writing prose

When I was younger, I always thought there was something romantic and inspiring about fighting for the one you love and trying to win them back.

But as I sit here, broken and lost, I’ve come to realize that there is absolutely nothing amazing about trying to convince someone to love you back.

—  thoughtsofla
This might not work out,” she says.

“But even if it doesn’t, at least we’ll know that we tried. At least we can live without wondering what could’ve been.”

She pauses, then grins suddenly.

“And anyway, isn’t the journey more important than the destination?

—  isn’t the journey more important?
1. Be patient with her.
2. Don’t be greedy with her time and attention. Let her feel that you won’t consume her space.
3. Be there for her. Every time. When she needs someone to listen to her drama even if it’s 4 in the morning, stay with her. Be her favorite pillow that knows all of her stories and secrets. Don’t leave her until she falls asleep.
4. Listen to her when she sings ‘Honeymoon Avenue’. It is her favorite song. Don’t interrupt her, even if she’s crying so hard and she’s starting to mumble the lyrics. Look at her through her eyes. Feel her pain. Feel her presence; it’s the real her. Embrace the world she’s living in right now; she’s badly hurt. Don’t comfort her with promises. Unless you mean them.
5. When she says everything’s going to be alright, she means it, but she still doubts. Encourage her.
6.Be the moonlight that will guide her and bring her back to her path. Be the light in her darkest night.
7. Accept her weird taste.
8. Focus on her details. Her actions tell the truth. If she texts you, “I’m okay. Don’t worry,” Don’t believe her. Travel to her home and comfort her with her favorite food.
9. Remember that some things are better left unsaid. If she doesn’t talk at first about her past, don’t bring it up. She’s trying not to remember everything. Help her to move forward. You can’t save her from reminiscing, but you help her to not look back anymore.
10. She wears her heart on her sleeve. If she tells you she loves the way you treat her, appreciate it, because it’s real.
11. Adore her from her smiles to her soul.
12. You’ll never know when she will become a child again; she loves to play everything around her. She loves to dance in the rain, play with someone’s hair and even make you mad on purpose. But she appreciates everything, from the sunflowers she sees every morning to the stars she connects every night. Every effort, every smile. Accept her and be her childhood best friend.
13. If she’s already into you, don’t lose the chance but don’t take advantage of her.
14. Loving her will be your best mistake. Get ready for the consequences you will experience throughout the journey with her. She loves to be in danger; protect her every time. Love her until you can’t recall what it was like before her, and celebrate waking up to her every morning, and falling asleep together every single night.
Talk to her to see what’s going on in her life. At least one hour a day. That’s less than ten percent of your day. She deserves more than that. But at least one hour a day will do for you to show you that you love her by giving her quality time. And by giving her your quality time you show her not just you love her—but she’s beautiful.
—  Juansen Dizon // Talk To Her
Constellations are such arbitrary things
Stick figures, born of imaginary lines
Drawn between infinitesimal points of light
Thousands of years ago, when we believed the gods had placed them there.

And yet, they endure.
We teach our children
To look to the sky, to find Orion
And Cassiopeia
And to trace the outlines of the stories of ages past,
Forever etched in the inky sky.

I think that
If I could choose a single place to be remembered
It would not be in books or word-of-mouth
Or even as another cryptic artwork, origins lost to time.
I would wish
To be remembered in the stars
In hopes of finding my place among the legends.
—  EMJ // Stick Figures In The Clear Night Sky
Every day feels like a break up because we’re not together.


How do I make the pain stop?

I love you - three words made out of glass falling out like my teeth used to in my darkest dreams. The moon is hanging in the sky like a pale eggshell which absorbs the light of the stars through the black night. I’m nothing more than shaking whispers; an open chest, offering you my heart and your face is a mask of shadows which I can’t read. My last sentence is lying between us, kissing my tears with bittersweetness while I’m waiting for my salvation which you aren’t willing to give me but then your lips open up to carry my heart.
—  the night when I finally understood why people fear silence || j.n. || based on a prompt by inkstay

i can’t wait, but i can— it’s agreeably vexing— how will the future be shaped? the space between Then and Now is nebulous and infinite. the measure of time is elongated and plentiful; i relish it, and i spend it thriftlessly. the only salt in my diversion is this— once i leave my pleasant purgatory, all possibilities will funnel into one path, and infinity will end.