.

When something keeps distracting you:

  1. If it’s something you can get rid of, try to do that.
  2. If it’s something you need to do, if possible, then to do it.
  3. If it’s a thought that won’t go away, take five minutes and write it down in as much detail as you can, and then put it away for later.
  4. Leave your study space for a moment, get up and walk around a bit, maybe stretch your neck, back and arms.
  5. Tell your pet what’s wrong. Bonus if you do this in another language.

For when you feel like giving up:

  1. This is a good time to step away from your work and doing something else entirely for a little while. Take a longer break, watch an episode of a show you like, or browse for some new music, read a bit of a book.
  2. Take a shower.
  3. Make yourself a drink and something to eat, and eat it away from your desk. Relax a bit while you’re doing so, and set up a pomodoro-style timer when you get back to studying, so you can remember you’ll soon have another break.
  4. Engage in a small act of kindness.
  5. Pet a cute fluffy friend.

When you feel entirely unproductive:

  1. Perform some productive procrastination! Vacuum the house; wipe down a window, scrub the kitchen tiles, reorganise your underwear drawer. Pick a chore that needs doing and do that. Honestly, even just tidying a bookshelf, or taking your washing out of your room, or packing away some clothes can help. Do something where you will be able to see a visible difference that your actions have made.
  2. Spend half an hour on a hobby you like - knit, make origami swans, fiddle around with a robotics project.
  3. That thing you’ve been putting off? Go on, go and do it, and tick it off your check-list.

I hope that these give you a few ideas for much-needed, and productivity-boosting breaks.


