“The Zootopia Mountains have isolated most bad weather in the harbor side of the city since the city terraforming project began, making most large **** a distant memory to local residents. There are records of the flood ********”

**** : Too blurry to read




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Okay, now someone write a fic about Zootopia Terraforming, please!

Consider this a Writing Prompt.

gavrielsaporta  asked:

So I got home late last night and fell into bed dead tired and when I woke up I had a note on my phone that says "if peter and juno ever get married it's only because peter is picking a surname for an alias and juno mumbles 'what about steel'" and then I apparently typed a bunch of emojis but I thought it would make a good fic prompt

That idea made me giggle and blush, it was so fluffy. I don’t think you understand how hard it can be to do that, so major kudos to you, madam.

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He pointed at the space captain in horror, finger trembling. “It’s bad luck to have a woman on the ship!” He looked to the first mate for support, who raised a brow. 

“Well, then you might want to jump back to those reptiles trying to eat you, because I think they might be the closest non woman you’re gonna find.”

“Please can we throw him back to them?”

Writing Prompt #1017

She rolled over and saw his restless figure. He whispered, “I can’t sleep and now I’m keeping you up.” She smiled and even through the night, he knew that she wasn’t upset. She whispered back, “Listen to the snow fall. Listen to the wind run its fingers along the house. Listen to your breathing and let that follow the snow.” He listened to her gentle voice and within a couple minutes, he fell asleep. She sighed and pulled the covers over him before slipping out of bed. 

I’m holding my love under my tongue
lips shut tight, with teeth gaping
an unstable fact

I’m holding onto it like oxygen
but somehow I’m still not sure
if my lungs will betray me

I’m holding my love under my tongue
and I’m still not sure if it’s a promise
or a secret

There are so many reasons why I want to stay, but my heart is telling me it’s time to let you go.