‘  strap in ‘cause this one is rough.  ’
‘  it’s– it’s yucky.  ’
‘  i’m aware of some details of this and it’s– it’s yucky.  ’
‘  i’m not a gambling man, but i don’t really like those odds.  ’
‘  we could conceivably run into this guy taking a dump in the woods or something.  ’
‘  are you fucking out of your mind?  ’
‘  i’m starting to think you want to die.  ’
‘  you turned a corner on that one pretty quick.  ’
‘  oh my god, it’s fucking horrifying.  ’
‘  there’s an elk, though. there’s a deer over there.  ’
‘  here’s the remains and rubble of one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time and you’re looking at the fucking deer in the forrest.  ’
‘  maybe they were in there telling ghost stories.  ’
‘  that’s not what pillow talk is, i don’t think.  ’
‘  pillow talk could either mean something you do after sex or it could mean what’s like sleepover talk.  ’
‘  do you tell ghost stories after sex?  ’
‘  all very effective for– for murder.  ’
‘  they stabbed him so hard that the knife bent.  ’
‘  you would think that there’d be at least one witness.  ’
‘  you see someone running through the forrest covered in blood, you’re probably not gonna bat an eye.  ’
‘  that’s not how the forrest works.  ’
‘  excuse me, sir. why are you covered in blood?  ’
‘  i’m glad to know that you would be the worst crime scene witness of all time.  ’
‘  oh, you were phrasing it in a dramatic way.  ’
‘  what is it about killers– that they want to be caught so badly… or like they want to get as close to being caught without being caught?  ’
‘  i can’t put my mind into the mind of a criminal.  ’
‘  i can put my mind into the mind of a criminal.  ’
‘  some of them must be friends, others would like to plunge knives into each other.  ’
‘  i can imagine one friend of yours murdering you.  ’
‘  i’m pretty sure there was a coverup by the police department.  ’
‘  70′s and 80′s police were always just like, ‘oh, you murdered someone? you got forty bucks?’  ’
‘  great! what else do you want?! i murdered people for you! and now… what?  ’
‘  oh, so i’m the psycho cause i murdered for you!?  ’
‘  what, the police were just writing fan fiction?  ’
‘  this is just baffling to me.  ’
‘  i guess that’s their job, but can you imagine how much goddamn paperwork is involved in that? so much!  ’
‘  i’m pretty sure we’re being watched, so i kind of wanna leave, to be honest.  ’
‘  i’ve had enough of this place and i haven’t even been here that long. i hate this place.  ’
‘  this boogeyman is very thorough.  ’
‘  i guess we’re lucky he got lazy.  ’
‘  the greatest safety precautions of our time are written in blood.  ’
‘  i think they’re tired of this ongoing saga that never ends.  ’
‘  you know, i actually disagree with that last sentiment.  ’
‘  this is like straight-up end of days shit going on.  ’
‘  this could’ve been the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, in my mind.  ’
‘  i’ve daydreamed about having an amazing bunker that has satellite tv.   ’
‘  ‘bad advil’ sounds like a shitty indie band.  ’
‘  the wild west was the 80′s.  ’
‘  in the 80′s you could walk in a store, pocket a soda, punch a guy in the face, and then be like ‘see ya later. fuck you!’ cops wouldn’t get to your door for weeks.  ’
‘  he had books that were just titled ‘how to crime’? if he had a book called ‘how to crime’ then there’s your guy.  ’
‘  oh, yeah… nah, i’m good. eh, bit of a reach.  ’
‘  some old lady in florida bought the unabomber’s typewriter?  ’
‘  maybe this guy was really in the dog house and was just desperate for any kind of turn of affection from her so he thought, ‘i know that i’ll do! i’ll write the fbi!’  ’
‘  no, i didn’t– what, is there anything to suggest that i would chase my mom with an axe?  ’
‘  i think you wear a mask sometimes.  ’
‘  maybe you should keep digging and see what happens.  ’
‘  these are two messed up weirdos who have found each other and it’s almost a shockingly beautiful love story.  ’
‘  i don’t get it. i just wanna talk about my work and everyone just keeps seeming to bring up all my past of all the shitty stuff i’ve done.  ’
‘  ugh, this guy’s gross.  ’
‘  it must’ve been fun to be a criminal in the 80′s.  ’
‘  everything before the 80′s – just lawless.  ’
‘  get your sunglasses ready because this one is packed full of bright stars.  ’
‘  i’m good to go. i’m always ready, baby!  ’
‘  it came true so she was actually warranted in all these fears.  ’
‘  this would be like if you were eaten by a shark.  ’
‘  i thought for a second we were talking about things that are actually scary.  ’
‘  i’m gonna let this slide because i know you’re just trying to get a rise out of me.  ’
‘  does that man have a magical penis or something?  ’
‘  you think the only reason someone would go back to someone is because they have a magical penis?  ’
‘  i feel like divorce is probably a lot of work.  ’
‘  do you not know how love works?  ’
‘  maybe i don’t know how love works.  ’
‘  i have a hard time imagining someone going gaga over christopher walken.  ’
‘  i bet when you get in a room with christopher walken, he commands the space.  ’
‘  i brought some cocktail weenies.  ’
‘  one of my greatest fears is that someone will trick me into doing heroin.  ’
‘  that’s the dumbest fear i’ve ever heard in my life.  ’
‘  how many situations can you be in that would put you up to that potential danger?  ’
‘  how many parties are you going to where heroin’s involved? it seems like a lot.  ’
‘  it’s the fear that someone would come up to me on the street and put heroin in me and then i’m hooked forever.  ’
‘  here’s what must’ve happened… these forty things, in succession.  ’
‘  what are you trying to do, fuck my wife?  ’
‘  why would he make this up?  ’
‘  he– he was just trying to fuck someones wife.  ’
‘  i can’t imagine murdering someone even when drunk.  ’
‘  when you drink you can imagine murdering someone?!  ’
‘  i ate a pumpkin once when i was drunk… i just took a bite out of a pumpkin.  ’
‘  that’s a rational fear!  ’
‘  that is not a rational fear!  ’
‘  these are the musings of a paranoid man.  ’


- Where Harry doesn’t talk and falls in love with Y/n.

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It’s Monday, which means that Harry has to start his week with Physics class.

Harry doesn’t mind the subject itself, he actually has come to the conclusion that it’s the class he’s most interested in—it’s more so the three-hour lab that couldn’t seem to end soon enough. Physics lab means three hours of group research, which requires an abundance of group participation and discussion—all of which makes Harry want to crawl out of his own skin.

And despite Physics holding Harry’s highest grade in university, everyone in that class only hopes to not be paired with him.

Not one student has heard him utter a single word, which ultimately led them to believe that his lack of participation will jeopardize their already mediocre grades. But Harry always finds himself writing all the data information to make up for his lack of discussion, even if he hated it.

So inevitably, Harry lets out an inaudible sigh when he settles into his chair, hair a bit disheveled and eyes still watering from the early hour. And he mentally curses himself for sleeping in a couple extra minutes because now he hasn’t gotten a single ounce of caffeine to help him feel more prepared for the next three hours.

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its really easy to write extravagantly about saturn and bring out powerful issues that shape you as a person, but sometimes it can be comforting to know these obstructions we face in this area of life are not for nothing. way deeper stuff is happening with saturn. some of it surfaces like this 

saturn in the 1st: learning to like yourself 
saturn in the 2nd: feeling like you ‘never get ahead’
saturn in the 3rd: reading in school reports, ‘so much potential, but….’
saturn in the 4th: feeling cold and unwelcome inside 
saturn in the 5th: like you will be punished for feeling good 
saturn in the 6th: feeling you are redundant or not useful 
saturn in the 7th: feeling like youre not good enough for anyone 
saturn in the 8th: lacks confidence with intimacy
saturn in the 9th: has a difficult time finishing university 
saturn in the 10th: has always had to fight for a voice 
saturn in the 11th: friends can break your heart 
saturn in the 12th: suffering with sufferers; the mentally ill, people suffering addiction, people suffering trauma magnetise to the person 

How to Create a Self-Study Schedule

If you’re studying any foreign language on your own (or without a course) you’re going to need to be extra organized. Your language study is in your own hands and so is how much you learn. There is no one holding you accountable or motivated either. So it’s entirely up to you to make sure you’re organized and planning enough material that your learning at a comfortable pace. There are roughly two ways to learn languages on your own. There are roughly two ways to go about planning your language study: intensively or casually. Here are my tips for intensive studying and I’ll post about casual studying soon:

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aww im listening to this old podcast from dunkirk promo and the guy talks about how nice harry was. if you listen from 18:49 you can hear it but idk i love these stories so much because when people on this hell site write their metas about how secretly evil harry is it sometimes gets me down but then i just remember that literally every person who has met him only ever talk about how lovely and genuinely kind he is (soundcloud*com/straightuphollywood/go-big-and-go-dunkirk#t=18:48)

the guy: i’m all about harry styles, man. i didn’t think i’d like this guy, but i met him and he’s a charmer, man! i mean, beyond the fact that his cheekbones, i mean, are lethal. he goes out of his way to really show people that he’s, you know, a good guy. he’s just a regular guy and, you know, i’m not so sure what else is going on there, but that guy, he’s put on a charm offensive with dunkirk. he is funny, he is… during the press conference for dunkirk, the plane hangar in santa monica, he was one of the few people that was actually making christopher nolan laugh. that’s not easy to do, make christopher nolan laugh, by the way.

the woman: you told me that you tried

the guy: i made one, i made one joke, i attempted one joke with christopher nolan and i believe i got a smirk, which i think that’s as far as it was gonna go, one joke and then from here on out i’m serious. but, like, harry styles could just do anything. and he even started out the interview fixing my phone cause i was having an issue with the light and he was like helping me out which was a little awkward

the woman: wait, he was fixing your cellphone?

the guy: yeah, he was fixing my cellphone cause i had the light on cause it was dark but he was showing me how to do like the little light thingy. quite charming! and then my friend was showing him around all day and the next day he sent her the. best. bouquet. of flowers. just to say thank you and i was really impressed by that. this is a guy…

the woman: a stand up dude

the guy: yeah, he’s a stand up dude and a great actor. love you, harry

the woman: team harry! 

the guy: i’m on team harry! i’m there

WOW IM FULL ON CRYING HARRY’S SO LOVELY!!!!!! i love my funny and respectful mans

full thing

A Mega Ultra jacksepticeye inspirational quotes compilation!

I hope these help all you beautiful people as much as they have helped and still help me! @therealjacksepticeye

Life’s full of secrets. You just gotta go looking for them.

It doesn’t matter if your passion is arranging shoes or something like that,
whatever you enjoy doing, whatever makes you happy, whatever you feel like gives you that drive to get up the morning and you feel like you really want to do something…that- it’s so important that you find that in your life.

Doing what is easiest and simplest is not always a good idea. Sometimes it’s the hardest stuff that is the best stuff to do.

No matter what thing you’re doing, no matter what job you’re doing, no matter how much you love it, it’s not easy and simple 100% of the time.

As long as you’re writing from your heart and writing honestly, that’s art and no one should ever judge you for that.

Learn from your weaknesses and fears, embrace them. Then nobody will be able to use them.

If you do have something individual in you to definitely pursue that and make it your own thing but there’s no shame in also conforming and fitting in. ‘Cause some people don’t have the confidence to be an individual, some people don’t have the confidence to go out there on a limb and be that weird, quirky, unique thing. Sometimes people are happiest just when they’re fitting in and there’s nothing wrong with that. I would lean more on expressing your individuality more, though.

You can wait all you want for great things to happen, but why not try to make them happen right now because none of us know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

I have no idea what we’re doing or why we’re here, but I’m glad that you’re with me. Glad that YOU’re with me too. I don’t wanna go on this trip alone.

Everything will be alright maybe not today but eventually!

If your out there and your feeling discriminated, if your feeling alone, if your feeling like there’s absolutely nowhere else to turn there absolutely is! There’s always somewhere to turn. There’s always someone that’s willing to listen. There’s always somebody who’s going through the same thing you’re going through. It just takes time to be able to find them, and to be able to open up. So just hang in there and be strong, and keep up the good fight, because bright days are ahead. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. It may not be next week, but brighter days are coming and they will happen, and you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been before because of that, because of that patience. I know it’s hard, I know there’s a struggle there. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to go through that. But I believe in you!

You should never ever feel bad being who you are, at the cost of upsetting other people. You should be allowed to be who you are, who you want to be, to be safe and comfortable in your own skin, and not feel attacked in that.

Go out there, enjoy yourself, make the most of what you have because none of us know how long we have on this plane of existence, none of us know what lies beyond this; this state of being; a lot of us wish for things that are beyond this,
a lot of us are waiting for that, but we don’t know and because we don’t know, i say that, that makes trying worth it right now. You can wait all you want for great things to happen, but why not to try to make them happen right now, because none of us know whats going to happen tomorrow. So, try your best right now and what you have in this situation that you’re in at this moment in time, you don’t have to do amazing things, but as long as you’re trying your best to make the most of it then that’s a success in my mind, so just don’t take anything for granted.

All you need is a strong heart and a good attitude and you will get anywhere in life.

We’re all human and flaws come out every now and then but, if you want to be positive in your day, if you want to be positive in your life, in your job, try and celebrate the little things. If you do something that’s just like, nothing. If you write
down your to-do-list for the day celebrate that. Be happy in what you do, be proud of the little things that you do each day, I think…You just kinda have to go out there and just do it. You have to go out there and grab life while you can. Go out there and make the most of the time that you have. Cause you only get one trip around on this big wheel of life, you don’t get a do-over. You don’t get to wait around for the good things to happen. You have to make the good things for yourself happen now. You have to try and be as happy as you can be in the scenario that you’re in. Not always possible, some people have it very very hard to be happy, some people are in completely terrible and rough, dire situations and I very much sympathize with that and that’s- again, there’s a lot more nuance to this. It’s not just as simple as being “Go out there and be happy”. There’s a lot more to life than just being positive, but if I can motivate people or give some sort of semblance of advice towards that kind of aspect, then I will
try my best. But just know that it’s okay if you’re not positive all the time. It just means that you’re HUMAN.

Life is all about taking steps. You gotta go a tiny bit, one bit at a time. You can’t do life all in one go.

Everyone changes, that’s just a fact of life. No matter what you do, change is gonna happen. The thing is  whether you change for the better or the worst. It’s not a thing of whether you’re gonna change or you’re not
gonna change, that’s just not the way it works. That’s not the way the world works. It’s not black or white like that, it’s always a case of whether you’re gonna change for the better or the worse or how you change as a person.

Just hang in there, better days are ahead.

If you can’t find any inspiration, become it.

Try new things, you might impress yourself.

Time will progress, time will always go on.

Any of the problems or regrets that I might have, it’s molded me into the character I am right now, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your past, you should help it motivate you into a better future.

Earn your success, don’t expect it to be given.

Life’s not all about getting medals. Life is about the journey and the experience and the story you have to tell at the end of it.

You may not think you mean a lot but you really do.

Go out there and show the world who’s boss!

I hope I can be here. As a voice, as a friend while playing video games for you. If you feel depressed or lonely or anything like that Jack is here!

Life will try and bring you down, it’ll harpoon you through the ass, but you gotta keep on movin’ and keep on bossin!

People are just gonna hate you for really stupid reasons sometimes. And you just gotta power through it. You just gotta brush it off. Be yourself. Be happy with who you are. And stop trying to please everybody else. Just be happy. Don’t take the haters seriously.

Go out there and find what drives you, what motivates you, find what your true passion is and just throw yourself at it. It might not work at first and you might feel like it’s going to fail or it’s too much to take on but just make a start somewhere. If you want change to happen, make a start and do it. I believe in you.

I get that change is scary for a lot of people, and they’re used to seeing something the same way for a long time but rest assured I’m still
the same person. No matter what I do, no matter where I go, no matter what I dress as, look like, I’m surrounded by, I’m still gonna be the same person, or at least I’m gonna try to be. I’m still always gonna be- gonna try to be the best person I can be for myself and for you!

So if you’re in that scenario and you feel like your thoughts are just getting worse and worse and you feel like the end is here, it’s not the end. There is always more joy to be had in life. It may feel like it’s the end; it may feel like the worst possible scenario you could be in, and that’s just your entire world at that moment, but all it takes is a moment of clarity to turn that moment of turmoil into a moment of enlightenment. That time might reveal more to you. That after that you might realize to yourself that life IS worth living. That it IS worth going on.
That what you’re going through is not the worst thing that could happen to you at that time. And I truly believe that anybody can get through anything they’re going through. If you’re having a really hard time, I believe that you can get through it. I don’t believe that that’s the be all and end of all of everything. It might not immediately get better, and life never does immediately get better. Life is one of those things that’s worth fighting for. Because the great times do come. And I really believe that there’s great times out there for everybody, that everybody has their moment, their shining time. And it’s not just a case of getting that moment, and then'that’s it.’ There’s plenty of moments to be had, and your moment is right around the corner! Believe that! And hang in there, and trust in yourself to get there. I believe in you! And I know plenty other people believe in you as well so just hold on and keep on fighting that good fight. And if you feel
like you’re just stuck in a rut somewhere, anything can happen on a day to day basis…. life’s weird, but life is fantastic.

For the world is yours, and you can do whatever you want. As long as you put your mind to it, anything is possible. So go out there, and get
what you need!

If I can make one person laugh or smile then I consider what I do to be a success.

It’s not about the final product, it’s about the journey, the experience, the thrill of putting something together saying, ‘yes! I did this!’

Go beyond your limits, go beyond whatever it is you think you’re capable of.

Sometimes you gotta have downs to have ups. It’s not always gonna be fucking rainbows and sunshine all the time. That just doesn’t work. That isn’t life. Life is gonna kick you in the hoochies every now and then, you just gotta go ‘Hey that hurt! That made me cry. But I’m gonna get up stronger from that and not get kicked in the hoochies again!

If you’re going through absolute sadness you definitely, you 100% have the capability of turning that around and going through absolute joy.

Like, sadness helps you experience the good times as well. How do you know what’s good if you don’t know what’s truly bad? You have to have
some of the dark times to experience the light every now and then.

Please keep your chin up, you may not feel it but you are a unique beautiful individual in your own way.

You’re never alone.

Sometimes it’s good to take a deeper look at yourself and see the flaws so you can work on them and become a better person.

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Round and Round | Billy Hargrove

Summary: You aren’t really friends with Billy, until you are. And you don’t think you like him, until you do. And Billy might like you a bit more than he realises, until he does.

Word Count: 6958

Warnings: swearing, mentions of abuse, mention of death, that all I think

Disclaimer: I feel like I need to say this. There’s a bit where Billy says something about Californian girls being sluts. This doesn’t reflect my views, I don’t know Californian girls, I’ve never been there, it was just there for part of the story, and no offence intended.

A/N: This wasn’t requested but I started writing this before I had any requests and thought I should finish it. Any way this was really put together in my head, with a clear ark and it all tied together, it’s a bit of a mess on paper but I hope you still like it and I hope Billy isn’t to ooc. Just so you know the reader is bisexual, I put that in cause I’m bi and I like to add it when I can. They don’t talk about it for long but if you don’t like it you can either skip over it or read something else I don’t really care. So, I just read over this to edit and realised how rushed and plain shit this is… but it written so imma post it any way. Any way check out this post to see how you’d like me to go about writing from now on

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13.04 coda

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This weird… feeling follows him around for the rest of the day. Just out of nowhere.

It’s probably left over from his talk with Sam. His guilt eases a bit. He feels impossibly lighter – even though their situation has not changed, everything is just as hopeless as it was yesterday, and yet, in the middle of the day and for no real reason at all, Dean feels better. Like something has just gone right with the world, even though that’s impossible.

He leaves Sam by the telescope and Jack in the kitchen, where the poor kid stood stock still until he was sure that Dean had left the room, and decides to go somewhere else, somewhere he knows he won’t be bothered.

The archives.

He looks around the corner behind him, and then down the hallway in front of him. He looks behind him one more time, and it’s with this weird feeling buzzing around in his chest and only when the coast is clear that he unzips his inner jacket pocket.

“Here,” Mia had said, holding out her hand.

Dean pursed his lips. “What’s that,” he grumbled, though the answer was obvious.

“My card.” Mia’s hand shook where she held out the small white business card, but she squared her shoulders and held her ground. “I know you don’t believe in it, but if you ever change your mind. If you ever get tired of being angry. You let me know.”

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If you want to stay in your corner of the world forever, do it. Go to the same restaurants, be friends with the same people, walk the same streets. If you’re happy, you don’t need to travel the world. You don’t have to cross state lines or backpack across Europe to know you’re where you belong.

If you want to leave, don’t let someone stop you. Run as far as you can and experience the life you want. Throw yourself into new cultures, make mistakes, and learn as much as you can. Get bored and go back home or fall in love and never go back.

We all need something different and no one can tell you what that is. Sometimes you have to do what scares you, do what you love, or do what is hard. Above all else though, you have to do what’s right for you. If you live your life for other people, you’ll never really live it.

—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #88

anonymous asked:

How do I stay motivated to write on a schedule? I want to write more, and I thought planning writing out might help.

Hey, nonny, thanks for your question! I’m pretty sure every writer has faced this problem at some point, and motivation can be hard to come by. I’m currently in a writing slump, and really I’m just making myself write every day. You’ve kind of asked two questions here - how to stay motivated/write on a schedule, and the benefits of planning, so I’ll address both. 

How to Write Consistently

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution that will solve all your problems and make you want to write all the time. Sometimes, you lose motivation or inspiration, and you don’t know how to get past it. Here are a few tips to keep you writing on a consistent schedule:

  • Set yourself a goal to reach every day. Whether it’s 100 words or a 1000, give yourself something to work towards when you write daily. For me, the site 750 Words has helped me write a consistent amount every day. 
  • Try writing sprints. If you’re really pressed for motivation, just set a timer and start writing as much as you can. Sprints can get your creative juices flowing.
  • Learn to write even when you don’t have motivation/inspiration. You may not always feel like writing, but if you realize that sometimes you have to write when you don’t want to, it can make things a lot easier and help you push past a bout of writer’s block. Be careful you don’t overwork yourself, though.
  • Set yourself a literal schedule. Set aside some time every day where you just write, and you won’t be distracted. If you do it daily, you’ll set a routine that you can follow, and make writing a habit.
  • Choose a place where you write. If you can, write in the same place every day - make it feel official. Write wherever you’re not going to be distracted, and where you’re most comfortable and motivated. 
  • Tell someone about your plans to write every day (or however often). If you tell someone, or post it somewhere, that you’re going to write consistently, odds are you’ll feel a lot more motivated to actually follow through on your promise.
  • Keep track of when you write/reach a word count goal. Mark it down on your calendar every day you sit down and write.
  • If you’re really not feeling your story/fic/novella or whatever you’re writing at the time, write something just to keep yourself in the habit. Make a diary entry, or a one-shot, or a blog post. Just make sure you keep the habit. Who knows - maybe after writing something unrelated, you’ll get more inspiration for your main work!

Planning or Pantsing? 

Read: Do I plan it or wing it? 

Personally, I am more of a panster - I tend to let my story take me where it wants as I write, and I don’t plan a lot of it. However, I do plan the rough plot points and arcs - but I usually end up changing something while I write. So, take my opinion on planning and pansting with a grain of salt. 


For some people, planning their story to a ‘T’ helps them stay motivated - they know what scenes they want to include, they know how all of the scenes and plot points fit together, they know how their character arcs tie into the subplots, etc etc.

However, for some people, knowing too much about their story before they write it can hinder them and make them lose motivation. They might feel restricted by their original plan.


When some people write a story, they like to know nothing about it as they go into it. There are varying degrees of this - some people have a general plot, some just have an inciting incident and start from there. They might feel that this gives them more freedom with their story and boost their creativity.

On the flip side, not knowing anything about their story can make some people feel lost. They might not know how to connect scenes and plot points without a plan, or how the story should continue.

Originally posted by fuckyeahdragrace

So, how do you know which one suits you, you ask? That’s up to you. You just have to see which one works for you through experience. (Generally, even if you’re pansting, you’ll probably have some idea of where your story is going, even if it changes.) Don’t be afraid to stray from your plan, or rewrite something you don’t like. It’s up to you!

Hopefully this helped you out! Here are all of our posts about outlines, if you want to start planning more. If you have another question, feel free to ask, and good luck writing!

-Mod Gen

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

minimalist studyblr challenge

hi everyone!! recently i read marie kondo’s book the life changing magic of tidying and i think there’s a few core messages that she gives which are sagely!  

in today’s studyblr community, where some feel left out because they don’t have the studyblr “aesthetic”, and sometimes really expensive stationery, behold, a 28-day challenge which embodies minimalism!

p.s. the challenge doesn’t have to be done on consecutive days (since i know it’s stressful for some people). minimalism is not about getting rid of your treasured possessions, but about decluttering and remembering the most important things in life which bring you happiness!

Week 1

  1. post a pic/write about any “clutter” you have in your life, whether that be physical clutter in your study spaces, mental or emotional clutter
  2. post a picture of your study essentials (< 5 items!)
  3. write about something that sparks joy! it doesn’t have to be study related! 
  4. do a declutter of your study equipment - how many of those pilot juice pens and fineliners do you really need?
  5. post anything you like but write about what motivates you to study at the end of the day, when you’re bone tired, and it’s just you and the textbook
  6. write about a moment where you felt overwhelmed with too many things and how you overcame it
  7. post a picture of your newly minimalist study space

Week 2

  1. post a picture of your minimalist bullet journal spread for the new week!
  2. write about something/someone that allows you to pursue your education and your dreams i.e. something that you’re grateful for
  3. post a picture of some minimalist doodles/line art you’ve drawn
  4. if you had to describe your day with only emojis?
  5. post a pic and write about simple pleasures: your secret cafe study space? your favourite cuppa? that new book smell? the feeling when you crack out the first sentence of a new page of study notes? be creative!
  6. your favourite minimalist quote
  7. post a pic of your favourite book! if you learnt a (minimalist) lesson from it then share that as well!

Week 3

  1. post a picture of some minimalist study notes you have
  2. advice you’ve received which made you look back at the important things in life
  3. snapchat time filter your day - take 4 pics which encapsulate what you were doing throughout the day
  4. post a minimalist picture of study notes, bullet journal, anything study related and in the caption say what you love about that photo
  5. pay homage to an awesome teacher/prof in your life that was just chill, didn’t make your life harder, and just generally understood what it was like to be a student. gave you an extension? decided there wouldn’t be 6pm classes because he knew everyone wanted to get home earlier (including himself)? 
  6. post a pic/write about your daily routine 
  7. post a picture of a minimalist mind map you use to study

Week 4

  1. switch off! post a timelapse/take a pic of a study session where it’s all pen on paper!
  2. write about your favourite minimal effort study technique
  3. post a picture of your school bag essentials
  4. post anything you like but in the caption write about a study tip that made your life simpler
  5. post a picture of what you ate today, and write about whether it reflects what you want your ideal diet to be like? is there something you’d like to change about your eating habits? getting rid of processed foods?
  6. write about how you decide whether you really ‘need’ to buy something. maybe even make it into a reminder to stop yourself from excess purchases and cluttering up your life. 
  7. post a pic to celebrate all the ways you’ve embraced minimalism (and simple things sparking joy) and your hopes for the future!

tag #optomstudies so that i can follow along with your challenge progress! ^__^

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Recovery isn’t always beautiful. In fact, recovery is rarely ever beautiful–recovery is really fucking hard. Some days, recovery is getting up at six am and going to the gym, going to all your classes, and starting your work early. A lot of days, though, recovery is getting up at the last possible second, but, hey, you still went to class. It’s doing your work at the last minute, but, you still did it. Sometimes it’s not going to the gym, because, fuck it, you need sleep more. Recovery isn’t always green tea and avocado toast, or doing yoga in the middle of a forest. Recovery is a lot of hard work, full of crying, screaming and wanting to give up all the fucking time. But you don’t, because that’s what recovery is–fighting until you have nothing left, and then fighting some more, because fuck the sadness; because, even on your worse days, you are so much stronger than it; even on your worse days, you are still recovering, because you didn’t give up.

Faking It

Summary: You and Bucky want to get some time alone, but your plan to do so backfires.

Word Count: 1310

Warnings: implied sex, actual smut (brief though), swearing

A/N: this idea smacked me in the face and i had to write it XD

You love your team. 

You love them, you really do. But sometimes, you just want to spend some time with your boyfriend and watch Netflix. It’s hard to do that when everyone is constantly doing group activities, whether it be going to dinner or for a collective workout session.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, how do you find the ideas for you writings? The plot is just so intriguing, creative, and beautiful. I have this problem finding new ideas for my projects. The ones I had in mind seemed to be too plain or boring. Any advice?

A simple method for creating cool stories:

Step One: Steal Concepts. 

I don’t mean specific details or unique ideas or full stories. I mean base level concepts. 

  • You enjoyed a story about a pantheon of wacky gods? 
  • You really like the idea of an epic car race? 
  • You love how awesome the elemental powers are in a certain movie?
  • You can’t get enough vampire stories? 
  • You’re a big fan of forbidden love?

Steal those concepts. They’ve all been done before. The concepts alone aren’t anyone’s creative property. They are a bit boring as stagnant concepts that don’t fit into anything, but that’s okay for now. 

Step Two: Combine a bunch of these stolen concepts.

Imagine I just stole all those concepts. Now I’m going to put them together. It goes a little something like this…

(Please note that I didn’t have any idea I was going to be putting them all together this when I came up with the list above. It’s a totally random bunch of concepts.)

So. We have a pantheon of wacky gods. They control this world where the technology has progressed enough for their to be car-like vehicles, and the humans who create them like to race them for sport, while the gods watch and sometimes appear to congratulate the winners. This is a forbidden love story, so lets follow one of the racers and one of the gods.

Now the gods in this story are all elemental based gods, and their devote followers have a certain control over the element of the god they follow. They often use these powers in the races, though it’s technically illegal. 

Where do the vampires fit in? Fuck, um… So the races are getting more and more extreme, yeah? And at the start of the story, they lead through a series of not-quite-explored caverns with crazy monsters. One of these monster species are vampiric, and on rare occasions can transfer their need for blood to a human they bite.

(For simplicity, we’ll say that humans turned vampire cannot create more vampires. There have not been many of these human-vampires for centuries because the monsters who turn them were mostly extinct. Human-vampires are shunned by the gods, not allowed to use elemental powers, and can’t race.)

Our human hero is a devote follower of one particular god, and is secretly in love with this god, who they don’t realize is also secretly in love with them. They dive their car into the crazy caverns and get bitten by a monster, turning them into a vampire. Afraid that they can no longer be near the love of their life, they struggle to hide their vampire side while competing to reach the final race so they can continue seeing the god they love.

Wooh. That was a mess.

If you want something that feels less chaotic, you’ll have to use a larger list of concepts and pick and choose what fits most neatly together, but as you can see, you can build a functioning story out of pretty much anything.


  • This works for individual scenes, for settings, for character building, etc. 
  • It might require a bit of brainstorming as you try to piece the concepts together in a useful way.
  • There are plenty of other perfect good ways of creating a story. This is just the one I use most often for speculative fiction and seems to come up with the most unique stories.

If you’re having trouble getting this method to work, experiment with it merely for fun. Come up with a long list and use it to build ten novels you don’t plan to write. Focus on being as crazy, chaotic, and stupidly creative as possible. Sometimes you have to run through a bunch of terrible but hilarious plot ideas before you find one you really love.